Subject: Jason and Shaun – Chapter 8B If you don’t agree with guys being in love with guys, then you need to find some place else to spend time. Okay, these characters are not meant to resemble any living or dead person. I make no apology to anyone who is offended by anything in this story. Let me know what you think of the story by emailing me aol_ I promised you the second part and here it is, as promised. Copyright 2008, 2009 by Chuck B. Jason and Shaun – Chapter 8 Tom’s and Adam’s Visit Jason’s P.O.V. Part 2 Adam was quite tired by the time I bought Lucy out. It was already 8:30 pm, about a half hour past his bedtime. Tom took him to the bedroom long enough to change him into his PJs. While I put Lucy back into her tank, Adam came running out to us his arms outstretched. Have to admit that I had no idea what to do. Tom came out of the room and asked: “Adam, have you said good night to your uncles yet?” Adam turned to his father and said, “Not yet, Daddy!” He came up to me and I gave him a gentle hug. Then he ran up to Shaun and got a hug from him too and ran back to Tom. Tom scooped him up into his arms. “Time for bed, big guy. I’ll put you in my bed.” In a loud voice, all of us heard Adam say that he wanted to sleep in Uncle Jason’s room. I went into my room and grabbed my sleeping bag and unzipped it. Opening up my closet, I pulled down a bed-sheet, a blanket, and a pillow. When I came out of the room, Adam and Tom had apparently grabbed a small teddy bear. “Good night Adam!” we said to our nephew and watched as dad and son disappeared into our bedroom. Tom stayed in the room till his son fell asleep. We heard him reading Adam a story. I think it was one of his Doctor Seuss books. We, Shaun and I, spent the time cuddled up on the couch. It was sort of nice to be in each other’s arms. When my brother came out of the room, we quickly sat back up. Tom just smiled as we sat up. I recognized that smile too. He was gearing up for some kind of joke. Whatever was on his mind seemed to melt as he approached us. “So how long have you been together?” Tom asked as he looked at us. Shaun smiled and we took each others’ arms. Then he said, “Only a couple of months, to be honest, but it seems like forever. Your brother is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love him with all my heart!” I wanted to start bawling. This man made my night right there. I don’t know what I’ve mezitli escort done to deserve him but I’m thankful for him. “Tom, I’ve been with him for a few short months. I feel as if I’ve lost a part of myself in him. I’m glad to be sitting here with him, too.” ‘Tom needs to know that we love each other without any question,’ I thought. There is no question in my heart as to whom I love. I know that Shaun feels the same way. “So, who is larger?” I think both of us were kind of taken aback by his question. “Well, Shaun is 5’6″ and around 140 lbs, and I’m 6’4″ 202 lbs.” Tom gave us this weird look and laughed. “I wasn’t talking about your height and weight.” Shaun leaned towards me and whispered, “Is your brother for real?” I didn’t come right out and answer Shaun. I just nodded my head affirmatively. The silence broke with Tom asking his question again. “So, who is bigger?” I smiled and proudly said, “I’m bigger by a half inch. I’m around 7 1/2 inches.” Tom kept going with his questions. “So Shaun is my brother a good lover?” Shaun’s face went red. I could tell that he didn’t want to answer the question. I figured that he wouldn’t, but I was wrong. “Jason is the most amazing and patient lover.” I even threw in my own comments, “Yeah Tom, I am just that damn good.” Shaun and Tom just laughed. I know the truth though, Shaun doesn’t have anyone else to compare me with. I would be the most amazing and patient lover in Shaun’s mind. Then Shaun did something that caught me totally off guard or maybe I should say that he said something that caught me off guard. “So Tom, how long is your cock?” Tom didn’t seem shocked, but I was. For him to ask a stranger, this type of question is unheard of. Believe me, Shaun isn’t a prude. It might seem that way to someone who doesn’t know him, but I know it and that’s what counts. Tom didn’t directly answer the question. He smiled and using his hands, he measured out 6 or 6 1/2 inches. After answering the question, Tom stood up, said his good nights and went to bed. I looked at Shaun and smiled. Shaun looked at Tom’s butt and then looked at me with a big grin on his face. “I wonder if his ass is as nice looking as yours.” I refused to comment on Shaun’s statement. I just looked at him and shook my head in disbelief. I yawned and then Shaun caught the yawn bug, and he yawned. We headed to bed together. It’s something pozcu escort we have never done before. Of course, we’ve had sex, but we’ve never just slept together. It was a great feeling to be in direct contact with my man. I could feel the heat coming off his skin. I felt his erection on my back, but with Adam lying asleep in our room, I didn’t feel right playing with it. Guess I’ll just have to keep my hands off of his body. Adam doesn’t need to see us having sex or playing with each others’ bodies. I don’t want to tarnish his childhood. Tonight, sleep had better come quickly. I actually slept great last night. Everyone else was still sleeping as I got breakfast going on the stove. I knew that Shaun would be the first one to wake up. Something about food cooking on the stove or in the oven causes him to wake from the deepest sleep. I had the pancakes almost finished and was starting on the apples and cinnamon topping when Shaun woke up. He came up next to me and placed a kiss on my cheek. I love that morning routine. Usually though he brushes his teeth first. Nothing like morning breath! “Honey, that smells great!” He had his head over the warm apple and cinnamon topping. I carefully placed some bacon into a frying pan and then got out another frying pan for the hash browns. “Need any help?” Shaun asked, as he glanced over my shoulders at the cooking food. “Actually yeah, you can fry up the bacon. There are three pieces for each of us. Make yours how you like it and do all the others till they are crispy,” I answered, as Adam walked out of our bedroom. At first he seemed kind of lost and then came running up to us. He was all excited over the food. He reminds me a lot of Shaun. Adam loves to eat but I’m not sure where he puts it all. Within a few minutes, Tom woke up and by that time it was time to eat. We all gathered around the table and I put the food on it. Shaun had us bow our heads to bless the food. It must be part of his religious background. As we ate, Shaun told us that he would be graduating soon and would hopefully find a job. I also told them about the Nature presentation being done by the Bowman Company. The Bowman Company puts on presentations on animals and natural science topics. I’ve seen Mr. Bowman doing his talks before and I always come away with a great feeling. Adam wanted to see the animals, so that pretty much sealed the deal. After everyone escort bayan got cleaned up, we piled into the car and headed out. Tom paid the entry fee which is really just a donation to the company. Sounds funny for a company to need donations but the money goes directly into the needs for the animals that the company takes in. Mr. Bowman introduced himself and jumped right into the program. He talked about the company and then brought out the first animals. He started out with the invertebrates. He opened up a tank and carefully brought out a Pink-Toed Tarantula. He talked about how it came from the rainforest and how they could literally jump down to the water and walk across it! He brought an emperor scorpion, a king baboon spider, some hissing cockroaches, and a Mexican Red-Kneed Tarantula. He then had his assistants take those animals back and then they brought out more. He opened a large crate and lifted out a ball python. He gave a couple a kids the opportunity to hold it. Of course Adam wanted to hold it. Mr. Bowman promised him that he could hold the next animal. He opened up another crate and lifted a corn snake out of the box. The snake seemed to be pretty comfortable in Adam’s hands. Tom seemed a little nervous over his son holding it. His assistants brought out an American alligator, a Burmese python, and Nile Monitor. These lizards can grow to 6 or 7 feet in length. The final part of the program had a cockatoo and a pygmy hedgehog. Then Mr. Bowman said his goodbyes and closed the program. I was in total awe at the love and compassion that this man had for the animals that he had with him. I really felt like he knew each one of them as if they were his personal pets. This man was someone whom I had to meet, so I did. “Mr. Bowman, my name is Jason Williams. I just wanted to thank you for bringing the animals out. I’ve never seen anyone in real life who is so into the animals that they work with. It’s almost like you know each of the animals personally. Awesome presentation!” Mr. Bowman stands at only 5’4″ and yet he is incredible. One can tell that he knows his stuff. He shakes my hand and then pulls out a card. “Young man, I want you to call and set up an appointment to come in and visit me at the shop. I think you’ll really enjoy it.” I didn’t even know what to say. It’s a true privilege to be invited over to his business. “Thanks Mr. Bowman, I’ll take you up on this.” We shook hands again and then Shaun, Adam, Tom and I headed out of the building. When we got to the apartment, Tom and Adam had to head out, so we helped load their car and said our good-byes. I was so glad that I got to see my nephew and of course my brother. Oh well… life goes on, right?

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