Jamaican Dream


I was stretched out beside the pool because the sun had already left the beach. The pool area was still bright and sunny. The resort was up a slope, and the pool area was a terrace that looks down onto the ocean. The lounge chairs were comfortable and the sun had made my body warm. The Jamaican vacation was starting out lovely. I had gone away seeking a week of extreme relaxation because of numerous life stresses. I traveled alone, a chance to be with just me. I had a few frozen Jamaican Sex on the Beaches. I was incredibly relaxed, listening to the waves crashing. As I zoned I noticed a shadow come between the sun and me. I shifted to look behind me and felt someone’s weight come down onto my back.

The first reaction was sheer panic, a scream rattling out. I moved to try to twist free and a hand roughly shoved and held my face into the towel. I whimpered as the body lay atop mine, then I felt soft lips along the back of my neck and right ear. The other hand ran along my left side caressing my body. The hand paused, slipping under to cup my breast, finger circling my nipple, causing it to harden. I was blinking, with my thoughts whirling and started to moan softly. The groin atop me rubbed to my bottom and I could feel a bulge press to my thin swimsuit. I whimpered and rubbed back, my body tingling to life. As my body arched, responding, I heard the soft familiar voice in my ear, “now that’s the welcome I expected.” I turned my head as the hand released, stroking my hair, and smiled widely, my lover had come to surprise me. We kissed for a long moment, and then his hands started to wander my warmed honey tanned skin. big ass porno I blushed and tried to grab his hands to stop it, because people were close by. “No, stop that. I’ll show you my room,” He held me down under him, a hand pressed hard between my shoulder blades as I tried to rise. “Sluts don’t say no,” He voice was gruff, low and growled softly.

With a few easy shifts he pulled me up to hands and knees. I felt my tankini bottoms being slid down. ‘Please, my room, please’. The begging fell on deaf ears. Those strong hands settled on my hips and I felt the head of his cock press my opening. Then with a mind numbing thrust he filled me. I could feel the head bouncing against my cervix. The sensations pulsed straight out my belly button while he did. I clung to the chair, my body being jarred as he brought his hips hard to my bottom. His cock stroked through my pussy, moving deeply. The first orgasm came quick and light after only a few thrusts. I screamed out, looking down to the crashing waves. I reached out, grabbing the railing in front of me, shifting some so I could move my hips back to meet him. The sun warmed skin beginning to sweat. The feel of the tropcical sun and his body was intoxicating.

He groaned, as I got wetter, his cock thrusting deeply, one hand lifting to trace the tattoo on my lower back. I cried out softly, body taught with sensation. He shifted and I felt him move some, then SMACK, his hand hit my ass. I shrieked and was driven to orgasm again. He chuckled softly and leaned down, kissing my neck. “Good girl,” he praised. I moaned and panted as he kept at me. I was amazed as big tits porno I always am at his stamina. But I felt his need growing, his thrusts faster, not pulling so far out. He gasped and pressed hard, his body lunging into me. I orgasmed again as I felt him fill me, felt the heat, the wetness. He held me there a while, both of us breathing heavy. He finally eased out and we snuggled into the lounge together on our sides. The thoughts raced through my head of the rest of the week together, scuba, lounging, eating and sex.

I felt his cock stirring against my thigh as we kissed. We started to roam each other’s bodies with hands and tongues. I shifted down letting him lie back. I took his cock into my mouth, licking happily. He tasted of semen and my juices, a wonderful mix. As I pressed him deeper into my mouth I felt him harden more and more, lengthen to press back to my throat. I finally, reluctantly pulled my mouth free. He took my arms and helped me shift up to straddle him. I slowly lowered onto his cock, crying out, body shivering. I started moving my hips on his, grinding, and rocking my body, I could feel a orgasm building. He gripped my hips and held me still, smiling up at me. “Gentle, easy, I want it slow,” he said and as he spoke he slide a hand up my back, pulling me down to lie atop him, staring into his eyes, lost in the dark warmth. The strong arms wrapped my body tight. I felt my nipples hard against his chest.

I looked around, eyes blinking because it was dark. He laced his fingers with mine, then looked to my hand ‘You’re not wearing your ring” I shook my head and smiled, blushing. blacked porno He kissed me; one of those time stands still kisses. I always feel that nothing exists outside the span of his arms around me. He lied back, smiling at me, kissing my forehead lightly. I babbled at how happy I was to see him. I briefly had a thought as to wear my top went, and where everyone else went. I pressed in, kissing again, lips lost on his, content to stay there, naked in his arms all night. I was enjoying the tight feeling in my tummy from orgasming, the wet slick on my inner thighs, and the strong feel of his arms. I kissed his chest, tasting the sweat soaked skin, smelling the warm rugged scent of him. I looked up blinking, the stars twinkling. A light rain started to patter down. “How did it get dark?” I queried. He kissed my forehead again and murmured, “It is just a dark cloud over you Babydoll, it’ll pass” I heard the chirps of the frogs starting up as they did every night at the resort.

I blinked my sleepy eyes open as the rain got stronger. I looked around, dazed at the pool and ocean below. A few others guests, moving about, talking. The dream had all seemed so real. I shifted my legs, feeling the aroused wetness between them. The storm rushed in and out, not even lasting long enough for me to leave my pool chair. I lied back down, shifting to try and get comfortable. I looked out over the ocean and saw a rainbow. I finally had to pack up and go to my room to find release, repeatedly. I masturbated replaying the dream in my head, wishing so desperately that it had been real.

* * * * *

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