Jamaican Holiday Ch. 03


Jamaican Holiday Ch. 03ThursdayWe did some sightseeing in the morning, had a lunch fuck and siesta, and then decided to head for the beach in the late afternoon.This time no coaxing was needed and we headed for the CO beach, Jaye removing her top as soon as we were around the bend from the resort, and both of us making jokes about what we might see. I noticed Jaye was more relaxed with her nakedness and made some nervous eye contact with admirers as we strolled looking for a likely spot.We found the Couple and BBG again with a small group of interracial couples and threesomes. The Wife greeted us and waved us close. When we settled, Jaye asked me to oil her up. After I finished her back and legs she got on her knees facing the Couple, and asked me to do her front, shoving her small tits out for all present to see. Again, we attracted polite interest and several other couples assumed similar positions and did the same thing. I was going nuts with the eroticism of what was basically group sex conducted by individual couples. The reality of my wife displaying her tits in public for me to caress, me rubbing her tits in public, and seeing the other couples, Black hands on white breasts and butts, had my mind spinning — and my cock hard.I commented to Jaye that she seemed to be the only one there with her bottoms on. “Not ready for that yet…..”After sunning awhile and going in for a swim (I needed the cold water to lower my erection), she asked me to oil her up again. I started with her back and then moved to her front. She wiggled a couple of times and said “My suit is clammy and catching sand. I’m going to take it off. You take off yours, too.””All right!” I screamed in my head!With a deep breath, she wiggled out of it and quickly got on her knees facing BBG and the Couple, but kept her legs together. Then she noticed that the Wife was watching with an approving look and nod. The Wife motioned for her husband to shuffle over and oil her up as well.We husbands kept doing our duty, the ladies watching each other’s activities. His hand kept working down her belly to her shaved mound. I followed suit, getting as close as Jaye’s tightly clamped legs would let me, wondering where this was going but enjoying the journey.Suddenly BBG came up behind the Wife and dismissed the husband. Now his Big Black hands were hefting her floppy tits and rolling her nipples between his long fingers.I shifted my position and did the same, jiggling Jaye’s little tits as much as they would and tweaking her long nipples for the watching audience before going back to oiling. Several other couples were watching the show with interest but Jaye was oblivious to them, only seeing BBG running his hands over the Wife. Both women’s breathing was quickening.Our oiling now moved down our women’s bellies to their pubic mounds. The long Black fingers dipped between the Wife’s bald pussy lips. She shuddered and arched her back, obviously desiring a deeper intrusion.I tried to copy him, but Jaye’s clamped thighs stopped me. Her face showed her struggle.”It’s all right. Do it!” I said in my best Dom whisper.Jaye blushed deeply and opened her legs revealing her pouting clit sticking out of her bush to the watchers. I think the Wife understood, because she smiled encouragement.As soon as my wife’s legs parted, I continued rubbing the oil down to her mound, but paused at pressing between Jaye’s labia, an unspoken question.Whatever adiosbet yeni giriş was going on in her head, the scene had her worked up to the point that she was willing to overcome her shame about her clit.She arched her back as my fingers stroked and separated her labia, then hissed “Oh Yessssss!” and pushed her mound onto my fingers, forcing them inside her.BBG and I continued to stroke our ladies for the amusement of the audience and their pleasure for several minutes.Finally Jaye panted, “Let’s go back to the room, B!”I helped her to her feet, gathered her suit up, wrapped a towel around her waist and we headed back.Nasty fuckInside our cabana, Jaye was a mad woman: she dropped her towel, fell to her knees and pulled down my trunks. My hard cock flopped out and she sucked on it greedily for a few strokes then dragged me by it to the bed. She got into a doggie position and begged me to do her hard and quick.I was in a lust fog as well, but aware enough to realize that the maid had left the window blinds and windows wide open.”Shall I shut the blinds?” I panted”No! Just stick it in me — Now!!She pulled me down on the bed and straddled me in a reverse cowgirl, facing the open window, then guided my prick back and forth along her gushing pussy before pressing it in.Soon she was moaning loudly and bouncing up and down, her little tits and stuffed pussy in full view of anyone who passed by.It didn’t take me long to come with a loud groan. As my softening cock plopped out of her, she collapsed on the bed next to me and guided my head to her pussy. “I didn’t cum, B! Make me cum! Please make me cum! I need it!”Normally, after I cum she cleans me and then hits the bathroom to clean herself before I start licking her. But today we were both so hot all the formalities were forgotten.I plunged my face into her pussy. Although I tried to avoid my cum oozing out of her, I got some on my tongue. Somewhere in the back of my mind I noted it tasted good and actually was very erotic.In a few minutes she was bucking and moaning and her Big Bang hit. It went on for at least 15 waves, and then I sucked on her nipples and brought on a few more until she begged me to stop because she was too sensitive.As we lay cuddling we talked about how hot the scene at the beach was and how she wanted me there but couldn’t let herself go. I asked her about the sex in front of the open window and she said it seemed right – she wanted to be nasty and she wanted everyone to see her, yet she was safe in her own room as opposed to being exposed on the beach. Except for the presence and absence of sand I couldn’t see the difference but if it worked for her who was I to argue?I told her we would have to do this more often, thinking of the exhibitionism. She said she thought that was a good idea, especially me eating her immediately after I came, as she was still at her peak of arousal and wouldn’t have to build back up. (Guy logic versus girl logic) Then we drifted off into an exhausted nap.Thursday – Z Club 2nd NightWe had dinner with Paul and Sheila, who was wearing a gauzy blouse which clearly showed she was naked underneath and a short skirt. I wondered if she had anything on underneath that. She flirted shamelessly with the Black waiter.After dinner we gathered at the bar to head for the Z’club. Sheila had switched to a skimpy bikini top and an even shorter skirt. Jaye was wearing her beach cover up outfit adiosbet giriş — the closest thing she had brought to evening wear. I had pointed out that a bikini top and shorts would have been fine but she insisted.As we made small talk at the bar, Sheila looked at Jaye and said, “Isn’t the weather here so nice? No need to close the windows!” Jaye blushed a little looking at me and agreed, asking her where on the resort they were staying.”Oh! We’re in the cabana across from your bedroom!” Jaye blushed a deep red and her hand shook, but Sheila just laughed and Paul suggested we head out.We walked over and as we settled ourselves at a table with several other couples, Jaye again brought up the “Why?” and “What do they get out of it?” questions.Sheila offered that there were as many reasons as there were women. Some (and she illustrated by pointing out several) were taking advantage of the exotic location to try something taboo at home. Some — and she pointed out a couple of middle aged women — were getting action they couldn’t at home, usually because of looks or age. Then she pointed out a couple of tables of threesomes. Some were into group sex, some were into sharing, some were into the cuckolding thing (Shiela had to explain what cuckolding was) and humiliating their husbands. She pointed out the middle-aged Couple we had played with on the beach. “They are an interesting couple: he can’t anymore, she still wants it, and they have a kink thing where he services both her and the Bulls if they will let him. Everybody wins!” “Why? And how do you know?””He wants her to have fun, to see her satisfied, even if he can’t do it. He also likes the humiliation part — kinky. And I know the same way you know them — from the beach last year and talking to them here. They are really a sweet couple. And they sure put on a show don’t they?”Jaye blushed.”And your show today wasn’t bad either! Good going!”We both blushed.Sheila then insisted we go talk to them. The Wife smiled broadly when she recognized Jaye and gave her a big hug and a kiss on the lips, telling her how lovely she was and how mice it was to have someone to “play” with. They were indeed a delightful couple: the Wife, now in her early 60s, had been a trophy second wife twice, marrying the husband 20 years ago after her first husband died; he,in his 70s, was still in business, but getting ready to retire. They had travelled widely but now visited this resort four times a year.As I talked to the husband and the ladies chattered, BBG joined us. Jaye was visibly shaken and her hand trembled as we shook hands. He kept hold of her hand while we were introduced and had her sit down next to him while the husband started asking me about what I did for a living. BBG — his name was Jamal – complimented my wife on her beauty and poise and asked her questions about how we were enjoying Jamaica, trailing his fingers lightly along the inside of her forearm.Jaye, still nervous, gushed and said she was having a wonderful time. She licked her lips and told him she was discovering so many new things to see and do. How did she like the beach? She blushed and told him it was her second favorite thing about Jamaica. What was her first? “The time I’ve been able to spend with my husband, of course!” (Trying to regain control of the situation)”Is your husband enjoying the beach as well?” She disengaged her hand nervously. “He seems to be.”Just adiosbet güvenilirmi then the music started up and the Wife grabbed Jamal to dance. As he left for the dance floor, he flashed a sparkling white grin at Jaye: “It been a pleasure meeting you in person. Mebe we see you again — soon!” Jaye blushed deeply.We went back to our table, Jaye still flustered, and Sheila suggested they go to the “Ladies.”I sat there thinking about the husband wanting to see his wife satisfied part. Jaye is so beautiful when she is in the throes of passion. I would love to see her like that all the time but that of course is impossible. And I have often missed out on some of it because my head is buried in her crotch. Watching her with Samuel last night let me enjoy the view of his hands on her and I wondered again about what they would look like naked together.But what did that make me?On her return, Jaye was anxious and obviously looking for someone. Several lads flirted with her and asked her to dance, and to my surprise she tucked up her skirt as she had the night before and accepted, enjoying the dancing and being groped by the young men and giving as good as she got. About 11PM, Samuel showed up and again shooed the lads away, sitting next to Jaye and taking charge of her without paying much attention to me.As they returned from a set, during which his hands were often deep under her skirt, Jaye was again complaining about being too confined. “I tell ja last night, pretty Lady, it ya costume! Let Melissa help ya!””Uh, OK”The waitress was again called over and the girls disappeared into the night.They were gone for about 15 minutes and when Jaye returned and did a pirouette, everyone at the table applauded.Jaye’s ankle length skirt had been cut off at mid thigh. Her ¾ length sleeves were cut to short sleeves, and the top’s length was shortened to the end of her rib cage, revealing her bare midriff. A quick drink (#4 for her) and Jaye and Samuel were off again. This time they did the full set complete with crotch grinding and Samuel’s hands blatantly running all over her exposed skin and under her top and skirt. I was mesmerized as I saw his long Black fingers on her skin and then move under the cloth. This time, there was no question that she could feel him grab her bra-covered breasts and panty-covered pussy. Jaye came back tipsy and glowing.”Samuel says I’m a natural and light in his arms!’ she bubbled. Samuel joined us at the table, again sitting on the other side of Jaye. Another round of drinks showed up while we all made small talk.By this time it was getting past midnight and most of the resort guests were heading back, so we all decided to leave. Back at the cabana, we stripped and showered quickly to get the sweat and sand off, then Jay started to blow me.”You just keep getting hotter and hotter! Tonight was fantastic! “”Mmmmm!””Did you have fun?””Mmmmmmm!””I loved watching you dance!””Mmmm?””Did you like his hands on you?””MmmmmHmmmmm!””The way you danced with Samuel was so erotic. I loved the contrast. Does that make me gay in your mind?””Not based on what I have in my mouth! But the real test is what happens in my pussy!”She let go of my cock and sat down on it, working her pussy on it, actually sucking it off with her muscles. I came in moments. Afterwards I was still so charged up I again licked her to orgasm without letting her clean her pussy. This time I didn’t try to avoid my cum oozing out of her and I again got some on my tongue. On a whim I licked up some of the ooze before focusing on her clit and taking her to her Big Bang. As this afternoon, it was salty and creamy, but tasty in an erotic way. We curled up together and fell asleep.

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