Jasmine’s Vacation

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Jasmine’s VacationJasmine’s VacationThe day had finally come and Jasmine couldn’t be happier. First day of vacation and while it was just a simple little 3 day weekend, it was just enough time to get away and let all of life’s troubles disappear. Jasmine knew it would be temporary but still it was better than nothing. Work deadlines had been piling up and the demands of the job were getting heavier and heavier. On top of that dealing with family pressures were enough to make you go insane. She was just so excited to finally get away and have some alone time for a while.The car was all packed up and she couldn’t believe how much she was taking with her. She laughed at the idea of only being away for three days but packing for three weeks. But there is an outfit for every situation and on this trip who knew what was going to happen. She was determined to just be free and go with the flow. Nothing was going to slow her down from enjoying herself this weekend.The drive didn’t take long at all, two hours total. Just far enough away that nobody in that area would know her so she could let loose for a while. Didn’t hurt that she was jamming to 80’s music the whole way there. Funny how music can just take you away sometimes. She got checked into her room and just loved it. A corner suite was perfect with lots of space to move around and hopefully entertain with. She quickly got changed into a more attention grabbing outfit. Short just above the knee dress that was a little big with small spaghetti straps on top that at the right angles you could see her breast. Also didn’t hurt to totally forget about wearing a bra or panties with this as well. And to top it off a nice pair of wedges showing off her painted red toenails. She knew those always grabbed people attention. First item on the agenda was to grab some lunch. In her haste to get moving she had neglected to eat some breakfast and she was starving. Plus what better place to find potential guys but at a local brewpub that was nearby. When she entered the pub she could feel all eyes on her. The men were drooling and the women were either hating or drooling themselves as she walked in and sat at the bar. She sat down and immediately felt a jolt to her body. The cold seat on her bare bottom sent a shockwave through her that she rather enjoyed. She smiled knowing that there was going to be a nice spot on this bar stool once she left. She was already leaving her mark, she thought.She ordered and out of nowhere this guy came and sat down next to her. He introduced himself as Duane and offered to buy Jasmine a drink. She gladly accepted. He was very tall with short brown hair and brown eyes. Seemed to be in decent shape but not in the kind of shape that he was bragging to everyone about how many abs he has. She looked for a wedding band but didn’t see one. Didn’t mean he wasn’t married but at this point she didn’t really care either. He explained that he was in town for business and had just found this place for something to eat. To Jasmine that sounded like the perfect story. She explained to him that she was on vacation and had just arrived and was starving. Their food came and they enjoyed small talk about their jobs and the weather. He inquired as to her availability and she told him that she was single. She knew where this was going to lead and in her head she was ok with that. He asked her out to dinner later that night and she accepted beaming with anticipation. They finished their lunches and left. As she started to walk away she turned around and yep a nice wet spot on the stool. There was a look of pride on her face as she walked on.She made it back to her hotel room to begin getting ready for the night. She knew what she wanted but didn’t want to seem too desperate in wanting it. As she went through all her clothes she got even more excited. Laying there in a heap of dresses, bras, and panties she began to imagine his hands all over her. This got her to start exploring her body with her own hands. She slid off her panties and began to caress between her legs. She was as excited as she had been in a long time. She started to rub her clit in her favorite motion and began to moan slightly. She was imagining her finger as his tongue exploring all her sensitive spots. She could not believe how wet she was as she continued to pleasure herself. With the intensity growing she began to use two fingers and started to insert them into her pussy. To her it felt like she was diving into a cup of water. She changed positions as istanbul escort she got on her knees and hiked her ass to the sky. The rubbing of her pussy got faster and harder as she steadily built up her orgasm. Her knees started to give way as her body exploded with intense pleasure. She could feel her pussy squirting all over the bed and she came all over her fingers. As she laid there in a panting heap, moaning with pleasure, she began to lick her cum off her finger, something she did every time she played with herself. She loved how she tasted and hoped to someday taste another woman to see if it was just as good. That fantasy will have to wait for another time though. She had to get ready for her night out.She picked out a nice and simple black dress that showed her shoulders. The dress was knee length as she thought it would be appropriate. After all she didn’t want to look like a prostitute even though the thought of being one was a complete and total turn on. This time she did decide to wear a bra and panty set that she had never worn before. It was a red set full of lace and set itself off nice against the black outfit. If things went well tonight it would be a perfect match. She finished the outfit off with black stockings and a three inch black strappy heel. She thought, it’s a lot of black but hopefully the red gets a few peaks and sets off the colors the right way. Her red toenails were even visible through her stockings. He picked her up at the hotel and they drove to this very nice restaurant. She could tell it was very high class by how everyone was dressed in there. She wasn’t expecting this but it was a welcome surprise. She was dressed for the part at least so might as well act high society for a bit. She knew later she was going to be acting like low society anyways. Looking at the menu, most of the food she had never heard of but tried her best to act like she knew what was going on. She wasn’t that hungry really. She just wanted to get past the date part and get to the fun. She had to act like the lady though and again not seem so desperate. The conversation was like before during lunch where they talked about general life type things. Turns out he had gone to a nearby college and had graduated near the top of his class. He owned a very successful company and had done pretty well for himself it turned out. She really began to question as to why he was still on the market. After the main course and a few drinks for both of them the line of questioning began to get a little dirtier. She didn’t mind at all even though she played shy. He started off subtle by talking about his last relationship and how the sex was during it. He loved having sex with his ex and went into detail how he would perform oral on her for hours at a time. The idea of that to Jasmine was fascinating and she could feel her pussy start to tingle with the idea of it. She explained that she had never had that done for that length of time before and he just smiled. She knew what he was thinking. She quickly just came out with it and said that she wanted to get out of there and head back to the hotel. He wasn’t sure if that was a good or bad thing but agreed hoping that it was a good thing. When they arrived to the hotel she escorted him up to her room and made them a drink. She then kicked off her heels and sat across from him as they talked some more. The sexual tension in the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife. The question was, who would make the first move. She decided that in order to break the “first date/don’t know or want to offend” jitters it was going to take a little extra work. She pulled out a deck of cards and asked if he wanted to play a game of just standard poker. Between the drinks and cards, she could turn this into a fun night. They played a few hands and she decided it was time to see if he was up for a fun night. She said she wanted to up the ante on their playing. She handed him eight pieces of paper and told him to write on them something he wanted either him to do to her and her to do to him activities. His eyes got wide and asked if she was serious and she said absolutely as she started to write on her pieces of paper. She said it would start off as strip poker and after the 5th round of cards the loser had to draw from the winners pile and whatever was on that slip of paper had to be done. He couldn’t believe his ears but quickly began to write down some ideas he had. She told him this was no holds barred and zonguldak escort that anything goes. No limitations whatsoever. He agreed and they began to play.The first round starts and the sexual tension is at a new high. The cards are dealt and he ends up with a three of a kind and she ends up with only a pair. She has to lose some clothing. She takes off her stockings and as she does and runs them across her mouth and nose. Little does he know that her legs and feet turn her on as well. The second round starts and again she loses. Desperate and not wanting to be naked before he loses anything she just removes her necklace. He calls cheating but doesn’t fight to hard. The third round comes and he finally loses. He takes his shirt off and she is amazed at how chiseled he is. It was like a work of art. The 4th round comes and she loses yet again. This isn’t going her way. She relents and loses the dress. She is there sitting in her red bra and panties. The big fifth round comes and she is nervous. It didn’t take long to get her practically naked. It was frustrating and a turn on at the same time. Now she might be the first to have to perform something and who knows what he has written down. The fifth round starts and she is happy to see a pair of Aces right off the bat. On her discard she gets another and she knows she has a good chance of winning. Luckily she does and she immediately gets excited. He sighs and grabs her first piece of paper, “Suck on my toes for 1 minute straight”. He was shocked. Never had he had such a request before. She extended her leg towards him and he dropped down and stuck her toes in his mouth. She was immediately filled with ecstasy. Her body tingled all over as he darted his tongue in between her toes. She let out a little moan and that egged him on even more. He could see this was really getting her going. The minute expired and he stopped. She hated that he stopped and left her toes wet and yearning for more. The game continued….Round six begins and he loses. She gets exciting thinking about how bold he was before but all he loses is his shoes. Round seven is the same as he loses. But all he does is take off his socks. Round eight goes good for her as well and he loses but he uses her trick and just removes his watch. She knows there isn’t much for him to lose now. Feeling confident round nine begins and she loses with a nothing hand. She is bewildered as she has to lose something really intimate. The bra is the easy one to lose but she decides to shock him and stands up and removes her panties. She is standing in front of him wearing her red bra and nothing else. He takes in her entire look staring at her bare pussy with a slight glisten to it. She sits back down and spreads her legs halfway just to give him enough of a look, hoping it would distract him enough during the game. The big round ten begins and she hopes for the best. She knows he is distracted as he can’t stop looking between her legs. The cards and dealt and nothing again. She knows that she is done for. She loses and is terrified now as to what he has written down. “Go down the hall and get us each a drink from the hotel soda machine wearing whatever you have on”. Wow she thinks, that’s bold. She doesn’t want to chicken out so she gets up and walks right out the door and it closes behind her. She quickly walks down the hall and thankfully nobody there. She gets to the machine and quickly puts the coins in and begins to walk back. As she does her heart stops and hears a door up ahead open up. Out walks out a couple in their 50’s. Jasmine stops dead in her tracks and they see her. They are shocked to see this woman standing there in the hall only wearing her bra. They walk up to her and stop. The older man is just staring at her pussy. The lady speaks up and asks are you ok? Jasmine shyly says yes I’m fine. The lady replies ok good, hope you’re having fun and if you’re not swing by later and we can have some fun here too. She grabs her husband by the arm and they walk by. Jasmine can’t believe she just heard that. She chuckles and heads back to the room. When she arrives she finds her guy shocked to see she actually did it. He tells her there is no way he thought she would go through with it. She hands him the drink and says well if you think that’s something you’re in for a hell of night then. They decide to continue playing but both so turned on they can hardly stand it. Jasmine’s pussy is pulsating with excitement. It’s been bare and escort bayan open for all to see for a while now and it yearned to be touched. The next round begins and right off the bat he loses. Off comes his pants leaving him in nothing but his boxers. She can see he is rock hard through those boxers. She can’t wait to get her hands on it. So it’s a moment of truth time, each having one piece of clothing left. Both of them eager to take it off but not wanting to lose either. The next hand is drawn and he loses it to her straight. He stands up and removes his boxers and his rock hard cock is revealed. He has trimmed the hair around and it looks huge. She can hardly contain herself. She laughs a bit from winning and he quickly takes her bra off. The two of them standing naked in front of one another. She drops to her knees and begins to stroke his hard cock as he immediately begins to moan. She opens her mouth and takes the head of his cock in her mouth. It tastes and feels amazing to her. She hasn’t felt a guy this hard since high school. He grabs the back of her head and starts to slowly work her head over his cock. She loves the feeling of him being in control. She starts to wonder if she can take all of him in her mouth and quickly she finds out. He starts pushing her down on it and she gags on it quickly removing it as she coughs. She looks up at him and he says c’mon slut take it and thrusts his cock back in her mouth. It scares her a little but that turns her on even more. Determined to take all of him she dives down on his cock choking all the way on it. She holds on it and as she soon as she needs a breath she raises up off of it. She looks back up at him and smiles. She whispers to him, “Use me” and he begins to smile. He grabs a hold of her and tosses her on the bed with force. For a second she loses track of what is up and down. She suddenly feels his cock plunges into her pussy. It feels amazing and she screams with pleasure. He begins pounding her harder and harder. With each stroke in her she thinks he is going deeper inside of her. Every nerve ending between her legs is firing on all cylinders. He holds her shoulders down with both hands and continues to pound away at her pussy. It hurts but feels great at the same time. She feels her orgasm building up and knows that she is going to squirt all over him. Without warning she cums and it sprays all over his cock and pelvis. He is shocked but quickly realizes what has happens. He says, “I see you like to make a mess, I can’t wait to make a mess on you”. He continues to thrust his cock into Jasmine at a furious pace. He pulls out of her and looks at her. He commands her to bend over in which she does quickly without thinking. She feels a tinge of pain as all of a sudden she realizes he is fucking her ass. It’s been a long long time since someone ventured there and she wasn’t ready for it. The pain grows as he doesn’t wait and pushes harder and faster into her ass. It hurts badly but she doesn’t want him to stop, at least not at the moment. She begins to feel her eyes tear up as the pain is getting worse but she doesn’t want to chicken out with him. He tells her to take it up her ass like a good whore does and that is what she intends to do. The pain intensifies as he pounds her like he was with her pussy. She is straight up crying now and he is laughing at her for it. Luckily the pain starts to fade and the pleasure starts to come to her and she starts ramming her ass into it practically begging for more. This turns him on even more. The pressure in his balls starts building up as he knows he can’t hold it much longer. Jasmine feels that he is about to blow his load but continues to thrust herself into him even more. He starts to really moan and the moment has finally arrived. With a great thrust she feels her ass fill up with his cum. His spurts of cum seem to never end. She has never felt this much cum before and it really turns her on and she begins to have her own orgasm. She screams in ecstasy as her pussy floods with intense pleasure. She can feel her own cum coming out of her as well. He pulls out of her and they both collapse on the bed. As she lays there she can feel his cum running out of her ass and onto the bed but she doesn’t care. It’s not her bed after all. He is the first to move as he gets up from the bed. He quickly gets dressed as she lays there naked watching him. She smiles at him and asks if he enjoyed his time with her. He says of course and tells her that he hopes they can meet up again real soon. She gets up, still naked, and kisses him and tells him she hopes so too. They say their goodbyes as he leaves. She lays back down, cum still in her ass, and just smiles. Day 1 in the books. Can’t wait to see what is in store for Day 2.Stay tuned for Day 2 coming soon……..

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