Jane Goes Black – Steve watches

No Panties

Jane Goes Black – Steve watchesSteve stood perfectly still in the deep dark wardrobe, the sliding door slightly ajar, but offering a complete view of the lit bedroom. All he had to do now was wait. His watch turned to 8pm, exactly on cue, he heard the click of the door tag and voices as they stepped inside.Jane looked radiant in a short green lacy dress, high heels and hosiery – it also became apparent that she was very horny. Just 5ft 4in, but four inches higher in her stilettoes, her powerfully built black companion towered above her, his large hand grasping her tiny white hand tipped by immaculately fashioned red painted nails.As soon as they were inside he lowered his mouth to kiss her, she looked up and met his kiss, their tongues swirling in a passionate dance. His hand smoothed down her side before finding the front of her dress his hand slipping under the hem and cupping her crotch. Jane looked like she had experienced an electric shock as his hand first cupped her pussy, then his fingers deftly moved the flimsy material to one side before slipping a finger in.“Oh Leroy!” Jane moaned as she felt his fir digit explore her moist crack, driving her lust stratospheric. She hastily unbuttoned his crisp white shirt in response, revealing a broad, toned chest and stomach. As his fingers worked her pussy, she sank illegal bahis her tongue and teeth onto his nipples, the pain turning him on still further.Jane is a woman. A cock loving woman. A woman who knows what men want, what they need and with her left hand she quickly set about the task of unbuttoning his belt before sinking to her knees. She knew what needed to be done. Leroy looked down at her blonde head and her swift hands and fingers. Her left hand cupped his mighty balls through the material of his pants . Her right hand dipped into unleash the rapidly stiffening tumescent shaft. But nothing could have prepared her for what she was about to find. Nine, maybe ten inches of solid black cock meat sprung out, an aroma of precum and soap assaulted her nostrils.“You are an eager bitch tonight, Jane, get on with it, you know what you have to do”Jane didn’t hesitate. She stroked the shaft with one hand, steadied it with the other, before licking and slicking it, then opening wide to take the big black helmet into her mouth.“You gorgeous girl, go, take it, take every inch”Jane didn’t need any encouragement and soon had three inches in her mouth, and five down her throat. Steve marvelled at her skills and enthusiasm, his hand reaching down to stroke his own swollen cock.In one movement, Leroy dipped his hands illegal bahis siteleri underneath Jane’s armpits dragging her to her feet, before tossing her onto the bed, and turning to face her menacingly.She lay there helpless, her hair around her head on the sheets, her dress around her waist, her white panties still gathered around her crotch where they had been moved.Just as swiftly, Leroy’s hand grabbed her panties and ripped them down her legs before tossing them to one side. Jane gasped. She knew she was going to get it.Leroy grinned, leaned forwards and lifted the dress off Janes womanly body, her breasts barely contained by her bra.“You won’t be needing this” he rasped as he unclipped her bra, Janes full breasts spreading across her chest, waiting to be worked by her black bull.She lay there panting, only her sheer black lacy stockings still on, her suspender belt framing her waist. Leroy could wait no longer.He dived on top of her his mouth covering hers, his arms gathering up her legs presenting her moist pussy to his black steel. In one stroke he was in.Jane felt his stiffness part her pussy lips and drive up, further and further, until he seemed to be at her stomach! Her senses reeled as she struggled to accommodate his massive girth and length. But his firm strokes eased a path, and before canlı bahis siteleri she knew it she was taking each stroke like the cock loving slut she was.“You white girls are all the same – all prissy and pretty and dainty, all airs and graces, but when it comes down to it you crave black cock. You rave a real man to plough your pussy and sed you – don’t you?”Jane tried to fight back, but Leroy grabbed her hands and pinned her down, then bit her left breast.“You cant fight it whore, just take it”Jane had no choice, she wrapped her stocking clad legs around his back and let him plough her, she also put her hands around his back, digging his fingernails into his flesh- urging him on.“Come on big boy, don’t disappoint me, I want seeding and I want it now”It was all too much for Steve, his wanking went into overdrive, and before he could stop himself a streamy load erupted from his cock, through the gap, and a good foot onto the carpet.Jane had been concentrating on taking black cock, but out of the corner of her eye, she saw the load splashing from the dark recesses of the wardrobe.“Come on then, spunk me you dirty black bastard “ she yelled as Leroy reached a crescendo then himself unloaded at her oath. He kept on cumming, three, four, maybe five spurts, swamping her pussy. She hadn’t had time t tell him to put on a condom, but she didn’t care, She needed black cock, black spunk and she needed it rawLeroy withdrew and wiped his cum bathed cock on her stockings. Jane turned towards the wardrobe and winked.Steve and Jane both knew that this had only just begun.

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