Subject: Jamie and Uncle George 67 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. It contains descriptions of sexual interactions between a teenager, his uncle and other males. Comments welcome at ail JAMIE AND UNCLE GEORGE Chapter 67 Jamie and his schoolboy friend Justin were cuddling together in bed. Justin had just fucked Jamie and then sucked him off. “Sex in a bed is so much better than a quickie in a toilet,” said Justin. “Aye,” agreed Jamie who had a satisfied smile on his face. “You remember when your uncle was warning me against going back to that place?” Justin asked. “Hmm.” Jamie had his eyes closed and felt as if he could drift off to sleep. “You told him I liked having sex with men and he said something about him being a man and winked,” said Justin. “Was he hinting that I could suck him off?” “Hmm.” Jamie responded. “Jamie!” Justin nudged his friend. “I need to know.” Jamie opened his eyes and turned to face Justin. “Yes, my uncle likes sex with other guys too. I’m sure he would love you to suck him off. He’d probably love to fuck you too but he wouldn’t make the first move because of your age. You would have to tell him if you want to do anything with him.” “I see,” said Justin. He paused and then asked, “Would you be okay about me and him…you know, doing stuff together?” “Yes, of course.” Jamie smiled. “As long as I was with you. Wouldn’t it be hot for the three of us to be naked in bed together? Him fucking you and you fucking me.” “Yeah, that would be hot,” Justin agreed. “Has he got a big cock?” “I have seen him naked and yes, it’s pretty big,” answered Jamie. He wasn’t ready to tell Justin that he had been having sex with his uncle on a regular basis since he arrived in France. “Nice. I like big cocks,” said Justin. “Well, ask him if we can share his bed tonight,” Jamie said. “Now we’d better get dressed and join the others for dinner.” “Do you think Anders and Gom suspect we have sex when we’re up here in your room?” Justin asked as he pulled on his briefs. Jamie laughed. “Yes. They know that I couldn’t be alone with a handsome guy like you without wanting sex.” “Oh,” said Justin. “Have you ever done anything with either of them?” Jamie nodded. “I’ve had both of them.” “Lucky sod! I’m so jealous,” responded Justin. “Gom is cute and Anders is a real stud.” “Well, just think about Uncle George this evening,” said Jamie. “He is very fit and he has the best cock.” “I can hardly wait to see it!” Justin grinned. “Now let’s go for dinner. I’m starving.” Jamie had pulled on shorts and a t-shirt and was ready to join the others. *** Dinner had been over for some time and Justin didn’t know how to bring up the subject of sex with George. When Anders and Gom said good night and prepared to go upstairs, George said, “Good night, guys. Have fun.” “I’m sure they will,” Jamie said as he winked at Justin. “They share a bed?” Justin whispered to Jamie. “Aye, they’re a couple,” replied the kocaeli escort bayan younger boy. Then he mouthed, “Ask him.” “Em, you think it’s okay for guys to have sex together, don’t you?” Justin asked George. “Yes, of course. As long as they both want it, I don’t see that there is anything wrong,” replied George. Justin hesitated then said, “And you know that Jamie and I have been having sex for a while.” George nodded, wondering where this was leading. “Well…I like sex with grown-up men too and I was wondering whether I could share your bed tonight.” George had hoped he might have sex with Justin one day but never seriously thought it would happen. “I think you’re cute and I’m very flattered but are you sure?” “Oh yes, positive,” replied Justin. “And what do you think of the idea, Jamie?” George asked his nephew. “I think it would be hot,” said Jamie with a big smile on his face. “As long as I am there too.” “Yes, I meant the three of us in bed together,” said Justin. George smiled. “Okay then. Let’s go to bed.” The two boys jumped to their feet and hurried upstairs. George following on behind and by the time he reached his bedroom both Jamie and Justin were lying naked on top of his king-size bed. “What a beautiful sight,” George said as he looked at the two boys. He was very familiar with Jamie’s body and Justin’s was every bit as delightful as he’d imagined. “Justin is keen to see your big cock, Uncle George,” said Jamie. “Hurry up and get naked.” George smiled and started to unbutton his shirt. “Ooh, you’ve got a hairy chest. I like it,” said Justin. “He’s hairy all over. A real man,” Jamie said with a smile. By the time George stepped out of his boxers, he was fully erect. Justin gave a whistle and a look that told George he was impressed. “You like it?” he asked as he walked closer. “I love it,” replied Justin. “I’ve not seen one that big before.” He reached out and wrapped his fingers around the cockshaft. “It’s thick too,” he added. “You’ll love being fucked by it. I do,” said Jamie. “Your uncle fucks you?” Justin looked at his friend, still holding onto George’s cock. “Oops. Yeah, but that’s our secret,” replied Jamie. “I want your word that you won’t tell anyone what happens in this house,” said George. “Of course. I promise,” responded Justin. “I want to carry on coming here for sex.” “Good! Now let me suck your juicy cock,” said George as he got on the bed between the two boys. Jamie watched as his uncle carefully examined and then took Justin’s slim 6 inch (15 cm) cock into his mouth. Justin was soon moaning as George sucked, licked and teased his cock. Jamie soon got bored just watching so he started sucking his uncle’s cock. A few moments later Justin twisted round to take Jamie’s cock in his mouth. Everyone was enjoying themselves but after about five minutes Jamie said, “I think you should suck my uncle’s cock now, Justin. You need to get to know before you take it up your bum.” “Yeah, I like that idea.” Justin grinned and Jamie moved away to let him ‘sixty-nine’ with his uncle. Justin was very happy to take hold kocaeli sınırsız escort of George’s thick 8 inch (20 cm) cock once again. This time his face was much closer and he examined it and the large hairy balls before taking it into his mouth. He sucked and licked it for a while then pulled off to warn George, “I’m very close!” “Just let it go,” said George. “I’m sure it won’t be long before you cum again.” Justin lay back and savoured the feelings he was experiencing for a moment then took George’s cockhead into his mouth again. The tip of his tongue toyed with the piss-slit and ran around the ridge. Then he felt George push a finger into his arsecrack, gasped and filled George’s mouth with cum. “That looked like a good one,” Jamie said when Justin finally stopped moving. “Oh, yeah. It was.” Justin smiled. “I loved being under your uncle’s hairy body and feeling his beard close to my cock.” “Mmm, your cum tastes good,” said George as he sat up. He licked his lips and then looked over at Jamie. “Do you want me to suck you off now?” “Naw, I want to cum while being fucked,” replied Jamie. “I can wait a bit longer.” Justin sat up, leaning on his elbows. “I don’t think I’ll be ready to fuck you for a little while.” “What I’d like…” Jamie paused for a moment. “I want you to fuck me for a bit, Uncle George. Then I want you, Justin, to fuck me…while Uncle George is fucking you. That will almost be like both of you are fucking me.” “That sounds hot,” said Justin, hoping George would agree. George smiled. He knew his nephew had been planning this for a while. “Okay, boys. That suits me,” he said. “But first I want you lying face down, side by side, so that I can prepare you.” The two boys lay down as suggested, smiling at each other as George caressed their smooth, well-rounded buttocks. He fingered their arse cracks and then bent down to tongue Jamie. The boy reached back to spread his arse cheeks and then enjoyed the feel of the licking and probing tongue. After a few minutes, George moved over to Justin and began rimming him. “Your beard tickles,” laughed Justin, “but your tongue is driving me crazy.” George added a finger to Justin’s hole and finger-fucked him while he licked at the sensitive puckered ring. Justin’s moans caused George to stop and say, “I guess you’re stiff again.” “Rock hard,” answered Justin. George smiled and moved back to Jamie. He rimmed him for a few minutes then fetched a tube of KY jelly from the bedside table and lubricated his cock and Jamie’s hole. “I want you to fuck me when I’m lying on my back,” Jamie said to his uncle as he rolled over. He pulled his legs back and spread them to give easy access. George edged forward on his knees and was soon pressing his cockhead against the puckered hole. Jamie sighed as the thick cock entered him. “Ah, this feels great. Justin, lower your bum on my face and I’ll lick your bumhole while I’m being fucked.” Justin carefully moved into position. He “aahed” as Jamie started to use his tongue and pre-cum began to leak from his cock and dribble izmit anal yapan escort towards Jamie’s face. It took a lot of willpower on George’s part to remain calm watching the hot scene in front of him with his cock buried in Jamie’s tight arse. He stopped fucking the boy, hoping Jamie was too busy to complain. Then after a short while he felt Jamie’s arse muscles squeezing his cock and he resumed the fucking. Five minutes later, he pulled his cock out of Jamie and said, “Okay, time for the three of us to fuck.” Justin moved aside and Jamie got on his hands and knees. George passed the KY jelly to Justin and watched as he rubbed some over his cock and then added a little more to Jamie’s hole. Justin then slid his cock into Jamie, fucked him for a few moments then turned to George. “Come on. I can’t wait to feel your cock inside me.” George smiled as he applied more KY jelly to his cock. Then he rubbed a generous amount over and into Justin’s hole, finger-fucking him for a few moments. Finally he placed his cockhead against the blond boy’s hole. “Ready?” “Yes, fuck me,” was all Justin replied. George pushed. Justin pushed back and then groaned as the thick cock burst through his sphincter. “Ooh, that hurts,” Justin said through gritted teeth. “It’ll feel good in a moment,” said Jamie while George rubbed Justin’s shoulder and kissed his ear. Justin relaxed and said, “Yes, it’s feeling better already. I’m totally stuffed but it feels good.” George waited a minute and then began to fuck Justin slowly. Justin sighed and was soon pushing back while fucking Jamie at the same. Soon they got into a proper rhythm and then moved a little faster. “Aye, that’s good. Fuck me, guys,” said Jamie as the speed of the thrusts built up. “Yeah, this feels great,” Justin said. He was enjoying being in the middle. “I don’t know what’s best – fucking you Jamie, or being fucked.” “Told you that you’d like my uncle’s big cock,” said Jamie. “I’m going to cum soon,” said George. “I can’t hold back much longer.” “Okay, fuck your load up my arse,” said Justin. Despite having cum only a short time earlier, he was the most turned on of the three. He started fucking Jamie faster, encouraging George to fuck him faster. “Aaah! I’m cumming!” Justin cried moments later. Then he began spunking off, sending several jets of hot boy-cream deep into Jamie’s hole. This took George over the past edge. He grunted and began filling Justin’s hole with his cum. And then finally Jamie cried out, “I’m cumming!” and unloaded six or seven bursts of spunk onto the bedsheet. Jamie collapsed and fell flat. Justin and George fell on top of him and then pulled free to avoid hurting him with their weight. All that could be heard for the next few minutes was the sound of breathing, gradually becoming quieter as everyone returned to normal. “Fucking amazing!” Justin said. “It was brilliant,” said Jamie. “Let’s do it again.” George laughed. “I don’t know about Justin but I don’t think I could manage that again tonight.” “Aww.” Jamie sounded really disappointed. Then he smiled and said, “Okay, we’ll do it the morning before breakfast.” Justin laughed this time. “You’re sex mad,” he said. “You have only just discovered that?” George asked. “Huh! I’ve got a normal teenage appetite for sex. Nothing more,” said Jamie. George and Justin looked at each other and grinned. To be continued

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