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I knew at that point how at peace you were about the journey we’re about to embark on. That fact has been so consoling to me this morning.” I have been looking out the window picturing our children playing on the farm like I used to do; climbing the big oak tree; chasing the goat’s kids in the holding pen and playing with them; running through the barn with the dogs; watching the cats catch mice; running to Dad because they fell and skinned their knees. Peyton talking about his childhood brought back fond memories that Jaiden had tucked away in his memory. Peyton was now on his back talking to Jaiden who leaned upon his elbows over Peyton and kissed him passionately. That was all it took to set the mood. Jaiden began kissing Peyton down his torso until he reached his lover’s nether region. In the process, Jaiden and Peyton wound up in a 6/9 position of which they took full advantage. Both were moaning as they gave each other sensual, oral pleasures. They edged each other for the better part of 30 minutes before the flood gates opened and the lakes flowed through. Jaiden turned around and held Peyton as they looked into each other’s eyes. Nothing was said as they shared their love with their eyes and a quick kiss. Jaiden suggested to Peyton that they get up and take a warm shower together before they went downstairs for breakfast. Jaiden could smell bacon and the homemade buttermilk biscuits that were apparently in the oven. Jaiden got up and prepared the shower and Peyton joined him. They quickly bathed and got dressed in their khaki shorts, a tee-shirt, and deck shoes sans socks. When they got downstairs, they walked to the kitchen and hugged Mom telling her how much they loved her. Dad came down shortly after and hugged his boys and told them how much he truly loved them. Peyton held on to his Dad for a few minutes before letting go. Both were misty-eyed for a few minutes. When Peyton and his Dad separated, Jaiden kissed Peyton on the forehead, hugged him, and told him he loved him to the mars and back. Mom asked, “why mars and back instead of the moon and back?” “Jaiden said, Mom, it is much further to Mars than it is to the moon, and the extra time to get to Mars is that much longer for me to love Peyton.” Mom let a tear roll from her eye with that statement. She turned around, pulled Jaiden into a hug, and kissed him on the cheek. “Jaiden, I love you to Mars and back too!” Dad said, “Ditto, son.” Jaiden smiled and Peyton walked over and planted one on Jaiden’s lips. That was the first time anyone had noticed Jaiden blush over anything. Nobody had any doubt how much the lovebirds loved each other. After breakfast, Dad told Peyton he had several surgeries this morning and could use some help with the closures if Peyton wouldn’t mind. Peyton looked at Jaiden who shook his head affirmatively, so Peyton told his Dad he would be happy to help this morning. Jaiden was amazed at how good Peyton was at doing surgical closures. That would be something he could tell their professors when asked what they did over the break. It would probably pique the interest of the professors when they learned Peyton was a skilled surgical assistant at his Dad’s clinic and could do surgical closures with his eyes closed. Mom would be helping at the clinic all day, so that would give Peyton and Jaiden time to enjoy each other for a while before hitting the books to read the chapters they were to cover over the break. They had done a good bit of studying at Dr. Mom’s so they should be able to complete their reading assignments in a few hours during the afternoon and just after dinner. Peyton did closures on 5 animals including one horse and one cow. As he sutured the muscle tissue and stapled the upper wounds together, he explained to Jaiden what he was doing on each animal. On the cow and horse, he used the new zipper closures which fascinated Jaiden. When he had completed the closures, he told his Dad he was headed to the house to shower and hit the books. Dad hugged both boys and told them to study hard. They promised they would. They then went up front and kissed Mom and told her they were going to the house to complete the readings they had been assigned to complete during the Spring break. Mom told them she and Dad would get home around 7 and they would go out for dinner since she was working today. On the way home, Peyton looked at Jaiden and told him one of the things he wanted to study was Jaiden’s naked body in the bedroom and the shower. Jenny was still at the house, so Peyton had to be careful about tearing off Jaiden’s clothing before they got upstairs. When they got inside the weather porch at the house, Peyton noticed a note from Jenny saying she was going shopping and would be home around 5. Peyton smiled. That was exactly what he had hoped for. He turned toward Jaiden and began hurriedly removing Jaiden’s clothes as Jaiden was quickly removing his. When they were completely naked, they ran for the bedroom, jumped on the bed, and started making out like they were on a second date. If you could imagine it, they did it passionately during that hour. When they were completely exhausted, they laid back to catch their breath and to cool down a bit before they went to shower. Their pent-up energy expended, they were able to concentrate more on their studies. The two were lucky because their assigned reading was in a subject that was of high interest to each and it involved children. It truly piqued Peyton’s interest and he smiled the whole time he was doing his readings. By the time he finished his studies for the day, his excitement about having their children could hardly be contained. He was literally on top of an emotional mountain and he was enjoying the view. Jaiden was closing his surgical manual when Peyton jumped him and started tugging at his pants to pull them down. When the pants were down, Peyton engaged in a full, frontal attack of which the Marine Corps would have been proud. No matter how much Jaiden fired at Peyton, Peyton refused to retreat. He stayed in position until he won the battle. Jaiden willingly gave in, gave up, and was conquered. It was time for the clinic to close and Mom and Dad would soon be home. Peyton wondered where they would go for dinner. He was in for a surprise! When Mom and Dad got home and Dad showered, he came to mezitli escort the den and told his boys they would be having dinner at the historic hotel where they had gotten married. Jaiden was speechless. He had been wanting to go back to the hotel because that was where his life changed for the better in one split second. Peyton asked Jaiden if he was ready to head out and Jaiden nodded his head yes. That was out of character for Jaiden, so Peyton walked over to him to make sure he was OK. When he saw Jaiden’s face, he knew it was something special to Jaiden and that he would not be able to talk about it for a while. Dad ordered the New York Strip steaks for everybody and had them cooked to everybody’s preference. Mom and Dad got a baked potato for one of their sides, butter, and sour cream only, while the sons got loaded baked potatoes. The potatoes were truly loaded instead of skimpy amounts of cheese and bacon most restaurants put on their potatoes. Jaiden was happy that they had grilled asparagus and he and Peyton got that for their second side. When everybody had finished their meal, Mom noticed tears welling up in Jaiden’s eyes and she asked him what was wrong. That was when he let the flood gates open. Mom went and sat in a chair next to him and pulled his head to her shoulder and rubbed the side of his head as she let him get whatever was upsetting him out of his system as much as was possible. When Jaiden composed himself, he looked at her and said, “Mom, my mother did her very best to ensure I grew up as a happy child, but the truth is that I truly missed my Dad and I regretted not ever having the ability to get to know him. There were times when I was so miserable it physically hurt, and I tried to hide that from Mom. She probably knew how I was feeling and why, but she never mentioned it. “I am sitting here reliving my and Peyton’s wedding. I know it upset some relatives that it would be a same-sex marriage, that was simply a fact we could not avoid. But there is one fact that will never change for me: this is the place where, in one split second with yells of mazel tov, that I finally realized I was truly happy for the first time in my life. I had someone who loved me, who put me first in his life, and I finally felt like I had a Dad I could talk to and with whom I could work things out when I needed to. You have no idea how blessed I feel and have been to be a part of this family. It has made a lot of dreams come true for me.” Dad and Peyton were sitting there looking like deer in headlights with tears streaming down their faces. Neither had ever heard Jaiden say anything close to what they just heard him tell Mom. Dad’s heart was so full of love that he didn’t even know he had, much less that he had shown toward Jaiden. They had a good relationship, but tonight, Dad learned how special that relationship was. He held Jaiden for a bit as Jaiden’s tears fell on his arm and his tears fell on Jaiden’s head. “Jaiden, I will always be here for you regardless of what happens and you can talk to me about anything. If you want me to just listen, I will do that. If you want my advice, I will give it to you as calmly as I can. There is one constant that you need to understand: I love you beyond measure and nothing will ever change that. I could not care less what anybody, relatives included, may think about your marriage to Peyton. I am so glad, so very proud, that you two found each other. You complete each other in ways that are so amazing to me and Mom, and your Mom as well. As you like to say, `I love you to Mars and back’ and I always will.” “Mom and I are going take a walk down the mezzanine and let you and Peyton have some private time.” “Thank you for everything, Dad, I do love you to Mars and back!” “DITTO, son, DITTO!” Peyton went over and sat on Jaiden’s lap on a bench at the beautiful, large windows. “Jaiden, thank you for what you said to Dad, that meant the world to me.” “Peyton, it’s not I who deserves the thanks, it is you. You made all this possible for me. You helped me find the happiness I have looked for all my life but never found until you entered my life. I guess I am like Jason, I never said anything because I didn’t want to appear rude or say anything about how I felt and hurt someone.” What I said to Dad was the first time I have ever said how I felt while growing up.” Peyton laid his head on Jaiden’s shoulder, his forehead pressed against Jaiden’s neck. Jaiden’s tears were falling on his face and Peyton cherished each one. They got home and sat with each other on the deck. Before they realized it, they had fallen asleep in each other’s arms. When Mom awoke the next morning, she looked out the window and saw Jaiden and Peyton sleeping peacefully on the swing. She walked upstairs with tears pouring down her face and said, Jim, please come see what I just saw on the deck. Dad walked down to the kitchen with Mom and when he looked out the window, he said, “Well I’ll be, he does truly love Peyton.” Mom said, Jim, look closely, they are wearing the same clothes they had on last night. Jaiden has been holding Peyton all night and they slept all night just like you see them now. My heart is about to burst with pride and happiness.” Jenny walked into the kitchen and asked what was up. Mom said, “Jenny come here a minute and see what your Dad and I have been looking at.” Jenny walked to the kitchen door, looked out, and saw Jaiden holding Peyton and both of them fast asleep. Mom asked her, “Jenny do you see anything that looks familiar?” “Mom, they are wearing the same clothes they had on last night! Have they been holding each other and sleeping in that swing all night?” “Yes, Jenny, they have. What you see is just how much Jaiden loves your brother. Your Dad and I have been crying all morning since we noticed them.” Jenny now has tears flowing from her eyes. “Mom, that is so tender and special. I am so happy I got to see that.” Mom let them sleep until they awakened. When they came in, she told them to sit down at the table while she got their breakfast prepared. Peyton looked at the clock and it was 10 am. “Mom, I didn’t realize we had slept so long. I am so sorry that happened and you waited to fix us breakfast.” “Son, don’t you dare apologize for that. I have been watching both of you all morning. It has been a long time since I have seen that kind of love between anybody. You have no idea what that has done for my heart � and Jenny’s. We both cried with your Dad while watching you two sleeping so comfortably and so lovingly. That display of love is something I will never forget, so please don’t try to apologize for sleeping the way you two were sleeping or for how long you slept.” Jaiden walked over to Mom, hugged her, and kissed her on the cheek. Thank you, Mom, for what you said. It means the world to me that you would feel that way. I love you too.” Mom held Jaiden for a few minutes and then kissed him on the cheek. Now sit down, I have a good southern breakfast ready for you two. After they finished breakfast and cleaned the kitchen for Mom, the doorbell rang. When Mom opened the door, she got excited to see Dale and Charley standing there. “Jaiden, Peyton, come in the living room for a moment. When they saw Dale and Charley standing there, they immediately grabbed and hugged them. “Guys, we were going to call you today to see if we could get together and talk to you about what is going on with us, and here you are, just like the Rabbis in Hawaii.” “Jaiden, I don’t think there will be a difference when Charley and I tell you why we decided to drive over this morning.” Let’s go to the den and have some coffee and talk. Dale said, ” I bet the coffee was extremely good. It was and is, why did you say that?” “Peyton’s Mom called me to find out how I made it.” Mom yelled to Dale from the kitchen, “Dale don’t give all my secrets away!” Everybody laughed. Peyton said, so, mom told you what was going on?” Dale said no, that he and Charley both had the same vivid dream last night and we want to talk to you and Jaiden about the dreams. “Dale, what were the dreams about?” “Peyton, they were about pozcu escort you and Jaiden having two babies.” “Damn, Charley, why would you two have that dream when it is true?” “Dale spoke up and said he and Charley were wonderi…WAIT A MINUTE, did you just say it was true?” “Yes I did, Dale.” Jenny, my sister, has agreed to go through IVF with Jaiden and her sister-in-law, Jennifer, has agreed to IVF with me so our children will be OUR children, not a child we would try to adopt. Being gay and married could make it all but impossible for us to adopt a child.” Dale teared up, but Charley broke down as they walked over and hugged Peyton and Jaiden. Dale said, “Guys that is the most loving thing I think I have ever heard. Charley chimed in a said, “same here.” Mom walked in the den to bring the guys some coffee and fresh, homemade chocolate chip cookies. When she saw all her boys in tears, her tears came back in torrents. Jenny walked in the den when she heard Charley and Dale and, like Mom, her tears also flooded her face when she saw her brother and the others crying. She knew the reason for the tears, call it a mother’s intuition. She gave each of the guys a hug and a kiss and then joined her mother in the kitchen. They sat down at the table and munched on cookies and drank coffee. Jenny said, “Mom, I can’t ever remember seeing so much love between two individuals as I see between the two couples in the den. It is like I’m standing on a mountain top and getting a glimpse into Heaven. It’s all so very beautiful. Tears were flooding down her and Mom’s face. Jenny, there is no doubt in my mind that this marriage was ordained and meant to be before your brother and Jaiden ever met. And it is the same with Dale and Charley. I wish they could find someone to love and help them the way you and Jennifer love Peyton and Jaiden and would offer to carry a child for each of them. “Mom, don’t discount that idea, I may be able to make it happen.” “Jennifer, you have got to be kidding me!” “No mam, not at all.” “Some younger ladies my age in our temple expressed a deep desire to help someone the way I am trying to help Jaiden and Peyton. I am going to talk to them when I get home.” Mom started to say Jennifer but couldn’t as the tears returned. When she calmed down a bit, she said, “Jennifer, you, Peyton, and Jaiden are so much alike. I guess I just took it for granted and tossed it up to having good children. I now realize just what kind of people my children have grown up to be and I am about to burst with pride right now. Jennifer said, “thank you, Mom, for saying that. You and Dad did an awesome job raising Peyton and me.” Mom stared out the kitchen door without saying a word while tears poured from her eyes. Jennifer walked to Mom and held her as they both cried together. When Jennifer composed herself, she walked in the den and asked Dale and Charley if she could talk with them on the deck, just the three of them together. Dale and Charley went with Jennifer and they sat on the deck at the table. Jennifer was talking to them when Mom saw Dale and Charley put their faces in their hands and cry their hearts out. They couldn’t believe what Jennifer told them and what she was offering to try and do for them. They told her they would love for that to happen and to let them know what the ladies said when she talked to them. Dale and Charley looked at each other and said our children, children we father, our blood. That would be so unbelievably awesome. Jennifer got their telephone numbers and said she would call them as soon as she had answers from the ladies. Dale and Charley went to the den and asked Jaiden and Peyton to come outside with them. The four walked out to the deck and sat down. Charley spoke up for Dale and said, “Peyton, Jaiden, Jennifer just told us there are a couple of ladies in her temple who have expressed an interest in helping Dale and me the same way she and Jennifer are going to try and help you two. Dale and I would like to do that if Dr. Schrader would help us as well.” Dale, Charley, Peyton and I have almost $900,000 in the bank, I don’t think costs will be a factor for either of you in having children who are yours or getting a house as good as the one we are now living in to raise those children. Dale got up and embraced Jaiden and Charley did the same with Jaiden and all four cried their hearts out. “Peyton, do you think you and Dale could eat dinner with us tonight so we can talk to our parents and see what their reaction will be? That won’t be a problem, Dale, we would be proud to be there as your support, but understand, this is your and Charley’ decision, not theirs. You have our families to back you as well as your parents. You both know our parents consider the two of you their sons as much as they consider us their children.” “For real Peyton? “Jaiden, you tell them.” Dale, Charlie, you can’t say anything ever to your parents about what I am about to tell you. Do you remember when your Dad’s changed their minds and behaviors about your relationship?” “Jaiden, we won’t ever forget that.” “My Mom, unbeknownst to us, flew down here and she, Dad Riley, and Mom confronted your Dads. My Mom told us she tore into your Dads like a lioness protecting her cubs and that when she got through your Dads were white as a sheet. I don’t think Dad and Mom Riley had to say a word, but Peyton’s Dad being such a large man added a bit of intimidation to the situation. I guess you could say the rest is history. I would never mention this to your Dads for fear of embarrassing them or making them mad. Too much is going too well right now. Dale, your Dad didn’t have to fly to Erie to sort out what to do with the money and then take care of it. That spoke volumes about your Dad’s heart and I am so glad you got to see that change. Charley, when your Dad stopped you on the stage and said to you what we all heard, I almost fainted. Peyton and I love you beyond measure and we always will. You are our brothers and we want only the best for you and one way or another, we are going to see that you get it.” “Dale, I know your parents, especially your Dad, had never seen you two sleep together. Was he ok with you sleeping together when you got home?” “Jaiden, he was so loving and accommodating that when Charley and I went to bed I cried myself to sleep. Do you remember what your mom put in the nightstand the first time we stayed at her house? “Yep, sure do, Dale.” “I opened the drawer of the nightstand on my usual side of the bed and there was a gift-wrapped box inside the drawer with my and Charley’s names on it. When we opened it, the box contained the same supplies your mom had given us.” “Dale, you have got to be kidding me!” “I am not kidding you, Jaiden. When we got to Charley’s parent’s home, we found the same gift in Charley’s old room. Not only that, the twin beds in Charley’s room had been replaced with an awesome California King bed with mattresses like those we have at home in Erie. No arguments, no discord of any kind at either house. We have felt truly loved in a way we have never felt before at home. We are going to thank Dad and Mom Riley and your Mom for making that happen for us. I don’t think it was happenstance that Hashem brought us together, I believe it was ordained by the Almighty.” “And by the way, all four of our parents are going to be at the conversion ceremony at the temple in two weeks. We called and spoke with Rabbis Kravitz and Belson and all the arrangements are made. The ceremony will be on the second Saturday after we get home. Jaiden and Peyton hugged their `brothers’ and cried tears of happiness and wonderment with them. It could not have been a better day, yesterday or today. So much love, so much happiness, so many blessings have been delivered over the past two days. Dad walked in the door about the time Dale had finished telling Peyton and Jaiden about their parents attending the conversion ceremony. Peyton asked his Mom and Dad to come in the den and sit down for a few minutes. When they did, Peyton asked Dale and Charley to tell his parents about what was going to happen at the conversion ceremony escort bayan in two weeks. Mom, Dad, we talked to our parents about our conversion to Judaism and they were truly excited about it. They are going to be at the ceremony to support Charley and me. When Dale said that, Dad put his face in his hands and cried and Mom cried with him. Charley and Dale went and sat on opposite sides of Dad and held him as best as they could. He put his arms around them and pulled them to him as the wept together. When Mom and Dad had composed themselves, Dale and Charley looked at them and said, “Dad, Mom, we found out how you confronted our Dads about the ways they had been treating us. Thank you so much for doing that and for helping our lives to be much richer and happier. We love you to Mars and back for doing that.” Mom and Dad hugged them and said it was their honor and privilege to have been able to help them with their families. Dale asked them not to tell their Dads they knew to avoid embarrassing them. Things are going too well for that to happen. Mom and Dad said they would honor his wishes and that they agreed with him. Dale, Charley, call your parents and ask them if they can meet us at 7 at the Ruth Criss Steakhouse in Pensacola, my treat. So the boys called their parents who agreed to meet for dinner. It was `the’ family celebration of the year! Peyton and Jaiden told Dale and Charley’s parents what was about to happen with Jenny and Jennifer and they all had tears in their eyes. Jaiden looked at Dale and said tell your parents the rest of the story. Charley asked Dale to do the honors so he wouldn’t break down sobbing. Moms, Dads, several women in Jenny’s synagogue, where her husband Rob is the Rabbi, have offered to honor Charley and me with the same offer made to Jaiden and Peyton by Jennifer and Jenny. They want our children to be OUR children and your biological grandchildren. Dale and Charley’s parents sobbed at that news and they got up and hugged their sons as never before. They looked at Mom and Dad Riley and said, “Thank you for having such wonderful and loving children and for jumping our case about our attitudes toward Dale’s and Charley’s relationship.” “We have been so much happier and more in love than ever since you and Peggy did that.” “Dale, Allison, Chuck, and Angie, you are very welcome. You have such wonderful, loving children and all we wanted was for you to see that, to see what wonderful human beings they have become.” “We have seen that, Phyllis, and we are so very proud of our sons, all four of them!” Dale, Charley, Peyton, and Jaiden were bug-eyed at that last statement. All four got up and hugged Dale and Charley’s parents and told them they love them to Mars and back. Mom Riley shared what Jaiden had said about the distance to Mars being much further away than the moon and that gave them more time to love each other. Dale’s and Charley’s moms looked at Jaiden and smiled. Jaiden knew what the smiles were saying and he let a tear trickle from his left eye. The other three boys were having the same reaction. When dinner was finished, everyone said their goodbyes and headed home. When the Riley’s and their boys got home, Jaiden hugged Dad tightly and said, “Thank you so very much for everything you have done, so very much.” Dad said, “son you are more than welcome. If you weren’t the person you are, I don’t know if I would have done what was done. But I had to help you and our other boys, I just had to!” Jaiden asked Dad to bend over a bit, Jaiden kissed him on the forehead and said, “the family tradition continues and it will continue with our children.” Dad got a chuckle out of that. Jaiden then hugged Mom and told her thank you as well. Peyton did the same with both of his parents, and he and Jaiden made it a point to do the same with Jenny. It has been an awesome day, if not a historic day for Dale and Charlie. Peyton and Jaiden would surely never forget today. Jaiden and Peyton went out on the deck and Jaiden called his Mom. “Hello son, how are things going?” “Mom, because of you, this has been one of the best days I have ever experienced. Dale and Charley came over today and Jenny talked to them about an offer several ladies in her temple had made for Dale and Charley. The ladies about Jenny’s and Jenny’s ages talked to Jenny and told her they would like to be surrogates for Charley and Dale. Jenny told Dale and Charley when they showed up for a visit today and we all cried.” “Tonight, Dad Riley made arrangements for all of us to have dinner at Ruth Criss’ Steakhouse in Pensacola, and we filled in Charley’s and Dale’s parents about what was about to happen for Peyton and me. Then I asked Dale to tell their parents the rest of the story. Dale told his and Charley’s parents that several women in Jenny’s synagogue heard about Charley and Dale, they offered to be surrogates for them. Dale told his and Charley’s parents that, like Jenny and Jennifer, they wanted Dale’s and Charley’s children to be their biological children. Dale told their parents that the ladies also wanted the children to be their parent’s biological grandchildren as well. When their parents heard that, they lost it and so did the rest of us.” Dale’s and Charley’s parents also told us how you and the Rileys chewed their butts about their attitudes toward Dale and Charley’s relationship and said if y’all had not done that they probably never would have known how good and how loving their children truly were. They thanked the Rileys and you for doing that.” Mom Reynolds cleared her throat and told Jaiden that was heavy to hear that Charley’s and Dale’s parents had said that. She asked how they had received the news about Dale and Charley having their biological children with the surrogates? “Mom, their parents sobbed when they heard that. It was so unbelievable to them that people who didn’t even know their sons but knew of them would make such a loving offer.” “That makes my heart so glad, Jaiden. I am so proud of how far they have come and of the relationship they now have with their sons.” “Mom, that isn’t all. When they talk about their sons, they say all four of their sons.” When we had dinner tonight, they hugged all four of us and said how much they loved each of us. “If you remember, Dale’s Dad had gotten concerned about me, Peyton, and Dale when all the news stuff was going on and he got up and checked on all of us. Dale’s mom said they had never seen Dale and Charley sleep together so Dale’s Dad doing what he did shocked her.” “Yes, son, I remember that comment vividly.” “Mom, I asked Dale and Charley how that aspect of their stay had gone and Dale said, “Remember the gift your mother left for us in the nightstand the first time we stayed at her home? Well, there was a gift-wrapped box in the nightstand in each of their rooms when they stayed with their parents that had the exact gift you gave them when they stayed with us at home. “Jaiden, that makes me want to cry. I never imagined that happening at their parent’s homes.” “Mom the last two weeks have been unbelievably good for them because of what you and the Rileys did. Their parents even told them about it and apologized for how they had treated them before the incident with you and the Rileys. Mom, you are so freaking awesome I can’t even describe it! “Jaiden, thank you for telling me that, I’m on that roller coaster ride you spoke of a few weeks back, but I am truly enjoying the ride, and I hate roller coasters.” Jaiden laughed when his Mom said that and he told her, “Mom, you are the greatest and I love you so much. We guys would probably all be miserable had it not been for you. Thank you so much, so very much. Even if we didn’t have a dime to our names, you have made us so wealthy as individuals in this old world.” “Jaiden, you are my son and that is my job whether I want it or not. In your case, I want it. I love your brothers the same as I love you and I always will. They have left an indelible mark on my heart that will never go away. I have been so very blessed by Hashem because of you and Peyton. Without the two of you, I wouldn’t have Dale and Charley too. Your Dad would be so very proud of all of you. I know he is looking down from Heaven smiling at you four.” “I think so too, Mom. It is your reading time, so I better let you go so you can relax before you go to bed. Have a good night, I love you.” “I love you too, Jaiden. I’ll talk to you next week. Good night, son.”

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