Subject: Jason Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction that involves graphic sexual acts. Names, characters, places, events and incidents are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Remember, your donations allow everyone to enjoy this and other stories. Please consider a donation to fty/donate.html) Jason The Smart family lived in an attractive area of a large town with good local amenities — shops, a library and a large park with sporing facilities. The parents were busy people who travelled for work quite a lot. The Father was a barrister and appeared in Courts around the country and the Mother ran a national charity which also involved her in considerable travelling. This meant that the children, brothers Eddie and Jason, had become increasingly self-reliant and now that they were both in College were regarded by their parents as old enough and responsible enough to be left more or less to look after themselves. Eddie the elder brother was tall, dark haired and had an athletic build while his younger brother Jason was shorter with fairer hair and more lithe than muscular. Both boys had done well at school but had transferred to the local College for their post-16 education and had a large pool of friends and acquaintances dating back to their primary school years. Both brothers enjoyed the freedom that they had both in terms of their schooling and their homelife and made the most of it. It was early one Thursday afternoon when Jason let himself into his family home quietly. Since he had been attending the local Sixth Form College where his elder brother Eddie was also a student, he had no fixed time for coming home, but this particular day he was earlier than usual. He started up the stairs towards the area of the house that he and Eddie shared. Eddie was less than two years older than his brother and the pair had always been close. When the family moved into this house, the brothers had arranged the rooms so that they each had a separate study area, an area for relaxing and a third area for sleeping in. As Jason approached the door to their quarters he heard Eddie’s voice, “Is that you, Jase?” Jason responded in the affirmative and went into the room where Eddie was lying on the sofa completely naked and playing with his rock hard cock. The younger brother moved closer, knelt down and took the erect penis into his mouth skilfully using his lips to roll back the foreskin and expose the sensitive glans and bringing a sigh of pleasure from Eddie, who turned onto his side and indicated that he wanted the younger teen to strip off as well. In hardly a moment Jason was as naked as his brother. There was one significant difference between the two of them as when he was much younger, Jason had suffered from a series of urinary infections and the doctor had decided that the best course of treatment was circumcision. Over the years this difference between the two brothers had become a source of mutual interest and fascination. When they showered together Jason watched in fascination as Effie peeled his foreskin back off the end of his dick until he looked almost, but not quite, the same as his brother. Eddie for his part enjoyed the velvety silky and spongy feel of his brother’s circumcised prick. Both the brothers were keen sportsmen although of the two Eddie was the more accomplished, whereas Jason was academically stronger. Eddie captained the school football team and Jason won prizes in his academic work. Their parents were genuinely pleased by their success. As the older of the two Eddie had started wanking some time before his brother but had not hidden the fact from him and together they had enjoyed many intimate moments exploring each other. Once Jason could produce spunk the two boys had become regular wank buddies. Eddie encouraged his brother to experiment and, even before the younger sibling could do more than produce a dry orgasm, he had sucked the exposed head of Jason’s pricklet between his lips and then encouraged him to reciprocate. Although initially neither had ever said anything about it, it was clear that both boys had enjoyed experiences with other people, although in the end they did began to confide in each other and derived as much pleasure in telling each other of their experiences as they had from the experiences themselves. In this regard, as the elder, it was Eddie that had enjoyed rather more encounters than his younger brother. For his part, Jason had become very friendly with a boy at his old school, who had become his tennis partner and he had enjoyed several mutual wanks with Chris Thomas in the quiet toilets in the basement of the school’s science block. Chris had left school as soon as he was allowed and was now working at a local garage and the two had therefore had fewer opportunities to meet but still managed to catch up with each other most weekends. Eddie, on the other hand, was very friendly with a fellow member of the football team called Ricky Poole and they had spent several happy times orally exploring each other’s cocks. In addition, Eddie had recently made the acquaintance of a young man some five years older than himself called Paul Goldman who was the son of a man who ran a number of newsagents around the area. They had first come into contact when Eddie was browsing the `top shelf’ items in the store where Paul was the manager. He had watched the teenager, who he knew only by sight to be a local resident, for several minutes before he wandered over and stood beside the youngster and introduced himself. Paul was delighted when Eddie shook hands and gave him his name in response. Noting that the youngster was looking at an obviously gay magazine, Paul asked whether Eddie might be interested in some items that were not on display and suggested that he return just about closing time. Intrigued by the invitation Eddie had returned to the newsagents and was admitted through the shop and into the back store room once the main door was securely locked. Paul Goodman showed the teenager a `hard core’ gay magazine and noticed at once that it was having a very desirable effect. The front of Eddie’s jeans began to show very clear signs of his excitement and the shop manager reached across and grabbed hold of the hardening shaft through the material. Eddie responded by rubbing his hand over Paul’s erection and, within less than a minute, both dicks were fully exposed and the teenager licked his lips at the sight of the older man’s circumcised dick and knelt down and eagerly sucked it between his lips. Paul offered vocal encouragement as his new friend demonstrated a remarkable talent for cock sucking and wondered aloud where Eddie had developed the technique that was sending such waves of pleasure through his brother. Keen not istanbul travesti to peak too soon, Paul eased the horny teenager’s mouth off his prick and reciprocated by sucking Eddie’s cock which was already wet with pre cum into his mouth. Keen not to be deprived of his prize the teenager manoeuvred himself into a position that enable each of the sexy youngsters to suck the other. Neither lasted very long and they each enjoyed the taste of the other’s warm cum as it spurted out of their piss slit and swallowed the nectar with relish. “Wow, thanks for that! I hadn’t expected such a session!” exclaimed Paul. “Who taught you to suck cock so well?” Caught off guard, Eddie replied immediately, “No, I should thank you. I loved sucking you beautiful dick. My younger brother’s cock is like yours and I suck him regularly.” Paul refrained from enquiring why the younger brother was circumcised while Eddie was not and Eddie made no comment about Paul’s circumcision as he already knew that his family was Jewish. The shop manager could not resist asking whether the teenagers had other friends with whom they indulged their sexual interests. Paul was not too surprised when Eddie said that they did and he smiled as a thought struck him that an orgy involving several horny teenagers and himself and one of his close friends would be really exciting. The shop manager also had another thought but decided not to pursue it on that occasion as it was getting late and his parents were expecting him home. Paul ushered Eddie towards the door and, just before the teenager left, he squeezed the bulge in Eddie’s jeans and said, “I hope you enjoyed this evening and please keep the magazine. Come round and see me anytime, I’d love a repeat performance and maybe we could talk about a few other things as well.” Eddie nodded enthusiastically, “I’d love to do that. I’ll pop in soon and arrange another date. Thanks for the magazine. See you soon.” Eddie went home as quickly as he could, he couldn’t wait to relate this recent experience to his younger brother. As soon as he got back and found Jason, Eddie showed him the magazine that Paul had given him and told him all about what had gone on in the store room at the back of the newsagents. The effect was as expected and Jason’s dick was rock hard and tenting his jeans. Eddie unzipped his younger brother and greedily took his rampant tool into his mouth and began to slurp up and down the shaft and licking the underside of the cock with his talented tongue. The younger teen began to face-fuck his elder brother and moaned with pleasure as he pumped his length in and out of the warm, welcoming mouth. Eddie was wanking his cock vigorously pulling his foreskin back and forth over his sensitive head and moaning each time his brother’s cock raked across his tongue. Both teenagers were so horny that neither could last very long and it was not long before Jason unloaded several volleys of his creamy cum into his brother’s mouth, an event that caused Eddie’s piss slit to widen and fire several spurts of cum into the air before they splattered onto the carpet. After they recovered from their orgasms, the two youngsters discussed the possibility of both of them meeting up with Paul, who sounded as though he was someone with whom they would enjoy having a sexual encounter. For his part, Paul was thinking and planning much the same thing but on a bigger scale. He telephoned two of his best friends who were fellow shop managers in the small parade of shops where he worked. They had come together as rivals in that each of the three was anxious to demonstrate to their parents that they were excellent businessmen and could generate the largest profit. Samir Ali, who was a couple of years younger than Paul, ran a corner shop which sold most household items some of which overlapped slightly with the newsagent’s offerings, whilst Michael Karamides, the youngest of the trio, ran a fast food outlet that catered for the tastes of local teenagers, such as Eddie, Jason and their friends from College, and the older clientele after the pubs closed. The rivalry was intense but generally friendly and all three had quickly discovered that they had a shared sexual interest and had enjoyed a number of sessions in a warehouse owned by Ali’s family. Paul told his two friends about his session with Eddie and then went on to suggest that he might try to persuade him to come to one of the `parties’ they held in the warehouse. He added that he would also indicate that he would be more than happy if the teenager brought his younger brother and any other of their friends along as well so that they could have a real orgy. The other two were more than happy with his suggestion and knew by sight the two teenagers and several other possible invitees among the frequent visitors to their shops. They speculated over which if any of these might be chosen by Eddie and Jason before the discussion turned on the best date to hold the event. After some debate it was decided that the end of the following week would be most suitable for them and so it was left to Paul to broach the subject with the older teenager the next time they met. If Paul had expected to see Eddie he was disappointed because the next Smart brother to enter the shop was Jason. At the time there were several customers waiting to be served so the teenager spent a short while pretending to browse the latest periodicals. Paul kept half an eye on the attractive teenager. Had the shop been empty he would have suggested that they go into the storeroom and have some fun, but this was his busiest time of the day and he knew that it would not be possible. Once the shop was empty of the current round of customers, Jason walked up to the counter and smiled at Paul as he whispered, “Eddie told me about what happened the other day.” Paul was taken off guard and unsure how to respond but finally answered, “Did he, really?” “Yeah, but don’t worry. I enjoyed him telling me and, although he doesn’t know I’m here, I’m sure we’d both be interested in meeting you privately again.” “Funny you should say that, I was hoping Eddie would be interested but I’ve got an even better suggestion. I have a friend who has access to a large warehouse and intends to hold a party there at the end of next week. I was wondering if you and Eddie could round up a few of your most discreet friends and bring them along. I’m sure you would have a great time. “That sounds great. I’m sure we’d love to attend and I’ll see what I can do to persuade a few others to come along as well. Where is the warehouse and what time next week?” “I’ll confirm the arrangements with either you or your brother in a day or two.” “OK. Thanks.” The conversation was concluded just in time because a group of new customers came into the kadıköy travesti store and so Jason left the shop as quickly as he could and headed home. As soon as they were alone in the room they used as a study, the younger brother told Eddie what had happened and the agreement he had reached with Paul. The brothers spend some time discussing who among their friends they could trust enough to invite to the proposed party. Eventually they decided to approach their friends Chris and Ricky and sound them out. Over the next couple of days tentative overtures were made to the other boys and both had agreed readily to attend the party. Eddie was able to inform Paul that he and his brother would each bring one other person which would mean four guests in all. Although the quartet was looking forward to going to the warehouse party, they also had been in discussion about what they might do together in the summer holidays. Chris was the only person actually working and so his time was the most precious and his availability most restricted. He had managed to negotiate a two week break in July before the end of the school term. Ricky also was restricted as to when he could go but that particular time slot suited him as well. As far as Jason and Eddie were concerned they were happy to fit in with the others and so they had agreed to the dates. The next big decision was where to go and they had not yet agreed on a destination. In the end they decided to leave that issue on one side until after the party. After he had spoken to Jason, Paul had contacted his two friends and brought them up to date. Samir confirmed the availability of the warehouse and they discussed the preparations they would make to ensure that everything went smoothly. They also discussed whether they should invite any other people as well but decided in the end not to do so on this occasion. The following day, the young newsagent passed the word on to Eddie that all was now in place and told him the address. It was not that far away and the quartet of guests could cycle there in a relatively short time. As the week went on the horny teenagers began to feel increasingly excited. Daytime Saturday was almost unbearable but soon the time to leave rolled round and the quarter met at an agreed rendezvous and cycled the short distance to the industrial estate where the warehouse was situated in an obscure corned. Paul had seen them riding into the area and opened the doors so that they could wheel their bicycles inside and then showed them through to the large storage area. The teenagers immediately recognised Michael and Samir although until then they did not know their names. Little time was wasted as the party began to break into groups. Paul moved close to Jason and reached out to fondle his bulging tight jeans; Michael did likewise with Ricky and Samir was similarly engaged with Eddie and Chris. After a few minutes it was clear that nobody was finding what they were doing in the least bit objectionable and it was suggested that perhaps they should make themselves more comfortable. Paul unzipped Jason’s jeans and reached inside to grasp the rock hard shaft that was filling his tight underwear; Jason lifted his t-shirt over his head and threw it onto the floor and then reciprocated by groping his partner’s erection. Keen to explore each other more easily it took little time before the pair were completely naked and Paul dropped to his knees and took Jason’s prick between his lips and sucked it into his warm welcoming mouth, bringing a gasp of delight from the horny teenage. Anxious not to climax too quickly Jason tapped his partner on the shoulder and indicated that he wished to change places and he slurped Paul’s short, fat, circumcised cock head into his mouth and began to lick up and down the shaft and tongue the piss slit. He was rewarded with several globules of pre cum which he used, along with his saliva, to slick up the full length of the rock hard shaft and spongy head. Paul was taken aback by the skill the teenager was displaying and, in between moans of pleasure, he gave an encouraging running commentary, “Mmmm, oh yes! That’s great! Suck my dick. Your lips and tongue are sooo talented! Take it deep inside your lovely mouth.” Jason was bobbing up and down his partner’s prick and was using his free hands to explore further, firstly squeezing the ball sack and then moving further until he found the tight entrance to Paul’s love channel. Hesitating for only a few seconds the teenager pushed his fingers inside and found the sensitive spot inside and brought a shiver and throb from the rock hard cock and an even louder groan of pleasure from the older man, who pulled out of Jason’s mouth and gasped as he handed over some lube , “Turn me over and fuck me!!” Needing no second invitation the teenager did as requested and greased the hole and his rampant tool and, having put on a condom, pushed inside Paul’s love tunnel. Jason’s prick slid deeper inside and the soon began to push in and out as his partner tightened his arse muscles to increase the pleasure that both were feeling. The horny newsagent offered futher encouragement to the horny teenager, “Go deeper. Fuck my tight hole!! Fuck me hard!!” Jason began to piston in and out of the welcoming hole and was beginning to lose his self- control as he felt his balls begin to tighten and waves of pleasure washed through his body and concentrated their energy on his prick. Unable to hold back the teenager gasped out, “I’m cumming!!” Paul used his muscles to grip the shaft of his partner’s cock as tightly as he could and he felt the final moments as the spunk made its way up the shaft and felt the series of throbs as the tide of creamy cum splattered deep inside his guts. Jason’s cock began to soften and become sensitive and it slipped out of the hole and he directed a smile of thanks aimed at Paul, who, he realised had yet to unload. The teenager slid down and took the older man’s dick into his mouth and sucked it with great enthusiasm determined to produce a satisfying orgasm. Jason’s head bobbed up and down with increasing speed and suction and had the desired effect. Paul had been close to shooting his load before the teenager started sucking and the mixture of skill and enthusiasm quickly brought him to the edge and over. He unleashed several volleys of ball cream into Jason’s mouth and the horny youngster eagerly swallowed every drop. Both Paul and Jason were almost so overcome that they could not speak but just sat side by side smiling warmly and sighing with relief and pleasure. Finally, when they had recovered enough they thanked each other for the pleasure they had received and then turned their attention to watch the activity taking place in other parts of the room. Not far away from then, bakırköy travesti Samir and his two partners were engaged in a sucking train and Michael was sliding up and down on his partner’s rampant cock. Eddie was enjoying sucking Samir’s long, dark, circumcised cock and using the many skills he had learnt from sucking his brother. Meanwhile the shopkeeper was swallowing Chris’ uncut cock and licking the sensitive areas around the exposed glans, while in turn the teenage was slurping up and down Eddie’s dick and nibbling the foreskin every now and then. The area of the room around the trio was filled with the sound of moans and groans of pleasure as lips and tongues worked their magic on each other’s erections. Every now and again a loud pop would fill the air as sucking lips released the engorged head they were sucking before returning to work their lips up and down the shaft or suck the heavy cum-filled balls. After several minutes the trio changed partners and the ritual began again. Chris, like Eddie, had experienced sucking a cut cock as he had already had the pleasure of servicing Jason’s prick and Samir was no stranger to uncut cocks and knew how best to create the maximum pleasure in a partner. Occasionally, the trio would look around to observe the action taking place in the other parts of the room before renewing their own activity with renewed energy and enthusiasm. Chris was the first to lose control and Samir and Eddie lay either side of his rampant cock as the teenager wanked his shaft. Chris groaned as the ensuing orgasm overtook him and he shot ropes of cum into the air that landed on his chest and he watched as his partners eagerly licked the creamy liquid. Samir and Eddie knelt up and vigorously wanked their cocks and aimed their widening piss slits at Chris’s face. Breathing heavily and loudly they cried out in unison as both of them reached their climax simultaneously and drenched their horny teenage partner with a tsunami of ball cream. Chris scooped up some of the spunk and made a cocktail in the palm of his hand which he licked into his mouth and smiled happily as it tasted soo good. He generously offered some to his partners who happily tongued it into their mouths. Paul gasped, “Mmm. Thanks, that is sooo good!!” Eddie happily endorsed the assertion and Chris smiled contentedly as he too joined with his companions in acknowledging the success of the experience. While the first two groups had been active, the third had not been idle. Michael had wasted no time in unzipping and undressing his partner and he had encouraged Ricky to reciprocate. For a moment or two they admired each other’s uncut cocks before the older man knelt down and took the teenager’s cock into his mouth and rolled back his foreskin and began to tease the sensitive head and piss slit with his tongue. Michael’s plan was simple: he loved to be fucked and this horny teenager with a long thin cock would be what he hoped would be the first of several that would invade his love channel. Anxious not to overexcite Ricky, the Greek Cypriot asked him to lie back and then he lowered his arse onto his face and instructed the teenager to lick is hole. After a few tentative attempts, Ricky got into the swing of things and soon was eating Michael’s hole with growing enthusiasm. The older man moaned with delight and ensured that his partner was kept hard by using his hands to wank the shaft and play with his nipples. When he deemed the time was right Michael found the condom that he had laid close by and rolled it over the horny teen’s rampant tool. Deftly the older man changed places and positioned Ricky so that he was directly in line with the entrance to his hole and urged the teenager to enter him. Hoping that he would not find the whole experience too overwhelming Ricky moved slowly forward and felt the head of his cock push through the welcoming entrance and go deeper inside his willing partner. Feeling the cock inside him led Michael to let out a sigh of satisfaction and he urged the youngster to push in harder and deeper until he felt Ricky’s ball sack slap against his arse cheeks and then instructed him to withdraw until only the cock head was inside. Always a quick learner the teenager knew instinctively what was required and began a slow but steady assault on the love channel aware that he was almost at the point of no return with each penetrating thrust. Michael could see that Ricky was not going to last and gripped the shaft with his arse muscles and waited as the pressure in the youngster’s balls became so great he could no longer hold his climax in check. Breathing hard and fast Ricky shouted out, “Oh God, yesssssss!!!!” Michael felt the throbbing explosion inside him and grinned up at his partner and said, “That was great. Was it your first time? If so, you did brilliantly.” “Yes”, came the rasping reply. Michael sat up and asked Ricky to finish him off with his mouth, something the teenager was more than willing to do and after only a few seconds of oral stimulation he was rewarded with a mouthful of warm spunk which he swallowed with relish. Seven temporarily exhausted guys rested around the room, but the memory of what they had just done was kore than enough to encourage life back into their bodies in general and their cocks in particular. During the course of the next few hours everyone had the chance to engage with the others and Jason, having discovered the delights of fucking, proceeded to bury his prick into any willing love channel. Michael, who loved to be fucked, was more than pleased when he found himself being arse fucked by Jason and face fucked by his brother. To the Greek Cypriot’s delight, Jason reached his orgasm before his brother and Eddie was invited to take his place and deliver his load deep inside Michael’s bowels as he wanked himself to completion. Paul, Samir, Chris and Ricky had also enjoyed an ever changing round of partners and activities that had led them too to final exhausting climaxes. Balls empty, the seven participants expressed thanks to Samir for providing such a great venue and then to each other for the amazing and exciting evening they had all enjoyed. Samir and Paul accepted the thanks and expressed the hope that they could all do it again sometime soon. The proposal was greeted with enthusiasm and Paul added, “And maybe we could find a few more participants as well!” The others nodded their agreement to the suggestion although none had many ideas at that point. Before they left to go home Paul walked over to Eddie and Jason and said in a whisper, “Before you go, I’d like a word. I have a little proposition to put to you, but not here and not now. Pop into the shop tomorrow and we can talk then.” Intrigued, the brothers agreed and left. At home they speculated as to what Paul wanted that he could not talk about in front of the others. The following day, they would find out. To be continued…? If you liked this story and even if you didn’t please let me ail You can read my other stories under Steve Rose in the authors listing.

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