Janice’s Story


Janice’s StoryThis is the story of Janice — a married woman in her forties — as told to William Humphries and Shelly Baker for the magazine “True Erotic Confessions.” The editors had decided they wanted to start a new category of story about wives who got pleasure from sharing their husbands with other women, sort of Wife Lovers in reverse although they couldn’t think of a satisfactory title — Husband Lovers didn’t quite have the right ring to it. When they asked for contributions, Janice was one of the first to respond, and she said that she had a very beautiful story to tell which they might like to publish.ooOooHello, my name is Janice, and I have been asked by the editors of this magazine to describe a wonderful experience that I had a couple of years ago when I offered my lovely husband to a girl friend who had recently been widowed in tragic circumstances. To begin with let me tell you a little more about myself. I am 45 years old, and my husband Peter and I have now been happily married for 22 years and we have two lovely c***dren, who are both in high school. I am petite, at 5ft 3 inches tall with a nice figure that I like to keep in trim by regular sessions at the local health club — nothing too strenuous as I don’t want to turn into an amazon, mainly fitness classes, aquarobics and swimming, which I have found is really good for keeping my bosom in good shape.Talking about my bosom, my breasts are still nice and pert, not too big at 34B but a nice handful as my husband keeps telling me. I have shoulder length blonde hair and a few years ago I started shaving my pussy which really turned Pete on — he said that it made oral sex much more enjoyable and I found that it increased my sensitivity too.I met Hilary at the health spa and we soon hit it off, quickly becoming intimate friends. After sessions we would often go for a coffee and cream cakes at a local cafe, which rather undid the good work I suppose but we all deserve a bit of naughtiness in our lives. She was about 12 years younger than me and I soon learned that she had tragically lost her husband to cancer 5 years earlier leaving her with a young c***d, who had taken up all her time until he started school the previous spring.She admitted that for a long time she had not even thought about sex and had only recently been getting stirrings of desire. She had been content to masturbate and had bought a vibrator and a couple of dildos from an online store, although she had still not had the confidence to start dating — the memory of her husband still being too fresh in her mind. When I pressed her, she did say that toys were okay but were not the same as a nice hard cock.Pete and I had a satisfactory sex life, not like the passionate love making of our first few years of marriage but still nice and loving, although I have no doubt that some would describe it as vanilla sex. Recently however, the stories in magazines such as Cosmopolitan had made me wonder if I was missing something. Oh, I usually had a pleasant, though not earth shattering orgasm, and nothing like the mind blowing ecstasy some women described …. although I did wonder if they were exaggerating a bit.When Pete and I were making love I had started to fantasise a bit, mainly based on some of the stories I read and I found that I got quite turned on by the thought of watching my husband fucking another woman and perhaps having sex with her myself. I had kissed a few girls when I was at school but it never went any further, and I was curious what it would feel like to make love to another woman.It was while I was talking to Hilary that the thought struck me that I could satisfy my curiosity, and help her as well if one Saturday night we could make up a threesome. I was sure Pete would enjoy it, like any red blooded male he liked looking at pictures of naked girls and although I had never asked him, I was pretty sure he wouldn’t pass up the chance of a bit of variety as long as there was no deception involved. We were still happily in love even after twenty years together and had no desire to start swinging or anything like that.I didn’t tell Pete or Hilary what I was thinking. I didn’t want to scare her off and I wanted it to be a surprise for him — a nice present to say thank you for all those years of happiness. Having made my mind up to go through with it I started to think about how I was going to bring my fantasy to life, and it was really very exciting planning the seduction of my husband and my friend. I found myself getting very wet between my legs as I ran through various different scenarios. In the end I decided that what I wanted was an evening that was deeply satisfying at many levels — an evening of good food, good wine, great conversation, and ending up with fantastic and memorable sex.Hilary was delighted to accept my invitation as she didn’t get out all that much with a young c***d to care for. I suggested that she should ask her babysitter to stay the night so that she didn’t have to worry about getting home, and also because she wouldn’t have to watch how much she had to drink. She replied that she didn’t have a regular babysitter but that she would ask her mum to sit for her, which she knew her little boy would love since he would be allowed to stay up later than normal playing with his Playstation — grannies are so soft-hearted!On the night in question, Hilary turned up at just after 8pm with a bottle of wine in hand. She was dressed smartly, if not particularly provocatively, in a black skirt and blouse set off with a cerise scarf to match her lipstick. I knew from our conversations that she would be wearing hold ups since she didn’t much like tights, and I had noticed when we were in the changing room that she favoured lacy underwear which I knew that Pete would like — men are so easily pleased.I greeted her warmly with a kiss on the lips — the first time I had done that — enjoying the feel of her soft lips on mine; she tasted rather nice too. Dinner went well and we were all soon laughing over stories about the funny things our c***dren came out with in their innocence. I was pleased to see that Pete found her attractive and as the evening progressed they both became relaxed in each other’s company. By the time I was ready to serve coffee and liqueurs they were flirting just a little, and when we took our drinks into the sitting room I suggested that they sit together on the settee to chat whilst I loaded the dish washer.I had made sure the ambience in the sitting room was warm and relaxed — soft lighting, scented candles, romantic music on the CD player, that sort of thing. I took rather longer than strictly necessary in the kitchen and when I finally walked in, Pete and Hilary were sitting very close — the effect of the atmosphere and the wine they had drunk — sufficient to relax their inhibitions. Hilary was turned towards him with one hand on his knee. From what I could gather she was telling him about her life and the difficulties facing a single parent.Rather blatantly, although they didn’t seem to notice, I manoeuvred the conversation onto the subject of sex and after a while, suggested to Pete that Hilary missed male attention and would rather enjoy a friendly cuddle and a kiss from a nice man. Pete looked at me with a rather surprised expression but I just smiled at him and started to unbutton my blouse, slipping my hand beneath the soft material to caress my breasts. At the same time I mouthed silently, “I love you.”Pete took my meaning and taking Hilary in his arms started to kiss her on the mouth, gently probing with his tongue. Soon their kisses became hotter and more passionate and their mounting desire soon made them oblivious to my presence, sitting quietly in my chair. It was so arousing watching them kissing and cuddling but, although Pete had gone as far as to slide his hand beneath Hilary’s skirt to caress her thighs things were not proceeding as fast as I wanted. I sensed that without further prompting on my part this might be as far as they would go, and I was now certain that I wanted to see Pete take her and to watch his cock sliding into her wet cunt. I had planned this for days but even so, I was surprised by how much I desired to see them lost in each other’s pleasure.It was time to be bold, something normally foreign to my rather reticent nature, so clearing my throat loudly to catch their attention I said that I thought we would all be more comfortable if we retired to the bedroom. Standing up, I moved in the direction of the door, making it very clear that I expected them to follow me. As we got to the top of the stairs, Hilary said that she needed to go to the loo so Pete and I went into the bedroom alone. Flinging my arms around his neck I kissed him passionately, savouring the clinging memory of Hilary’s scent on his skin and the taste of her lipstick on his lips.Murmuring softly, I told him to go ahead and make love to her and to enjoy this one special night in her bornova escort arms. To encourage him further I started to unbuckle his trousers, and taking my hint he was soon sitting on the bed in just his briefs. Kneeling in front of him I pulled them down to free his half erect cock and leaning forward, I took the head into my mouth for an instant before standing again. “Make it very special for Hilary,” I told him, “she has missed the feel of a man inside her for too long. I want tonight to be the beginning of a new chapter in her life, not with you my darling — this is just the catalyst to set her free from the dead memories of the past.”Hilary had not reappeared so giving Pete one last kiss, I went back onto the landing to find Hilary starting to creep towards the stairs. Stepping in front of her I kissed her gently on the lips. “I want this to happen,” I murmured, “tonight, but only tonight, Pete is yours.This is my special gift to both of you so go in there and let him make love to you, my dear. I am very aroused at the thought of you taking pleasure in each other, and if you don’t mind I will watch for a while, but then I will leave you alone until the morning.”She still seemed a little reluctant so taking her by the hand, I led her into the bedroom to where Pete sat naked on the bed. I kissed her again and unzipped her skirt letting it fall to the floor at her feet. I then turned her round to face Pete and pushed her in his direction. “Take off your clothes for him,” I said, “and let him see your beauty. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed in his reaction.”Hilary looked at Pete and seeing the desire in his eyes she did as I had bid her. When she was naked Pete stood up, and taking her by the hands pulled nto the bed with him. They lay there face to face, kissing passionately, their tongues dancing and soon they forgot about me. As they started to explore each other’s bodies their caresses quickly became more urgent and intimate. I stood quietly in the doorway, watching them and removing my own skirt slid one hand into my panties to stroke my pussy, which was very wet with my arousal whilst kneading my breasts and pinching my nipples with the other.Pete turned Hilary round so that he was lying behind her, his arms around her and parting her legs put his erect cock between the swollen lips of her pussy, sliding it backwards and forwards with gentle but insistent thrusts of his hips. Hilary put her hand down to take hold of him and placing the head at the entrance to her vagina, spoke for the first time, “please fuck me,” she whispered, “it has been so long,and I have almost forgotten what it feels like to have a real cock inside me,” and she turned her face to him to kiss him again, a kiss of invitation and desire.Slowly, Pete thrust his cock deep into her cunt until he was fully engulfed inside her. Hilary kept her hand between her legs, holding him still for a moment and savouring the delicious sensation of being filled by a cock again. As they began to fuck, slowly and sensuously at first, I slid two fingers into my own cunt and started to masturbate myself, whilst keeping time with the rhythm of their lovemaking. The sounds and scents of sex filled the air as all three of us rose towards our climaxes.Hilary came first, her head thrown back and her eyes shut. As her orgasm hit her, her muscles contracted in waves of pleasure and she cried out in joy as she experienced the exquisite sensations of an orgasm with a man for the first time in many years. Pete’s climax followed shortly after and the sight of his balls contracting as he pumped her full of his seed was enough to drive me over the edge. My orgasm was so strong that my legs felt like jelly and I had to catch hold of the door frame to stop myself from falling. The feeling inside was like a fire in my whole body and I felt as if firecrackers were going off in my head — something I had not felt for a long time.When I had recovered my strength I slipped away to the spare room, where I lay in bed playing with my favourite rabbit vibrator in my wet tunnel as I relived the erotic vision of my Pete’s cock sliding into Hilary’s cunt. Floating on a cloud of post orgasmic euphoria after another delicious orgasm, I fell asleep only to be awakened several times during the night by moans and cries of ecstasy from the adjacent bedroom. I remember that I felt so happy that my little plan had been so successful and that the two people that I cared about the most, other than my c***dren, were enjoying such pleasure in each other’s arms.In the morning when I heard Pete going to the bathroom for his morning pee, I slipped out to join him and walking up behind him I put my arms around him and nuzzled his neck. “Why don’t you go downstairs and make breakfast for us all,” I said, “I would like to spend a little time with Hilary now and we can all eat together before she goes home. Then you and I can go back to bed and you can tell me all about your lovely night. I do hope you have enough strength left for me because I am feeling very horny for you, my delicious husband.”With that I squeezed his bottom and kissed him, then turned and crept into our bedroom. Hilary was lying on the bed half covered by a sheet. She was half asleep and looking dishevelled but still beautiful with a slight smile on her lips. I took off my nightie and got into bed behind her, putting my arms around her to caress her lovely full breasts, showering little butterfly kisses on her neck and shoulders. As she woke fully she turned her head to me and smiled. “Thank you for sharing your lovely man with me,” she murmured, and she kissed me full on the lips delicately probing my mouth with her tongue.She then turned to face me and we started to kiss and cuddle, gently at first and then with increasing passion. It all seemed so natural and tender, a beautiful way for two people to express their mutual love and when she put her hand down between my legs and slid two fingers into my waiting cunt, I knew that this was something that I would want to do again and again. Hilary knew exactly how to stimulate me and I was soon overcome by such exquisite sensations that I felt as if I was melting in her arms.Coming down after a long drawn out and deeply satisfying orgasm, I pulled away from Hilary and slid down between her legs so that I could kiss her sweet pussy. I parted her lips which were still slightly puffy from her night of love and began to lick her slit from the entrance to her tunnel up to her clitoris, which I sucked into my mouth. She tasted so nice, a mixture of her own sweet vaginal secretions and Pete’s salty semen, which I knew so well. She put her hands behind my head, entangling her fingers in my hair, and I licked and kissed her fervently until she came, her hips writhing and her back arched as she surrendered to my loving ministrations.When at last she was still, I took Hilary in my arms, and we just cuddled quietly until we heard Pete shout up the stairs that breakfast was ready and if we didn’t hurry he would have eaten it all. We got up rather languidly and slipped on a couple of robes before going downstairs to join Pete in the kitchen. After a leisurely and companionable breakfast, Hilary and I showered together and she finally left to go home just before lunchtime, embracing us both and thanking us for a very lovely night, her voice full of deep emotion.Pete and I didn’t bother with lunch but went back to bed, where we stayed until it was time to get up and prepare the evening meal. My feelings were partly relief that things had gone so well and that we had all reached new heights of sexual and emotional pleasure, but mainly deep happiness and contentment.Pete and I have talked about that night many times since, and we both agree that it put new life into our relationship, and sex has been so much more exciting and adventurous ever since. Hilary joined a dating site the following week and went out with a number of men over the next few months, one or two of whom she introduced to us. Nothing permanent seemed to be coming of it although she was much more happy and contented, until she met her present partner. Doug is a few years older than her, a widower whose wife had died of breast cancer. Strangely it was not through the dating site that they came together, but a support group for people who had lost a loved one to cancer. They had actually met occasionally at meetings, but Hilary had just not noticed him in that way. They are now thinking about moving in together, which is wonderful news.Pete and Hilary have not had any sort of sexual relationship since that night, although they remain very affectionate in the way of close friends. She and I have continued to be lovers however, although we have not become part of the lesbian scene. We did go to a lesbian burlesque show one night, but we left after a couple of hours as we were both somewhat put off by the underlying sadomasochism of some escort bornova of the acts and neither of us were interested in group sex. To be completely honest we are not all that interested in pornography either, finding that it is the tactile nature of nakedness that we enjoy rather than the visual.We usually get together once or twice a week after the gym, when we go back to one or the other of our homes. Sometimes we lie in bed naked just cuddling and talking, at other times we make love and have learned over the months just how to give each other the most wonderful orgasms. We have experimented with different toys including a strap-on dildo, but recently I bought a feeldoe, which has allowed us to experience simultaneous climaxes of extraordinary intensity. We have also been away for a few long weekends at a lovely health spa in the Yorkshire dales, where we have enjoyed nice walks during the day, hand in hand, followed by nights of love after a pleasant intimate candlelit dinner.In many ways I suppose I now have the best of both worlds with a loving husband and beautiful c***dren and a female lover. I know that I love Pete and Hilary equally; both of them are wonderful in bed but in different ways, and my life seems complete in a way I could not have imagined before that night.ooOooJanice’s Story: The Sequel.My name is Shelly Baker and I am a reporter for the magazine “True Erotic Confessions”. I originally interviewed Janice a couple of years ago for a new category of story about wives who got pleasure from sharing their husbands with other women. Since then many people have asked me about her, curious to know how she is getting on and whether coming out, as it were, has made any difference to her life. A few have said that by continuing to have a lesbian relationship with Hilary she was being disloyal to her husband Pete, but I have always replied that one should not pass judgement on someone else’s private life, and that what she does is entirely her affair.Quite by chance I bumped into Janice last week, and after the normal pleasantries, naturally I asked her whether the article had affected her life in any way. She seemed keen to talk to me, and this is a transcript of our conversation.ooOoo”Hullo Shelly, it is a nice surprise to see you,” she said, “I hope you have been keeping well, and how’s William?””He’s very well,” I replied. “He asked me only the other week whether I had heard anything from you, and said that if I did bump into you to tell you that your story was exactly what we wanted for the magazine for the new genre about wives who willingly shared their husbands with another woman. We had a terrific response, and literally sacks full of letters asking how have you been getting on?”“To be quite honest,” I replied, “I have also been very curious myself. I have never thought of myself as bi-curious, let alone bisexual, but your story had made me wonder what it would be like to make love to another woman.”“It is rather a long story Shelly,” she said, “have you got some time?””Of course,” I replied, “why don’t we grab a coffee and a cake, and you can tell me all about it.”After we had found a secluded corner in one if the many cafés on the high street, and were comfortably seated with our coffee, Janice continued.”When I told you my story I never thought that Pete would read it, particularly as the magazine was not the kind that he would normally read. Even if he happened to glance at my copy, I didn’t think he would recognize us, since you changed all the names.”Janice paused for a moment, and sighed. “However,” and she paused again, “when I got home one weekend after I had been to visit my mother, I found that all my clothes had been put in the spare bedroom, and there was a lock on our bedroom door. At first I wondered, ‘what the hell!’ Then I saw a copy of the magazine on the dining room table on top of an envelope addressed to Pete, with a compliments slip thanking him for allowing them to print his story.”At this point I made a mental note to tell the editors that they should never send a copy of an article in the magazine to a partner or spouse without checking with the author first.”Pete didn’t say anything,” Janice continued, “but after several days I asked him if he wanted a separation. He replied that no he didn’t, but that he would need some time to sort his feelings out. He then added that at that moment he felt betrayed by my continuing relationship with Hilary, and while a one night stand was okay, he was no longer sure where my affections really lay.”Janice paused, reached into her handbag for a hankie, and dabbed at the corners of her eyes. It was obvious that her recollections were stirring up all sorts of painful emotions, and not wanting to cause her further distress, I gestured as if to stop her. However, she put her hand on my arm, and continued, “It’s alright Shelly, I need to get this off my chest, and it is much easier to talk to a woman about it. There is happy ending however, although not quite what you might expect.””I really was at a loss what to do about the situation,” she continued, “but it was Hilary who came up with the solution. It was a couple of weeks later when we were cuddling on the bed in the peaceful glow of our orgasms, that she asked why I was sleeping in the spare room. I immediately burst into tears, and told her about Pete, and his jealous reaction to my story in the magazine. She thought for a moment, but then replied that as she was the problem, she would think about it for a few days, and get back to me.”Since this was obviously going to be a long story, I stopped Janice for a moment and asked her if she would mind if I recorded it in my iPhone. She nodded her assent, and once she saw that I was ready, she went on with her story, “It was three days later when Hilary rang me. She told me that she had told Doug about Pete’s and my problems, and that he totally agreed with her that she ought to do what she could to bring us back together. It was at that moment that I realized with a shock that Doug must know all about Hilary and me, and I quizzed her about how much she had told him. She laughed, and said she had been completely open with him once it was clear that he was serious about marrying her, and that he not only knew about her relationship with me, but also about the night when I had arranged for Pete to make love to her. In fact, she said, he was eternally grateful to me, because it is unlikely that she would have even looked twice at him if I hadn’t helped her to put the past behind her and move on.”Janice continued, “Hilary proceeded to tell me her plan, ‘You must tell Pete that I am coming to stay with you for a couple of nights whilst we are having some essential work done on the bathroom. Doug will be away on business, and I will arrange for my son to visit his grandma. Pete will have to let you move back into your bedroom while I am sleeping in your spare room. You must leave the rest to me, but I will make sure that Pete makes love to you, and Doug is quite comfortable if Pete and I have sex again too. In fact I am looking forward to a really hot time and I am getting quite excited thinking about it. Oh, and buy yourself a new sexy nightie.’ We then settled on a date in a couple of weeks time, and she hung up.””When I told Pete he was a bit flustered at first,” Janice said, “but when I pointed out that it wouldn’t be appropriate for Hilary to sleep in the third bedroom which is rather small, he reluctantly agreed to the arrangement. I must say, those two weeks seemed like an age, but eventually the day arrived. When the doorbell rang at 7:30pm, I told Pete to answer the door while I got on with finishing the preparations for dinner. When Pete opened the door to let her in, after she had said hullo, I heard Hilary say that it was so good of him to allow her to be our house-guest for a few days, and she would like to show him her appreciation there and then. When they came into the kitchen a few minutes later, Pete looked rather flushed, and there was a telltale smudge of lipstick on his lips, which he had failed to wipe off. I had prepared a fairly light dinner of oven baked sea bass with fennel, accompanied by celeriac mash and asparagus tips, followed by syllabubs, and Pete picked out a couple of bottles of a nice Alsace Pinot Gris to drink. I noticed that Hilary made sure that Pete’s glass was kept topped up, while she drank fairly sparingly, so that by the time we took our coffee into the sitting room he was decidedly merry. After about half an hour of inconsequential chatter, Hilary excused herself and left the room.”As she spoke, Janice shifted in her seat, and a slight flush started to spread from her neck to her face. She lowered her voice, almost to a whisper, “Oh Shelly, just remembering the rest of that night is making me rather wet,” and she put her hand on my arm and squeezed it and went on, “When Hilary came back into the room, bornova escort bayan she was wearing an almost transparent lacy teddy and lace top thigh high stockings. She stood in front of Pete, and in her most seductive voice asked him if he liked what he saw. He gulped and nodded weakly. ‘Would you like me to take it off for you?’ she said, and without waiting for him to answer, she pushed the bodice down to release her breasts. Pete couldn’t take his eyes off her breasts, and there was an obvious bulge growing in his trousers. Hilary straddled his thighs and unbuttoning his shirt, lightly brushed his chest with the tips of her nipples and then up to his lips. ‘Suck me,’ she said, grinding her crotch against his growing erection, ‘make my nipples even harder, and run your hands down over my bottom.’ After a few minutes she stood up and faced him, sliding her the teddy slowly and seductively down her body until it lay around her feet. Staying just out of reach, she caressed her breasts, and then ran her hands down across her stomach until they rested at the top of her thighs. Parting her legs slightly, she slid two fingers between the folds of her pussy and slowly stroked them along her slit. ‘I am very wet Pete,’ she murmured, ‘Would you like to taste me?’ and she lifted her hand to his mouth and smeared her juices on his lips.”Janice was by now starting to squirm in her seat, and she had broken out in a slight sweat. She went on,”Pete was by now very obviously aroused, his cock pushing hard against the restraint of his trousers. Hilary dropped her hand from his mouth, running her nails lightly down his chest until her hand was resting on his erection. ‘I think it is time we went upstairs to the bedroom where we can be more comfortable,’ she said, and catching hold of his hand, she pulled him up, and led him out of the room and up the stairs. By now I was feeling very horny, not just because of the sight of Hilary making out with Pete, but also by the vision of her lovely bottom, which wiggled most invitingly as she climbed the stairs, a bottom I had kissed many times.”Janice paused again momentarily, and continued in a husky voice, “When we were in the bedroom, Hilary pushed Pete back onto the bed, and after removing his shoes and unbuckling his belt, she pulled his trousers and briefs off in one movement, allowing his penis to spring free. Kneeling between his outstretched legs, she started to lick his balls, and up the shaft, before taking the head into her mouth. ‘Mmmm,” she cooed, ‘I think we need to do something about this, close your eyes and enjoy.’ Looking over at me, she gestured that it was time for me to take off my clothes. ‘You take over here, Janice, while I give Pete’s tongue something to do.’ Moving from between Pete’s legs, she got up on the bed and straddled his chest facing me. Shuffling backwards, she pressed her pussy against his mouth, and he started to lick her slit enthusiastically, making her moan with pleasure. She beckoned me forwards until I was straddling Pete’s thighs, and taking hold of his cock, she rubbed it against my clit, then teased both of us by moving it backwards and forwards between my labia before finally putting the head into the entrance to my vagina, making Pete groan. I was dripping, and I slid easily down his shaft until he was fully engulfed in my vagina, filling me completely. Hilary leaned forwards to kiss and suck my breasts, while I rode Pete fast and then slow, moving round in slow circles with him buried deep within me — making his cock touch all around inside me. Soon I had totally abandoned myself to the waves of delicious sensation washing over my body, my eyes shut, and after the weeks of enforced abstinence, I knew that it would not be long before I found the blessed release of an orgasm. The physical sensations were amplified by relief at the thought that Pete and I would hopefully be reconciled.”Janice paused and was silent for several seconds, as she relived the eroticism of that night, but then she continued, “We all climaxed at the same time, moaning and crying out in mutual ecstasy. When I felt Pete’s cock throbbing and pulsing as he pumped his cum deep inside me, the heat in my body became a raging inferno that consumed my body and mind, and I almost passed out with heavenly rapture. While Pete was recovering, Hilary and I put on a show for him, ending up in a sixty nine, and while we were still cumming he plunged deep into her very wet tunnel, and fucked her with all the vigour of a young man. I alternated between licking her clit and sucking his balls, and when he came again, I licked up the cum oozing from her pussy, making her climax again, her body rigid with pleasure. Exhausted, we fell asleep, cuddled up together on the bed, but during the night Pete rolled on top of me and made love to me again, slowly and lovingly, whispering how much he loved me, as we both had a long satisfying climax together.”Janice was breathing heavily by this stage and was silent for a few seconds before continuing, “Hilary was awake first in the morning, and brought us a nice cup of tea in bed, where Pete and I lay snuggled in each other’s arms. She told us that she had been talking to Doug on her mobile, and he had told that as his job was finished he would call round that evening. He also said to tell me how much he was looking forward to enjoying my pussy, which came highly recommended, while watching Hilary riding Pete.”“Doug was as good as his word,” Janice continued, “and arrived just in time for dinner. During the day Hilary and I had talked about how to create the right sort of ambience for a night of mutual sexual pleasure, and decided that a good way to break the ice would be for us to serve dinner just wearing our sexiest lingerie. After dinner we all cuddled up together on the sofa and watched a couple of erotic videos. The first was about a beautiful young couple who met by chance at a work conference and ended up making love in her hotel room. By the time it was finished we were all feeling more than a little aroused, and Hilary suggested that we ought to make ourselves more comfortable and remove our clothes. Both men were sporting erections, and while we were watching the second video about a swingers party, we both started to stroke our husbands cocks while they caressed our breasts. I noticed that both men got appreciably harder when the action on screen involved two or more women having oral sex. I hadn’t realised before then that men liked to watch lesbian action, but when I talked to Pete about it later, he admitted that it was one of his favourite fantasies.”“Hilary then suggested that we ought to swap partners and give each other’s husband a blow job. It was very hot going down on Doug’s cock while Hilary was doing the same to Pete, knowing that he was watching, and I couldn’t resist playing with my pussy, which was very wet by then. Before they could cum, almost by telepathy, both Hilary and I mounted our partners reverse cowgirl, and we rode them until we all came at almost the same moment. While the men recovered, Hilary and I made love slowly and sensuously until we each had another very nice orgasm, and then we had a real foursome, Hilary and I in a sixty nine with the two men fucking us. Watching Pete’s cock close up sliding between Hilary’s engorged labia was extremely exciting, and I licked and sucked his balls as he drove into her. From the sounds they were making, Doug and Pete appeared to be having a really great time too, and after they had ejaculated deep into our wombs, Hilary and I licked each other clean and made each other cum again — you must agree that the ability to have multiple orgasms is one big advantage that women have over men. After that we were all pleasantly exhausted so we made our way to bed for a very satisfied and relaxing nights sleep.”Janice stopped and I thought that was all that she had to say, but then she said, “Since that night Pete and I have renewed our marriage vows in front of Hilary and Doug, and our sex life has been as hot as it was when we first married. Hilary and I still have our sessions after the gym, but every couple of weeks or so Hilary and Doug come round for a nice dinner, and afterward we always end up in bed together for a night of wonderful lovemaking. As well as making love to each other’s husbands, Hilary and I have entertained them by fucking each other with a strap on, and recently she and I have discussed whether it would be possible to persuade our husbands to let us fuck them in the arse, something that we both agree would be rather fun.”When she had finished, I thanked Janice for entrusting her story to me. I told her how relieved my readers would be to know that she and Pete were happily reconciled, and how much pleasure and hope her experience would give to other couples who might be having similar difficulties, and considering a more adventurous sex life. I added that I had found it very arousing myself, and I would be telling William all about it that night. We had been wondering how to spice up our own love life, I said, and the idea of finding another compatible couple to share with sounded just like the sort of arrangement that might work without threatening our marriage.

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