Lockdown Dairies: 2

JASHn – e – TARAB  
Celebration of joy…   of youth, brotherhood and everlasting friendship       

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    There was a young boy from Fort Lee,
Who broke his leg falling from a tree,
Now laid up in bed,
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The city was ancient… more ancient than Time itself, its very foundation steeped in history and myth, shrouded in eternal mystery.

It saw empires rise, and empires fall… wars waged, and conquerors vanquished… was razed and burnt to the ground… countless generations passing through its gates, living and dying in its holy precincts… and it persisted through it all – as awe inspiring as it was at its inception… the mundane imbued with divinity, the divine permeated by the mundane!

A city that”s unchanging, and yet in constant flux… in a perpetual state of sensory overload – of sound, smell and colour – floating over the rooftops, and across the eternal waters… echoing through the aphotic alleys, and drifting through the air.

The clang of temple bells, the canorous chants… the joyous laughter of frolicking children, the mellifluous cantillates of the monks… the cacophony of daily life, the quietude of the eternal… the clamour of existence, the silence of nirvana…

Food and dung, flowers and garbage… spices… attar… the perpetual waft of the smoldering chillum…

Bundles of lustrous silk yarns stacked high… lines of brightly-hued garments fluttering in the breeze, drying along the river banks under the blazing sun…

A city… A destination… An experience!

A vibrant confluence of myth and reality, the spiritual and the corporeal, tranquil ashrams and teeming ghats… Chaos… Calm. All-consuming… Overwhelming!

Forever awake…

The cycle of life begining at 3 in the morning… the dark, winding alleyways – half in shadows, half illuminated by the flickering street lights – coming alive with locals and wayfarers, pilgrims and the curious, hurrying about: to the ghats – to do their devotion along the banks… to meditate… or, simply to watch and wonder and reflect, under the picturesque setting of the majestic backdrop of centuries old structures lining the riverfront – lofty palaces, towering ramparts and soaring temple spires. The day culminating well past midnight, as the last of the beholders reluctantly head home… the vendors, hawkers, and the pedlars finally pack their wares… the narrow alleys crepuscular… shadowy figures seeming to lurk in the gloom, just out of view.

But like the Illusion of Life, it”s almost 3 again… and the cycle begins anew!

The city is also home to the opulent extravagance of the woven world – silk. The narrow lanes and by-lanes of the weavers” district lined with buildings housing factories and small, anonymous workshops where the yarn is spun into breathtakingly beautiful sarees, scarves, stoles, bedspreads and rugs.

The weaver”s tune – the rhythmic and methodical beat of the loom – wafting through the labyrinthine maze of houses, filling the air… khat-khat and clickety-clack, as Master-weavers labour over their looms… crafting intricate motifs in gold or silver zari – a masterclass in skill, artistry and patience.


“Wa”llah! Look at you!” the girls and ladies exclaimed in unison as they excitedly surrounded Anwar in the small courtyard.

“You seem to have become all sophisticated and urbane!” called out his grandmother from her rickety recliner in the corner, squinting her ancient eyes. “A total city boy!”

“All posh…” added his little cousin, all giggly.

Anwar was visiting his maternal grandparents, visiting the village of his birth – after seven long years. He was there since his mother had insisted: “They are old, keeps asking about you… you should visit once, it”s been ages since they saw you.”

He was twenty four now and worked in the city, settled there – with wife and two kids – visiting home once a year. And so, before going back to the city, he landed at his grandparents”, a mere three hours away from his own village.

After lunch his grandmother called him, “You seem to have done well in the city,” she said, “Why don”t you take Salim with you? Teach him, or get him some other work… atleast he”ll learn a trade and be able to feed himself…”

Anwar had completed his apprenticeship under a master, and was a highly skilled weaver now, with his own commission.

“There”s no prospect here, in the village” she explained, “and he just loiters around the whole day, up to no good, learning nothing. All the boys leave for the big cities and towns with their older brothers or cousins… uncles, as soon as they turn fifteen… learning, working, earning. But being the only male child, and with no uncle in town…” she shrugged, letting out a sigh, “I simply can”t let him go off with those other boys.

“The landlord had agreed to engage him, but the boy refused to go, says he”s not interested in farm work, being a farmhand… sowing and harvesting, he scoffs… the trade of his father and grandfather, and the generations before them,” she continued, shaking her head in despair.

“And as you can see, with all these girls here, and only aunts, he has no male role-model,” she rued, “His grandfather is too old and sick, can neither see, nor hear properly, his father”s a worthless drunkard, and his two uncles hardly care about what”s happening in the house, busy with their gambling!”

The next morning, March 19, 2020, Anwar set out for the city, Salim in tow…


“Haven”t you heard the announcement?” Faisal questioned irritably as soon as Anwar announced that Salim would be staying with them.

“What announcement?” asked Anwar, they had been travelling all day, and he had heard nothing.

“Sunday, 22nd will be a total shutdown, there will be a curfew, everything will be closed!” informed Munna.

All public places had already been ordered to shut down, schools and colleges had already been closed since the 17th… and though the villages and small towns hadn”t been touched by the contagion yet, the news was everywhere – newspapers, TV and the social media. The uncertainty, the fear of the unknown very evident in the bigger, overcrowded cities.

“What”s that got to do with Salim staying here?” Anwar asked, confused.

“Bhai-jaan, we need to talk,” said Faisal, the tone miffed, grabbing Anwar”s arm and taking him out, the narrow lane silent and dark.

Anwar may be his cousin – older, paternal cousin – but there had to be some rules, he simply couldn”t bring someone over, claiming to be a cousin, and dump him on them!

“Why here?” Faisal demanded to know.

“Where else?” Anwar asked, surprised at the teen”s resentful demeanour.

“Keep him with you,” Faisal snarled viciously, his eyes fierce.

Anwar gave him a curious look, taken aback by Faisal”s sudden belligerence, “The room”s tiny, and there”s four of us…”

“There”s already six of us here, cooped up in a ten by eight room!” Faisal snapped even before Anwar could finish. “Besides, what about his food and the rent, eh? This so-called cousin of yours doesn”t have a job, earns nothing, who”ll pay his share, you?”

“As I already explained to you guys, tomorrow I”ll take him over to Mohsin-bhai, and he”ll probably start work from tomorrow itself,” Anwar tried to reason, exasperated, desperately tired, and wanting to go home – the train had been over an hour late, and it was already past 10.30.

Faisal was his cousin, his own uncle”s son, and a friend… and the other boys – Munna, Aziz, Karim, Iqbal and Jameel – all friends, and neighbours from back home. Anwar simply didn”t get Faisal”s opposition to the idea of Salim staying with them… and the other boys” obvious, though silent, support of Faisal”s idiotic stance!

“And what about Sunday, huh?” Faisal asked, angry and sullen.

“What about it?” Anwar queried, clueless.

With a furious grunt Faisal spun around, heading for the steps… and suddenly it all dawned on Anwar, making him almost laugh out loud. Placing his hand on the younger boy”s shoulder, he slid it down his back grabbing the firm teen buttock, giving the cheek a loving squeeze.

“I”ll come,” he whispered softly, “as usual…”

Faisal wasn”t just his cousin, and friend… they were much more to each other… had been so, for almost a decade now, ever since they were kids back in the village.

“There”s a shutdown, a curfew!” Faisal jerked his ass away.

“I”ll come, promise,” Anwar assured, his hand caressing the teen crotch, “before the curfew starts.”

Sunday was Faisal”s day off… in fact, it was the day off for all of them, and Anwar came over. They spent the day together – movies, the ghats – watching firang tourists, the parks… but mostly they stayed in the room… having wild, untamed sex – raw and raunchy! Anwar fucking Faisal multiple times, and a few of the other boys too, while the rest paired off… the bare floor of the little room serving as the couch for the rolling, tumbling, flailing naked bodies.

Of course, Anwar also dropped in every once in a while, in the evenings after work – some snacks, a little banter, and more sex, all having fun.

“Why do you need me now, you have a twink…” Faisal sulked, turning his face away, “I”m nineteen, guess too old for you, huh?”

“For me it”s always you!” Anwar smiled, passing his hand around Faisal”s slim waist, pulling him close, “My forever sweet, my lovely little Faizu!”

Faisal was still not pacified, struggling to get away… but it was a halfhearted attempt.

“C”mon, you know it!” Anwar smiled, “As for Salim, you can have him if you want, I don”t need him!”

Yes, Faisal topped the other boys… only Anwar topped him.

Well, that wasn”t a very rousing welcome, Salim mused silently as he watched Anwar and Faisal return – but then he didn”t really care much, he didn”t care much for anything. As for the other boys, they mostly ignored him, though he did notice the curious glances they were giving him – the “corner-of-the-eye” kind. And Faisal didn”t even look his way!

Anwar soon left for home, telling Salim to be ready by 10 the next day… and since they had already eaten at the station, and the boys too had had their dinner, it was time for bed…

The room was bare with just some suitcases and rucksacks staked along one wall, a cooking stove and some utensils, a much battered TV screen mounted in a corner… the wall face adorned with numerous pegs, clothes hanging from them. And “bed” consisted of rolled up chatais that the boys now spread out on the floor…

“You two will share a bed?” Jameel asked Faisal, the tone artfully innocent, making the other boys look up, tittering, “Since you”re cousins too… in a roundabout…”

“You can have him!” snapped Faisal cutting him short as he plonked down on his mat.

“Guys, there”s an extra chatai, he can use it,” suggested Karim, and then looking at Salim, asked, “You have a sheet?”

Salim nodded.

“Good,” Karim said, taking the spare chatai and spreading it beside his own, close to the wall.

“There”s hardly much space, why don”t you let him sleep with you instead,” Jameel suggested with a mischievous snigger.

“Haan, humbistari…” snickered Iqbal under his breath, making the others giggle. “Yeah, bedmates… some action in the dark!”

“Just ignore those yokels,” Karim smiled at Salim as he lay down… the room going dark as the light was switched off.

The room went quiet too, but Salim lay awake, facing the wall, wondering… what was Faisal”s problem? And why did the other guys seem to resent too? And as he lay, silent and unmoving, he heard the gentle sounds of furtive movements… the barely perceptible murmurs… the whispers soon dying down… followed by the unmistakable rustle of clothes… muted – urgent, regular, and rhythmic…

Salim almost burst out with laughter – the boys were either jerking off, or jerking each other off!

He remained still, listening…

Back home, at the village, he was the only boy his age, all the others either way older (and gone to the cities), or small kids. So, he was “alone” – no one to play with… hanging around the village on his own, the fields and orchards, the little stream that flowed beyond the fields… the woods outside the village – content and self-complacent.

And in those, his silent jaunts around his little universe, he saw a lot – copulating pairs hidden by the swaying ears of wheat… shielded from view by the rustling thicket… concealed in the copse of towering kans along the stream: the farmhand and his master”s wife, the cowherd and the landlord”s daughter, the blacksmith and the village belle… girls and boys, women and youth – all doing what he”d seen the village curs do, the goats do… the village headman”s prized bull do when the farmers brought their cows over.

But what most fascinated him were the boys – the not so older teens, and the young men.

Salim silently creeping closer for a better look, a clearer view… watching as the boys and men gratified each other ankara otele gelen escort – kissing and caressing, sucking each other”s cock, the glistening shaft ploughing in and out of the barren furrow. Listening to their ragged breathing, their gasps and groans as they mated like breeding bronchos… soundlessly sliding his hand down the front of his waistband, caressing his own hardened member… watching as the pair exploded in animal fury, the air rent by their final hoarse cries of fulfilment.

And now too, he listened in silence — the collective breathing behind him growing gradually laboured… the groans muted… the stifled cries being gulped down before they could spread their wings… all culminating in that final, strangled sigh of fulfilment…

The room fell silent… tranquility reigning once more.

Salim smiled, feeling the powerful throb between his own thighs… and suddenly he knew why the boys resented his coming in their midst.

Slowly drifting off.


The house sat in the middle of the worker”s bustee — a dystopian sprawl of mostly tumbledown tenements cluttering the maze of serpentine lanes littered with rubbish, and slushy with overflowing drains — a single room opening directly onto the alley outside, with a tiny strip of “courtyard” at the back, open to the sky and enclosed by a high wall on three sides… a loo set in one corner, and a four feet high tank in the other – an open cistern to collect the water supplied by the municipal authority each day.

“Wake up, it”s already eight!” Karim shook Salim, “Anwar will be furious if you”re not ready when he comes.”

The boys usually, like the vast majority of fellow citizens, went to the river for their daily bath. But with the coronavirus crisis looming, the local government had, after closing down all public space on the 17th, had also restricted access to the ghats the previous day. So the boys had to now bathe at home, as soon as the water supply started… rushed, so that they could refill the tank for use for the rest of the day.

“Hurry…” urged Karim, “take your bath, we need to get the tank filled before the supply stops.”

“Miya,” said Mohsin, “you were lucky… this craft, this skill is passed from father to son, to grandson. No outsider is ever taken as an apprentice. Your father-in-law had no son, just three daughters, and his other two sons-in-law had no interest in his trade, you had, and so he taught you. You work the loom all day, late into the night, six days a week… and you have your wife help out, your mother-in-law chipping in too. You don”t pay them any salary, and yet what you get for the garments barely covers costs. You wouldn”t hire a help, so why would the other weavers? They already have their wife and kids to help them out…”

“How about the powerlooms then?” Anwar pleaded – they had already spent almost two hours trying to convince Mohsin.

“Those people have neither skill, nor do they care, they simply mass produce cheap products. But they too have help, at home, they don”t hire outside.

Anwar sighed, desperate for some solution…

“Why don”t you take your cousin to Bhola…” Mohsin suggested seeing the crestfallen look, “his dhaba is bang opposite the central bus station, very popular, always very crowded, and he”s always looking out for help. You know how these local sods are, they get their first salary, and they vanish!”

So off to Bhola they went…

“Sure!” exclaimed Bhola with a smile, “I sure can use another pair of dependable hands. But Anwar-bhai, you have to vouch for your cousin… he can stay here, food is free and he”ll get his salary at the end of the month… but he simply can”t just up and go!”

“I assure you!” Anwar pledged, nodding his head vigorously, gently nudging Salim, who too nodded his head, a tad less eager than his older cousin.

“Done!” exclaimed Bhola, “He can start from Monday. I”m off to my village tomorrow, and Sunday is anyway a curfew, so get him here Monday morning, by six. Now have lunch here, since it”s already late.”

So, that was it, and a very relieved Anwar took Salim back to the house.

The room was silent and empty as Anwar let themselves in… the boys gone to their various jobs.

“How much did grandmother give you?” asked Anwar.

Salim took out the money and showed him.

“Good, there”s enough to last you a week, besides, you”ll be staying and eating at the dhaba, you won”t need any money. There”s a small eatery down the lane, have your food there for the next two day, and be ready Monday morning, I”ll pick you up at 5.30.” And with that he was gone.

Salim lay on the chatai in the room… his mind flitting and flying – so, the boys pleasured themselves each night, eh? Probably pleasured each other too… in various ways, maybe even screwing each other, and so, the presence of an outsider was totally unwelcome.


He didn”t really care, besides, he”d be gone within a couple days, and then they”d have the room all to themselves, could go back to their wild mating once more!


The announcement that Saturday – 21st March 2020 – left everyone shocked and dismayed… the whole of the district, and the city was being placed under a strict lockdown for the next four days, till 25th!

There had been a single suspected case in town, and the local government wanted to take no chances – only essentials were exempt.

But there was a faint glimmer in all that gloom – the government also announced that all daily wage laborers affected by the shutdown would get a thousand Rupees each – to tide over their financial losses.

People grumbled, and complained… and then rushed out to stock up on vegetables and staples. The boys too scampered, to stock up on provisions.

Sunday – 22nd March 2020 – dawned to a deafening silence – the lanes and alleys deserted and empty, the ghats desolate… it seemed that the whole populace had simply abandoned the city.

People stayed home, huddled close… unsure and apprehensive. No one had ever experienced what was happening, trying to make the best of the situation as families kept themselves busy indoors.

Early morning Salim went up to Karim as he rolled his chatai… the boys already gathered around the tank, gamchas wrapped around their middle, waiting for the water to flow.

“Bhai-jaan, Anwar-bhai had asked me to eat at the place down the lane, but it”s closed today, so how much do I need to pay you guys for food?”

Slightly taken aback by the offer of money Karim looked up, “We will anyhow cook for ourselves, and one more person doesn”t really matter, you can have your food with us.” They had been nasty to the boy over the past two days, well, not him, but the others had…

“Well, I don”t want any favours, you all share the costs, and so will I.”

“Okay, fine, I”ll let you know…” Karim replied with a smile placing the mat against the wall before wrapping his gamcha and dropping the lungi, “C”mon, let”s go out, a bath first!”

Salim sat near the door, watching the group of boys gathered around the tank – they seemed to be in a fun mood and as they soaped up they jostled playfully, laughing as they slapped each other”s butt, hands darting to grab and squeeze the distinctly discernable package… the wet gamcha clinging to their naked asses and genitals like a second skin… clearly revealing the treasures that lay hidden beneath – the dark, lush pubes, the dangling teen phallus, the heavy testicles – all clearly visible.

And though he saw all the boys, he paid special attention to Faisal – carefully noting the smooth, unblemished skin, the slender built… the pronounced sweep of the firm buttocks under the practically transparent gamcha, the wet fabric caught in the cleft between the cheeks.

Faisal had remained silent all morning… aloof, seeming to be in a foul mood. Had generally ignored Salim”s presence, like he didn”t even exist. And now stood to one side, not participating in his friends” boisterous horseplay, silently lathering and scrubbing himself…

“What are you staring at, dickhead?” he heard Munna snarl, and looking up saw the boy, dripping wet, glaring at him from near the tank.

“Probably wants to check out what a guy looks like down there,” sniggered Iqbal, adding with a sly grin, “Wanna see, eh?”

And even before Salim could respond, the boy pulled off his gamcha, baring himself, asking, “Kabhie dekha kya? Ever seen a real cock before?”

The boys burst out laughing, Munna grabbing Iqbal”s swaying genitals and saying, “This is a man”s cock! Like it, huh?”

“Poor boy, he must be wondering what all that hair around the cock”s for!” roared Jameel, dropping his own gamcha… running his fingers through his lush pubes, “Isse kehte hain zer-e-naaf ka baal…” [This is called the pubic hair…]

“Miya, jhaant bol, jhaant!” piped in Munna, undoing his own gamcha, rotating his hips, making the cock swing.

Aziz, stocky and muscular, who hadn”t spoken much over the past two days, was suddenly behind Salim, asking, “You have pubes, right?”

“Yeah, show us!” laughed Jameel.

With lightning speed Aziz had Salim in a vice like grip, arms drawn back and restrained… his other hand sliding down the front of Salim”s cotton shorts, past the waistband… the fingers twirling through his pubic hair.

Salim didn”t struggle, didn”t protest or scream out curses… he simply stood still, and silent, his eyes back on Faisal, watching him…

He saw him detach himself from the group, and still dripping wet — his gamcha barely able to contain, or hide, his ample assets — head back to the room… uninterested in the happenings around him, in Salim”s hazing.

“Yeah,” Aziz announced, “he has pubes!” and then abruptly fell silent…

“Aur fotay ka baal?” Munna inquired with a raucous squeal, “The sac”s smooth or hairy?”

Aziz remained mute, his eyes wide.

“What happened,” Iqbal queried, still laughing, “did the cat get your tongue, or did his cock bite off your finger, eh?”

“Found a dripping pussy where you were seeking a cock, huh?” Jameel laughed at the stunned expression on his friend”s face. “What?!”

“Miya, uska hila raha kya?” sniggered Munna, coming forward. [Dude, are you jerking him off?]

“Oye, tu musht zani karta kya?” Iqbal asked Salim, moving in close. [Hey, do you masturbate?]

“Yaar, musht zani nahi, muthh maarta kya pooch! laughed Jameel. [Dude, not masturbation, ask if he jerks-off!]

“Well, let”s find out for ourselves…” chuckled Munna as he hooked his fingers in the waistband, “smooth or hairy balls… pussy or prick?” swiftly pulling down Salim”s shorts.

Salim didn”t resist, holding still…

The little strip of “courtyard” fell eerily silent… and then reverberated with the collective gasps of stunned amazement.

The boys, their eyes wide with wonder, their jaws slack, ogled in disbelief: for Aziz”s fingers were unsuccessfully attempting to encircle an enormous slumbering giant that lay heavy between the boy”s bare thighs – the most gigantic cock they had ever set eyes on – and it wasn”t even hard, just about beginning to stir!

And as Aziz, still in a daze, his hand shaking, continued to squeeze and fondle – more out of a benumbed compulsion, than a desire to investigate further – Salim”s cock gradually rose high in all it”s engorged glory… Rigid… Majestic!

The boys gawped – maybe it was the short and slim, almost scrawny, stature of the boy… maybe that”s why it looked so monstrously large… but no, the phallus on that boy was indeed gigantic – throbbing and flexing as it stood up tall from it”s sparse bed of straggly pubes, pointing heavenwards.

They had unwittingly roused a sleeping monster capable of splitting them wide, rending their asses asunder with a single thrust of its mighty head… and now they could only look on in wonder and awe, their heart slamming, as they furiously licked their suddenly parched lips!

The hushed silence was broken by Karim, “Had your fun, huh? Seen him naked? Now dry off and let him take his bath, or we”ll run out of water by evening.”

The boys quietly drew back, beginning to dry themselves… but their bewitched gaze remained fixed on that flexing behemoth, unable to look away… and as Aziz reluctantly relinquished his hold, Salim went to the tank, already stripped naked, ready for his bath.

Salim had seen the effect his cock had on the boys, and yes, he”d also seen what they packed between their own legs… silently smirking as he soaped up. Well, if they wanted to look at his cock, then that”s what they”ll get… he”d finish his bath and walk back naked to the room for his own gamcha… let them feast their starved eyes… drool, all they want!

Faisal kept to himself, hardly uttering a word… and the boys too remained quiet, sitting silently in a huddle – no saucy jokes, and no lewd banter… but Salim did catch those stolen glances… saw the look in those eyes: awe, respect, reverence… and that unconcealed, animal LUST!

Salim simply ignored them all, lying on his mat all day long… thighs carelessly thrown wide apart, his hands behind his head, fingers interlocked.

While serving lunch Karim told him he didn”t need to pay, “I”ve discussed, you don”t need to pay anything…” and Salim didn”t insist, simply uttering a soft “thank-you”, silently grinning öveçler escort – well, his cock had got him a free lunch… well, free meals for four days!

The day passed in idle musing, all lost in their own varied thoughts, and soon it was time to roll out the chatais again… for the night.

Lying in his corner, facing the wall, Salim slowly became aware of the calm, the silence – no murmur, no rustle of clothings… and no agonised breathing – TOTAL SILENCE… heavy and bewildering… a silence that one could cut with a knife, shatter into a million smithereens with just a gentle flick of the finger!

The guys weren”t jerking off as usual, like the previous three nights!

Tired? Bored of beating their meat? Or…

Salim didn”t have to speculate any longer – the sudden soft touch over his crotch in the dark put all his conjecturing to rest… the tentative hand gently cupping his bulge, squeezing…

He rolled onto his back and spread his thighs wide… holding his breath… and soon the fingers reached higher, hooking into his waistband, silently pulling down his cotton shorts…

Salim lifted his ass off the ground, aiding in his own denudation… the hands back once more – touching and groping… checking and assessing… Fondling… and stimulating.

And soon his genitals sensed the moist heat of laboured breath wash over them… a warm, wet mouth claiming him in its oral embrace!


After all the years of watching, Salim was at long last getting his first blow job… he spread his legs even wider, taking a deep breath as he lost himself to the amazing sensation engulfing his every sense… suddenly sure that the night would also give him his first ass!


FUCK! – this was so frustrating… so impossibly infuriating!

Curse be upon this damned lockdown! And curse be upon the vile virus!

Early Sunday morning, before 5.30, Anwar had silently crawled out of bed, ready to dress and leave for his promised tryst with Faisal – he”d leave early, before the curfew started at 7, and return home once it got over at 9 in the evening.

Yes, he too had missed Faisal, what with his trip home and all that – two whole weeks!

And as he pulled on his jeans, his wife stirred, “Where are you off to, huh?” she enquired.

“Well, I need to check on Salim,” he answered, not being fully truthful, “and arrange for his food with the boys. Things will be closed from today, for the next four days…”

“Are you crazy?” she exclaimed, sitting up, “You can do that over the phone too, just call Karim or Faisal and tell them to accommodate the boy for the period.”

Anwar sat silent… fidgeting with his t-shirt.

“What?” his wife asked, “If you get caught out on the street, without a pass or permit, do you realise the mess you”ll be in? And it”s not like you”re out on some essential service.”

“I”ll reach there well before 7, and I”ll only return after it gets over at 9…” Anwar tried to explain.

“NO!” she said firmly, getting out of bed, “You stay put, just call them.”

That was that… he was stuck!

And then, on 25th, the last day of curfew… it got extended – Nationally: A 21 days complete lockdown!

Oh, he felt like pulling out his hair… break something… scream at the top of his voice – THIS WAS ALL SO UNFAIR!

Thursday, the 26 March, Anwar could hold back no longer… he crept out of bed and silently let himself out – still in his lungi, not bothering to change or pull on a vest or t-shirt. He didn”t want to take any chances, wake up his wife.

It was 5 in the morning, the lanes dark and silent, totally deserted… even the dogs were missing as he stealthily made his way towards Faisal”s house – about half an hour”s walk.

He walked briskly, staying in the shadows… alert and listening – he didn”t want to cross path with a police patrol, or anyone else for that matter, and as he turned a corner, the house coming into view… in the dim glow of the flickering street light, he spotted a figure sitting on the steps, hunched.

His heart slammed… who could be sitting on the steps at that hour? Some homeless vagabond who hadn”t been picked up and relocated to a Shelter? One of the boys? But at that hour? Outside?

Cautiously going forward he slowly approached the steps, suddenly recognising Karim… slumped over, asleep.

“What are you doing here, outside, at this hour?” he whispered softly, shaking the boy”s shoulder.

Karim woke up with a start, looking bleary eyed at the shadow looming over him, “Who… what?”

“What are you doing here?” Anwar repeated, sitting down beside him.

Karim yawned, rubbing his eyes, “Anwar-bhai!” he finally exclaimed, surprised.

“Why outside at this hour?”

“Well… it”s impossible to sleep inside, so came out to catch a few winks and some fresh air,” Karim answered, stifling another yawn.

“Fresh air?” Anwar laughed, “Since when did the room get stuffy, eh?”

“It reeks of sex… sweat and cum!” Karim exclaimed with an exaggerated shudder.

“You guys have sex every night, and then sleep in that very room, so what”s new today, huh?”

“Yes, we had sex, and then we slept…” Karim stated with a shrug.


“Rafaqaton ke mousam!” Karim sniggered, “The boys – Munna, Jameel, Aziz and Iqbal – they can”t seem to get enough of Salim, going at it all night, till dawn, before finally sleeping… all morning, till I wake them up for lunch.

“I have to cook, for everyone,” he let out a long sigh, “and I need my sleep… which is hardly possible, for once they”ve had their lunch, they are at it again!”

Anwar stared on… horrified, before finally finding his tongue, “They”ve been gang-banging Salim?!”

“Hah!” Karim let out an incredulous laugh, shaking his head as he clutched his stomach, “They have been having their ass ripped and ploughed by Salim!”


“They don”t leave the boy alone even for a moment,” Karim narrated, the tone amused and amazed, “all over him, their mouth and hands groping and fondling, unceasing… playing with his dick like it”s a toy… a large cuddly bear or something! Sucking his limp, slimy cock as soon as he”s pulled out, desperate to have it hard and throbbing again, so that they can get it in their already ravaged ass…

“Screaming in discomfort, crying in agony, and yet, urging him to slam it in… fuck harder. And gosh, that boy, what power, what energy… fucking those four all day… all night long, never tiring!

“Aur uska tatte, jaise magician ka lota, maal khatam hi nahi hota!” Karim exclaimed, “His balls are like inexhaustible, never running dry, no matter how many times he”s dumped his load down their gullet, or up their ass!”

The two sat on the steps in wonderous silence, both lost in their own thoughts… till Anwar turned to look at Karim and asked, his tone curious… tinged with a faint whiff of jealousy… quivering with a hint of uncertain hope.

“And Faisal?”

“Well, yes, he wants it,” Karim answered, “I know he desperately wants to. I”ve seen him sneaking a peak many times, on the sly… but he won”t ask, you know how he is… And, he”s mad at you!

“He”s furious, has been ever since that Sunday morning… you promised, but didn”t turn up,” Karim shook his head, “He”s not talking, hasn”t spoken a word… sulking the whole day, snapping at everyone for no apparent reason… randomly punching the floor while making all sorts of weird sounds, letting out angry grunts, gnawing his teeth… like he”s ready to bite off anyone or anything that comes near him!”

“I tried, but the situati…” Anwar began, but Karim waved him into silence.

Anwar had called as his wife had suggested, but the moment he mentioned he”d be unable to make it that morning, Faisal cut the call. Anwar tried again, repeatedly, and kept calling each day, but the phone was switched off – Faisal had switched off his phone!

“And what about you, huh?” Anwar asked Karim.

“Me? Honestly, after seeing that boy… seeing the equipment he possesses, and what he”s capable of, I am more than willing, in fact, dying to… but I somehow couldn”t abandon Faisal…” Karim confessed, giving a wistful shrug.

“Gosh, the way you make it sound… what does Salim have, huh?” Anwar asked, letting out a small laugh.

“C”mon in,” Karim grinned as he stood up, the eastern sky already beginning to blush with the approach of a new dawn, “they must have dozed off by now, still naked, taking a much needed break from their kasrat-e-mubashrat… see for yourself!

“No one wears any clothes these days…” he said softly as he opened the door, “except of course, Faisal and me.”

The boys lay sprawled out on the floor… stark naked, limbs askew… asleep. Little Salim in the centre, surrounded by the older teens.

And as Anwar looked, his heart skipped a beat… eyes wide as he took in the slumbering beast between Salim”s parted thighs… his cock giving a furious twitch as it began to harden under his lungi!

“So, finally you could make it, huh? Came to sample the newest stud?”

The voice took him by total surprise, and as he turned, he saw Faisal sitting on his mat, watching him intently, the eyes on his crotch, where the lungi had tented… raised by his hardening penis underneath.

“Faizu…” he exclaimed in a daze, embarrassed at being caught sporting a boner.

Faisal let out an angry grunt, springing up and rushing out… to the “courtyard”.

“That”s where he spends most of his day,” whispered Karim, “except when the boys go for their bath…”

It took a while, but once he got his senses back under control, Anwar too rushed out… he had a lot of placating to do, and he better do it right… urgently nudging out the thoughts, and sight, of the naked Salim from his mind.

It wouldn”t be an easy task to smoothen Faisal”s horribly ruffled feathers – especially since he”d not only failed to notice, and acknowledge him after entering the room, but had been shamelessly engrossed in Salim”s mesmerising nudity instead… even getting aroused by the sight of the twink”s cock!

And then, there was the matter of last Sunday”s failed promise…

He sighed as he approached his sulking cousin…


Salim blinked open his eyes and stretched… very happy… feeling his engorged cock twitch and flex… probably at the prospect of soon spelunking the cavernous bottoms of those four sluts.

Yeah, he was ready for the new day!

And as he looked around, he saw a naked body slumped by his side… still asleep… and beyond that… WAIT…

Faisal! – STARK NAKED!

The teen was on his side, facing away… lustily rotating his bubble butt… his head bobbing between the splayed thighs of… HEAVENS!

From between Faisal”s parted thighs he caught the fleeting glimpse of Anwar”s visage… shifting and sliding as he sucked Faisal”s cock – eyes closed… serene.

The two had their face buried in each other”s crotch… noisily slurping away… Anwar”s hands fondling and kneading Faisal”s smooth, firm globes… pulling the cheeks apart… running his fingers along the deep cleft… nudging the tiny opening, making Faisal”s hips jerk back, as if wanting to take it in!

Salim sat up… fascinated… watching the pair, his hand stroking his own, now painfully hard, cock…

And as he watched, Anwar slid his palms over the cheeks, higher… grabbing the thighs and pulling them… his mouth releasing the cock to move over the knotted scrotum, down along the hairless perineum… right into the ass crack… his tongue flicking out to stab at the tightly clenched opening…

Faisal let out a moan, his hips bucking… his head tilting back as he called out, “Bhai-jaan….” – a tremulous wail of irrepressible desire…

Anwar ground his face in, his mouth glued to the crinkled orifice… making Faisal”s hips sway and hunch, his arms wrapping around Anwar”s thighs as he buried his face in the man”s groin…

Anwar licked the entire length of the deep cleft with broad sweeps of his tongue – from perineum to tailbone, and back again… scrotum to sacrum… sacrum to scrotum… repeatedly returning to the viciously flexing anus… jabbing it with his tongue tip as it pouted out…

Pulling back his face, Anwar opened his eyes… probably to check his handiwork… and as he looked up, their eyes met – Anwar and Salim – instantly locking.

An unspoken message seemed to pass between them, and Salim rose, his throbbing cock in hand…

Anwar too sat up, his back against the wall, grabbing Faisal”s arms and pulling him… his head coming to rest on the older cousin”s lap, his face in his groin.

Anwar tugged and shifted, getting Faisal to lie between his spread legs, on his back… turning his face as he fed him his cock… his other hand crawling down the smooth torso, caressing… moving lower to grab the engorged phallus… stroking it… before leaning forward and reaching further down… the fingers once more snaking into the cleft…

“Karim, zara tael ka shishi dena…” he called, the voice heavy with desire. [Karim, pass the bottle of oil.]

And as Karim placed the bottle on the floor beside him, Anwar grabbed both thighs and raised them high, asking Faisal to hold them, keep his ass spread.

Faisal complied, passing his arms under his bent knees, pendik escort interlacing his fingers, his elbows under his knees, securely locked… his ass raised off the ground… parted… his eyes still tightly shut, his mouth still suckling on Anwar”s cock head.

Anwar poured a generous amount of oil on the palm of his hand and reached in, slathering it along the deep groove, fingers carefully oiling the tiny opening… gently nudging at the hole… poking at it… forcing a digit in, making Faisal grunt nasally, the sound spilling out from around the cock in his mouth.

After a long while Anwar finally looked up, at Salim, and nodded… his hands moving back up… back to caressing his cousin”s flushed face… stroking his head… running it across his chest… through his hair… all the while whispering sweet nothings into his ears…

Salim dropped down on his knees and moved in… placing his left palm on Faisal”s right thigh… guiding his cock to the oil-soaked, glistening anus with his right…

Gosh, Faisal looked so divine splayed out before him… smooth and glowing… the crinkly rose-bud of his heavenly portal peeking out from between his widely parted ass… so tiny, so pink… pouting out in invitation!

Salim pressed the tip to the wrinkled hole and felt it pout out… and at the touch Faisal fluttered his eyes open, looking up at Anwar, confused… but his cousin held his face in place, caressing as he whispered, “There, there… relax… just keep sucking!”

Salim pushed… gently… and felt the tight ring stretch… but barely… Faisal letting out a nasal groan, his legs stiffening…

He rocked his hips… to and fro… to and fro… slowly applying a bit more pressure, bearing down, and Faisal moaned in response, the tiny orifice giving a sharp twitch before cringing shut… only to pout open almost instantly…

And at that moment Salim arched his back and pushed… forcing the recalcitrant ring to part wide, shoving his cock head right in!

Faisal”s jaws dropped as his eyes flew wide open… his head snapping back as he let out an agonised cry… his hands that had been holding his legs in position now flying up and wide, failing, before grabbing Anwar”s arms, the nails digging in!

The scream made the sleeping boys sit up with a start… franticly looking around, wondering… and as they rubbed their bleary eyes, they saw… staring on.

Salim persisted… rocking his hips, adding more pressure, coaxing and cajoling the stubborn sphincter to relent… forcing inch after painful inch of his thick shaft into Faisal”s stifling ass… almost a quarter of the rigid length.

Anwar”s cock lay forgotten and unattended as Faisal rolled his head from side to side… his mouth open and gasping… as if unable to breath… his hands still clutching Anwar, but it gave him no comfort…

This was nothing like what he was accustomed to… what it felt like when Anwar fucked him — that intolerably exciting tingle, that exquisitely pleasurable dull throb, a sweet pain, as he stretched his anal mouth with his cock… those initial moments of discomfort… and then that impossible pleasure…

But this was nothing like that!

The cock that was tearing into him was something altogether different, and the feelings, the sensations it was arousing, was something Faisal had never experienced!

He felt bloated, his stomach in turmoil… and his ass had gone numb… and yet, it felt like he was being slowly split into two… torn apart, his insides all but ready to gush right out!

Now that Salim was truly in, he slowly pulled back, the flared rim of the glans still trapped by Faisal”s vicious grip, held in place by the constricted sphincter… and with renewed determination, and a sharp thrust, lunged forward, shoving almost half his length inside the snug sleeve of Faisal”s rectum…

Faisal didn”t scream or wail this time… his eyes wide, his mouth open, drooling… his nostrils flared… simply gasping, his legs shaken by sudden, powerful hypnic jerks… his hands tightly clutching Anwar…

Anwar kept on caressing his face, stroking his head… running his fingers through the sweat drenched hair murmuring gentle encouragements, “You can take it… you”ll take it… just relax and open wide…”

Lunch ready, his cooking done, Karim stood up… silently shedding his lungi and vest before joining the trio… kneeling down… his hands adoring as he caressed Salim”s slim frame – his torso, his pubes… reaching between his legs to cup his dangling balls, heft the pair… mad with lust.

He had waited, waited long, and now that Faisal had finally succumbed, he had nothing to hold him back.

And as Salim laboured away between Faisal”s splayed thighs, Karim lowered his mouth… sucking on the hardened nipples… licking his way down the boy”s midriff… lower still, the tongue swirling through the sparse pubes, flicking at the thick root of the engorged phallus as it rose from the hairy base… lapping at the exposed half of shaft that Faisal hadn”t yet accepted in his rectum… twirling his tongue around Faisal”s painfully stretched sphincter, and up his hairless perineum to his balls… giving the lifeless cock a few quick licks before returning to Salim”s cock – the still exposed bit – and down to the root.

“Suck him…” Salim grunted, as Karim lapped at his pubes.

Karim happily obliged, crouching low as he drew Faisal”s limp cock into his mouth…

The cock, which had been flexing and throbbing while Anwar pleasured him, and had gone soft from the shock of entry when Salim tore into him, now began to rise again, Faisal moaning as Karim hollowed his cheeks, his fingers gently goading it on…

And as he grew turgid, his ass swayed, thrusting his cock deeper into Karim”s mouth… savagely flexing… squeezing and tugging at Salim”s half buried penis…

Salim steadied his hips, and pressing down on both thighs, rammed in!

Faisal let out a howl as Salim ripped into him, right down to the broad base… finally planting his cock fully in!

He paused for a moment and then pulled back… gradually commencing the age-old ritual of mating…

Faisal groaned, his fully erect cock flexing in Karim”s mouth as it gushed out copious precum like a faulty faucet… he was in agony, and yet, his whole body was tingling… his ass hurt, and yet, the sensation deep in his gut was divinely delicious!

And as the ass opened up further, became more accommodative, Salim set a regular pace, his terpsichorean pelvis beating a steady rhythm as he began to fuck Faisal in real earnest.

Salim nudged Karim with his hand, asking him to move, and as the older boy released Faisal”s cock and withdrew, Salim lifted the legs over his shoulders and slumped over Faisal covering him… his hips never missing a beat as he continued to fuck… long, powerful strokes – drawing back all the way and then slamming in.

Faisal”s body convulsed, his ass lifting and jerking — the feeling of being repeatedly disembowelled was at the same time horrific, and so impossibly exhilarating… so new, and yet, so spine-tinglingly familiar… he could only groan and gurgle… his hands finally releasing Anwar and wrapping around the scrawny shoulders of Salim.

Karim had withdrawn, but he hadn”t gone… still crouched by the side of the two rutting teens, his hands still adoring – up and down Salim”s arched spine… his flexing buttocks as it pumped the cock in and out of Faisal”s grotesquely stretched sphincter… reaching below to fondle the swaying balls, lovingly squeezing the pair… yes, today he too would sample Salim”s cock, experience his prowess firsthand!

The boys meanwhile had remained quiet, huddled in a corner of the room, silently watching… they knew they had no chance – they had had their fun, and now it was Faisal”s turn to enjoy.

Time stood still, as if frozen… the only reality was that rampaging cock… and that hideously stretch hole… the room resonating with the sounds of the slapping flesh, the obscene squish of the sliding shaft through the snug sleeve, and the strains of the agonised grunts and groans of pleasure.

Anwar had been watching all the happenings, totally mesmerised… and suddenly, as if waking up from a dream, he realised that he couldn”t hold back much longer… desperately wanting release!

Grabbing Faisal”s cheeks, he turned his cousin”s face, roughly inserting his bursting cock into the gasping mouth… making the boy splutter…

“Suck… suck…” he pleaded urgently, holding Faisal”s head, pumping his hips, and before long was shooting deep down the choking boy”s throat… filling his gullet with the viscous juice of his nuts.

And as Salim speeded up… the thick shaft, the bulbous head, that had been rubbing raw Faisal”s swollen prostrate for the past almost one hour, the pressure unbearably… now quivered urgently, making his stomach muscles flex and contract, his legs shaking spasmodically as they lifted off Salim”s back, pointing straight up… everything seeming to draw back, recede into oblivion…

Faisal”s balls exploded, his cock spewing out the thick white milt in mighty bursts… drenching his torso, smearing Salim”s front… leaving him drained and listless!

With a roar Salim too slammed in, holding still… his ass cheeks flexing savagely, as his sizzling cum gushed into Faisal”s vacuuming bottom with tremendous force… flooding the innards… soothing the ravaged walls of the intestine… finally dousing the raging flame of passion that had been smoldering in Faisal”s ass over the past four days!

Salim pulled out with a loud, obscene plop, making Faisal yelp with shock… the still erect, furiously flexing cock shooting the final few drops of his spunk right into the yawning void of Faisal”s gaping ass… falling back with a satisfied sigh…

He grinned, he was like his village headman”s prized bull… with a room full of cows!


It was well past midnight when Anwar finally set out for home… stealthily making his way down the dark alleys, silent… not a soul in sight.

He was alert, and careful – he didn”t want any unwanted encounter with the police or a stranger – slowly, painfully waddling along, the legs slightly apart… his gait almost comical…

He could barely walk, each step torturously painful… his ass sore, throbbing viciously… Salim”s load sloshing around, steadily leaking out of his evaginated ass mouth… coating his ass cheeks, rolling down his thighs…

Oh, but it was also such a sweet pain… a soothing, reassuring ache!

Faisal had remaind listless, still sprawled out on the bare floor, long after Salim had pulled out… his torso covered in his own spunk, now dry and crusty… staring with blank, unseeing eyes as Karim busied himself between Salim”s spread thighs, his mouth hard at work to get the spent giant to rise again…

Remaining still as Karim rose and then squatted over Salim, slowly taking the twink”s cock in his ass… his cock slowly hardening as it lifted off his abdomen… twitching and flexing.

He didn”t (or, probably couldn”t) get up when they called him for lunch… just lying there, unmoving, his eyes closed… silent.

After lunch Anwar had gone over, wrapping his arms lovingly around the teen, cuddling him… kissing his face and mouth… his hands roving the naked flesh, caressing his ass… fingers sliding into the slimy furrow of his ass cheeks, feeling Salim”s cum still seeping out… gently touching the swollen mouth, making him wince…

And as Faisal moaned, kissing back, Anwar rolled over him… pushing his legs apart and entering.

Faisal groaned, his arms instantly wrapping around Anwar… whimpering as his older cousin began to fuck him…

The rectum was slippery, sloshing with Salim”s voluminous load, squelching obscenely as Anwar fucked him… the liquid frothing out around his sliding cock… coating his shaft, rolling down Faisal”s crack to puddle under him.

And as he lost himself to the pleasures of reunion with his loving cousin… after over two long weeks… Anwar felt the hand on the small of his back, pressing down…

He turned to look over his shoulder, and saw Salim… sensing the hot touch of the boy”s cock against his long untouched pucker at the same moment…

God! that boy had fucked Faisal for almost an hour, had dumped over a gallon of cum in his belly… and then fucked Karim within half an hour – all before lunch, and now he was ready once more!

It had been ages since he”d taken a cock up his ass… had even forgotten the feeling… suddenly desirous of experiencing it once more, have someone fuck him.

With a quivering sigh he buried his face in Faisal”s shoulder and parted his legs… slightly altering his position… offering up his ass!

Salim had fucked him twice more – after tea, his legs wrapped tight around the slim waist of the boy, and again, after dinner, on his hands and knees, like a bitch! (Inbetween, the twink had fucked Faisal too, and Karim!)

And as Anwar painfully lumbered on, for a fleeting moment his mind turned to his wife: what the fuck would he tell her? How would he explain his day long absence?

But he didn”t even want to dwell on it!

The only thing he could think of was how, and how soon, he could get back to that house…

Have Salim fuck him some more!

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