Subject: Jason – 6 Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction that involves graphic sexual acts. Names, characters, places, events and incidents are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Remember, your donations allow everyone to enjoy this and other stories. Please consider a donation to fty/donate.html) Jason — 6 When Jason returned to his companions he was greeted with a degree of coldness as he had been expected back several hours earlier. However, after he had told the story of his encounter in the town there was some degree of understanding, not to say envy. After they had heard Jason’s story, Chris and Ricky announced that they also had some news of their own to pass on to Jason. Chris grinned as he spoke, “I hope that you’ve still got plenty of spunk left, Jason, as Ricky and I have wangled us an invite to a beach party tonight.” The teenager sent on to explain that while Eddie was of playing his regular beach volleyball game, they had started chatting to a couple of young lads who had admired their developing tans as well as their physique, something that had been reciprocated by himself and Ricky. It was a bit too public for anything to develop, but the conversation moved on to the question of what was happening that evening, the newcomers who introduced themselves as Nico and George had said that they had heard that there was to be a party further along the beach later that night. From what was said, it became clear to Chris and Ricky that the party was a free for all with everyone welcome to attend. As they prepared to move on, George had gently and discreetly rubbed his hand up Chris’ leg and said, “The party’s going to be great and remember it’s going to be like Vegas, what happens on the beach, stays on the beach! See you later!” Eddie had already been told about the invitation and he was enthusiastic about going and so was genuinely pleased when his younger brother assured the group that he would be more than able to deliver his fair share of spunk later that evening, adding that he hoped the party might possibly offer another chance to see Omar. When the quartet made their way towards the party the bar that employed Omar was still open and full of customers but there was no sign of him there which raised some hope that he had left early to attend the party. It took another twenty minutes before the teenagers saw the first signs of any activity and it soon became clear that the invitations had been liberally offered to any youngster — male or female — in the resort. There were scores of revellers spread out over a large area of sand and sights and sounds of sexual activity could be heard from all directions. Led by Chris and Ricky the four friends moved deeper among the guests and eventually they were spotted and George came over to greet them, “Oh good, you’ve arrived and brought your other two friends with you. In case you don’t know or can’t remember I’m George. My friend Nico has already found himself a partner for the evening and has gone off with him somewhere, so I’m your host for tonight.” Eddie and Jason introduced themselves and George led them away from the largest group and towards a quieter area where a number of young men were already engaged in drinking and flirting. Once they reached the group, George introduced the four teenagers by name and then smiled broadly and added, “OK guys time to enjoy ourselves!” The four teenagers soon found themselves separated from each other. George led Chris off in one direction and then several of the other partygoers hooked up with the other three and took them in other directions. Finding a convenient sand dune nearby George leant against the bank and moved his hand onto Chris’ crotch and began to rub his cock through the material of his shorts bringing a loud sigh of pleasure from young man. This was all the encouragement that George needed and he quickly released his younger partner’s dick from its confines and took the rapidly hardening tool between his lips. George prided himself on his oral skills and had not only brought Chris to full hardness but had used his lips and tongue to fully expose the teenager’s uncut head. Chris moaned again as the horny youngster sucking his cock teased all his most sensitive areas and lapped pre cum from his piss slit. Wishing to prolong the encounter, the older man released the cock he was sucking and pushed Chris down onto his knees and offered his own large, uncut dick for the youngster to suck. As he worked his tongue and lips all around the rock hard shaft and balls, the horny teen demonstrated that he was no stranger to cock sucking and had considerable skill. George held the back of Chris’ head and began to face fuck him, sliding his long tool deep along the licking tongue and into his throat. The first hard thrust caused Chris to gag, but he quickly recovered and began to manage the situation and take an increasing amount of his partner’s dick further and further into his more than willing mouth and throat. In between thrusts and moans of pleasure George urged his young partner on, `”That’s it, suck my big dick! Slide it in and out of your beautiful sexy lips, mouth and throat!” The response from Chris was to redouble his efforts and he was disappointed when George suddenly pulled out of his mouth and gasped that he was not ready to shoot just yet and suggested that they both calm down before a second round of mutual pleasure. When he judged that they were both ready, George moved Chris into the `69′ position and the two youngsters greedily took each other’s prick deep into their warm and welcoming mouth. This time they each knew there would be no turning back and istanbul travesti they both tried to provide maximum pleasure as they teased the sensitive areas, gently squeezed each other’s balls and fingered their partner’s hole. Chris could feel he was close to the edge and broke off momentarily from sucking George to shout out in delight as his spunk shot out of his widened piss slit in several spurts and into his partner’s mouth and throat. This proved to be the trigger for George who, moments later, reciprocated with his own creamy cum which he fired onto the younger boy’s lapping tongue and down into Chris’ stomach. Meanwhile in a different part of the beach Eddie found himself being propositioned by a man in his mid-twenties who did not introduce himself but simply said to the teenager, “Come along I want you to fuck my tight hole! I love young teenage spunk inside me.” The pair soon found a suitable spot and without much ado the stranger undressed Eddie and then encouraged the horny youth to reciprocate. Once naked, the couple spent a short while exploring each other and Eddie was a little disappointed to find that the older man’s uncut cock was very small. On the other hand, the older man purred with delight at the teenager’s rampant cock and gently sucked it into his mouth and then, after a few minutes, knelt down on the sand and invited Eddie to rim him and open up the entrance to his love channel. As he used his tongue to probe the entrance and lubricate it with his saliva, the teenager reached around and took hold of his partner’s small cock and began to wank it. Eddie was relieved when this action allowed him to squeeze out some pre cum to add extra lubrication to the older man’s hole. Eventually and after some effort, the horny youngster managed to insert two fingers inside and ease the puckered entrance open wide enough, he hoped, for his cock to slide in. The older man seemed satisfied with Eddie’s efforts and instructed the teenager to lie flat on the sand and then he held the youngster’s engorged dick in position as he slowly lowered himself onto it. There was just a small amount of resistance before the head of Eddie’s prick passed inside and the older man paused to grip the teenager’s glans tightly with his surprisingly strong muscles for a moment or two. Once the stranger was ready and both he and his partner were comfortable the older man lowered himself fully down the teenager’s rock hard cock until it was completely inside him. Eddie felt his shaft twitch and his partner shudder with excitement as he began slowly to lift himself up until only the engorged head was inside him. The older man knew just how to create the maximum amount of friction and yet still retain control over the speed and timing of the action. As his partner slid down his prick, Eddie’s instinct took over and he began to thrust up to meet him causing both parties to sigh with pleasure, especially when the invading cock teased the stranger’s prostate. Gradually the speed of the sliding and thrust grew more intense and Eddie was moaning loudly as his inevitable climax built up to the point at which he knew he could no longer hold back. The stranger recognised the signs and firmly gripped the throbbing shaft like a vice and was rewarded with an intense and abandoned climax that filled his inside with warm teenage spunk and which was accompanied by a loud ecstatic cry of pleasure from the teenager. Eddie fought hard to regain control of his breathing and lay close to his partner who was furiously wanking his short stubby cock and growling as he reached his own climax and fired a copious amount of ball juice into the air and onto his chest and stomach. The horny teen leant over and greedily licked the creamy cum into his eager mouth and then, with a degree of suddenness that surprised him, the older stranger stood up, thanked the teenager for a great time and disappeared into the night, leaving Eddie on his own. Meanwhile Ricky had found himself in the company of a young teenager not much older than himself. He introduced himself as Ian before the pair spent a short while getting to know each other. Ricky squeezed the front of Ian’s tight shorts and removed them to reveal a long, thin, uncut cock with the foreskin already completely rolled back off the glans. Ricky grinned at Ian and licked his lips in anticipation of spending some time sucking the fine specimen of manhood. When Ian had removed Ricky’s clothing, he also admired the other teenager’s dick and also spent a short while caressing the youngster’s arse cheeks before he blurted straight out, “You have a beautiful arse, I hope you’re a bottom, because I want to fuck you!” Ian did not wait for a reply but directed Ricky towards a secluded cave and went inside. There was a soft sandy floor and a small but quite wide ledge at the back of the cave and Ian sat down with his legs wide open and indicated that he wanted Ricky to kneel in front of him and suck the rock hard cock that was standing proud and erect from his groin. Ricky was more than happy to oblige and to demonstrate his acquired skill in that area. He started by licking the length of the dick from ball sack to tip and then down again and taking the horny older teenager’s balls into his mouth and slurping all around them. Ian was moaning and groaning with delight and these sounds of satisfaction increased as Ricky used his tongue to tease his partner’s sensitive areas and especially his piss slit and lap up the pre cum that was oozing out of it. After a while Ian took hold of the back of the kneeling teen’s head and began to push it down so that Ricky was forced to take more of the rampant shaft into his mouth and throat. After a kadıköy travesti few moments Ian brought the action to a stop and pulled out indicating that he was getting too close to cumming. The two changed roles and the older teen remained seated but asked his younger friend to stand directly in front of him and he took Ricky’s cock into his mouth and worked his fingers around to gain access to the youngster’s hole. It was clear that Ian was more enthusiastic than skilful at sucking cock and Ricky began to wonder how much experience the other teen actually had and reached the conclusion that the answer was `probably not much’. Ian quickly tired of sucking Ricky’s cock and suggested that the younger teenager should turn round so that he could rim his hole and lube it sufficiently to allow his prick to enter the younger teen’s love channel. To his surprise, Ricky found that Ian’s rimming technique was more polished than any of his other activities and he sighed and moaned as the older teenager’s tongue and pre cum covered fingers opened up his hole. Once both parties agreed that he was ready, Ricky was directed to lie back on the ledge and Ian lifted his partner’s legs over his shoulders and then lined up the tip of his rock hard cock against the entrance to the youngster’s love tunnel. Slowly and carefully, Ian slid his dick inside his partner’s hole and once the head had passed inside the entrance, he paused before continuing his invasion. Ricky nodded to indicate that he was comfortable and ready so Ian began to fuck him slowly at first but steadily increasing the speed of his thrusts as he went deeper inside the welcoming hole. The sound of Ian’s thighs slapping against Ricky’s arse cheeks echoed around the cave where it was joined by the older teen’s groans of effort and Ricky’s sighs of pleasure as his prostate reacted to being teased by each inward and outward thrust. Due to excitement and lack of experience, Ian was all action and little control and it became very clear to Ricky that his teenage partner was not going to last long and would reach his orgasm very quickly. He was right because within moments, Ian threw his head back and shouted, “Oh fuck. Yeah!! I’m cumming!!” In response, Ricky tightened his muscles, gripped Ian’s rock hard shaft and felt the intense pulsation as his partner emptied his warm teen love juice deep inside his hole. Ian slumped forward on top of Ricky as he tried to recover from his climax and quickly realised that his partner was wanking his own cock with vigour. The older teenager moved so that he could lay his head on Ricky’s stomach as close as possible to the rampant tool and watched the fast moving hand that was bringing his younger partner ever closer to orgasm. Noting Ricky’s grunts of effort and his rasping fast breathing, Ian opened his mouth as an invitation to the horny teen to direct his spunk onto his waiting tongue. Moments later, Ian was rewarded with several large gobbets of warm spunk that splattered out from Ricky’s piss slit and onto his partner’s nose, lips and tongue. The older teen swallowed as much of the creamy cum as he could but also offered some to Ricky who eagerly took it into his mouth and then leaned down and used his tongue to clean up the remaining ball juice from Ian’s face. For several moments after that, the two exhausted teenagers lay back to complete their recovery before Ian broke the silence, “Wow that was awesome!!” Ricky nodded in agreement and then the pair got dressed and returned to the area of the beach where the main party was beginning to break up. When he had first arrived at the party, Jason had hoped that he would see Omar, so he walked around for a while looking, but there was no sign of him. He was on the point of wondering what to do next when someone tapped him on the shoulder and from behind him a voice with a London accent said, “Alright, mate? I just saw you and thought to myself he looks a bit of a stunner.” Jason turned and was confronted by a broad smile and looked into the face of a young black man of about twenty. The stranger went on, “I’m Adam to my friends and I thought that perhaps you would agree with me that chocolate and vanilla with two portions of cream was just the job for a night like this. What do you think?” Although Jason knew several West Indian boys from school and college, he had never had much luck in hooking up with any of them, most of whom were, or pretended to be, straight. Neither he nor Eddie, his brother, who had seen several of the black kids in his football team, had any racial prejudice, their parents had inculcated their own liberal values and sense of tolerance into their children and the two brothers instinctively shared those views. Therefore, without hesitation, Jason accepted Adam’s offer, keen to see whether rumours about the size of black dicks was true but even more pleased to have found someone to party with. As Adam guided his new friend to a small inlet with a degree of shelter, he told the teenager more about himself. He explained that Adam was the name his friends used as he had a long family name that was too much for most people and he was unhappy with his Ghanaian first name of Kwame so had always used his second name. In addition, Adam explained that he hoped the teenager wouldn’t mind but he was not really into anal sex, much preferring to suck and be sucked, although he did not mind a bit of rimming and sometimes, if he was in the mood, a fingering. Jason, after his encounter of earlier in the day, was more than happy to accept the restriction and said so. Once comfortably established in their location Adam drew Jason close to him and started to kiss him, forcing his tongue between the bakırköy travesti teenager’s lips and engaging in a bout of tongue jousting with his partner. This was a prelude to a slow and sensual undressing process which began with the removal of t-shirts that was then promptly followed by a second round of kissing. Eventually, Adam broke away from his partner’s mouth and began to kiss his way down Jason’s body, paying particular attention to the horny youngster’s erect nipples and bringing a moan of delight from the teenager, who responded by mimicking his partner’s actions. Adam’s skin was smooth and silky and Jason worked his mouth down his chest and top of the stomach until his mouth level with his shorts. The randy teen leaned forward and kissed the cloth covered wet patch where pre cum had leaked and created a wet patch at the tip of the older man’s obvious erection This action brought a moan from Adam and this encouraged Jason to release the dick from its prison. There was enough light from the moon for the excited teen to admire the exposed cock. Adam was obviously circumcised and the velvety dark skin of his shaft was complemented by a lighter shade at the spongy head. Jason, who found the look amazingly sexy looked, up and grinned broadly at the older man and said, “Oh yes! That is soo, soo sexy!!” Adam stopped Jason’s effort to take the prick immediately into his mouth and indicated that he wanted to see his partner’s naked body before anything further action took place. It was clear that the older man was not disappointed when he saw Jason’s rock hard circumcised cock and the sight led Adam to exclaim, “Wow, what a beauty!! I can’t wait to get that between my lips!” Initially the couple lay on the soft sand with Jason on top of Adam with their dicks grinding together between them and oozing pre cum onto each other’s stomach. Adam was clearly in charge and rolled out from under the teenager and took Jason’s rock hard tool in his hand and leaned down so that he could lick the head and taste the pre cum that was flowing freely from the teenager’s piss slit. Pushing the cock flat against Jason’s stomach, the older man used his lips and tongue to lick and kiss his way down to his partner’s balls and then back up to the tip before taking just the head into his mouth and swirling his tongue around it. The sight of his pale cock disappearing inside Adam’s mouth caused Jason to feel waves of pleasure pass through his body as the talented older man used all his skill to create maximum sensation in the horny youngster’s most sensitive areas. Knowing that if this went on for much longer he would be past the point of no return Jason reluctantly pulled his cock out of Adam’s mouth and moved into a different position so that he could respond in kind. This time, it was the sight of the ebony coloured prick gliding between the teenager’s pink lips and along his tongue that caused shivers of pleasure in both young men as It was soon obvious that Jason was very skilled at oral sex. It did not take long before Adam was begging for his partner to stop. After a short break during which they lay side by side each playing gently with the other’s prick, they had recovered sufficient control to continue, Adam suggested to Jason that he would not mind having his hole licked so he lowered his beautiful round arse cheeks over the teenager’s face. Jason skilfully used his tongue on the hole and was rewarded by little squeaks of pleasure from his partner each time he made inroads. After a short while, Adam decided that they should swap round and on this occasion it was the teenager that was issuing sounds of enjoyment as the older man’s tongue worked in and out of his hole. Jason wondered if his partner had been able to taste or detect any last remnents of the cum he had received earlier in the day. If he did, Adam did not comment after he considered they had expended enough time on rimming and they should return to mutual cock sucking. Adam and Jason took up the `69′ position and each began to slowly eat the other’s dick gradually allowing the full length to disappear along the tongue until the tip tickled the throat. Both young men were both very horny and copious amounts of pre cum covered their glans and they each went to work with considerable vigour. Despite squeezing each other’s balls, they were both careering towards orgasm. Rarely does it happen that each partner reaches that point simultaneously but this was one such time. Just as Adam’s piss slit widened in readiness to deliver his creamy cum, so too did Jason’s. Throbbing in unison they each sprayed their ball juice into the other’s mouth. Greedily, the pair swallowed the other’s tasty spunk before they could continue no longer and lay back drained but fully satisfied. After a short period of silence as their breathing got back to normal Jason was the first to be able to speak, “Wow, Adam, that was the most fucking amazing cum I’ve ever had. Thanks!!” Adam grinned and responded, “You’re right but it’s me that should be thanking you!! You are one hell of a sexy young man and anytime you want a repeat performance, let me know!!” When they had rested a while longer the two men re-dressed and just before they separated to go their separate ways, Adam handed Jason a business card which had his private mobile number written on it and after a long farewell kiss said, “Remember what I said. Anytime!!” The two men parted and Jason was anxious to find the others so that he could tell them of his latest adventure and hear about how they had got on. However, not being able to see any sign of either his brother or his friends, Jason decided to return home and hoped that they had enjoyed the party as much as he had. To be continued…? If you liked the story or even if you didn’t please let me know, feedback is important and helpful. ail If you want to read more of my stories check them out under the author’s section of under the name Steve Rose.

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