Jason final chapter


Betty’s e-mail said “I just got out of the hospital ten days ago and I needed to tell someone what happened to me. Since you were always a good listener and never made any judgments. Remember I told you about my husband and I raising pure Great Danes? Well we now have about sixty of the finest Danes in the world. Anyway about three weeks ago my husband woke me up at about six am by fucking me in the ass (he loved fucking me there and did so quite often).

We had not had sex for about five days and when he came he really unloaded in me, after words he told me he had to go to town to pick up some things and would be back about three. I went back to sleep and woke up about eight. I went into the kitchen and fixed myself a pot of coffee some of my husbands cum was oozing out of my ass. I looked out into the back yard and could see my husband had let the males out into the outer yard area to get some exercise. We had 33 males and 27 females. I took my pot of coffee and went out into the yard and set at our picnic table, it was a gorgeous day.

I was admiring how beautiful our dogs were and especially one called Tiny. We had been special breeding for some time for size, and Tiny was our pride and joy. He was almost six feet from his nose to his tail and weighed two hundred and eighty pounds. He was only three and we were using him for special breeding. I had never let him fuck me because he was so big. His cock was over 7” inches and when his knot would swell up to the size of a baseball and add another 2 & ½ inches .

I was kind of day dreaming and my ass was hanging over the bench. Oscar, who was my constant companion started to escort kocaeli lick the cum in my ass hole still there from my earlier ass fucking by my husband. It felt really nice and when his tongue went inside my ass I came. That got old Oscar trying to hump me. I said what the hell it was a beautiful warm day so I got up and leaned over the low table and let him enter me.
Oscar’s dick began to bang my pussy and I felt his knot swell up in me and held me tight as he began to cum deep in my pussy. When he was finished I just laid there until the knot subsided. As he jumped off a gush of cum squirted out of my hot pussy. I was thinking how good I felt. Suddenly I became aware of all the other dogs were around me sniffing and licking my pussy. I realized they would treat me like I was in heat. Before I could move though Tiny jumped on my back and his weight forced me back on the table and his big sausage went into me like a jack hammer.

Tiny was fucking me like a steam engine and I felt that knot begin to swell. I thought oh shit this is going to hurt. Boy It did but mixed with the pain I felt the excitement well up in me and I began to cum. The knot was huge and it stretched my insides to the breaking point. I felt huge amounts of dog cum squirting into my insides. The tip of his dick hit my uterus and it slid partially into it, all the time shooting his juices into me. By then I was so wild with passion I couldn’t seem to stop Cuming.
When he finally stopped I couldn’t seem to get enough so I reached back and grabbed his hind legs and began to rock back and forth. I could feel that big knot sliding back and forth inside me. The knot began to rub my G spot and a kocaeli anal yapan escort new sensation welled up in my insides and I came with almost a ½ a pint of my liquid. I fainted from the thrill of it.

The next thing I new Tiny was dragging me across the yard by my pussy. His knot was still tightly inside my bruised but wet cunt. My knees were skinned and I was really scared because I remember what happened when I let the two dogs fucked me during that demonstration. With 33 dogs sniffing and trying to fuck me I new I could be in deep trouble. Finally Tiny’s knot came out, but before I could get up another dog jumped on my back and shoved his meat into me. I was becoming weak and my pussy was squirting those dog juices out my pussy like a fountain. I couldn’t move as the next four dogs took a turn at me.

I tried to inch myself toward the table so I could stand up. I got about three feet from the table when the dog that was knotted in me at that time dragged me by my pussy away from it. I finally made it to the table and it proved to be a mistake. As I pulled myself up to the table Tiny nipped the dog that was in me and the dog pulled his knot right out of me. The pain was excruciating. Tiny jumped on my back causing me to bend over and again slammed his huge dick into my already swollen pussy.

Seemed like he fucked me for an hour and that huge baseball of a knot again swelled my pussy walls to the breaking point. I don’t know where it came from but I began to cum again as he completely filled my insides and I fainted from exhaustion.

I was suddenly pulled awake when I felt a big dick shoved up my izmit yabancı escort ass. Thank god it wasn’t one of the giants, but his knot swelled up and filled my ass chamber and a pain went up my back because his knot kept pulling out and then he would slam it back inside me. The pain was so bad I passed out. I woke up in the hospital. My husband told me that when he got home and saw what was happening to me he vomited. I guess I was lucky he came back early because he said when he got there I was slumped over the bench and the dogs were in a fucking frenzy taking turns fucking me. He said one of the dogs had some how gotten in front of me and shoved his cock into my mouth and my jaw became unhinged when his knot swelled up in my mouth. He said he had a hell of a time getting him out of my mouth. My husband estimated that based on the time frame and each dog lasting maybe ten minuets minutes I probably got fucked by all 33 dogs at least once and maybe several times by the biggest and most dominate males like Tiny.

I had reconstructive surgery on both my pussy and my ass. They also had to readjust my Jaw. The Dr. said I couldn’t have any sex for at least six months. I don’t know if I will ever be able to let a dog fuck me again, but when I remember how it felt when Tiny fucked me the first time I got a little wet and I wondered.

Well Jason, I hope you will come see us some time you may even want to fuck one of our
beautiful females. Since my ordeal Tim has been fucking Princes or one of the new bitches almost every other day.

I wrote this during my illness and if you are reading it now I am probably dead. I have given it to my friend Bob with full rights to publish it after I’m gone if anyone thought my life worthy of publishing. A psychologist friend of Bob’s said I was a sexoholic, you be the judge?

Jason XXXXXXXX (all rights reserved)

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