JANE JOBI am married to one of the sexiest woman in the world. Jane is a stunning Irish girl, 5’6″ with long reddish blond hair and a fantastic 36C-24-36 figure. Only 24, she has a beautiful face, creamy white skin and the most perfect round ass in the world. She loves to dress in revealing clothing and has a flirty way about her that makes her a magnet for horny men where ever we go. Not being the jealous type, I enjoy the attention that she gets and relish the fact that I am the only one who gets to enjoy her amazing body.We met at a mixer at college in my senior year when she was a freshman exchange student. She was still a virgin when we married but I know that she dated a lot before we got engaged and loved to give her dates blowjobs. She even told me a story about how a Phys Ed professor caught her blowing some guy in the mens locker room and that after chasing away her partner the professor threatened to have her expelled. As he spoke Jane noticed a huge bulge running down his pants leg and she got so excited that she dropped to her knees, and said “I know I’m bad but I just love to suck cock. Would you like me to suck on your’s? He was shocked but that didn’t stop him from whipping out his big dick and letting Jane coax a load of cum out of it with her talented mouth.As a result of all this practice, Jane became an incredibly talented cocksucker and among the members of a certain fraternity she was known as JJ which stands for Jane Job. She wouldn’t tell me exactly how she earned her nickname but I can just imagine. Jane loves to talk about her blowjob experiences and sometimes admits that she misses the variety of cocks she enjoyed in school. Jane is a fantastic dancer and we go out to dance clubs almost every weekend so Jane can shake her ass a little.I always dance the first few dances with her and then sit down for awhile to take a rest while she continues dancing. This usually leads to her dancing with other men and I just sit back and watch her enjoy herself. If the guys get too fresh Jane gives me a signal that it’s time for me to cut in. At first, all it took was a hand on her ass or a little grinding of the crotch for her to signal me but lately she has been letting her partners get away with a lot more before calling me to the rescue. This little game always gets both of us excited and we end up screwing our brains out at home.We recently went out to celebrate our second wedding anniversary and Jane really got decked out in a low cut green dress that was extremely short. As we were leaving the house she lifted up her dress to show me a new black garter belt holding up a sheer pair of stockings and black g-string panties. I grabbed her shapely ass, hoping for a quick piece before we went out but she playfully pulled away.”Oh no, first I want to get you all worked up by dancing with some tall dark stranger, but you better keep a close eye on me tonight because I keep forgetting to use that damn signal. I might get carried away and end up on my knees with a big cock in my mouth. You don’t want me to do that, do you honey?”The thought of her actually blowing another guy made my cock grow instantly hard and I answered “I’ll keep a close eye on you don’t worry, and you better remember to use our signal. That Hispanic guy last week was all over you and you didn’t even try to stop him. What would you have done if I hadn’t cut in?” “To be honest,” she answered while licking her full pouty lips “probably gone outside like he wanted me to and given him a JJ!”I couldn’t tell if she was joking or not and asked “Would you have really gone outside with him and blown him?” not sure of what answer I wanted to hear. She thought about it a moment and answered “I don’t know, maybe. Would you have let me?”My first reaction was to say “No way” but as I pictured her lips wrapped around his cock my dick throbbed and I said “I don’t know. Maybe.” My answer seemed to excite her and she reached down to squeeze my hardon before saying “This doesn’t feel like a maybe. C’mon, lets get going. Tonight should be interesting.”We went down to our favorite club and after a quick drink we hit the dance floor. After a few dances I gave Jane a kiss and said “I’m going to get a drink. Behave yourself and remember our signal” Jane just giggled and said “What signal honey?”By the time I was seated at the bar and had a fresh drink Jane was already dancing with someone. He was an older black guy, tall and slender with a clean shaven head. As they danced he kept whispering in her ear and she kept laughing and giggling at his comments. I had never seen her dance with a black man before and I found the sharp contrast between them interesting and had to admit that they made an attractive couple. Jane was obviously enjoying herself and didn’t seem to mind the way he kept grinding his crotch into hers. At the end of the song he pulled her towards him and gave her a long passionate kiss.The next song was a slow one and as he wrapped his arms around my wife she looked over his shoulder at me and lewdly licked her lips. Jane rested her head on his chest and he reached down to stroke her long silky hair while continuing to whisper in her ear. As they danced his hand slid slowly down her back until it rested on the top of her butt and I could see him gently squeezing her firm round cheeks through the thin material of her dress. In the past, this would have been enough to make Jane give me the signal but instead she pressed herself against him, rubbing her belly against his crotch.This move must have encouraged him because he slid his other hand down to her butt and soon both hands disappeared under the short hem of her dress. Remembering her tiny little g-string, I realized that he was now fondling her bare ass cheeks and she made no effort to stop him or call for my help.I started across the crowded dance floor towards them and by the time I reached their side her short dress had ridden up so that anyone could see his dark hands squeezing her smooth white cheeks. I tapped him on the shoulder and said “Excuse me, that’s my wife you’re dancing with. May I cut in?”He took his hands off her ass but kept his arms around her while smiling down at me. “So you’re the lucky man who got to marry JJ. Nice to meet you, my name is Rod, Professor Rodney Wills. “”Nice to meet you” I said nervously “I’m Bill. How do you know Janey?””She used to date one of my students at SUNY, and I used to run into her at the gym now and then. Here, you guys dance. I’ll talk to you later JJ, thanks for the dance. Nice to meet you Bill.” he said before giving Jane a quick kiss on the mouth and moving off into the crowd. As he stepped away from Jane, I couldn’t help but notice a huge bulge in his crotch indicating an enormous erection.I took Jane into my arms and as we danced I said “Hey, everyone here must have seen his hands on your ass. Why didn’t you signal me?” Jane flashed me an evil grin and said “Was he grabbing my ass? I was concentrating on something else at the time.” As she said this she rubbed her belly against my cock which instantly got me hard. “Yeah, I saw you doing that, and I saw the reaction in his pants.””You did too? He’s hung like a fucking horse!” she said excitedly and I answered “How could I miss it. Hey, how did he know your name? I thought only the Kappa guys called you that.””Oh, a few other guys called me that sometimes” she said nervously and it suddenly dawned on me.”Shit honey, don’t tell me he’s the professor who caught you in the locker room?” I said and she looked up at me with an evil grin and said “Well, I was gonna tell you later but yeah, he’s the one. “Her “professor” story had always been one of my favorites and my mind was suddenly filled with an erotic image of Jane greedily sucking on his huge black dick while he played with her long blond hair. When I thought about his dark tool actually squirting a load of cum into her hungry mouth I almost came in my pants.”I don’t believe that you sucked him off. Why didn’t you tell me he was black?” I blurted out. “I told you he was special, didn’t I? Besides, it wasn’t his color that attracted me at first. It was the size of his cock that caught my eye” she said teasingly. “It just seems so naughty. A gorgeous blond coed sucking off her Black professor. You were really a wild one!” I said. “Who says I’ve changed?” she responded mischievously.At that point the song ended and Jane practically dragged me off the dance floor and led me to a dimly lit back room where people went to smoke and make out. She led me over to a dark corner and dropped to her knees in front of me saying “All this talk about JJ’s has got me feeling really thirsty. Whip it out honey and let me do my thing.”I looked around and even though no one seemed to notice us I felt kind of nervous. “Not here honey. Let’s go home.” I pleaded. Jane was persistent and said “Fine! You go home and I’ll go find Professor Rod. I know he won’t say no to me.”I could see that she was really worked up and I wasn’t sure if she was serious or not about me leaving so I undid my pants and took out my still hard cock. “Oh yes, I love you” she said before sucking my cock between her lips. Her mouth felt incredible and as I watched her eagerly blowing me, her eyes tightly closed, I wondered if she were thinking about sucking Rod’s dick instead.Just then Rod appeared out of the darkness and reached out to guide Jane’s head back and forth saying “Don’t you ever get enough JJ. Go on girl, suck your man’s cock. Make him cum with those magic lips!” Jane whimpered around my cock in response to his comment and started to suck even harder.The sight of his hand guiding her head along with the feel of her talented lips had me really close to orgasm and then Jane did something that pushed me over the edge. She reached up with one hand and started to squeeze cock through his pants while groaning and whimpering like a mad woman. With a soft groan I spilled my seed into her frantically sucking mouth.After sucking me dry she stood up and gave me a passionate kiss, her lips still coated with my cum and said “Thank you dear. That was great!” Then she turned to him and reached out to stroke the huge bulge in his pants again while saying “Looks like you caught me being a bad girl again. Remember what happened the last time?” Rod stepped up closer to her and quickly opened his pants and took out his cock saying “I sure do baby. You wrapped those sweet lips around my johnson and I went straight to heaven. C’mon girl, do it now. Show your man how you used to suck my big Black dick.”His comment indicated that she had done it more than once and I wondered why Jane hadn’t told me the whole story. His cock was enormous, at least ten inches long and very thick with a fat swollen head that was already oozing precum. “Wait a minute! What are you doing?” I stammered but by then Jane had leaned down and I watched her give the head of his cock a long, sloppy kiss. The sight of her full lips pressed against his dark flesh made my cock twitch in spite of the jealousy I felt. She looked up at me with a desperate look on her face, his cock only inches from her mouth and said “Please Bill. I love the taste of his cock. It’s so funky… Please let me do this. nevşehir escort Please!”I hesitated before answering, not sure what to say and Rod aggressively took advantage of my indecision. He grabbed a handful of Jane’s silky hair and forced his fat cockhead between her lips saying “Go on girl. You know you’re a cocksucker at heart. Do it!”Her sparkling green eyes still locked on mine, she began to suck on his dark member, her lips sliding along his hot Black flesh. My head felt like it was going to explode but in spite of my intense feeling of jealousy and my recent orgasm, my cock grew hard again as I watched my foxy wife suck on this Black man’s huge cock.Rod stood there with a mocking grin on his face, actually laughing at me as my pretty young bride worshipped his dark tool with her talented mouth. His hands holding her head, he guided her face back and forth as her moist lips slid further and further down his long shaft. Jane was no longer looking at me but was staring up at Rod’s face with a submissive look that I had never seen before on her pretty face.”Look at her man” Rod taunted me “Your sweet little Janey just loves to suck my nasty nigger dick. Did she tell you that she used to come to the gym after school and practically beg to suck my cock? Shit, I had just about talked her into letting me fuck her white pussy when you asked her to marry you. Right JJ?”Jane let his cock slip from between her lips and took the time to lick up a drop of precum before answering “Yes Rod, I liked sucking you so much that I almost gave in and let you fuck me. It tastes even better than I remember.” Than she returned to sucking on his thick black tool while adoringly staring up into his eyes.”Do you know where Janey went the night of your bachelor party? I invited her up to the college and had her dress like a schoolgirl in a short plaid skirt, a sheer white blouse and she put her hair in pigtails. She looked like she was about sixteen. I took her back to my place and introduced her to my Uncle Fred who went nuts when he saw her. He’s sixty five now and is short, fat and ugly but he still has a thing for young white chicks. He got Jane to take off her blouse and played with her tits while she blew me. Then he lifted up her skirt, ripped off her panties and started licking her ass and fingering her pussy.He really loved her baby smooth ass cheeks and wanted to fuck her but I wouldn’t let him. He got a little pissed off and started spanking her ass and calling her a cockteaser. Janey really got off on being spanked and begged him for permission to suck his cock. She really got off on blowing him and coaxed a huge load of cum out of his old Black balls.Part of me doubted that my innocent little Jane would do such a thing but as I thought about the wild stories she had told me and the even wilder one that Rod has just told I began to wonder. Of course the fact that Jane didn’t deny any of his lewd tale didn’t help any. Rather than dispute his story she continued to eagerly suck on his thick Black cock and seemed intent on making him cum.She must have been doing something right because after finishing his lewd story Rod started to rock back and forth, actually fucking my wife’s face with his huge tool. With a soft moan he tensed up and stated coming into Jane’s mouth. I could see his thick shaft twitching as it spurted cum between her eagerly sucking lips. I could hear her struggling to swallow all of his hot sticky sperm as she pumped his dick with her hand.By the time Jane had finished sucking Rod dry, a small crowd had gathered to watch her sucking his big Black cock. As she stood up a few guys made comments about being “next in line” so I grabbed her arm and physically pulled her out of the club. As we got to our car Rod caught up to us and said “Hey JJ, thanks a lot babe. You still got it girl.”Then he turned to me and said “You’ve got one hungry woman here dude and I just don’t think you can properly satisfy her. Now that she’s walked on the wild side again, she’s not gonna be content with just one cock. If you want to keep her off the streets man, you should let me take care of her when she gets hungry. Give me a call, JJ’s got my number.” As he spoke he had his hand up the back of her dress, feeling up her asscheeks like he had done on the dance floor and Jane just leaned into him with a wicked gleam in her eye.”Yeah, we’ll see” I said nervously while he gave Jane a quick kiss goodbye and I helped her into the car. Jane was in a complete daze and barely said a word as I drove home but I did notice her repeatedly licking her lips.Once we got into the house though she came alive and after stripping naked in the living room she laid back on the couch and began to furiously rub her hot pussy. “Honey, I’m so hot” she said urgently “Fuck me! Please fuck me now.”I peeled off my own clothes, climbed between her shapely thighs and slid my cock into her tight pussy. Her cunt was very hot and wet and we were both so worked up from our wild evening that it only took a few minutes before we reached orgasm. Jane’s whole body shook with the force of her cum and I could feel her cunt muscles clamp down on my prick as her orgasm lasted an incredibly long time. I had never seen her cum so hard and knew it was due to the bizarre adventure we had in the club.After catching my breath I rolled off of her and leaned back against the couch while reaching down to play with her silky mane of hair. “Rod said some pretty wild things about you tonight honey. I thought that you only blew him that one time. Why didn’t you tell me that you had a relationship with him?” I asked.Jane rolled onto her belly and looked up at me sheepishly “I’m not sure. The first time I blew him it was so exciting that I just had to do it again. As you saw tonight, Rod can be pretty demanding and I found that I liked being submissive to him. The fact that he was a black professor made it especially naughty and exciting for me. I guess I got a little obsessed with him and I felt kinda guilty about it. We were already going out at the time and I didn’t want to get you mad at me.””Well, I was never crazy about you dating other guys while we were going out and I would have freaked if I knew you were seeing him while we were engaged. When we left here, I was looking forward to seeing you flirting with some guy on the dance floor and you had even gotten me thinking about watching you blow some guy in the parking lot. But when you kissed his fucking dick and asked my permission to suck him off I almost lost it.I had never felt so jealous in my entire life and was about to say ‘no fucking way’ when he pushed his cock into your mouth. Then, in spite of my jealousy, I got all excited from watching you use your mouth on him. All of his lewd comments bothered me at first but then they started to turn me on and I kind of enjoyed being forced to share you. Was that story about his uncle true?”Jane crawled up so her face was in my crotch and gave my cock a quick kiss before answering “Yes honey, Rod offered me one last chance to be a bad girl and I couldn’t say no to him. I felt pretty wicked in the schoolgirl outfit and by the time we got to his place I was incredibly horny. I was surprised to see his Uncle Fred and tried to leave but Rod insisted I stay and ordered me to take off my blouse.Then he sat down on the couch and told me to get on the floor and suck him off. While I was blowing him Fred started playing with my tits and then he ripped off my panties and started squeezing and licking my ass. I felt like a complete slut but my pussy was soaking wet. The next thing I knew Fred was rubbing his fat cock along my ass crack and telling Rod that he was gonna fuck me.Rod told him to knock it off and Fred got a little angry. That’s when he started spanking me and even though it hurt, for some weird reason I liked it. Seeing his uncle spanking me pushed Rod over the edge and he filled my mouth with a big load of cum. Then Uncle Fred made me blow him while calling me all kinds of nasty names. His cock wasn’t quite as long as Rod’s but it was even thicker and uncut. He also had enormous balls which probably accounts for the huge load of cum that he shot off in my mouth.””Holy shit Jane. You were lucky those guys didn’t fuck the shit out of you. I was out getting drunk with the guys and you were sucking off two fucking niggers, I mean blacks, and getting off on being spanked by some fat black guy old enough to be your Grandfather. What the hell were you thinking?” I snapped back at her.An image of some fat black spanking my brides perfect white asscheeks and then fucking her from behind with a huge black dick kept running through my head. I kept thinking of how his thick member would have stretched out her tight virgin pussy and how it would have changed our wedding night. I felt sick to my stomach as I thought about how close he had come to taking my bride’s cherry.”I was thinking of sex, like I always do. You knew when you married me that I’m kinda kinky. I think you like the fact that I almost let them fuck me! At least your dick likes it.” she said and gave my cock, which was hard again, a quick kiss. “C’mon admit it. I saw how you reacted when I was blowing Rod. You like seeing me act like a slut. You’d love to see Rod fuck me wouldn’t you?””Shit honey, I don’t really want anyone else to fuck you but your crazy stories do get me hot. I always thought I was pretty well hung but Rod’s horse cock puts me to shame. You’ve got a pretty tight pussy JJ, I don’t know if he would fit inside you.”The evil grin that suddenly appeared on Jane’s face told me I should have kept my mouth shut as she answered “We won’t know unless we try, will we?” We didn’t talk about our experience with Rod during the week but Jane was hornier than usual and I was worn out by Friday. As I walked in the door Jane greeted me with a passionate kiss and informed me that we were going out dancing.I asked if she thought Rod would be at the club and she gave me a funny look and said, “I sure hope so. After last week I have a feeling he’s gonna be a regular.” Jane spent longer than usual in the bathroom getting ready and when she finally came out she looked incredible.She was wearing the same schoolgirl outfit that Rod had described except she had left off the bra. Her large pink nipples were quite apparent through the sheer silk blouse and her short skirt showed off quite a bit of creamy bare thigh.”Wow, you look hot, little girl. Rod’s gonna take one look at you and **** you on the spot.” I said playfully. Jane gave me a serious look and said, “Well, he’d have to **** me ’cause he’s not getting it any other way. I was pretty worked up when we got home last weekend but I’ve been thinking. I would love to blow him again if it’s OK with you and maybe some other guys but I think I should save my pussy for you.””Sounds good to me,” I said with relief “The thought of Rod or some other guy fucking you didn’t exactly thrill me. The way you were talking last week I thought you had already made up your mind and I was kinda worried. But if you want to give a few JJ’s, I think I could deal with that. As long as I get to watch.””I love you so much Bill” ordu escort she responded ” If we get the chance, I want you to fuck me while I blow Rod or maybe I’ll blow both of you at the same time. I think I’m gonna enjoy becoming JJ every once in a while and I think your gonna have a much happier wife. And I’ll be getting plenty of protein in my diet.”As soon as we got to the club Jane disappeared into the crowd and I assumed that she was looking for Rod. She returned a few minutes later and I could see that she was disappointed so I said “What’s the matter honey, can’t find your boyfriend?”Jane smiled and said, “No, he’s not here. Maybe he’ll show up later. Let’s dance.” We danced to a few songs and then I went to the bar for a drink while Jane looked around for Rod again.When I didn’t see her for a few minutes I went looking and found her dancing with a young Hispanic guy that she had danced with a few weeks before. It was a slow romantic song and their bodies were pressed tight together with one of his hands resting on the top of her butt. He was a little shorter than my wife so his face was inches from her large firm breasts, which were barely covered by her sheer blouse. Jane also noticed him staring at her tits and after giving me a quick grin she reached down and unbuttoned her blouse until it was open practically to her navel.Her partner smiled an evil smile and reached up with his free hand to rub against her impressive cleavage. When Jane didn’t protest, he slid his hand inside her blouse to squeeze her firm tits. As they danced Jane was speaking softly into his ear and from the way she kept licking her lips and kissing his neck I knew she was telling him how much she loved to suck cock. When the song ended he grabbed her hand and quickly led her out a side door leading to the parking lot. As they passed through the door Jane looked back at me and stuck out her tongue while motioning for me to follow.The back of the club borders on a small park with picnic tables and as I came outside I saw him sit on one of the tables while Jane sat on a bench between his legs. As I got close to them he looked concerned but Jane said something to him that made him grin. By the time I reached the table she had fished his dick out of his pants and was busy kissing and licking it.While nowhere near as big as Rod’s, it was still longer than mine and had a purple tip partly covered by a light brown foreskin. Jane peeled back his thick foreskin and wrapped her sexy lips around the moist swollen tip. As she bobbed up and down, hungrily sucking his rock hard shaft her silky hair fell around her face, hiding her action from my view.”Ah rubia puta, suck my dick” he said softly and than smiled at me and said “Your woman is a beautiful whore, señor. In my country she could make a fortune giving head for money. Slutty American blonds are always in demand, especially married ones. Do you like to see your pretty wife sucking other men’s dicks?” As he spoke he grabbed two handfuls of my wife’s silky blond hair and guided her head up and down in his lap which pulled her hair away from her face and allowed me to watch her lips sliding along his dark shaft.”Yes I do” I admitted sheepishly “Jane loves to give head and I just discovered that I like to watch.””Yes señor, she is a very talented little puta” he said excitedly “In fact, she has me close already. Oh shit, suck it puta. Yes, yes, suck it baby! Here I cum!” With that he shot a hot load of cum between Jane’s sucking lips and I watched as she swallowed every drop and sucked him dry.Finally Jane let his cock escape her lips and gave me a nasty smile as she said “Thank you Juan. I’ll be your puta anytime.””No, thank you Señora. Your husband is a very lucky man”, he answered while zipping up his pants. I looked at my watch and realized that it had only taken 30 minutes for Jane to find a willing stud, seduce him and suck him off. I was very horny from watching them and hinted to Jane that she shouldn’t forget her husband but she insisted on going back inside for a drink and I suspected that it was really to look for Rod.As we walked back into the club we met Rod coming out and he looked like he had been drinking. He noticed Juan’s arm around my wife and broke into a wide grin and said loudly “Hey man, you just get yourself a JJ? Shit, ain’t she one fine cocksucker.” Juan looked annoyed and was about to say something when Jane stepped in between them and said “Rod, be nice. We were just getting some air.” Juan and Rod stared at one another for a moment before Juan moved off muttering “Rubia puta…”Rod was visibly drunk and seemed angry as he said, “Shit, I show up a little late and you’re already out sucking some dudes cock. I can see your back to your old cocksucking tricks again JJ. C’mon, let’s go to my place.” Without waiting for an answer he put his arm around her waist and led her towards his car and Jane submissively followed after him. I started to protest but Rod held up his hand and said, “I don’t wanna hear no bullshit. Your wife is dressed up like a slut for only one reason. She wants my big Black dick. You follow us back to my place and were gonna finish what we started last week. If you behave, I might even let you fuck her when I’m done with her. Let’s go.”He opened his car door for Jane who gave me a helpless look and climbed in. As Rod headed for the drivers side I raced over to our car and followed him out of the parking lot. After a mile or so I saw him reach over and pull her towards him and suddenly Jane’s head disappeared. I knew that she must be sucking his cock again and I felt sick from the incredible control that he seemed to have over her. In just one week she had gone from some harmless flirting with strangers and a little “dirty dancing” to sucking off two strangers in one night. Rod seemed to be in a nasty mood and I wondered what was in store for us at his place. Jane’s assurance that she wouldn’t let him fuck her gave me some comfort but the control he showed over her had me worried.After a few minutes we turned off the main road and passed through an older part of town. Rod pulled over at a corner where three Black men were passing around a bottle in a paper bag. I pulled over behind him and watched him talking with the men who were laughing and looking into the car at Jane who was probably still sucking on Rod’s dick. I saw him gesture back towards me and the men looked my way and laughed even harder.At that point Jane sat up and I saw her glance my way before turning to face the men and pulling open her blouse to show them her tits. Rod was showing off his foxy white conquest to his buddies and it was apparent from their boisterous reaction that they approved. One of them even reached into the car to squeeze my wife’s exposed breasts and I could see that she made no effort to pull away or stop him.After letting go of her tit, the guy headed back towards my car and stopped by my window. He was short, fat and ugly and I realized that he must be Rod’s Uncle Fred. “Hey white boy” he sneered at me “Your wife is looking mighty fine. And Rod just invited me to join your little party. I’m finally gonna get to fuck that sweet white pussy. Rod says you’re one of those sick motherfuckers who likes to watch his old lady get it on with other dudes. Well, were gonna give you something to watch tonight.” “Uh, she doesn’t want to fuck anyone besides me. She just loves to suck cock and yeah, I do like to watch,” I answered as he rubbed a huge bulge in the crotch of his pants.”Yeah, we’ll see about that. We had a little fun a few years ago and she was dying to get fucked but Rod saved her precious cherry for you. I hope you’ve had your fun with her, ’cause when I get done fucking her with my donkey dick, she’s gonna be a little stretched out, if you know what I mean” he said before returning to Rod’s car and climbing into the front seat next to my wife.Rod pulled away from the curb and I followed, worried about the bizarre situation that Jane and I had gotten into and wondering how I could maintain control of the situation. Uncle Fred was obviously intent on fucking my wife and in spite of Jane’s assurance that she didn’t want anyone else to fuck her, she seemed totally submissive to Rod’s lewd desires.Rod pulled into the driveway of his condo and after parking out front I hurried up the walk to catch up with them. Rod held his door open for me and as I stepped inside I found Jane and Fred locked in an embrace. Her blouse was completely unbuttoned and he was noisily sucking on her large breasts, his dark hands squeezing them together. Jane was stroking his Afro while gazing at him with a look of complete submission on her face.Rod stepped past me and said “Hey Fred, lets get this bitch in the bedroom and get comfortable.” His uncle let go of my wife and Rod actually threw her over his shoulder, fireman style, and I got a quick glimpse of his hand squeezing her ass cheeks under her short skirt before he turned and carried her off to his room. Janey looked back at me over his shoulder and she had a wild look in her eyes, part fear and part excitement. As Fred and I followed after them Rod said to me “Hey dude, go get us some beers from the fridge. Were gonna be working up quite a thirst.” I hesitated for a minute but Fred glared at me and said sternly “Do it white boy or I might think about fucking your skinny ass when I’m done with your wife. When I was in the joint I loved fucking white boys like you.”I practically ran to the kitchen and grabbed four beers before heading for the bedroom. I heard my wife call out “No please! Stop!” and then “Bill! Help me!” I entered the bedroom and found my wife bent over the bed between the two Black men, all three of whom were stark naked. Fred was sitting on the bed and holding my wife firmly in place while humping his fat Black hard on against her flushed face. Rod was standing behind her and rubbing his huge Black cock back and forth along my wife’s pussy lips.Jane looked back at me and managed to bring her hand up to her face and hold her nose, which is our “Help me”, signal. She was struggling with them, trying to remain faithful to her oral sex only rule but Rod seemed intent on fucking her with his huge cock.”Please Rod, don’t do it” she pleaded “You can’t fuck me, I’m married. Let me suck you off. Please!” Rod merely laughed at her and gave her buns a sharp slap before saying “It’s too late JJ. I let old Billyboy pop your cherry but now it’s my turn. It’s time you got fucked by a real man!”As he spoke I rushed to them and put my hand on his shoulder and said “C’mon Rod, knock it off. Jane said no and she means it. Stop it or … ” “Or what motherfucker?” he said sharply “You let your woman get me all worked up and now I’m gonna fuck her like the horny bitch she is.” I tried to pull him away from her but he brushed me aside and I fell onto the bed next to Fred, who threw one of his heavy legs over my lap and pinned me in place.Rod looked down at me with a mocking grin on his dark face and said sarcastically “Your woman may be saying no but her pussy is saying yes. It’s hot and wet and ready for this!” With that he drove his cock inside her tight young pussy. rize escort Jane whimpered as he penetrated her with his huge tool and I could tell from the look on her face that it must hurt. Rod showed her no mercy and holding her firmly by the hips he rammed his cock deeper into her moist flesh. Fred moved his leg off of mine but I just laid there, totally humiliated from being forced to watch as this Black stud fucked my beautiful bride.Jane’s face was only a foot from mine and I tell from the look on her face that she was in pain but I was unable to help her. “Please stop” she whimpered “Your too big for me Rod. It hurts real bad. Help me honey.” Her plea for help only made me feel worse as did Rod’s sarcastic response “Oh man, this bitch is tight. Hold on JJ. It may hurt now but you’re gonna love it in a minute!.”I could see his thick Black shaft disappearing between my wife’s pink pussy lips and saw how far she had to stretch to take his huge donkey dick. He already had about nine inches inside her and still had another two or three to go. His fat cock head must have been hitting places that I had never come close to and I worried that her pussy would never feel the same.Rod withdrew his dick until just the tip remained inside Jane and then he slowly pushed it back in. He started to fuck her with long deliberate strokes, forcing his dick deeper and deeper into her. Jane was gasping for breath and whimpering from the pain of his assault while Fred seemed content to rub his meaty cock across her lips and whisper lewd things to her.Jane continued to beg for Rod to go easy but I noticed that she gradually stopped complaining about how much it hurt and commented more on how big it felt inside her. Then I noticed that each time he pulled out of her his dick was coated with Jane’s pussy juice, a clear sign that she was starting to enjoy the brutal fucking that Rod was giving her.Rod was aware of her response and taunted us saying “Oh man, your wife’s pussy is so tight! And it’s getting nice and wet for me . You love it don’t you JJ?” When my wife didn’t answer he pulled his cock out completely and rubbed his swollen cock head against her pussy lips saying ” Go on girl, tell me what you want. Beg for it!”Jane looked up at me before saying softly ” Please Rod! Don’t hurt me. Fuck me gently please. Please, I love it!”With an evil laugh Rod rammed his huge dick back into my wife and began to brutally fuck her tight young pussy. Jane looked like it still hurt a little but that didn’t stop her from rocking back against him with each powerful thrust. His dark tool was coated with her juices which allowed it to easily slide deep into her tight young pussy, stretching her out like never before.Fred slid out from under her and stood next to me so he could watch his nephew fuck my sexy wife and said to me “Look at her man, she loves that big Black dick inside her. She’s a nigger lover now for sure and she’s not gonna be happy with your little white worm.” As he spoke he stroked his thick Black cock and when I glanced down at it he noticed and said “You like my big nigger dick white boy? Now that you seen how much your woman loves Black meat I bet you wanna taste yourself. Go on, suck it boy! Maybe I’ll go easy on JJ if you do me nice.”His suggestion disgusted me but I was so caught up in the intense sexual feeling in the room that I was unable to take my eyes off of his thick Black dick. He put his meaty hand on my shoulder and squeezed real hard while pushing me down to my knees. I tried to resist but he was way too strong for me and I quickly found myself kneeling before him with his throbbing Black cock only inches from my face.Grabbing a hold of my hair, he pulled my face forward and rubbed his cock head across my lips while saying “Do it white boy, suck that Black dick. Just like your wife does.” Feeling completely humiliated I closed my eyes, opened my mouth and let his huge cock slide into my mouth. With one hand holding my head in place, he wrapped the other around the base of his thick shaft and began to jerk off while I sucked on the swollen crown of his huge Black cock. I could feel his thick shaft throb between my lips and despite my revulsion, I found myself shaking with excitement from being forced to perform this lewd act.”Hey Rod, check it out! We got us two white cocksuckers.” Fred called out to his nephew. Rod had been so engrossed in fucking my wife that he hadn’t noticed Fred and I but when he saw me blowing his uncle he laughed and said “Go for it white boy! You keep our dicks hard and we’ll keep your wife happy and full of nigger cock.”I looked over his way just as Jane looked up and when she saw me sucking on Fred’s cock she flashed me an evil smile and then her whole body tensed up as a powerful orgasm shook her shapely frame. Rod buried his cock deep inside her and fucked her with short hard strokes as his own orgasm hit. “Yeah baby, cum for me. Oh yes, so nice and tight. Milk that dick girl. Here it comes JJ. Oh damn!” he grunted out while his cock exploded inside my wife’s snug pussy. Their mutual orgasm went on for a long time and Rod kept shooting spurt after spurt of cum into my wife’s pussy.When he finally stopped humping against my wife he pulled his huge tool out of her well-fucked pussy with a disgusting wet noise. Janey collapsed face down on the bed and I could see a huge amount of cum dripping out of her stretched and swollen pussy. Rod came over to me with a mocking grin on his dark face, pulled me away from his uncle’s cock and dragged me across the room to my wife. Then he pushed my face towards her smooth sweaty ass and said “Go on dude. Lick it up! Suck my cum outa your woman’s cunt.I response to his demand Jane spread her legs farther apart and looked over her shoulder at me with a sly smile on her face. Her pussy lips were gaping open and I could see Rod’s thick white cum slowly oozing out of her swollen lips. There was also a thin coating of her pussy juices all over her crotch, her ass cheeks and her inner thighs. I stared at this incredible proof of my cuckolding until Rod pushed my face down into her crotch.Jane giggled as I started licking her well-fucked pussy and I immediately got a mouthful of Rod’s thick cum which I reluctantly swallowed. As I continued to eat her out the cum kept flowing out of her and I kept swallowing the tart tasting cream. I felt so nasty sucking another man’s jism out of my wife’s cunt but my excitement grew as I debased myself before Janey and her two Black lovers. The two guys kept making lewd comments at my expense and Fred was feeding his cock to Janey who was eagerly sucking his dark meat while Rod wiped his slimy dick using Janey’s silky mane of hair.I heard Fred say to my wife “Do you want Uncle Fred to fuck you little white girl? Do you want my big Black dick?” and then I heard my wife say “Yes please Uncle Fred. Fuck me now!” Fred pushed me away from my wife and slapped her ass real hard before saying “Get up on your knees girl so’s I can fuck you like a bitch. And so I can slap that pretty white ass of yours.”Janey instantly obeyed his evil command and knelt before him with her shapely ass up in the air and with a look of complete submission on her pretty face. Fred gave her cheeks a hard slap and growled “Tell me what you want bitch!” Janey gasped from the harsh blow but then she smiled an evil grin and spoke to him in a throaty voice I had never heard her use before “Fuck me you Black bastard. Show me how niggers fuck their bitches. Use me hard!”I couldn’t believe what she had said and was astounded that she would try to get him mad just so he would be rough with her. His response was to slap her ass as hard as he could and then brutally ram his fat Black cock in to the hilt inside her pussy. Then he began to fuck her with quick hard thrusts of his cock, plowing into her sensitive twat without mercy. He also was spanking her ass cheeks while fucking her, brutally whacking her soft flesh between each stroke of his dark dick.When he first penetrated her, Jane begged him to go easy but after a few strokes she started to encourage him to fuck her harder. In fact she was moaning so loud that Rod stuffed his dick into her mouth just to quiet her down a little. Jane eagerly sucked his Black dick, bobbing her head up and down while rocking back against Fred’s pounding cock.In spite of his advanced age, Fred had incredible stamina and furiously fucked her for over twenty minutes while occasionally slapping her ass for added emphasis. He worked up quite a sweat and his whole body developed a sheen of sweat, which also dripped down onto my wife. Rod was content to let Jane give him a long Jane Job and to encourage her with lewd demeaning comments. The sight of my precious blond wife being abused by these Black men overwhelmed my senses and I found myself jerking off while watching them. For her part, Jane was in seventh heaven and had repeated powerful orgasms.”This is some fine pussy here whiteboy.” Fred said “I’m gonna be coming soon. Get behind me and play with my balls some. I wanna dump a nice big load in your wife’s pussy. Go on boy, now!”I knelt behind him and reached between his beefy thighs to play with his low hanging balls. His balls were huge and I could just imagine the big load of cum he would be shooting into my wife’s body. From this angle I could see Jane’s pussy lips stretched around his thick shaft, which was coated with her juices.”That feels good white boy. Now git your face in there and lick my Black ass. Stick your tongue up my ass like a good boy.” I hesitated, staring at the sweaty Black ass cheeks only inches from my face, watching the large muscles clench each time he fucked into Janey. Then he reached back and pulled my face against his butt and I submitted to his lewd request. I ran my tongue along his sweaty ass crack, working my way down to the sensitive area between his balls and his butt hole, my nose pressed between his muscular cheeks. I brought my hands up to knead his big Black ass and I could feel the power of his thrusts as he fucked my sweet bride.I felt completely humiliated but incredibly excited as I helped this strange Black man get off in my wife’s pussy. They had taken control of us for the moment and I felt a weird thrill at participating in the cuckolding of my foxy young wife.I suddenly felt his big balls pull up into his body and he slammed his cock deep into my wife as he started to ejaculate. I could actually feel his cock pulsating, squirting cum over and over again into Jane’s spasming cunt. I pulled my face away and looked up to see that Rod was coming at the same time, grunting and moaning as Jane swallowed his hot load of cum. Her whole body quivered as the last of many orgasms racked her body.When the guys had finally finished coming they pulled out of Jane and had us suck their cocks clean while telling us what cheap white sluts we were. Rod added that from now on we were to be their personal sex slaves and at their disposal at all times. I couldn’t exactly argue with a mouth full of hot Black dick but Jane assured them that we would be glad to serve such superior Black masters.This occurred about four months ago and we have gotten together with Rod and Fred almost every weekend since then. Jane is totally obsessed with them and their big Black dicks and has even met with them a few times during the week without me. I tried to talk her out of it but she says that she can’t say no to either of them and begs me for permission to see them.

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