Subject: Jamie and Uncle George 75 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. It contains descriptions of sexual interactions between a teenager, his uncle and other males. Feedback is always welcome. Please send comments to ail and I will reply as quickly as possible. JAMIE AND UNCLE GEORGE Chapter 75 “Josef told me that a mare is coming to be serviced by Atlas tomorrow. Do you want to come and watch with me?” George asked Jamie over dinner. “Yeah, that would be great,” replied Jamie. “It made me really horny watching Atlas in action last time.” George laughed. “I remember. Maybe I should take you into Nice instead.” “Don’t do that! Watching horses mate is…educational,” said Jamie. George shook his head. “I don’t think there is much you need to learn about sex, Jamie. There are a few mares coming to be serviced over the next few weeks and it’s good that you will be at school most of the time.” “But you’ll let me see some of the action, won’t you?” Jamie pleaded. “It’s really up to Josef but I suppose it will be okay if you keep well away from Atlas. He gets very frisky when there are mares in season,” replied George. “I’ll be good. I promise,” said Jamie. *** Late the following morning George took Jamie up to the small paddock where the mare was grazing. Josef introduced them to the owner of the mare, a tall Frenchman in his late thirties, before going into the stable to fetch Atlas. “You are here to learn how horses make love, young man?” the Frenchman asked Jamie. Jamie forced himself not to smile at the man’s expression and said, “Yes, sir.” He didn’t think it appropriate to say more. The mare looked up and twitched her ears when Atlas was released into the paddock. Atlas whinnied as he trotted over to the mare and soon started sniffing. The mare started pissing – not to turn the stallion off but to let him know she was interested. Atlas nudged the mare’s neck a couple of times then went to her rear and sniffed. The mare raised her tail. “He knows she’s ready for him. Look – his cock is getting bigger,” Jamie whispered to his uncle. He had his hand inside his jeans as he watched Atlas walk up and down behind the mare. The stallion suddenly moved towards the mare and looked as if he was going to mount her. However the mare got nervous, neighed and trotted away. Atlas followed the mare and nudged her head a few times. “Looks like he wants to kiss her…and look at the size of his cock now!” Jamie said with a giggle. He glanced at the Frenchman standing next to Josef and saw a very obvious tent in the man’s trousers. “Hey, Uncle George. The mare’s owner is almost as hard as Atlas.” George looked over at the man and smiled. “Can’t blame him for getting excited.” The mare raised her tail again and Atlas walked behind her. Suddenly he was on his hind legs and mounting the mare. His long thin cock found its target and he began thrusting into the mare. Three or four thrusts later it was all over. Atlas withdrew his cock and dropped back with all four legs on the ground. Some yellow cum dripped from his rapidly shrinking cock as he walked away from the mare. “I always think it’s funny the way he ignores the mare afterwards,” Jamie said to his uncle. “He gets off without thinking of her pleasure and then just walks away.” George smiled. “Yes, you’d be demanding your money back if you were paying for his services.” kocaeli escort bayan “You bet I would,” said Jamie. “I know he’ll mount her again but that will be another quick unsatisfying fuck. He looked around and saw that Josef and the mare’s owner had disappeared. Before Jamie could ask, George said, “They’ve gone into Josef’s house, probably for the man to pay the stud fee. Do you fancy a quickie in the barn?” He squeezed his hard-on in a very obvious manner as he spoke. “I don’t want a quickie,” replied Jamie. “But I’d love a fuck in the barn.” He put his hand into his jacket pocket and pulled out a tube of KY jelly. George smiled when he saw that Jamie had come prepared. “Come on then.” The pair hurried towards the barn. As George suspected, it was quite warm inside. He led Jamie into the corner and re-arranged some bales of hay. He threw an old blanket on top of one bale and turned to see Jamie stripping off. While he didn’t think it was necessary to undress fully, he was quite happy to see his young nephew naked again. Jamie was growing up. He was now 5ft 3in (160 cm) tall with a more muscular build than when he had arrived. His cock had grown a little too and was now 4 inches (10 cm) long when fully erect. “Don’t just stand there, Uncle George. Get your cock out and let me suck it,” the boy said as he sat down on the blanket. George happily freed his thick 8 inch (20 cm) cock as he moved over to his nephew. Jamie reached out and pulled the cock closer. His tongue flicked at the wet cockhead and then he poked at the piss-slit with the tip to get more of the pre-cum. George moaned softly when Jamie followed this by licking all around the glans and then taking the cockhead into his mouth. “I’ve taught you well, Jamie. You’re the best I’ve ever known.” Jamie smiled at the compliment and gradually took more and more of the cock into his mouth. At the same time his fingers toyed with his uncle’s large hairy balls. Once the cock was balls-deep Jamie reached round and grasped the man’s beefy buttocks. His eyes were closed as he savoured the masculine taste and smell of his uncle. After several minutes George pulled back and said, “Let me suck you now.” Jamie smiled and lay back on the blanket with his legs spread. Soon George was sucking and licking the juicy young cock while fingering Jamie’s arse crack. When Jamie began moaning louder, George knew that the boy was getting close to an orgasm to he turned his attention to the small hairless ball sac and the grape-sized eggs inside. Then he slowly worked lower, pushing the boy’s legs back, until he was licking the smooth arse crack and teasing the boy’s rosebud. “Fuck me now, Uncle George. I want your big cock in me,” Jamie said. He was grasping his legs with his hands just above the backs of his knees, allowing his uncle easy access to his arsehole. George didn’t waste any time. He took the KY jelly and greased his cock. Then he applied a generous amount to Jamie’s puckered hole and pushed some inside with one and then two fingers. “That’s enough. I need your cock,” moaned Jamie. George smiled as he got into position. Soon his cockhead was pressing against Jamie’s eager hole but he couldn’t gain access. “I think I should have used my fingers for a bit longer, Jamie.” “It’ll be okay. Keep pushing!” Jamie pushed out, trying to open himself up to the thick man-cock. Then he let out a little scream as the cock suddenly burst through his sphincter. But the pain passed almost immediately. “Oh, aye. kocaeli sınırsız escort This is great,” he said as the cock slowly penetrated deeper. “Mmm, yeah.” There was a creaking noise and George turned to see Josef enter the barn. His momentary panic disappeared and he smiled at the black giant. “You nearly gave me a heart attack,” he said as he sank his cock balls-deep into Jamie. “I saw you coming in here as I was saying goodbye to Monsieur Roux,” Josef said with a smile. “I guessed you were horny.” “You know what Jamie is like when he sees Atlas in action.” George drew back and rammed his cock deep into his nephew’s tight arsehole. Jamie gasped and then said, “Yeah, I need a really good shagging after seeing that enormous horse-cock. I’d love you to fuck me too, Josef.” “I’d love to fuck you but are you sure you’re ready for me?” Josef squeezed his growing bulge as he watched George fucking the boy. “I will be if Uncle George fucks me harder and opens me up more.” Jamie turned from Josef and looked up at George. “Come on, don’t hold back. You know I can take it.” “You want it rough?” George was fucking the boy at a slow, steady pace. “Aye, I want you to fuck me as hard as you can and make me cum,” replied Jamie. “I need to cum at least twice before lunch.” George smiled. Although horny for sex, the boy was also thinking of food. But George wasn’t thinking of food. He began fucking Jamie faster and harder. And then harder still. Jamie moaned and pre-cum leaked steadily from his piss-slit as George pounded into him. He remembered the sight of the stallion’s cock and looked over at Josef who was slowly wanking his huge black cock. Moments later Jamie cried out as the first blast of hot boy-cream left his cock and flew over his head. The second blast landed on his chin and the third on his chest. The rest pooled on his flat stomach. Jamie’s arse muscles clamping around his cock was enough to take George over the edge. Seconds after Jamie began cumming, George started spunking off deep inside the boy’s hot arse, shooting volley after volley of thick cum. George grunted and groaned as emptied his balls inside his nephew and then collapsed on top of him. Jamie hugged his hairy uncle but soon he wanted more. “Let Josef fuck me now, Uncle George. I really need it.” George stood up, allowing his semi-hard cock to leave the boy’s hole with a loud plop. “Get in there and give him what he needs,” he said. “But be careful.” Josef looked at Jamie’s gaping hole as he quickly greased up his throbbing black cock. The 10.5 inch (26.5 cm) monster was at least as thick as the boy’s wrist and Jamie usually needed a lot of preparation to take it. Today though Jamie was extremely horny and the two men hoped that the fucking from George’s cock was enough to loosen him sufficiently. “Come on, Josef. Fuck me,” begged Jamie. He wanked his still hard little cock as he lay back with his legs spread, inviting the well-built black man to ravage his hole. “All right, my horny little colt. I’m coming.” Josef stepped closer and rubbed his cockhead up and down the boy’s hairless arse crack. Jamie’s puckered hole twitched and some of George’s cum dribbled out. “Get ready for it,” Josef said and then pressed the thick knob against the entrance to the waiting hole. He held on to the boy’s smooth thighs and applied pressure. Jamie looked up at Josef and pushed out, eager to be penetrated by the long, thick cock. Suddenly the cockhead burst through izmit anal yapan escort the sphincter and Jamie let out a loud yelp. Josef paused and asked, “Are you okay, Jamie?” Jamie gritted his teeth and nodded. He couldn’t speak but he knew the pain would soon pass. Josef could see tears forming in Jamie’s eyes and gently caressed the boy’s thighs. “The worst part is over, brave boy. Just tell me when you want me to push deeper,” the man said in a soft voice. George rubbed Jamie’s arm with a concerned look on his face. A minute later Jamie wiped his eyes with the back of his hand and said, “I’m fine now. And still as horny as hell.” George smiled with relief and Josef slowly pushed his cock a little deeper. “More, Josef. Give me it all,” said Jamie. Josef nodded and slowly penetrated deeper, an inch at at time. Jamie moaned before he had taken the full length but this time it was due to lust and not pain. “Ooh yeah, fuck me with your big cock. You’re hung like the stallion out there.” Jamie pushed himself onto the man’s cock as he spoke and soon felt the big hairy balls against against his arse cheeks. He smiled, knowing the whole of Josef’s cock was now inside him. “I’m stuffed full of cock now and it feels great. Fuck me, Josef. Fuck me hard and make me cum again.” Josef started to fuck Jamie with short thrusts but gradually his movements became faster and the thrusts longer. “Hmm, yeah,” Jamie said to encourage him. “Better and better.” George had become erect again watching Josef fucking his nephew. “Do you want to suck on my cock while you’re being fucked?” “Aye, that would be great. I love taking cock at both ends.” Jamie grinned. George repositioned himself and let the boy suck his cock. Jamie sucked on only half of the cock but it felt good…and it allowed him to watch Josef at the same time. Josef fucked Jamie for over fifteen minutes before the boy pushed his uncle’s cock away to say, “Fuck me harder, Josef. Much harder. I’m very close.” Then he took George’s cock back into his mouth and sucked it, wanking it at the same time. Josef speeded up his actions, fucking the boy with more force. A few minutes later Jamie gasped around the cock in his mouth and began spunking off. He did it with less force than before but several jets of thin boy-cream were spattered across his chest and stomach. Josef continued to fuck Jamie hard and fast, probably even harder than before. And then he grunted and rammed his cock as deep as possible up Jamie’s arse before unloading a huge amount of cum. George rarely spunked off twice during a single sex session but today he had been almost as aroused as Jamie. “I’m going to cum again,” he cried, sounding slightly surprised. He then took hold of Jamie’s head and began fucking his mouth. Jamie smiled at his uncle with his eyes and relaxed his throat. A couple of minutes later he was gulping down a nice load of man-cream. “Sorry if I was a bit rough,” said George when he pulled away from Jamie. “It was hot,” Jamie replied with a smile. He turned to Josef. “And thank you for not cumming as quickly as Atlas. I loved it.” “I’m glad,” said Josef as he eased his deflated cock from the boy’s hole. “I really enjoyed it too.” Jamie lay back and spread his arms and legs a little. “Just one more thing to do after being fucked by a couple of stallions.” George and Josef looked at each other and wondered what Jamie meant. “What…” George was about to ask when he looked down and saw the boy pissing himself. Jamie was holding his semi-hard cock upright and the stream of piss went in an arc, falling onto his chest and sending some splashes onto his face. George shook his head but said nothing. Josef simply smiled. One very happy boy walked back to the house for a shower a short time later. To be continued

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