Jasmine Wanted To Be His Sex Slave


Tom ran a home remodeling business and the office was an old home he had remodeled as a demonstration of what he could do. The kitchen was the company break room the living room was the main office and a bedroom was his private office. The 2.5 baths were completely new and one had a two person jet tub and the other had a shower with several different heads.
His daughter is 16 and has been helping in the office with some paper work and a gofer in general.

She goes to school most days except for the summer. She has meet a new friend, Jasmine, a new girl in town. Jasmine is a tall girl with a slender body with nicely developing curves. She has been dating since she was 14 so she is not a stranger to sex but she is not that experienced. Still her hormones are active and there are times when she is very hot for something.
She and Kate meet at a store and hit it off right away. They have become best of friends and share everything and talk about everything including SEX. In fact the talk about sex has gotten very personal and they both have told the other about their masturbation and their secret desires.
Jasmine has been coming to the office with Kate after school and actually hanging around for a couple of months now and she has been looking at Tom with more than general interest.

Last month Tom had come in soaked form a downpour he got caught in and without thinking had stripped in his office. He had thought there was nobody in but his daughter and she had seen him before and so he was not concerned about her. Well he did not think he should be, but little did he know how she really felt. Then there was Jasmine, now she was a different one that is for sure.
He was standing in his boxers drying off with a towel when the girls walked in doing the office clean up.
Tom was 38 in good shape and both girls just stared at him. He did not know they were there until he had dried off and then slipped off the boxers and started to put on some dry shorts. He saw them as he turned to put on pants and stopped cold.
Both girls were thinking what a sexy hunk of a man he was. Jasmine got so wet and hot she almost moaned out loud. Kate shook her head and was very upset because of the way she thought about her father. Jasmine could only think about the big cock hanging between the hard muscled legs.
He had struggled to get dressed and noticed that neither girl had done anything to move away but just kept looking. It had made him a little excited and good thing he got his pants on because his cock had started to harden at the site to the two girls.
Jasmine was taken now and all she could think about was Tom and his naked body. She simply wanted Tom to fuck her and fuck her hard and deep and in every way possible. She masturbated every day to thoughts of Tom and she was stealing looks at him every time she could. When she and Kate were alone together they talked of sex more and more and actually had masturbated a couple of time together. It was getting hot and heavy between them.

One Sunday late in the afternoon when they were at the office and Kate had been doing some book work and Jasmine was just hanging around they had gotten into very sexy conversations that lead to masturbation and then to mutually helping each other masturbate. They were on the sofa in the back office when Tom had walked in. They did not hear him and when he saw them he did not make a sound but just looked on. He was shocked at first but then his sex juices started to flow and he watched with interest as his daughter and her friend, both nearly naked, fingered each other’s pussy and tits till they both had orgasms. Tom had a massive erection and had gone to back room to masturbate to the picture of the two girls in his head.

He had looked at both girls differently ever since and he took special interest in Jasmine. One day when Jasmine was in the office he had offered her a job of doing some paper work and clean up. She jumped at it as it would mean being close to Tom more. Things were getting close as Tom on several occasions had managed to get very close to her in fact touching her body many times in many ways but all seemingly innocent. He had managed to touch her breasts and her cute ass and one time had his leg out tripping her and she ended up astraddle his leg rubbing her wet pussy on it.
She had loved the feel of his leg and had masturbated to the thought several times. One time when she and Kate were very into the throws of passion she blurted out how she wanted to be fucked by Tom. Kate did not say anything and when the heat had subsided she had told Jasmine that she understood her desire for her father. Jasmine saw a rather strange look on Kate’s face when she said that but did not realize that Kate had had the same feelings a time or two when she was masturbating.
Then the time came when Tom had come to the office on a Saturday night to get some paper he had forgotten and found a light on in his office and the door unlocked. He entered quietly and found Jasmine naked on the sofa masturbating and calling out his name. There was little to do but watch and enjoy. The more he watched the hornier he got and then he took out his cock and started to jerk off. One thing leads to another and soon Tom was in the room at the end of the sofa jerking his cock and Jasmine was finger fucking her pussy. She had seen him come in but was in such a passionate state she did nothing and then saw him with his cock in hand and knew things were going to be different.
When it was over Tom sat on the sofa and Jasmine sat beside him naked. He held her and explained that there was no way he was going to touch her at her age but they could do has they had done and there might be other things.
Over the next month Tom had give Jasmine a closet where she could keep some things and he bought her several sexy outfits. Lingerie and bras and panties and finally he had bought her several dildos and vibrators.

Well Jasmine just had to share all this great information with her best friend and so Kate knew all about what her father was doing. She finally confronted him and he admitted that he had a strong sexual attraction to Jasmine but she was too young. Kate looked at him and asked if she was too young and Tom nearly had a heart attack. He remembered what she had looked like masturbating and he said he had seen her and Jasmine naked in the office that time and it had really turned him on.

It became a regular thing for Jasmine to masturbate in Tom’s office with him watching and masturbating as well. Jasmine got really turned on seeing his cock all hard and his balls which seems to be full of cum. She liked to do a little striptease for him before they started to masturbate. She would dress in one of the outfits he had bought then to a very sexy little dance.
Well just watching and masturbating was not enough for Jasmine as she wanted more. One day she stopped masturbating and grabbed his cock from him and started to jerk it for him. He was so close to cuming that he did not stop he but just threw his head back and shot a massive load of cum after only a couple of strokes from her hand. He then pushed her away and left the room.

She and Kate had been watching porn on the computer and had seen all sorts of hot sexy things they were just itching to try or at least find out more about.
One day late when Tom was in the office alone the girls had cornered him and said they wanted to talk they had question.
This is where the story goes live.
Jasmine and Kate were still in their school clothes: skirts and blouse. “Tom we have some questions and well we want to do something as well”.
Tom looked at the two of them and was a little nervous at first but then his hormones kicked in and he was getting turned on at the site to two sexy school girls. “Okay what is it you want to know”.
They went over and sat on the sofa and this caused their skirt to ride up high to mid thigh giving Tom a very sexy view of their legs and the occasional peak at their panties. “Well you and I have been doing our thing, you know jerking off together, and Kate is sort of curious why we have not done more.”
Tom: “Well you are not old enough.”
Jasmine: “So how old do I have to be, is Kate old enough”?
His cock was now hard just looking at the girls and then the line of conversation had him almost to the point of grabbing both of them and fucking them here and now.
Kate: “ohhhhh ya am I old enough for you now, you said my naked body turned you on so how about it DADDY”?
Tom: “Hell you both are so hot and you are a couple of real teases but I don’t want to end up in jail. They do not refer to girls your age as JAIL BAIT for nothing.”
Jasmine:” We would never tell anyone besides it is just sort of curious sex play and not like anything serious.”
Tom: “Well is your under 18 in this state it is rape no matter if the girl is consenting. ”
Kate:”oh so you can fuck me daddy and Jasmine can watch”?
Jasmine:”I want more than watching I want his cock too”.
Tom:”Look, your under 18 and that is that no fucking around for either up you. We can do like Jasmine and I have been masturbating. I suppose I could end up in jail for that as well if anyone ever found out. Geeze you two have not said anything to anyone about what we do have you? Dam you told each other everything but I hope you never say any more.”
The girls had been moving around on the sofa and the skirts had moved up so Tom now could see panties of both of them and it looked like both of their pussies were wet. His cock was hard and throbbing against his pants and his mind was fucking both to them. He seeing them with their legs spread wide and his cock in his daughter and his mouth sucking on Jasmine’s clit. He was so distracted he did not hear Jasmine’s last comment.
Kate:”Daddy you here or ohhhh I see you looking up my skirt and my pussy is so wet. I bet you have been fucking me in your mine. Well better do it for real then and help that big bulge in your pants.” With that Kate got up and sat on daddies lap.
The feel of his daughter ass against his cock made the precum moisten his shorts. She leaned in and kisses him on the lips and not like a father daughter kiss but a hot passionate kiss with tongue.
At first he hesitated but there was so much pent up passion in him he simply let it happen. His hands grabbed her side and moved down to her waist then up under her blouse to cup her still developing breasts. There was moaning from both as his hands squeezed her breasts and then pinched her nipples and her hands move to his pants and rubbed his cock.
Soon her hands had his cock out of his pants and he had and hand up under her skirt rubbing her pussy.
Jasmine was watching and she was hot and her pussy was wet. She could not hold back and got on her knees next to them so she could watch closer and the she just had to touch. Her hand reached out and touched his cock head and moved down to grasp the top half of his cock in her grip while Kate had the bottom half in her hand. Jasmine bent down and started to kiss Kate’s bare leg and moved up to where Tom’s hand was working at moving the panties aside to get his finger on Kate’s pussy lips and clit.
Tom pulled Kate’s panties aside and then teased the area around her little clit until she broke the kiss to throw her head back with a deep passionate moan. She let go of his cock to take off her blouse and bra. Then her pulled his head to her breast and pushed her tit into his mouth. He sucked her nipple and what seemed like half her tit into his mouth then teased her nipple with his tongue.
Jasmine took over his cock when Kate let go and started to jerk it hard and fast. Tom grabbed Jasmine by the back of the head and forced her to his cock.
Jasmine had given a couple of blow jobs to some of the boys at school but none had a cock like Tom. His was big and still she opened her mouth and let is slid in. I felt good to be sucking on Tom’s cock as this is something she had wanted all along. Still the large cock made her gag and when he forced her head down harder forcing her to take it all she thought she would chock but then a very hot thrill ran though her body and she realized she enjoyed the rough treatment, which was a real turn on.
He was fucking her face with a force that made her tingle all over and then his hips bucked as he shot a massive load of cum deep into her mouth. She gagged and chocked but then swallowed most of it and some drooled out of her mouth and down her chin.
Kate was nearing an orgasm as well with his tongue working her nipples and two fingers in her pussy and his thumb rubbing her clit. She was bucking her hips and moaning an pleading for more. Then she moaned as she bucked her hip up hard. She came hard and then collapsed against his shoulder.
Tom:”Oh man you girls are something and sorry but I just could not resist you any longer. Kate your tight little pussy is sure inviting and Jasmine you sure can suck, your lips felt so good and I think you like it rough don’t you.
Jasmine: “I like it that you sort of forced me to suck your cock and then forced me to take all of it. When you came and make me gag I thought I would not like it but your forcing me to swallow it and take you cock deep just somehow made me so hot I had an orgasm. My pussy is so wet.”
Tom put Kate back on the sofa and grabbed Jasmine by the hair and pulled her to the floor where he spread her legs wide and pulled her panties down. “Well let’s see just how wet this little bitch is”, and he rubbed her pussy with two fingers listening to her moan. He then pushed his finger into her virgin pussy and pushed them in deep and hard till he felt her hymen. He backed off and then rubbed her clit till she moaned wanting to be taken to have him fuck her. He continued until she was twisting and bucking on the floor at which time he ripped open her blouse and attacked her tits biting and sucking them hard. She had another orgasm which left her spent.
Now Kate was all hot again watching the action on the floor and came up behind him and bite the back of his neck while locking her legs around his waist. He turned, “So you want more do you well then you don’t need these.” With that he started to strip her clothes. He was sitting on the floor and had pulled her skirt off and panties then pulled her to him as he started to lick and suck on her pussy. She had had a couple of boys but the sex with them was nothing like this. His attention to her pussy lips and clit drove her crazy and she grabbed his head and pulls his hair as she begged for more.
His cock got rock hard and he finger fuck you little pussy then he grabbed her hips and pulled her down hard to his lap. Pushing her back to the floor he spread her legs wide and rubbed the head of his cock against her now very wet and swollen lips. She moaned then sucked in air as the massive head of his cock penetrated her. She moaned and the head spread the lips wide and slid into her stretching her insides to the max. Slowly he pushed deeper and deeper. Finally when she thought it could escort kocaeli not go deeper he pulled back and then in and out until till she was about to orgasm again when he then rammed it hard and deep causing her body to go ridged with pain and pleasure like she had never know possible. As her body bucked with spasms of pleasure from the orgasm he pumped a massive load of cum into his daughter.
Now spent and exhausted he collapsed on his side pulling his naked daughter to him while Jasmine not to be left out, laid her naked body along side of him and threw a leg over his.
The sex continued like this for several weeks and even got hotter such as the day Tom showed the girls the toys he had gotten.
It was a Saturday afternoon and the girls had finished with the work at the office. Tom had worked on the basement of the office building and made a large recreation room of part of it. There was also a large bed and a sofa, easy chair and a big TV screen with a DVD player. There was also another room Tom had been working on but he was not ready to show the girls that room.
Tom: “so you got the office all nice and clean and the paper work finished how about some fun time down stairs?”
Both:”Oh ya we’re ready for something for sure.”
Jasmine:”I am always ready for you but I want more than just your fingers and sucking your cock.”
Tom: “I told you not while your 16.” He grabbed her and spun her around and gave her butt a hard slap. He liked her firm butt, which was very well developed for a girl her age. It filled her cut off jean shorts very well. He had gotten a hard on just watching the girls work around the office cleaning. When they bent over their butts would stretch their jeans tight, which then rode up into their cracks and really set off the butt cheeks. Both girls were wearing T shirts for tops and Jasmine was not wearing a bra, which made her nipple easy to see when they were hard like now.
Jasmine:”Oh you can spank me any time.” She walked toward the basement door with an exaggerated wiggle in her hips.
Kate:”So DADDY what are we going to do now? Are you ready for the both of us again or are you just going to let Jasmine give you a blow job like you have been doing. You know you have been neglecting your little girl.” She got close to him and rubbed against him and nibbled on his ear then bites it. Her hand was rubbing his chest in a most passionate way.
He put and arm around her and pulled her tight to him and kissed her hard and deep on the lips forcing his tongue deep into her mouth. His free hand reached out and squeezed her tit hard then moved down and grabbed and handful of ass and squeezed it hard. He broke the kiss.
Tom:”you are jealous of Jasmine or just really horny?”
Kate:”I am not jealous just horny and I need a nice big cock. I fucked a couple of the high school boys but they are nothing like you when it comes to sex. They cum so fast and then are done, such children. That’s why I like you so much daddy.” With that she grabbed his now very hard cock in his pants. “Okay let’s go down stairs and play I need this thing inside of me now.”
She led the way and he was not about to say no as he saw her cute ass, above the long shapely legs, wiggle ahead of him.
Once downstairs they sat on the sofa a girl on each side. He had picked up a large box and now placed it in front of them. Inside was a collection of sex toys the likes the girls had only seen on the net.
Tom: “Today we are going to play with some of the toys I have collected over the years.” He chuckled to himself. “You did not think you were the only females in my life, right?”
Both: “Oh no we assumed you got a lot of experience.”
Jasmine:”I figured you had know a lot of women the way you have be doing Kate and me, and that is why I want you to fuck me first and most.”
Tom:”Ya well that time will come but for now you will have to contend yourself with the toys and here is one for each of you”. He handed them each a remote controlled egg vibrator. “You can put these in your pussy and then you can turn on any time with this controller. Now Kate you first strip and let’s see how it works for you.”
Kate stood and did a sexy little strip tease for both of them. Her young tight naked body was a turn on for Tom and Jasmine. The hard nipples on her nice large tits, the tight flat belly and the little strip of hair leading to her bare pussy were so inviting. Tom reached out with both hands grabbing her by the butt and pulled her to him. He then kissed her sweet tight pussy and tongue licked her lips causing her to moan and wiggle her hips then grab the back of his head and force him to make harder contact. He licked and tongue teased her clit then stopped and sat back.
Tom:”Okay now this is how it goes in.” With that he pushed the egg between her wet lips and deep into her pussy. Then he hit the control and Kate jumped back and moaned then grabbed her pussy with her hand and wiggled her hips and the egg sent thrilling sensation from her pussy to every part of her body.
She moaned and then pleaded for more as she danced around squeezing her legs together and rubbing her clit with one hand while squeezing a tit with other hand.
Tom then turned the control to max and she went wild and had an orgasm quickly. He turned off the egg and Kate collapsed on the floor.
Kate: “Oh shit that was the wildest orgasm ever. This is going to be great at school.”
Tom: “Well you have to be really careful and I want you to only use it at home for the next week to get use to it. We can go out and you can try it in public but I don’t want you having a wild orgasm like that in school. The most you can do is have a really sexy smile but no wild humping and grinding. Understand me?”
Both:”Yes but it is going to be so much fun.”
Jasmine: “So now it is my turn right.” She stood and stripped in a hurry almost ripping her clothes off and then grabbed the egg and shoved it between her lips and pushed hard. Taking the controls without waiting for any help she turned them to max.
Her body first went ridged then she squeezed her legs together and the sensations, the tingly electric feeling, surged thru her body. She threw her head back and moaned a loud animal moan as her hips started to buck and twist with a wild passion she had never thought possible. She grabbed a tit and pinched the nipple with suck force causing the most wonderful pain to ever reach her brain. With the other hand she no massaged her pussy and teased her clit then as the passion grew to almost unbearable levels she inserted two finger into her pussy and pushed the egg deeper.
There was a shape pain she did not understand but it was covered over by the thrill of the vibrations. She was deep into the feeling of the passionate sensation filling her body. Her body then convulsed and shook as the orgasm hit her. It was the wildest thing she had ever experienced.
Both Tom and Kate notice the blood on her leg and realized the Jasmine had broken her cherry. Well it did not see to hurt her to much and so now things would get even hotter.

Tom took the girls to the bathroom where he had build a really big shower stall with all sorts of head and attachment. There was also a large whirlpool tub and a number of other things the girls did not understand just yet. Tom stripped and they all took a shower paying special attention to Jasmine’s pussy. There was a small hose that Tom used to actually flush out her pussy and she thought it was sexy to have him do it. She like him using the hose to probe her body and actually wanted more but he stopped and simply washed her off.

He lathered up his hands and then applied the soap to her body in long soft strokes. The feel of his hands moving up and down her legs then washing her butt cheeks in a very suggestive way made her so hot she actually moaned with pleasure.
Then Kate stepped in and helped to wash Jasmine’s tits and back pressing her naked body against her back. Jasmine could feel the hard nipples rubbing against her back and she wiggled her hips and pushed her butt back into Kate’s crotch.
Tom watch as the girls washed each other then when Kate was tight to Jasmine he got behind her and pulled his body tight to her back, which then put his rock hard cock against her butt cheeks. Kate wiggled and spread her legs enough to allow the cock to move between her legs then she squeezed them together capturing the wonderful big cock between them.
The feel of the big long hard cock between her legs with the cap rubbing her pussy lips, was enough to turn her on and make her moan loudly. “Oh fuck you daddy fuck me now, fuck your little girl.”
Tom always did what his little girl wanted and he bent his knees enough to guide the head of his cock into the wet pussy. The feel to the cap slipping between her tight young lips almost caused him to shoot his load but Tom was older and more experienced than that.
Slowly at first the hard shaft move deeper into her pussy and the feel to the big cap spreading her insides wider made her moan more. She wiggled her hips causing his cock to pulse and move deeper. Then with one mighty buck from her hips his cock was buried deep inside her.
He flexed the muscles of the cock and she moaned as it jumped inside her. She squeezed Jasmine’s tits very hard and pulls the nipples harder this caused Jasmine to moan and whimper with the pain.
Jasmine had never enjoyed pain more and her body shook with the pain and pleasure it was feeling.
Tom started to fuck Kate hard and fast until he shot his load first inside her then all over her butt as he pulled out. The shower washed off the cum and they all settled back to getting clean. Then they took turns drying each other off.
They put on robs and went back to the sofa to look at the other toys Tom had.
First he pulled out the usual dildos and a couple of basic vibrators then he pulled out a rabbit and both girls asked about it and the ear.
Tom: “okay I only have the one so who get to demonstrate.”
Jasmine all but leaped on him, “I do I do.”
Tom smiled a dirty evil little smile at her eagerness and then grabbed the front of the rob and pulled it open while he pushed her to the floor. He spread her legs wide and looked at her you tight pussy as he knelt between her legs and rubbed the head of the vibrator up and down over her pussy lips until she was hot and moaning for more. Slowly he inserted the rabbit then pushed it deep until the ears hit her clit. He worked it in and out several time and she got hotter and hotter.
Kate was getting hot and wanted in on the play so she got down and kissed Jasmine softly at first then hard and tongued her deep. Her hands found Jasmine’s tit and nipple and squeezed and then rolled the nipple between thumb and finger. Now Jasmine was moaning and begging for more.
Tom pushed the vibrator to full depth causing the ears to rub hard against the clit. At this point he turned on the vibrator to the lowest setting.
The feel of the big vibrator inside her and the things rubbing her clit had her body vibrating with pleasure. Then she bucked and screamed and moaned as the vibrator was turned on and the sensations that were sent through her body seem to be the most ecstatic sensation she had ever felt. Her body tingled as she wiggled and twisted. Her moans became louder and then she screamed, “fuck me fuck me “ in uncontrolled passion.
Tom pumped the vibrator in and out of her pussy and the turned it to medium causing Jasmine to go wild with twist and hip bucking. He was sure she had an orgasm but there did not seem to be any let up from her desire for more. Kate was working her tits with a hand and mouth.
Kate was kneeling alongside Tom with her ass almost in his face. He pushed aside the rob exposing her very desirable ass. With his free hand he started to rub her crack moving down over her anus to her pussy and clit. Then he slipped two fingers into her pussy causing her to wiggle her ass and spread her legs wider. Tom works the vibrator now on high faster and faster as Jasmine seemed to be having another orgasm. He moved over and pulled his rob out of the way. His cock was hard and ready for another fuck. He took Jasmines hand and put it on the vibrator and let her control it so he would have both hand free.
He spread Kate’s ass cheeks wide and then rammed his cock into her as hard and deep as he could. Kate moaned and quivered and his cock reached her cervix and he started to fuck her hard and fast.
Jasmine was doing fine working the toy.
Tom spread the ass cheeks wide exposing the tight little anus and he massaged it with his index finger. Rimming her anus with his finger then pushing it in as his cock move in and out so did his finger. Then he used his thumb and pushed it in deep. He could feel his cock inside her with his thumb and she was moaning and bucking now.
Soon each of them was making passion noises and the twisting and bucking was uncontrolled.
Tom moaned as he pumped a massive load of cum deep into Kate’s pussy until it leaked out dripping down onto Jasmine’s leg.
Soon they had spent all their passion and collapsed onto one another. Although the positions were awkward they slept well for several hours.
It was night when Tom woke and looked at the two nearly naked girls on the floor. He looked at his limp cock and thought, “been a long afternoon and there is little left in me dam not as young as I once was.”
Jasmine had told her folks she was spending the night with Kate so there was no hurry now. Tom went to the bar and made a drink, a boiler maker. Then looking at the girls he started to get all sorts of ideas. He wondered how they would react to the other room.
The OTHER ROOM was something Tom had been working on but not sure how they would react. “Well that will be awhile yet I still have to get them really hot and eager for sexy in all sorts of ways and with some of my friends as well. Tom belonged to a very special very private group of people that really enjoyed sex like few ever did.

Jasmine had not told Tom when her birthday was but Kate had informed him that Jasmine had just turned 17 and had already gotten her driver’s license. Tom did not really think a great deal about it until the next weekend.
Kate had informed him that she had a date with a college boy and would be going to a party at a frat house. Tom had decided to put the finishing touches on the ROOM this week end and so was alone in the basement when the door bell rang.
He was wearing cutoff jean shorts and an old T shirt when he answered the door. It was Jasmine in a very tight lacey camisole and very tight short shorts.
“Hi Jasmine come on in, Kate is not here.”
“I know that is why I came. You know I had a birthday and I am now 17 and I want more from you.”
“Oh you want more do you and so you just think you can demand it. Well little girl you do not really know what you are asking for but maybe I should give you a little sample.” With that he reached out and grabbed her head and pulled her to him and kissed her hard, forcing his tongue between her lips and deep into her mouth. kocaeli anal yapan escort Using his other had he cupped her butt and pulled her to him hard.

She could feel his hard cock as soon as her hips were crushed into his groin. She let out a soft moan and let him have his way. He dropped his other hand to her ass and lifter her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he carried her into the office.
She held his head as she kissed him back biting his lip and then ear and finally the neck. He tasted salty and very sexy. She wanted to eat him in so many ways.
Tom headed to the basement with a very sexy hot 17 year old girl attached to his body. The feel of her ass in his hands and her firm tits against his chest made his cock hard desire strong.
He broke the kiss as him dropped her on the sofa. “Now you little slut you will learn what it is to be MY sex slave” and he reached out and grabbed the camisole and ripped it off her.

She was a little afraid at first but then there was the secret desire to be used by a man, this man, and used hard. She wanted to be treated like a slut, his slut anyway, and she was willing to do whatever he wanted her to do. Well at least she thought she did. “Yes I am yours and you can use me anyway you want.” She reached out to grab him to kiss him but he simple grabbed her arm and spun her over.
He reached around and under to unbutton the shorts then he just yanked them down. She was naked now and he was just looking at her with a very different gleam in his eyes. “MMMMM you look like such a taste little thing I think I want to eat you first.” He dropped down between her legs spreading them wide with brute force. His head was between her legs tight to her pussy while his tongue whipped her lips and found her clit.

She moaned and wiggled her hips but he just pushed his mouth harder against her pussy. Then his hands found her tits and nipples which he squeezed and pinched hard. She winced and gave a little cry of pain but followed that with a moan of pleasure. She was in a heightened state of pleasure and pain she had never known before and she loved it.

He sucked and then took her pussy in his teeth and bit down hard. She screamed in pain and pleasure and twisted and bucked. He pinned her to the sofa and continued to attack her pussy. He put one hand down between her legs so he could probe her with his fingers. First pushing his index finger in deep and hard followed by the middle finger. He now sucked and teased her clit then move up her belly to a nipple, which he took between his teeth biting and pulling back as he tried to push a third finger into her. She was tight and the third finger hurt but he pushed hard until he had them deep into her.

She moaned and cried out in that pleasurable pain sound. Her body twisted and bucked. Then she begged,”Fuck me fuck me now oh please please fuck me”.

He pushed her to the floor and stood over her while he stripped off his clothes. She looked at him above her and there was that big hard cock she wanted so badly. He reached down and grabbed her legs and spread them wide then knelt between her legs. Taking his hard cock in hand he rubbed the tip against her wet lips and then started to push into her.

She was tight, very tight and as the head spread her pussy wider and wider the pain increased until she cried out.
He only pushed harder and finally the head was inside her and the hard shaft was slowly moving deeper.
She whimpered and then moaned as her body responded to the pain an pleasure of being fucked by a real cock.
Finally his cock hit her cervix and he pulled back and then slowly pushed in again. Then he started to fuck her with a steady rhythm.
She raked his back with her nails and screamed as his cock hit her deep and hard. His body now covered hers and pressed her hard against the floor.
She lost all control of her body to the feelings of pain and pleasure surged through it. Her hips bucked and twisted as she moaned.

He had not had a fuck this tight in a long time, even Kate had not been this tight but then she had been screwing around a lot before she fucked him. Her tight cunt made him soon hit the wall and he exploded into her with such force she squealed with delight. The cum soon oozed out as he continued to move in and out.
He had pumped a massive load of cum filling her and then forced his hips to crush her to the floor rubbing her pubic mound and clit with a lot of feeling. She soon had an orgasm that was nothing like the ones she had given herself or the ones he had given her with his fingers or tongue. Her body quivered and tingled with the sensations.
They lay together for some time before either of them could move.
He then started to kiss and caress her body and looked at her with a different sort of look.
Jasmine:”Oh god that was so good I want you to fuck me some more. I want to be your slut I want you to do all the things I have seen on the porn sites.” She reached out and pulled him to her so she could kiss him.

He had never heard someone so young talk like this but if she wanted it he was going to give it to her. As she tried to kiss him he grabbed her head, “Okay you little bitch suck this clean”, and he pushed her head down.
She gladly took his now limp cock in her hand and licked and kissed it. She cupped his balls as she licked the shaft and it seemed to get harder.
He could not believe how fast he was getting hard again, but the feel of her lips and tongue on his cock along with the sensation of the touch of her hand on his balls, was really turning him on.
“Oh ya that’s a good little slut you’re doing just fine. I am going to put a collar on you so when you are here I can lead you around better. Now I think it is time to show you the special room.”

He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up, then holding her wrist he lead her to the ROOM.

The ROOM was very stark painted cement walls and floor. There was a table like you would find in a doctor’s office and several wooden benches with straps and hooks on them. In the corner was a large wooden X with ropes attached. There was a large shower stall with several different hoses.

He took her to a cupboard and took out a 2” white leather collar with a ring on it. Once attached to her neck he hook a leash to it and pulled her around the room.

“This room is where I will get you into shape to be the little slut you seem to want to be and then I will take you to a special gathering.” He pulled her to the shower area and hooked the leash to the wall and made her bend over the special stool. “First I think you need to be cleaned out and get the feel of something deep in your ass.” With that he turned on the water and got in warm then hosed her ass cheeks and got a good lather up in his hand.

She had not had much anal experience and was just a little hesitant as she felt somewhat vulnerable bent over the stool. The she felt his hands rubbing her cheeks and spreading them wide. He teased her anus with his index finger and she found it sort of excited her. She liked the idea of him touching her anywhere.
He was rubbing her cheeks with both hands and then teasing her little rose bud of an anus. It looked so inviting and so tight. With a lot of lather on his finger he pushed it in slowly to the second knuckle. She did not seem to resist and so he pushed it in deeper until his index finger was fully into her ass. Then he bends it and twisted it around. She actually gave a little moan as he twisted so he then started to move it in and out like he was fucking her, well he was finger fucking her ass.
After a few moments he pulled his finger out and took something that looked like a giant syringe with a tube on the end. He pushed the end in her ass and fed it deeper into her. She blanched at first but then was a little turned on at the kinky feelings she was having. Just as she was getting use to the feeling he pumped the warm liquid into her. She arched her back and moaned as the liquid filled her and move up inside her. She had never had and enema before and the sensation was new and very kinky. As the warm liquid filled her she moaned and arched her back more.

He pumped about a pint into her and then refilled the syringe. Now with the second load she was feeling a little discomfort as she wanted to expel it but he kept pumping in more. “Enough, please stop I can’t take any more.”
“Oh you can take more and you will. Just what do you think it will be like when you are fucked in your ass by a couple dozen men?”
She heard him but it did not register as the liquid was building an uncomfortable pressure inside her. Then she felt the tube being pulled out and the liquid just followed in a gush. The relief she felt was almost orgasmic.
He saw the gusher as she expelled almost a quart of liquid. She was totally cleaned out and now he could train her ass proper. First he lubed his fingers with a very taste jell and rubbed her still tight anus with it forcing some into her. Now he was down spreading her checks wide with his hands so his face could fit. He then rimmed her anus with his tongue and probed her.
The feeling of his tongue on her anus and the thought of him doing that sent a thrill through her body. She moaned with joy and pleasure. She was getting hot and horny again and she wanted more. “Oh please do me, fuck me now, I want you, stop teasing me and just fuck me.”
“You know you are talking too much”, and with that he put a ball gag in her mouth. Her legs and arms were then strapped to the bench. He continued to lick and probe her anus and teased her nipples now and again.
She was getting very turned on and she wanted a big cock in her pussy not some tongue in her ass. She squeezed her butt cheeks together to force his face out but he only squeeze her butt cheeks harder and pulled them apart with more force.
“So you want to be fucked do you well first you need to have your ass stretched to handle a big cock.” With that he took a small butt plug and pushed it into her. “Now you will wear that while I see what your pussy will handle”, and with that he unstrapped her and lead her to the doctors table. He put her legs in the stirrups and strapped them tight the tied her arms to the side of the table. The table was modified so he could spread her legs wider than it would have normally allowed and he spread them so wide she shuddered with some pain.

“Now little girl let’s see how big a cock you can take.” He rubbed her pussy lips a couple of time and pushed two fingers in her. He pumped them a couple of time before he added the third and finally tried to push in a forth but she was too tight. He pulled out and then picked up a tool that looked like a speculum but was bigger. This he pushed into her and spread it wide. Turning the little crank it spread her wider and wider until she thought she could not take any more. Then he used a syringe to squirt liquid into her and flush her out.
“Now we will just let that stay like that for awhile so your pussy gets use to something big in it. The old saying one size fits all certainly did not apply to you. You are one tight little bitch but you’re my little bitch now.”
She was turned on by the statement “my little bitch”, because she really wanted to be his.

Things continued in the Room for several weeks until one day Kate had come home and gone to the room as her father was stretching Jasmines ass and pussy again. She actually enjoyed watching and got turned on seeing her father do all those things.
Tom had not seen her enter the room being so busy pushing a new dildo into Jasmin’s ass while working a vibrator in her pussy. She was bent over a special bench so her as and pussy were easy to get at. Wearing only a pair of shorts, his big hard on was clearly visible. Kate had not had sex with her father ever since she and Jasmine had done him together several months ago. Now Kate was really getting hot seeing Jasmine so used and her father so aroused.
She just walked over and stood next to Jasmine, “mind if I join the party? You two seem to have been getting along a lot better than I thought, you should have asked me to join you. Oh Jasmine you looks so hot all tied up and look a gag,” She reached down and caressed the bare shoulder and then ran a finger up and down the spine to the butt crack. Standing at Jasmine’s head she looked down at her father. “So are you breaking her in for the gathering coming up in a couple of weeks?”

Tom had not said anything to Jasmine about the gathering which he and Kate had joined about a year ago. It was a small group of friends with special interests and tastes, all very sexual. “I am thinking about it but will have to see how well Jasmine here is broken in. You think you want to join our little group Jasmine.”

Jasmine was a little taken back when Kate walked in and stood there while she was naked and being fucked in ass and pussy by several things. At first she was apprehensive but then as Kate talked and touched her in so many sensual ways she began to enjoy Kate’s presence actually want more from her.
Kate continued to caress her back and arms then she bent down and kissed her shoulder. Kate continued to kiss bit and suck on Jasmine’s back and body in many places as only a female would know to do.
Jasmine was getting very turned on by Kate and Tom’s administration not took second place. Jasmine then realized she was really excited by the touch of Kate’s lips and hands. Kate had reached around and cupped her breasts and squeezed then in the way that turned Kate on then had touched her nipples like only a woman knows. Jasmine was soon moaning with desire and the sensations were driving her wild as her hips bucked as best they could strapped to the bench.
Tom saw what was happening, “well seems Jas likes your touch Kate and you seem to like doing her so let’s see what you two can do.” He pulled the vibrator and dildo out and turned her loose. Kate took her hand and led her to the big bed then pushed her down and started to kiss her body all over, touching those places that sent the most thrilling sensation through Jas’s body.
Tom sat in a chair and watched as Kate worked over Jasmine’s body like a real pro, well she almost was on she did not take money, yet.
Jasmine was going crazy with feelings the likes of which she had never know possible. She was being aroused by a girl, her friend and she really liked it. She actually wanted to kiss and touch Kate in the same way but was afraid to think about that. Then her passion over came her and she just said, “oh god Kate I want to feel your naked body please let me, please?”

Kate was a pro at the sex issues and just stood up and stretched out her arms to the naked Jasmine, “you can do whatever you want, come here and do me.”

Jasmine sat on the edge of the bed and reached out unbuttoning the shorts then pulling them down exposing the brief panties that had a wet spot on them. She kissed Kate’s belly and then top of izmit yabancı escort the thighs but hesitated doing more until Kate pushed her head to here pussy.
“It’s okay to kiss and do anything you want any way you want now pull down my panties and kiss my pussy then use your tongue to lick me” Kate wanted Jasmine to eat her and make her have an orgasm.
Jasmine did not hesitate any longer but ripped the panted down, grabbed the ass cheeks and kissed, sucked Kate’s pussy with a wild abandoned. She then pulled her around and pushed her to the bed. Still eating Kate’s pussy she pushed off the blouse and then unhooked the bra. Kate’s tits were now under Jasmine’s hands and the sensations racing through both girls caused them each to buck and twist on the bed. The moans and noise of the wild sex had Tom worked up.

Tom just took out his cock and masturbated at the sight of the two naked girls going wild on the bed.

Kate took the lead and turned so she was able to eat Jasmine as she was being eaten. This went on until both girls had and orgasm, well a beginning. Then Kate twisted around and scissored her legs with Jasmine’s and began to trib. Soon both girls were moaning and going wild and then the orgasm exploded in both at about the same time.

Tom though they would hurt or break something the way they twisted and rubbed. He was sure there was going to be pussies with floor burn and bruise. He had cum hard shooting a wad on the floor.

Jasmine and Kate lay on the bed exhausted and soon were holding each other and kissing softly.
Tom left the two alone to explore each other further, which they did until they both had another orgasm.
Jasmine could not believe the feelings she had felt having sex with another female. The places Kate had touched and the way she had touched her had caused her to feel things she did not think possible. She was a little mixed up now as she really like the sex Tom was giving her and now Kate was in the picture. Jasmine was really confused.

Well Jasmine was not given much time to be confused as Tom had her in the ROOM several times a week. Her pussy and ass were being used on a regular basis and stretched to the point she had no trouble taking Tom’s big cock and all sorts of dildos. Tom had stretched her ass to the point that he was able to fuck here with his cock.

Jasmine was so turned on to the sex that she wanted to be with Tom and Kate all the time now. Still she had to go to school but that was becoming an issue too. She would hurry from school to Tom’s office and then all but attack him to fuck her. Tom simply put the collar on her and took her to the room where he would put her on the Sybian until she had at least three good orgasms and then chained her to the bed and gave her some dildos.

Sometimes Kate would show up and give her a good time and Jasmine really enjoyed that.
Then came a very special weekend came and Tom had directed her to tell her folks she was spending the weekend with Kate. She had and showed up Friday after school with a small case of things she thought she might need.
“Well good you’re here on time and what is that.” Tom put the collar on her neck as soon as she was in the building and led her to the ROOM.
“I thought I might need some change of clothes, why?” She was still in her school clothes and was getting excited just thinking of Tom.
“Well I have all the clothing you will need this weekend down in the ROOM. This is going to be a very special weekend for you as I have invited some very special friends over.” Tom was part of a group that enjoyed sex to the fullest and he has three women and three men coming over. He was going to introduce Jasmine to some heave group sex.
In the ROOM Tom hooked her wall and then started to slowly strip her clothes off. He took his time unbuttoning her blouse as he really enjoyed this little girl that was not his sex slave. She like the attention Tom paid her and the feelings she got around him.
Slowly he kissed the bare skin as he opened the blouse and she moaned at the sensations his touched caused. She wanted him to move faster but he tied her hands to the wall when she tried to hurry him. With a knife he cut off the blouse and bra.
She quivered inside as her breasts were exposed and her nipples hardened. The desire to be touched in all her hot spots was so great she simply moaned and bucked her hips at him.
Tom was in no hurry and he enjoyed seeing her twist with the desire. He wanted her hot and ready for the company.
Then he cut off her skirt and panties leaving her naked tied to the wall. “There now I want you to see the things I bought for you”, and with that he hauled out several boxes from some specialty stores. First he held up several kinds of panties. He untied her and handed her a pair of boy cut panties that were crotch less along with matching bra that allowed her nipple to be exposed through openings. Then he gave her a garter belt and stockings. Finally he laid out a skirt that was slit up the side from hem to about 4” of the waist. The top was a boat neck silk pull over.
“Now put these on and let me see what my little slut sex slave looks like.”
She put on the clothes and just the thought of the sexy garments was a real turn on and she wondered when he would be fucking her as her pussy was itching for something.
“Well now that is really nice, I do have sexy taste in clothes.” Tom liked what he saw and was sure his guests would like her as well. His mind wandered as he thought of this young girl with the smooth soft skin and the hot desires being given to the experienced group of people he had invited. This was going to be some weekend.
Jasmine like the way he treated her and the clothes he had given her. “I really like the outfit and what do we do now?”
“We do nothing until the other get here.”
“Other? Who else? Is Kate coming?”
“You do not need to know any more for now and no Kate will not be here.”
Tom then took her back to the wall and hooked her to it. “Now you stay here and I will be back later.”
She was alone with her thoughts and she wondered just what Tom had in mind for tonight. Little did she know it was more than just tonight as Tom had a weekend planned that she would not forget?

Tom’s guests for the weekend were three women dressed as sexy ladies of the night. One was in a tight fitting dress slit from knee to hip; the back was open to her butt crack and no bra. She had black patterned panty hose that were also crotch less. The other was dressed in short shorts and halter top. The third had a mini skirt, blouse, black thigh high stockings, garter belt and panties. She also had a push up bra the forced the nipples to the top edge. The men were in slacks shirts and one had shorts. Their pants were tight and they all seemed to have large cocks.

They entered the room and Jasmine was a little taken back as she had not really expected strangers. Still they were Toms’ friends and they looked mmmm sexy. She was beginning to think this weekend might be a lot more enjoyable that she thought at first. In fact as the women walked by she actually was turned on by the looks of the one in the long dress.
Tom unhooked her and walked her around the room for them all to see and admire. The men all reached out and touched her breasts and lifted her dress to see her panties. The women touched her face and neck in a very seductive way and Jasmine was more turned on by the women than the men.
“Well folks this is Jasmine and she likes sex. I think you will find her well trained for one on one but she now needs some work on group sex. She will do as I tell her and now Jasmine you will do as the group tells you.” Tom then jerked the leash and pulled her to him and kissed her deep and hard while handing the leash to the woman in shorts.
“Why don’t you give her some lessons?” She took the leash and pull Jasmine to her and kissed her roughly and pushed her down on her knees.
“Okay you little slut eat my pussy. Pull down my shorts and lick me like you want to be licked.”
Jasmine now understood what she was in for this weekend and was getting a little turned on. She and Kate had done many things together and so she simple opened the shorts and slowly pulled them down exposing a pair of sexy red panties. She kissed the belly and then kissed and bit the pubic area as the shorts were removed. The woman grabbed Jasmine’s hair and pulled her head into her pussy. “Eat me now.”
Jasmine quickly pulled the panties down and started to lick, suck and bite the woman’s shaved pussy. Soon the woman was moaning as Jasmine was good at this. Another woman came over and pulled the top of and started to suck her nipples. Soon the woman was on the floor with one sucking her nipple and Jasmine eating her pussy. The other woman then sucked the other nipple until she moved to Jasmine.
The woman was kissing Jasmine’s neck as she pulled up the top. Once removed the woman kissed her back and spine in such a way Jasmine felt tingles all over her body. Then she felt hands on her breast and nipples as the woman pulled her back turned her around. Now the woman kissed and sucked her breast and nipples.
There were two women on the floor with another woman on top sucking nipples. The men were all aroused and just joined in. Clothing was coming off fast and soon the women on top were being fucked from behind.
Jasmine then felt a cock in her hand as one of the men knelt down and started to kiss her. After a few kisses he was straddling her head and his cock was on her lips. She knew what to do and eagerly took his cock into her mouth sucking and licking the now very large hard shaft.
The feel of the head moving in and out of her mouth and on occasion the tip hitting the back of the throat had her hotter and hotter. The woman now moved down and pulled up her skirt so she could lick her pussy through the crotch less panties. One of the men then started to fuck the woman eating her. Her pussy was being eaten, her mouth was filled with cock and then she felt a cock on her hand. Then someone pulled off her skirt, panties and bra, so that she was only in garter belt and stocking with the collar on. She was pulled to standing and lead to the bed where she was pushed down and her legs spread wide as one of the men now slipped his cock into her pussy and fucked her slow and deep. The feel of a new cock in her was really a turn on but then a woman straddled her face and she was presented with a pussy to eat. This went on for some time until she had had an orgasm but the man was still fucking her and the woman was replaced by the other woman, all now naked.
She could see Tom fucking the woman that had been on her face as the new pussy wet with cum rubbed her nose.
The orgy went on for some time with Jasmine being fucked by each of the men in turn and the women as well. Then with her pussy full of cum she was pulled to a padded table where one of the men lay and she was turned and pulled over him. She felt her butt cheeks being pulled apart and then she felt the head of his cock against her anus. She was soon impaled on his hard cock and the feel of the big head moving into her ass sent a thrill through her body. Then another man pushed her back and two women spread her legs wide as he pushed his cock into her pussy. The feel of the two cocks in her was so strange it scared her at first but the fear became excitement as she felt a cock on her cheek and soon her mouth was pulled open and the cock shoved into it. She was now being fucked in every hole at the same time. The feel of one cock sliding out of pussy while another was being pushed in her ass and then the opposite felt so hot. All the while a fellow was pumping her mouth with a somewhat hard cock. After several minutes for fucking the first man shot a load into her ass which was followed by a load in her mouth and finally another load in her pussy. She had had so many orgasm she was exhausted.
The men had all had cum at least twice and the one that fucked her mouth had three. Now they were all lay on the bed and the women took over.

The largest of the women had put on a big strapon dildo and approached Jasmine with a wicked smile. “Now I am going to show you how a woman can fuck you just as good as any man”, and with that rolled her over while the other women pulled her legs wide to the point she winced with pain. She felt the head of the very hard tip of the dildo ram into her wet lips and then penetrate her pussy. It was a good thing she was full of cum as the dildo was not lubricated and the first part hurt her but the size and feel once inside was great. It was the biggest cock she had ever had. As the woman started to fuck her with speed she was glad Tom had spent time stretching her pussy. Then she thought about her ass and realized he had been planning this for a long time.
She had a small orgasm with the strapon and then the woman pulled out. The other woman now got between her legs scissor fashion and started to trib her. The pussy to pussy friction was so thrilling she had another orgasm. Each of the women took turns.
While one was scissored between her legs the other were kissing her deeply and caressing her very sensitive breasts. Her nipples were hard and aching for attention and when she told them to suck her nipples two women did just that, and that caused her to orgasm hard and long.

Jasmine was sexually exhausted and though she could not handle any more but she was wrong. The third woman no took her by the leash and led her to a big shower. Soon warm water was cascading over her naked body and the woman was soaping her all over. The gentle touch was so nice and the warm water almost put her to sleep. The she was turned to the wall and put her hands against it while her legs were spread wide again. The woman now pushed a hose into her ass and she felt warm water gushing into her. The hose was pulled out quickly and all the cum and water came up in a rush. Then the hose was pushed into her pussy. The lips were actually getting sore from all the rubbing and fucking.

Once she was cleaned out and cleaned off the woman led her back into the room where the women toweled her dry in a very soft tender manner. They then explained a little about the group and what was yet to come for her.

Tom then came over and took the leash and led her to a bed where he took off the leash and told her to rest.
She fell asleep shortly.

She had slept for several hours and when she woke she saw the other way over on the other side of the room.
They were all crowed around something she could not see. Her pussy was sore and so was her ass. She had not been used that hard ever and was a little unsure if she really liked that much fucking. Still she was intrigued by what was going on and so got up, put on a robe and walked over to see.
Nobody noticed her as they were all very interested in watching the woman tied up on the floor. She was tied with thick rope, which was wrapped around each tit very tight then down between her legs and pulled so tight that the rope bite into her pussy and actually was buried in it. The woman was twisting and moaning and Jasmine could not tell if she was in pain or pleasure.

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