Janice , My Fetish Ch. 01


Here’s part one of my leg & foot fetish life with my girlfriend, Janice. (Now fiancee) I’ll start off with how we met.

Me and Janice met at a rave. I saw her and instantly got attracted to her good looks. She was wearing a mid-thigh skirt which showed off her gorgeous legs.

I got on the dance floor and slowly made my way to her. Janice and I danced for awhile before she told me she wanted a drink. We went around on the sides to buy some ice cold drinks.

“So, what’s your name?” Janice asked me.

“Drew.” I had to yell due to the loud music.

“Well, listen Drew, I have to go now. It’s like 12 am already!” Janice told me.

I thought about what I should do. I hadn’t got her number yet, so I decided to ask her if I could take her home.

“Do you want me to drop you off?” I asked.

“That’ll be great!” Janice replied.

We got out of the rave and got into my car. As soon as we got in the car I started the engine and asked where she lived.

She told me he street, luckily I know that street so I drove on.

“Agh! My feet are killing me!” Janice yelled as she took of her shoes.

I watched as she took off her shoes, then stared at her feet, not watching the road. Her feet looked AMAZING.

From the looks of it, her feet were probably a size 6, which is okay, but I think size 5 feet are the perfect size.

Her toes were perfectly aligned but her toenails weren’t painted, but white tipped. Still her feet looked so good.

“Hey! Keep your eyes on the road!” Janice said smiling at me weirdly.

“Huh? Oh right.” I turned nervously to look at the road, forcing konyaaltı kendi evi olan escort myself to not look at her tempting feet.

When we got to her place, she invited me inside. I accepted and thought I was going to get lucky tonight, when she said,

“I know we don’t know eachother much, but why don’t you come inside just to hangout? I live alone and it’s pretty boring.”

I was surprised to hear that since the house in front of me was a two-storey house.

I walked inside, it wasn’t really fancy than I’d thought. It was just like an ordinary house. Janice told me she was going to have a shower, so I just sat on the couch and watched some late night movies.

About 15 minutes past, and I’d almost forgot I was in her house. The movie I was watching was really entertaining. When Janice walked in, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was wearing cotton short-shorts and a singlet.

That was it. I got so turned on, I crossed my arms over my bulge in my pants to cover it. Janice sat next to me on the couch and put her feet just a few inches away from my right leg.

If I turned right, I probably couldn’t stop staring at her legs.

“Your feet are tiny! What size are they?” I asked Janice nervously, trying not to sound weird.

“Really? I thought they were a perfect size 5!” She replied.

She was right, they were perfect.

“You said that your feet were killing you in the car, you want me to massage them for you?” I asked.

“Yeah, that’ll be nice!” Janice replied, putting her feet on my lap.

I konyaaltı otele gelen escort couldn’t believe it! I was about to massage her perfect size 5 feet and aligned toes. I gulped, and touched her feet.

I rubbed my thumb up and down her soles and touched her toes. They were sooo soft, even her heels were too. Both her feet were soft and smooth, and her arches were pretty high, making her feet look so sexy.

“Wow, your feet are really soft!” I said.

“Umm.. thanks I guess? Well, I don’t really do anything to them except get pedicures.” Janice said watching me massage her feet.

“They’re really pretty.” I said sounding like a weirdo.

“Haha, aww thanks!” Janice said turning to the T.V.

I didn’t know what to do. I really wanted to kiss her feet and suck on her toes. So I took a deep breath and kissed her right sole.

She turned her head quickly and looked at me, giving me a weird smile.

“Did you just kiss my feet?” Janice said, pulling her feet away from my hands.

“Yeah I did, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that..” I said. I was soo embarrassed.

“No, don’t worry. I’ve never been with a guy who has a foot fetish before..” Janice said.

“Show me what you would do to my feet, I’m really curious about stuff like this.” Janice said, slowly lifting her feet to my face.

I couldn’t believe what she just said.

“You’re kidding right?” I said, thinking she was joking.

“No! C’mon, do it.” Janice exclaimed, pushing her toes against my lips.

I grabbed hold of both ankles and inhaled her konyaaltı rus escort sweet scent. Then I put my lips over her big toe and began sucking on it, while putting my hand on her smooth calves. Janice gave a yelp and jolted as I did this.

She put her pointing finger in her mouth and watched me as I sucked on her toes. After several seconds of sucking on her big toe, I moved onto every other toe of her foot.

I then put my tongue on her heel and slid it all the way up to the balls of her feet. She yelped many times as I did this. When I was done with her right foot, I moved to her other foot and gave the same attention to it.

“Wow, that’s hot.” Janice said, moving her saliva covered feet from my lips.

“I think you better get going, here’s my number, call me sometime.”

I couldn’t believe it! I now have a girls number who likes my foot fetish! And on top of that, she has such perfect feet!

I was just heading for my car when I head Janice’s voice.

“Hey! Wait!” Janice yelled, running towards me, “Here’s a little gift from me for the night.”

She gave me a small, white sock.

“Remember to bring it back!” Janice yelled running to her house.

“I won’t! And thanks!” I yelled back.

I went into my car and inhaled her scent from her sock. It smelt a little duller than her real feet, but still smelt good.

I got so turned on by her scent that I knew I just had to jerk off into it. So I drove home quickly and went into my room.

My flatmate was sleeping in his room, so I could get some privacy. I took another sniff off Janice’s sock and then put it over my cock.

I stroked my socked cock, thinking off Janice’s legs and feet. Before I knew it, I exploded into her sock. I stood up from the bed, so my cum would ooze down into her sock.

I came about 5-6 spurts inside her sock. After I was done cumming in her sock, I left it in my draw next to my bed, making sure my cum still stayed in there and went to bed, thinking of Janice.

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