Subject: Jameson Brother’s Pizza Party Since you’re here on with an open mind and probably open zipper, remember to head over to fty/ with an open heart and open wallet. __________________________________________ Jay, Jacob and Jeremy were a truly inseparable trio. The three Jameson brothers, 9, 10, and 11, respectively, shared many things in common: ever-tousled boyishly short hair, unkempt bedrooms packed wall to wall with overindulgent toys, and a single father with parenting standards that were even lower than his level of creativity for naming. The three sons, with as many differences as similarities, were well mannered and bright, but a little too spoiled and far too free. It was an ordinary afternoon for the boys, home from school and fending for themselves while dad was still pushing papers at the office. They biked through the neighborhood for some time, then horsed around in the backyard at the basketball net until the darkening sky delivered an early autumn rain, one just too chilly to still be fun. Only a few weeks earlier they would have let their clothes get soaked to their skin, but none of them wanted to try to play when they were shivering. Much to the delight of the brothers, they hadn’t had a babysitter since Jeremy junior hit the double digits. It was something their dad, Jeremy senior, would rave about on occasion when he’d come home slurring from the bars, proud of his independent latchkey kids. Just like their old man, he’d say, and not at all like their three individual deadbeat mothers, who he had no good words for at all, except perhaps for their generous genetics. “You think dad’s going to be home late tonight or early?” wondered Jay, the inquisitive little redheaded scamp. “He can stay at work all night, I don’t care.” responded Jacob, a mousy-haired brunette who always said exactly how he felt. “Definitely late, he always is when he tells us to get delivery.” added golden blond Jeremy, the most rational and thoughtful of the three brothers. Although a rambunctious and energetic bunch, the Jameson boys never indulged any curious urges so far as to get hurt. Dad would definitely start looking for care again if the three of them ever got into any nasty trouble, but so far things had been working out just fine. Being boys after all they did love danger to some extent, but they put out that stove fire last year well before it burnt anything and never cut themselves deep enough to call for more than a bandaid. They weren’t so much interested in being daring with cooking and sharp things anymore though lately – not since they found out what grown ups were REALLY doing for fun. It was Jeremy that wanted to see how exactly the adults were playing with fire and knives, since they were always so insistent that those for when you got older. In a misguided but fortunate google search for ‘adult fun naughty websites’ he got his first glimpse at the real secrets that all of the grown ups were apparently keeping from them. He didn’t know exactly what was happening on screen, but when he and his brothers started to get naked and play along they all quickly agreed that they loved it! The three of them didn’t tell their father, but after seeing a credit bill with a porn site that he didn’t purchase he figured they might be experimenting. The boys still needed his card to buy dinner some nights, so he gave them a quick talk about boyhood curiosity and then there were no further charges, even if their browser history confirmed that they continued to check things out quite regularly. “Can we have burgers for dinner?” asked the always inquisitive Jay. “No, let’s get noodles!” Jacob insisted before giving a mocking slurp. “I want to order pizza, like the movie we watched yesterday,” said Jeremy with a lascivious smile. A puzzled look crossed the faces of the younger two. Despite how much they loved pizza – yet another thing they shared – the minute of paper thin plot preceding a sexy video from the day before had slipped their minds. A quick reminder from Jeremy had the two of them instinctively pawing at the front of their pants as their big brother’s idea sank in. Roleplaying was always their favorite way to get in the mood for the grown up fun, even if most of the content they watched wasn’t so dramatized. The easiest kind of sex to find was amateur video, as the three of them had discovered, which was usually right to the point and unfortunately low quality. They especially liked to search more for creative movies, ones with people who didn’t just start naked but made a story up first. Jacob also helped them gravitate to a the gay porn section, though his brothers sometimes made him watch sex with girls because they thought they were prettier, but he definitely didn’t care about that. They at least agreed that for now the boys playing was the best thing to learn from. Between their growling stomachs and rising erections the boys were as eager as they’d ever been, both to eat and strip down. The youngest practically danced with excitement as he diddled himself and fantasized about their sexy games. “Who’s going to pretend to be the delivery man?” young Jay wondered. “Not me! it’s my turn to play the bottom boy this time,” declared Jacob, insistently. “We’re not going to pretend you dorks, we’re going to have grown up fun with a real grown up for once,” Jeremy declared. Being the oldest, Jeremy always had a good time with his brothers, but he wanted so badly to have the ending that the videos always did, with a big wet explosion that the three of them could never make. Middle child Jacob salivated at the thought of an actual man being with them, getting to play with some hard muscles and that veiny full grown wiener that was so different from theirs. Youngest Jay meanwhile had so many questions for a grown up that he was too embarrassed to ask his dad, like how come it felt so good when things pressed up inside of his bum. The three of them ordered their favorite pepperoni stuffed crust and then went to plotting. They knew they shouldn’t be naked when they opened the door, that wasn’t how the pornos went, but they had to be showing off a little underwear. Jacob removed his shirt to display a sliver above his beltline and Jay stripped out of his pants to tease his from below. Jeremy stayed clothed but planned to fidget and bend to reveal what he could while pretending to search for the money. If it all went according to plan then the man would have to accept a different kind of payment when they discovered they couldn’t find their dad’s credit card. That’s when they’d move in on him together, just like the girls did in the movie. “What’s taking so long?” Whined Jay, bouncing up and down on the couch. “Yeah I’m getting too excited already!” Jacob agreed, one hand deep inside of his underwear. “Be patient or you guys will ruin the plan,” Jeremy scolded. The sound of a car pulling into their driveway widened their eyes in unison, and they took their positions. Jay and Jacob laid on the floor pretending to play their board game while showing off their cute butts, and Jeremy waited at the door for the man to arrive. They nearly jumped when they heard the doorbell, the youngest two grinding their heated little spikes into the cushions below them in excitement. Jeremy let a moment pass before slowly opening to reveal their deliveryman target, a tall fit college stud with the nametag ‘Hunter’, who looked like he stepped right out of the pornos they had seen. The man on the other hand was not expecting the sight ahead of him. Slack jawed and wide eyed he darted glances between the little half stripped cuties playing and the very handsy older boy ushering him inside to escape the rain. If not for the pizza box in the way, the man’s rapidly rising pants might have tipped off the boys that they didn’t have to go through with their adorable skit for this closeted boylover. He kept his eyes darting from the little one’s milky white bare inner leg to the smoothly defined crevices in the other’s lower back, then worriedly back to the one standing entirely too close to him eyeing him hungrily. As hungrily as he thought an 11 year old was capable, at least. “Is that for us?” Jay asked, chewing on his fingernail and making puppy eyes. “I hope the pepperoni is juicy and hot,” Jacob added in a mimic of the video’s corny dialogue. “Oh no, I can’t seem to find the card!” said Jeremy, reaching all over his body as though he might find it strapped to his chest. “Come and sit down while I look for it.” The oldest brother led the hypnotized delivery boy over to istanbul travesti the sofa and left the room while the littler two gyrated and squirmed on the floor in their near-undress. They continued to play while the man behind them had a close-up view of their tight little bubble butts, giggling and groping at each other and being generally silly. Hunter licked his lips and gulped, his eyes so fixated on the succulent boy asses that he didn’t even notice them making leery bedroom eyes back in his direction. When Jeremy returned he stepped into the man’s line of sight and told him he looked everywhere but couldn’t find it. Turning out the pockets of his shorts for emphasis caused the front of his pants to drag down revealing his beautifully bare boy gutters, smooth with a fading summer tan line still visible across his flat belly. This was a signal for the other two and they got up to join their brother in the last stage of seduction, flanking the man on the couch. His heartbeat became violent as he darted his gaze between the three overly revealing boys inching their way in towards him. “How else can we pay?” wondered Jay, with his thigh brushing up against the man’s forearm. “Please mister, we’re so hungry, we’ll do anything.” Jacob pleaded, now leaning on the man’s leg. “Anything you want, really, we won’t tell.” Jeremy whispered the last part, biting his lip and swaying in closer. With the trio of horny preteens inches from his face and pinning him to the couch, the 19 year old’s feeble resistance cracked. He tossed the pizza box between the boys onto the floor to reveal his obscene tent, its peak already darkening from his leaking precum. Jacob led the charge, going right for the massive meat, both hands wrapping around the forbidden object and his mouth sucking love juice right out of the denim. Jay liked being naked most of all, so he wiggled his way out of his shirt and underwear and started undoing the man’s belt. Jeremy was trying to keep this all on script, so he did what they seemed to do in the movies and started with a kiss. Hunter’s head spun, he felt like he didn’t have enough hands, with one helping push his hips off the sofa so the boys could undress him, and the other around Jeremy’s supple neck, mashing the eager but inexperienced boy deeper into his face. The college jock wrestled his long tongue into Jeremy’s mouth, something none of the brothers picked up on from the pornos. Thrilled to be learning something new, the oldest Jameson boy returned the motion and tongued back, mouth wide open yet still basically devoured inside his big lover’s maw. Jeremy liked it way more than when he made out with his brothers. “Wow can I try the tongue kissies?” Jay begged. “I want to finish getting his pants down,” encouraged Jacob, lips smeared with saliva and dude lube. “Get in there Jay, me and Jacob are going to BLOW him,” Jeremy boasted, trying to impress on the man that they knew all about sex. Barely catching his breath, Hunter breathed out a ‘holy shit’ before diving face first into the youngest brother. The softness of the boy’s mouth made him shiver, there was a sweetly faint taste of bubblegum in there. The elder two Jamesons inched the man’s jeans down one side at a time until his slick red cock pointed between his legs, straining and flexing with each pumping heartbeat to be free. With one final yank it sprang up as Hunter clenched at the thought of the taboo kiddie sex unfolding, sending a thick dollop of precum whipping into the air and onto his green pizza delivery polo. Jacob, now enamored with the taste dove in to lap it up while Jeremy took the man’s pants down to his ankles. Their faces met back at the twitching seven inch sausage and their eyes bugged out at its size. They covered their mouths trying not to laugh, nearly drunk with excitement and lust. The middle boy put his hands around the slimy cock tip and the oldest around the base, and they massaged up and down its steely soft exterior, urging more and more sweet juice out of their new favorite toy. Their faces gravitated closer and closer, eager but nervous to cement the act. They knew that there were lots of ways to suck a dick from the many videos, and they didn’t want to disappoint their hunky guest. The anticipation was palpable, even Hunter and Jay turned to watch the moment. “What are you waiting for?” Taunted Jay. “Shut up, doofus, we’re making it special.” Jacob defended. “Yeah, we should uh… hmm… oh, I know! we should kiss over top of his dick.” Jeremy proudly improvised. Their mouths joined from either side of the man’s throbbing member and Hunter’s eyes rolled back into his head. Two sets of juicy plump lips slipped all over each other and the sensitive purple tip, Jeremy’s tongue encouraging out Jacob’s to duel together. The man’s head fell limp and he moaned deeply as the two little figures worshipped over his glistening cock. Their pink lips stretched and reached to keep in contact as they tried to work up and down over the head. Between their slobber and the ever increasing gush of cock ooze, soon the whole bottom half of their faces were glistening, strands of transparent froth drizzling down their chins and noses, arcing tendrils sometimes connecting for a moment between the entranced brothers. As petite as Jay was, his attempt to squirm in at his big brother’s sides to join in was fruitless, there was simply no more room for boy face, even one so small. So instead he took it on himself to help them get naked like they should be. They must have been too excited and forgot, he figured. They barely even noticed as he got their pants and briefs off, leaving Jacob fully nude but Jeremy still in his tee. Rather than interrupt though he wanted to get back into the action. “Will you give me a blowjob on my weewee like them?” Jay asked, batting his eyelashes. “MmmmmmhhhhGGGnnn…” they heard from Jacob as he battled his brother away and took the cock entirely into his mouth, maybe a bit too far. “Whoa mister, it’s so big we’ve never put one like this in our mouths before. Don’t choke, Jacob,” Jeremy told his middle bro with an encouraging back rub. While pulling off his last scrap of clothing, Jeremy suddenly wondered why he never thought about sucking on it like that. He realized Jacob was mostly the one doing the sucking when they’d play together, and sometimes Jay did when he was trying to copy his bigger brothers, but Jacob seemed to love doing it. Sure he’d try it if they asked, but Jacob went for sucking all the time. Feeling ashamed that his brother was braver than him, he bent underneath Jacob and started sucking his rock hard two and a half inches. Between the sight of one naked young boy teaching himself to swallow thick college cock and another one slurping down his own flesh and blood’s respectably proportioned prick, it was hard to peel away from the action. But Hunter could feel Jay’s insistent shoulder taps, so he turned to devour the impatient 9 year old’s straining translucent boner, which also somehow tasted like bubblegum to the man. Though meager in length, it made up for that in intensity, almost too painfully rigid to bend away from the boy’s taut hairless pubis. He encouraged the boy to start bucking by taking hold of his firm melons and yanking Jay’s whole pelvis back and forth. Couch shaking thrusts encouraged 10 year old Jacob to try to suck as devotedly as the man was, as he could see out of the corner of his eye. With a willful gulp the little boy opened up his throat to swallow it the same way as this gorgeous young man was doing to his baby brother and immediately gagged. But he wretched a little bit less each time the delicious cock massaged the opening of his throat and his breathing started to get in a good rhythm. After many courageous and strenuous gulps he leaned right forward and found his lips and nose smashed into the college boy’s dark trimmed pubes. “Jacob did you swallow the whole thing?” Jay squeaked excitedly while Hunter’s face pounded into his young crotch. “I… I did it! I felt the… the whole thing in… inside my neck!” Jacob managed to say as he rose, between coughs and sputters. “Wow! You did the deepthroat thing from that video and you weren’t even choking! I want to try.” Jeremy proudly beamed, moving down to take his brother’s place. Hunter’s head reeled at the impossible scenario he was in, he’d never had anyone deepthroat his ample meat, but this boy less than half his age took it in under five minutes and now there was another one, his brother no less, aiming to try. The man’s kadıköy travesti excitement caused his grip on the littlest boy’s ass to squeeze harder. Flesh spilled out between his digits, fingertips gripping white divots into the juicy mounds so small in his palms. He massaged the mounds while he fucked the tiny kid dick into his face and his fingers found their way into the crevice between, skating over the boy’s hole. Jay squealed, both from the tightening grip and the probing of his drum-tight anus. Jacob, flush with pride and quite winded, watched with rapt excitement as his little brother flew in and out between the man’s puckered lips. Still pounding at his own dick, Jacob took a moment to awe at how handsome their new sexual partner was. The men with all the ripples and bulges on their chest always made his tummy flutter, even before the movies started any sex. Hunter still had his shirt on so Jacob peeled it up to get a glimpse, and he wasn’t disappointed. Tracing his small fingers up and down all of the grooves, he felt up the firm athletic man’s body from the root of his dick to his firm pink nipples and back. Jeremy on the other hand was nowhere near the root of Hunter’s dick with his efforts to suck. He didn’t find the taste of the clear dick juice particularly nice, and trying to get his mouth around the man all at once hurt his jaw. He worked hard to move down as far as he could, trying to find a place for his tongue and gulping like he was swallowing a big bite of food, but several gags later and he decided that it was okay if his brother was better at this and went back to nursing the tip. “A-are y-ou going t-to fi-inger m-me-e?” questioned Jay through the increasing shakes. “Jay likes it when he can feel his funny spot getting pressed. Not as much as me though…” Jacob hinted sheepishly. “Jacob goes crazy. He likes fucking the best, watch!” Jeremy said between fits of giggles, still unused to saying the bad word. A quick darting of eyebrows was all the signal Jacob needed, who repositioned on his knees over the man’s reclined body. The gentle hands of his big brother maneuvered him to the best angle, which bumped Jacob’s straining dicklet right into Hunter’s vertical shaft. The 10 year old middle brother had been so into the ass play since starting to fool around with his brothers that he did it as often as he could, even when the others weren’t in the mood. Pencils while doing homework, fingers on the toilet, toys in bed, the horny young bottom hungered for a deep aching fulfilment all hours of the day. Despite his continual practice, Jacob’s healthily elastic sphincter remained tight as Jeremy began to press in. With only three inches to offer, Jeremy felt his brother’s practiced rosebud widen comfortably for the familiar intruder, but the opening was still dry. He couldn’t believe he forgot to get lube ready in all of his planning, but then a flash of inspiration struck. Instead of running to the kitchen to grab some oil, he bent over and opened the pizza box instead. Just like always, the pizza place cooked it just right for the cheese to pool some shiny orange grease on top, which he scooped up and slathered over his brother’s asshole. The warm lube made little Jacob’s little snowflake melt, and soon they were both sighing when they bigger boy sank root deep and they made contact between groin and cheeks. Youngest brother Jay, in the meantime, had significantly less practice in getting fucked. His big brothers never got their dicks inside of the 9 year old because his hole was just so tight, they only ever settled on one finger at a time, and it took lots of time and oil to work it in. But Hunter’s fingers were each at least that big, and he was going in dry too. “Maybe some spit will help?” Jay theorized. “Ooh yeah, save some of that slobber for his butthole,” advised Jacob. “Or even better, take some pizza, it’s super slippery!” Said Jeremy, handing his littlest brother a slice. Contemplating the sheer debauchery of slurping pizza grease into the tiny boy’s pinpoint anus made Hunter’s cock spasm, which sent it vibrating against the tip of second smallest boy’s swinging dick, which was swinging because their oldest yet still preteen brother was fucking him doggy style right over his lap. It was a miracle he didn’t cum directly in his pants the minute he opened the door to these forbidden beauties, and his balls now began to ache from having been churning the entire time since. They lurched even harder hearing those high pitched moans from little Jacob and Jeremy as their skin slapped together rhythmically. Forceful deep strokes did little to quench Jacob’s butt hunger, but were really working up Jeremy. His face flushed more red with every three inch shove into his young brother and his eyes scrunched up. The rapid breathing and stuttering grunts signaled the crescendo of his young boygasm. Ever hopeful for the onset of a wet explosion Jeremy pulled out and jerked himself off over his brother’s back as his muscles quaked through the climax, but there was still no liquid finish from him. The stars behind his eyes distracted him from his disappointment at least, and he fell backwards into the couch cushions panting with a smile. With renewed strength of will, Hunter fought through his release trigger to see how far the other two boys would go. Giving Jay’s pizza slice a long lick, the man pooled the hot orange grease into the crook of his tongue, then spun the kid around to give Jay’s boy slice an even longer one. Slick savory oil smeared all over his face and up the 9 year old’s backside from taint to spine as he prepared the boy pussy for devouring. “Jacob are you going to give him suckies again?” Wondered Jay the boy-snack who was nibbling on the pizza while sitting on the college man’s face. “I’m going to swallow him whole, except using my butt!” a wild-eyed Jacob exclaimed. “You’ve never taken something so big Jacob, go slow…” sputtered Jeremy with as much concern as he could muster through his pleasure aftershocks. Using his whole hand, Jacob took as much grease up from the pizza as possible to slick up the man’s steely rigid seven inches. His small fingers barely reached around the fully grown cock’s circumference, twisting and sliding up its length with purpose. Once coated, the 10 year old sent one last lick up from base to tip before turning around and squatting over the shiny obelisk of his desire. Palms splaying his ass cheeks wide, the boy arched his body forward and peered through his legs to align the descent properly. Jay’s eyes widened in shock, both at seeing the huge red tip of Hunter’s boy splitter nestle into the groove of his big brother and the feeling of the delivery man’s spongy tongue easing into his backside. Getting stretched wasn’t his favorite part, but he knew that deep inside of him there was a hidden spot that made him vibrate like he ate all the candy at Halloween all at once. It was like falling down the steepest longest roller coaster, or peeing your pants from the funniest joke in the world. He winced a little at the pain, knowing that it’s something you had to bear to make the best feelings come. Jacob’s intruder was no tongue, the man’s cock was wider and more solid than anything he had ever tried to stick inside of him so far. It felt like all of the things he’d tried before combined, like it was bigger than his whole body, like he was being turned inside out. The spreading fire from his young sphincter was sending pins and needles down his legs. The flare of the dark red helmet carved its way into his backside like a drill until all at once his hole snapped shut around the widest part and he was impaled. He winced a lot at the pain, knowing that it’s something you get to savor before the best feelings come. “Are you okay?!” Jay gasped, his heart in his chest seeing the tears in his brother’s eyes. “Yeah Jay! Oh fuck yeah! Ow god, it hurts so much… and it’s so good! I need more!” grunted Jacob through ragged shallow breaths. “Dang Jacob…” the impressed big brother Jeremy trailed off, at a complete loss for words. One quick thrust up and Hunter delivered more pain into the pleading 10 year old slut. Whines and cries of pleasure accompanied each forceful stab, barely working any more of the college dick inside of the little boy’s ass at a time. Jacob pushed down as hard as he could but his guts were only ready to take a fraction of an inch more per push. Sometimes he’d back off too much and have to work that length inside all over again, much to his delight. Jeremy didn’t bakırköy travesti know what to make of his little brother’s face, he’d never seen someone smile and pant and cry and sweat all at the same time. He knew even less of what to make of his brother’s little asshole, they’d seen videos of anal before but those grown ups must have had way more room inside of them than poor Jacob. Or lucky Jacob, he still couldn’t tell which. The once puny starfish that he’d licked and fingered and fucked so many times was expanded so ridiculously it looked like he would be able to fit his whole arm up there after the man was finished pounding it. Jay, who always believed you when you answered his questions, trusted Jacob was feeling really good from the pain and wanted to be brave too. He reached behind him and helped Hunter open him up with more pizza grease and more determination. The braver he got the wider his bottom became, until he realized that the squishy tongue was all the way inside and he was feeling great. “Can you put your fingies in, mister pizza man?” Jay beamed at his accomplishment. “Hrrrrng, yeah Jay, let’s *ugh* both get fucked… OOF… together!” Jacob sputtered out in between thrusts. “You guys are making me all horny again,” announced Jeremy. The oldest boy tentatively fingered his butthole at the sight of his two very brave and very impaled little brothers. He never liked much of the butt stuff before, but with the man now buried deep into both Jay and Jacob he felt jealous of their very audible pleasures. Returning to the pizza grease, Jeremy soaked his fingers and gave his tight little chute a second chance. One knuckle in wasn’t enough to change his mind, so he grit his teeth and went deeper, inspired by Jacob’s begging. Sure it was warm and wet, he thought, but he still didn’t get what the big deal was. Meanwhile, Hunter reluctantly extracted his tongue from little Jay’s tasty box and started corkscrewing two fingers into the youngest boy, as requested. The little one’s gasps of shock were almost as intense as the brother still making steady progress on riding his cock, a testament to how much smaller and tighter Jay was. His living finger puppet twisted and squirmed trying to guide the action towards the magic spot, but Hunter kept teasing the boy’s hole open wider instead of pressuring the ultimate target. The action had to be prolonged because Jacob was approaching balls-deep territory and the main event could finally begin. Even though he was afraid to lose progress, the 10 year old pushed himself up, feeling the impossibly oversized head scrape the whole way up his buzzing rectum until the flare once again stretched at his tender puffy ring. He took a deep breath and started to sink again, and in one gut displacing motion sat fully down in Hunter’s lap. “Do I taste like pizza now?” laughed Jay. “You always taste good Jay,” Jacob encouraged, his voice straining as though the man’s cock inside of him was squeezing all the way up to his windpipe. “So do you Jacob,” echoed Jeremy, sinking his lips over his little brother’s unbelievably still swollen dick to try to distract any discomfort. Not to say that he didn’t appreciate the blowjob, but discomfort was a positive part of the experience for Jacob. The pain was kind of crazy at first but now the ache was good, like muscles sore after playing all day, and it was pushing at his joy spot so powerfully that he thought he might burst. Between the mouth making love to his kiddie sex organ from the outside and the oversized meat caressing its base from within, Jacob was in heaven. Instinctively he began to buck his hips to create motion for both of his partners. Hunter’s head swam with corrupting perverse thoughts at feeling the vicelike oven hot grip of Jacob surrounding him, it was unlike anything he could have imagined. The child’s ass was a sleeve designed by god meant to perfectly pleasure men’s dicks. Boy fucking was a clearly intended biological imperative by all his available evidence. If only the world saw the joy this pairing brought to the two of them, nobody could disagree. With euphoria setting in, the man’s fingers finally stopped wrenching the littlest one’s ass lips further apart and finally started pressing at the target deep within. Young Jay arched backward and choked out an appreciative gasp at finally getting the attention his prostate craved. The half eaten pizza slice sagged and dripped all over his torso, melty cheese leaving gooey stripes across his soft pale skin. “Will you um… push… harder?” Jay asked hesitantly. “I need it harder too” Jacob agreed, much more decisively. “Haha, you guys are nasty,” commented Jeremy, momentarily pulling off of his brother’s penis with a wicked grin. Happily obliging the boys, Hunter wormed his ring finger into Jay with the two others, squeezing more pressure forward into the oversensitive nub, and lifted his pelvis off the couch to smash deeply into Jacob with every bounce of his ride. Both of the kids’ straining sphincters pulsed appreciatively around his invading extremities, their bodies trying so hard to handle the powerful loving he was trying to share. They nearly breathed in tandem, ragged gasps interrupted by involuntary moaning and shouting each time the man stabbed into the heart of their pleasure zones. Jay’s first ever anally induced orgasm was a body spasming rocket ship ride. The boy’s hands tore at the couch cushions below him trying to make sense of the insane feeling. His dick bounced without so much as a caress and he crunched up his body hard enough to force the man’s fingers out of his gleefully abused hole. The gaping red ring winked open and shut madly, their makeshift orange lube glistening as it dribbled out. Jacob’s body accelerated up and down as the primal urge to get fucked wide open overtook him. He felt Hunter’s powerful hand wrap around his thin waist, now free to help lift him up and drag him down as their man boy fuckfest drew to its apex. The faster he moved the stronger the shocks hit his rectal walls, and in return the more electricity shot through his spine up to his brain. His smooth preteen torso twisted in contortion trying to handle the savage ass ramming, seven inch long thrusts making louder slaps each trip his ass made over the full grown cock invasion. Tears of joy wet the corners of his eyes as he wailed red faced orgasmic cries of boy ecstasy over and over again. “Huh?” Jay drooled out in his post nut fog. “Ah! Ah! Ah! AH!” Pulsed Jacob with every cherry shattering slam. “MmmmMmMmmmm,” moaned Jeremy around his orgasmic brother’s wiggling spike. On realizing he had basically fucked the three brothers into a state of incoherence, Hunter could take no more and screamed as his overcharged balls finally opened their floodgates. Shot after shot of his searing hot cum exploded endlessly up the grade schooler’s spasming fuck chute, which Jacob could feel swirling inside of him with each spurt. Diminishing thrusts squelched out pools of the fuck juice through the impossibly tight barrier between the man cock and the boy anus, and Jeremy finally got an up close glimpse of the pornographic wet explosion that marked the finale of all his favorite videos. As Hunter’s college cock finally receded from its absurdly small boy sheath, gushing rivulets of the man’s jizz spilled out of the devastatingly fucked 10 year old boy’s asshole, drizzling down his cheeks and legs. Jeremy cupped a hand underneath and let it pool in his palm, fascinated by its sticky consistency and deep unfamiliar funk. Testing it with his tongue tip proved as uninteresting to him as the precum, but knowing how much Jacob loved the cum eating scenes he scooped up what he could and drizzled it into the mouth of his nearly unconscious middle brother. Jacob slurped and slobbered it up even with his eyes closed and his satisfied grin split even wider. Not wanting to miss out on what his older brothers had tried, Jay got what he could by licking some off the inside corners of Jacob’s mouth before he could swallow it all down. Like his eldest bro however he didn’t care much for it, his face twisted like he was eating nasty vegetables. “You like that stuff?” asked Jay. “It’s better than pizza,” Jacob declared, dreamy eyed and sleepy. “Well you can have that instead of a slice,” Jeremy teased, and they all laughed. Jay, Jacob and Jeremy were a truly insatiable trio. The three Jameson brothers, 9, 10, and 11, respectively, shared many things in common: ever-unfulfilled boyish libidos, a keen interest in pornographic reenactment, and a night spent initiating a lucky boyloving college stud into the world of kid fucking. The three sons, with as many differences as similarities, were well loved from that day forward thanks to their new friend, but still a little too spoiled and far too free.

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