Subject: Jamie and Uncle George 80 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. It contains descriptions of sexual interactions between a teenager, his uncle and other males. Feedback is always welcome. Please send comments to ail and I will reply as quickly as possible. JAMIE AND UNCLE GEORGE Chapter 80 Jamie was excited as he checked that he’d packed everything for his three day trip to Italy. As far as his Uncle George was concerned, Jamie was visiting Henri’s friends to practice his Italian so that he could do better in the subject as school. Jamie however saw it primarily as a way of having three days of sex with horny men. Jamie had met brothers Enzo and Marco in the gay cafe bar managed by Henri when he had put on a couple of very private shows. The first time he did a striptease, gave Henri a blowjob and then wanked off while the men watched. The second time he stripped off, allowed the two Italians to play with his cock and balls, sucked Henri off and then fucked himself with a dildo before wanking off for the men. Then he concluded the show by drinking Henri’s piss in front of the men. George knew nothing of this. He knew that Jamie and Henri had oral sex when alone together (Henri wasn’t into anal) but he had no idea that anything sexual had taken place in the presence of Enzo and Marco. Jamie however knew that he would be having sex with the two brothers as well as Henri when he was in Italy. He hoped that they would be into piss play too. Jamie and his uncle said their goodbyes at Nice Ville station. “Be a good boy and do what Henri tells you,” said George. “And don’t do anything to embarrass Henri in front of his friends. I know what you can be like when you’re horny.” “I’ll behave Uncle George, I promise,” Jamie responded. “See you on Monday.” He waved from the window as the train pulled out of the station. “This is going to be fun. How long until we reach Genova?” Jamie asked Henri as he sat down. “It will take us about an hour to reach Ventimiglia where we change trains. Then it will almost three hours to get from there to Genova,” replied George. “I’ve packed a picnic lunch for us to have later.” “Okay.” Jamie looked around the crowded carriage then asked, “Will the next train be as busy?” “Probably not. Why?” Henri replied. Jamie leant forward and whispered, “Because I’m horny and I want to suck you off.” Henri laughed. “That’s not going to happen on a train. We’ll have plenty of time for that in Genova.” “But that’s hours from now.” Jamie pouted and sat back in his seat with his arms folded. Then after a few minutes he leaned forward and whispered, “I will get fucked tonight by either Enzo or Marco, won’t I?” Henri nodded. “I think that’s highly likely.” Jamie smiled. He was happy again. *** Enzo and Marco were waiting at Genova Piazza Principe station when the train arrived. They shook Henri’s hand and hugged Jamie. “Benvenuto, bel ragazzo,” said Marco. Jamie smiled and took both men’s hands as they walked to the car, leaving Henri to carry his bag. The Italian brothers spoke in rapid Italian as they drove to their apartment. Jamie could only understand some of what they said but he took the time to look them over. They were identical in height (around 5ft 11in or 180 cm, similar to Henri) with a stocky build, and they very similar facially. They both had heavy ‘five o’clock shadows’ so Jamie guessed correctly that they were very hairy. When there was a lull in the conversation, Jamie asked, “Are you twins?” “Si, bambino. We are both 48,” replied Enzo. “Not too old for you to play with, I hope.” “Oh no. I love hairy older men,” said Jamie. Enzo laughed. “How do you know we are hairy? You haven’t seen us naked.” “I guessed.” Jamie smiled and added, “We can all be naked soon, I hope.” “A very horny boy. Just like we saw when you did sexy stuff for us in Nice,” said kocaeli escort bayan Marco. Henri nodded. “He’s always horny. He asked me on the train whether you would fuck him tonight.” “Yes, I really want to be fucked,” said Jamie. “Which one of you is the top?” “When we have sex with each other we take turns being top,” replied Enzo. “But with you we will both be tops. That is what you want, no?” “That is what I want, yes!” Jamie had a huge grin on his face. They pulled up in front of a four-storey apartment block. “We are home,” said Marco. “Let us go upstairs to our apartment.” A few minutes later, Jamie and George were being shown around the brothers’ apartment on the top floor. The living room faced the sea and had a small balcony. “This must be amazing in the summer,” said Jamie. “You can sunbathe naked.” Henri shook his head and pushed Jamie towards the bedrooms. “I hope you and Henri are happy to share this bedroom,” said Enzo. “We only have two bedrooms.” “Yes, of course,” said Jamie. “It has a nice big bed and it will be fun to sleep with Henri.” “Okay, we will leave you to unpack. Would you like a coffee?” Enzo looked at Jamie and Henri. “I would prefer some orange juice,” said Jamie. “And I think Henri deserves a beer.” “Molto bene,” said Enzo before going off to rejoin Marco. “Why did you ask Enzo to give me a beer?” Henri had an idea. “Because you need to drink lots of fluids.” Jamie winked. “And I need a golden shower later.” Henri rolled his eyes before turning away and smiling to himself. He had guessed correctly but he was more than happy to have piss fun with Jamie. It didn’t take long for the pair to unpack. Jamie looked at Henri and then quickly stripped off. “Don’t look shocked. They seen me naked before and they have already agreed we’d be having sex.” “I didn’t say a word. Let’s go and get our drinks.” George ushered the naked boy with a semi-hard cock out of the bedroom. “Madonna!” Marco stared in disbelief when Jamie walked in naked. Enzo turned to see the reason for his brother’s shocked expression and smiled. “You don’t mind, do you? I felt quite hot.” Jamie smiled sweetly at Marco as he lifted his glass of orange. “No, it’s okay,” replied Marco. “I was just taken by surprise. We were planning to take you out sightseeing after our drinks.” “Can we go sightseeing tomorrow? I have been travelling for hours,” said Jamie. “We can relax and get to know each other better.” Henri laughed. “You just want to relax?” “Well, maybe we can have a bit of fun.” Jamie looked around at the three men but nobody spoke. He stood up and waved his stiff cock at them. “I’m a teenager. I’m always horny and I’m with three hot men. Surely one of you wants to play with me?” Enzo looked at Marco and then said, “We all want to play with you. Come closer, bambino. Let me touch your beautiful smooth body.” Jamie went over to the Italian and sat in his lap. Enzo put one arm around Jamie’s shoulder as he started running his other hand over Jamie’s chest. “Your skin is so soft,” he said. “And I love your little nipples.” He tweaked one nipple and bent down to kiss and gently nibble the other. “That feels funny…but good.” Jamie squirmed as the man toyed with his nipples. Enzo sucked the other nipple then let his hand wander closer to the throbbing cock. Jamie was disappointed when Enzo ignored his cock and instead rubbed his thighs. “So warm and smooth. Very nice to touch.” Finally the man cupped Jamie’s hairless balls. “Are these full of sweet boy cream for me and my brother?” Jamie smiled. “Henri might want some too.” “But Henri does not fuck. You must give the most to those who fuck you. No?” Enzo gently tugged Jamie’s balls. “Yes, I think that is fair,” Jamie replied with a big grin. “And this…” Enzo squeezed the stiff cock and was rewarded by seeing a drop of pre-cum ooze from the piss-slit. He used a finger to collect the clear juice and licked it. “We all get to suck this juicy little cock?” “Yes, of course. kocaeli sınırsız escort And I get to suck the cocks of three men,” answered Jamie. “Bene,” said Enzo. “Now go and let my brother feel your body.” Jamie planted a quick kiss on Enzo’s lips and then walked over to Marco. Marco held out his arms and took hold of Jamie’s hips. “Have you grown taller since we last saw you?” Jamie shook his head. “I don’t think so.” “But you have grown more hair down here.” Marco rubbed his fingers in the small patch of hair above Jamie’s cock. “A little.” Jamie smiled. “And some in my armpits.” He raised his arms to reveal the sprinkling of hairs. “You are growing up.” Marco smiled and grabbed hold of Jamie’s cock. “There is another place I must check for signs of hair. Will you show me?” Jamie thought for a moment and then realised what Marco meant. He grinned, turned round, bent over and spread his arsecheeks. Marco gazed at Jamie’s arse crack and the pink puckered hole in the centre. “Beautifully smooth,” he said. He put his index finger in his mouth to wet it and then began rubbing the entrance to Jamie’s love hole. Jamie moaned softly and pushed back against the finger. “Yessss,” he hissed when the finger entered him. Marco nodded at the other two men and pushed his finger deeper. Enzo and Henri walked over for a clearer view and soon they were watching Jamie being finger-fucked. Jamie sighed with pleasure and pre-cum dribbled from his cockhead. Marco took hold of the boy’s balls before finger-fucking him with more force and Enzo knelt down to take the throbbing boy-cock into his mouth. It only took a few minutes before Jamie cried out, “I’m going to cum! Aaagh!” Enzo let the cum fill his mouth so that he could savour the taste before swallowing it. “That was a nice start to the weekend. Thank you, Marco,” Jamie said while Enzo was licking his cock clean. “Now I think I must suck you all off.” “Then you begin with me since I am the eldest,” said Enzo. He moved back to his chair and began to open his trousers. Jamie was quickly on his knees between Enzo’s spread legs, helping him pull the trousers down. A smile spread across his face when he saw the size of the bulge in Enzo’s briefs and he quickly bent down to rub his face against it. Enzo hooked his fingers in the waistband of his briefs, rising off the chair to push his briefs down. “That is a beauty!” Jamie remarked as the thick 8 inch (20 cm) cock bounced into view. He helped remove the briefs and then reached out to caress the veiny cock and the large hairy balls underneath it. He pulled the foreskin fully back and then kissed the cockhead. Looking up at Enzo, Jamie received a nod and took the cockhead into his mouth. Marco and Henri looked on as Jamie made love to Enzo’s cock. The boy kissed, licked and sucked it. He teased the glans and the piss-slit with the tip of his tongue, slurped up the pre-cum and then sucked the cock once more. Gradually he took more and more into his mouth, surprising Enzo with his deep-throating skill. Enzo made noises all the time and it was soon obvious that he was about to cum. Then he gasped loudly and fired a blast of hot spunk into Jamie’s mouth. Jamie swallowed quickly and was disappointed when Enzo pulled his cock out of his mouth. Jamie closed his eyes as Enzo sent waves of white cum all over his face. When he was finished, Enzo shoved his cock back into Jamie’s mouth. Jamie licked and sucked the cock clean, and released it when it started to soften. Then he stuck his tongue out to lick at the cum on his chin. Enzo used a finger to push the cum on Jamie’s face into the waiting mouth. Finally Jamie sat back on his heels and smiled. “Very nice. Very tasty.” “Thank you, Jamie. You are very good.” Enzo ruffled Jamie’s hair. “Now please give my brother some relief.” Jamie turned round and saw that Marco was already naked from the waist down. As he crawled over to him, he decided that Marco’s cock was identical izmit anal yapan escort to Enzo’s. He wasted no time in taking it into his mouth. Marco allowed Jamie to do as he wished for over five minutes before he took hold of the boy’s head and began fucking his throat. Jamie gagged a few times but soon he was able to accept the cock without a problem. It only took a few more minutes and then Marco grunted and began spunking off. Unlike his brother, Marco kept the end of his cock inside Jamie’s mouth as he shot his load. Jamie gulped down every drop and then licked the cock clean. “I’m ready for you,” Henri said when Jamie moved from between Marco’s legs. Jamie smiled as he crawled over to the familiar cock. Henri’s cock was only 5 inches (12.5 cm) long but it was extremely thick, much thicker than the Italians. And unlike the Italians, Henri kept his pubic area and balls shaved. Jamie saw that Henri had leaked copious amounts of pre-cum while watching the earlier action. He licked the clear juice from the cockhead and the shaft before he started tonguing the man’s big balls. Then he slowly started licking upwards, touching every part of the shaft before turning his attention to the glans. Henri was leaking more pre-cum by this time and soon Jamie was licking it from the piss-slit. Then he opened his mouth wide and took the end of the cock between his lips. He jacked the bottom of the cock with one hand while using his other hand to toy with Henri’s balls. After a few minutes of this treatment, Henri moaned and spunked off into the waiting mouth. Jamie backed off but kept his mouth over the piss-slit, swallowing every drop of cum that Henri fed him. Jamie smiled as he turned to face Enzo and Marco. “Was that better than the show in Henri’s bar?” “It certainly was,” said Enzo. “And I think you are almost ready to cum again. Let Marco get this one.” Jamie looked down at his own cock and saw that pre-cum was dribbling down the shaft. He walked over to Marco and stood still while the man took the boy-cock into his mouth. Marco’s hands played with Jamie’s buttocks, squeezing and pulling, as he sucked. It only took a few minutes before Jamie gasped and said, “I’m cumming!” He didn’t produce as much spunk this time but Marco savoured it all. “I’m going to enjoy this weekend,” Jamie said as he smiled at everyone. “We will too,” said Enzo. “Would you like another drink?” “Yes, I would,” replied Jamie. He turned to Henri. “Are you ready to go?” Henri nodded. “Let’s go to the bathroom in case of spillage.” He stood up and led the way. “Come and watch,” Jamie said to the two brothers. Enzo and Marco guessed what was about to happen when Jamie knelt down in the shower and looked up at Henri with his mouth open. Henri pointed his cock at Jamie’s face and let go a strong stream of pale yellow piss. Much of it went into Jamie’s mouth but occasionally some splashed on the boy’s nose and cheeks. Jamie swallowed as much as he could but the flow was too fast for him to take it all. The excess poured down Jamie’s chin, onto his chest and down onto the boy’s semi-hard cock. The flow ended too soon for Jamie. “Can you give me more…please?” He looked at Enzo and Marco with his mouth open. Enzo stepped closer and pointed his cock at Jamie. It took a few seconds but then he started pissing. It was a weak stream initially but then it jetted towards Jamie with full force. Again Jamie was only able to swallow some of it. Marco moved beside Enzo just after he started pissing and very soon Jamie was getting a double helping. The two brothers stopped trying to aim for Jamie’s mouth and simply directed their streams all over his face. Some went into his hair. In just a few minutes Jamie was soaked all over. Then, when the two brothers had finished, Jamie began pissing. He sat on the floor of the shower and directed the stream upwards onto his body. When he was finished, Jamie looked up at the three men. “Uncle George would not have approved but I loved that. I hope we can do it again.” “Maybe but you’d better clean up now,” said Henri as he reached over to turn on the shower. Jamie squealed when cold water hit him. Fortunately the water quickly became warmer and he enjoyed taking a shower in front of his small audience. To be continued

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