Chapter 3

The next morning, I strapped Baby Gaby all in, Jasper and I got ready to go, and then we were off. I started the timer, as well I even zeroed out my pedometer, to try and get a better gauge of what we are doing, and we managed to do it in one hour, fifty minutes, so only five minutes slower than Jasper did the day before. I checked my pedometer, and according to it, we did just a hair over twenty kilometers, by almost three hundred meters. I will test this a few more times to get a more accurate reading of it, but it looks like our trail is just over twenty kilometers total, return trip.

Baby Gaby still wanted to go for a run, so I told him that I want to see how far he can go, as fast as he can go, and so, he grinned and took off. Jasper and I had to sprint to catch up, and I”ll be damned, but he actually did spectacularly well. According to the pedometer, he did just shy of five kilometers, and by the amount of time that it took for him to do so, he kept a steady pace of just under ten kilometers an hour.

“That”s excellent Baby Gaby, I figure that inside of a year, you”ll be keeping up to both of us. How do you feel now though?”

“Thanks Daddy. I feel good, but tired.”

“Yes, well, after doing twenty five kilometers ourselves, even Jasper and I are getting good and worn now, at least I sure am.”

“Yeah, me too.” Jasper confirmed.

“That”s good. I need a soggy baby bum change Daddy, will you take me in and quadruple diaper me like a good baby boy, and then can I lay down for a bit?”

“For sure Baby Gaby. You deserve it.”


I always know when Baby Gaby is really wiped, because he will willingly ask to lay down. Most of the time, if he is actually that tired, he just sits down, and then passes out almost instantly, it is quite comical, because it is like a light switch, he is just gone. He still has a hard time asking for anything, so when he asks for something, I usually know he really needs it. Jasper and I took him to his bedroom and changed him as per his request, and then laid him down for his nap. I shut off his light and closed the door behind us, then grasped Jasper”s small hand in mine, and led him to my bedroom.

“As for you and I Baby Boy, I too need a soggy baby bum change, and I too feel I deserve a quadruple thick baby diaper. I also wanna feel your fingers deep inside my gay baby bum hole today, as you suck me for as long as I can possibly go.”

“Mmmm, okay, and I hope that you think I deserve the same treatment?”

“Yes, but only if you feel you”re ready for it?”

“I”ve been ready since I was Baby Gaby”s age.”

“Yeah, I know.” I laughed.

“Can we go at the same time, suck and finger each other at the same time you know?”

“Sure, why not.” I said, though I went even harder in my soggy diaper.

“Good. I don”t see any reason why we”d needta take our nice soggy baby diapers off, do you?”

“Oh hell no, and I wanna finger you through yours, and I”d love it if you did the same to me.”


And so, with no further words, we fell onto my bed, and started kissing and petting first, and for easily ten minutes, this is what we did. Finally Jasper spun around and buried his face into the front of my diaper, mashing his face into my soggy diapered erection, and so, I do the same to his, and as always, it smells and feels utterly amazing. We are also kneading each others soggy baby diapered bums, though I am only doing so with one hand, because the other is trying desperately to get the lube that I have in my end table.

I do manage to get the lube, and shortly after doing so, we poke holes in the seats of each others diapers, and pull them down in the front to expose each other for what we need. I lube my fingers first, then pass the lube to Jasper, and as I wait for him to be ready, I do nothing else. Once he is, be both engulf each others erections at the same time, and slip our fingers in the others diaper, searching for his hole.

Of course I have seen Jasper”s hot little hole, I have seen it gaping and oozing even, and every time I witness that, I grin to him, and he grins to me. We both know he is physically ready for this, I had needed for him to be mentally ready, and now I feel that he is. Knowing this, I know that starting with two fingers really will not be a problem at all, I just have to lube him up well, and I do so, just as he too is doing to me.

As always, feeling Jasper inside my mouth, and feeling myself inside his, is bliss, but now also getting to add our fingers to the mix is even better yet, though I have no idea if there is a word suitable to say what I am feeling, and from the deep moans that Jasper is letting out, I have a feeling that he feels the same way too. Jasper too started with two fingers, knowing of course that I would be able to take that. I am certain I could easily take his entire hand, and it probably would not even take all that much preparation to do so.

It took only a minute, maybe less, of lubing each other, before we actually start slipping our fingers inside each other, and given I have experience, and he does not, Jasper is following my lead, which is good. I slowly slip only a little in, and then back out, slip a little more in, and back out, and do so for easily five minutes, when I finally slip all in. Jasper took only about two minutes to slip all in, but, his fingers are smaller than mine are, as well I am far more experienced when it comes to this sort of thing.

I make us pause for a good two minutes, maybe more, I even stopped sucking, though I never detached, and Jasper followed suit as well. I know that Jasper was just about to explode, but I had not been close yet, and I would really like to try and get him to hold off for as long as possible before cumming, to really make it last.

Once I felt that Jasper was down enough, I started again, pulling my fingers all the way out, and then slipping them all the way back in. He did likewise. We did this for almost two minutes again, when I felt that Jasper was in danger of exploding, so, once more, I paused all actions, and forced him back.

I did this twelve more times, making Jasper hold off on cumming, going only for a couple minutes, then stopping for a few the entire time, he has been feeding me a lot of precum, which of course tastes better than anything I have ever had the pleasure to taste, and I have no doubts that I am feeding Jasper every bit as much, possibly more.

There came a time, when I could easily tell that there would be no further holding Jasper back, and so, I did not try, and feeling him explode in his largest yet orgasm, caused me to do so as well. I must say, the consistency, volume, and flavour of Jasper”s cum this time was even better than pretty near every one I have enjoyed so far, and I admit, I enjoyed it far more too.

I am not ready to stop, and I am positively certain that Jasper also is not, and so, I continued on with what I am doing, only I decide to slip a third finger deep inside my hot little baby boyfriend, though, no, we have still not said so yet, we both really know that we are anyway. Jasper sighed from deep within as I slipped that third finger all the way inside him, in one long slow push, not making so much as one sound of either pain or discomfort. As soon as I am all in, and he sighed deeply, he also slipped three fingers inside me.

For easily another half an hour, we did the same thing, edging each other until we could go no longer, and then exploded in another fantastic orgasm.

That, sadly, was all I was good for. It had already been a tiring morning, and each of those two orgasms felt like four, and so, pretty near as soon as I stopped pumping, I went soft. Even Jasper is now no longer quite as rigid as he had been, not quite soft, but not actually hard either, so, I think that he too is satisfied.

Neither of us detached though, and stayed just as we are, mouths and fingers alike, just enjoying each other in this most intimate way. It was only a minute after we finished that I distinctly heard Jasper start drinking, so I must have started peeing, but then, only a few seconds later, he decided that since he is getting a nice drink, that I deserve one as well, and so, he too let go, and fed me his load as well. Yet still, we never detached or moved, and for easily ten or fifteen minutes, or maybe ten or fifteen hours, we just laid there, enjoying our baby boyfriends like this. I would have happily stayed like this for even longer, but it was at that time that I heard a little giggle, and knew that Baby Gaby is now awake, and is at our door, which I had apparently forgotten to close.

“You”re supposed to close your door Daddy.” He smiled brightly when I detached and looked to him.

“Yeah, I am Baby, but I forgot. You didn”t watch, did you?”

“Nunh unh, I just got here, and saw you both with your hands in the backs of each others soggy baby diapers, and sucking each other like soothers, that”s when I giggled, “cause you told me to close my door when I play, but you totally forgot to “cause your peepee was telling you what to do, just like you tell me not to let my peepee tell me what to do.”

“Yeah, I know. Even still my peepee can over ride my good sense and make me do stupid things, that”s just the way it is, but I”ll try harder.”

“It”s usually when I am harder that I can”t.” He giggled again.

“Yes, well, there”s a little truth in that there statement Baby Gaby. Would you liketa come help us big baby boys get into our well deserved quadruple thick baby diapers, since you”re not the only one that gets to enjoy that?”

“Okay Daddy, sure.” He said, and came and ran and jumped on the bed.

Jasper and I detached from each other. That was when Baby Gaby noticed how we had been fingering each other, and again, he giggled.

“Oh, you guys are naughty, you went right through your baby diapers.”

“Thanks Baby Gaby, that”s a very nice thing to say.” Jasper giggled as well.

“Yeah, it definitely wasn”t a bad thing.” He said, as he started to strip Jasper first.

I slipped out of bed to go grab the supplies, and handed Baby Gaby what he will need first, and he happily took it and cleaned Jasper up perfectly. He then diapered him up every bit as good. I then laid down and awaited my turn, and Baby Gaby got me all taken care of as well.

“Thanks Baby Gaby, that was nice. So, did you have a nice nap?”

“Yeah, now I feel really good.”

“That”s good Baby. Now, would both of you like a cup of tea?”

“Okay, but can I get a baby bottle while we wait?”


“Yes please, I haven”t had one yet today, and I think I need it, and I really needta eat I think, my tummy keeps screaming at me.”

“Come to think of it, I think we”re probably the same.”

So, we headed to the kitchen, as I got the baby bottles for all three of us prepared, Jasper and Baby Gaby got started on the tea, and as we waited for the tea, all three of us drank our baby bottles, even I took one with whole milk and the formula, since I could probably stand to have it anyway. We then made a really good lunch, with tonnes of protein, plenty of good fats, and way more flavour. Given what we all do every day, we do tend to eat a lot, so it was not a small meal. After lunch was all cleaned up, it was decided that we would go down to the shop and play again, so we did.

Because Jasper is staying this weekend again, he stayed with us for dinner, and we played board games for the night, and then laid down and read for a bit before bed.

During the next week, before school started, Jasper and I kept each other well drained as we always do, but now we also include fingering occasionally as well, but we have made sure to close our bedroom door. We go for our run every other day as usual, and Baby Gaby is now no longer asking to go in the pack, and just runs the entire time. Of course we have to go a little slower because of this, but that is not a bad thing either. Jasper though, will often go again the next day and do a good full run, and every time he does so, he shaves a minute or two off his time. Then of course we still do martial arts every other day that we are not running, and now we are enjoying our pool lots too.

“So, you excited that school”s starting?” I asked Jasper on the Tuesday morning that school starts.

He had just walked in, since it had already been agreed that I would take him and bring him home, since I am already going anyway, and I have the time to do so.

“You know what, not really. I”ll miss getting to spend the days with you guys, and honestly, it”s not like I have any friends or anything to go for. If it were up to me, I”d do homeschooling in a heartbeat, but, with mom working, I can”t.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“I”m super “cited, I can”t wait.” Baby Gaby said.

“I know, I was when I was your age as well.” Jasper smiled warmly to him.

“Well, we haveta go now Babies, it”s a thirty minute drive to your school, so if we don”t head out now, you”ll be late on your first day.”

“Not like we”re gonna be doing anything anyway.” Jasper muttered.

“Probably not, but there”s still no point in being late, so, come on.”

We made the drive to school, and then, as soon as I dropped the boys off, I decided that since I am in town, I may as well go shopping, as well I do need to stop at the shipping store and pick up my orders. I do not buy my diapers in town, I buy them online, since I get way better diapers for less than half the price, and no one in town carries doublers or anything we consider fun. It is amongst the only things I do buy online though, for those reasons. I hit the grocery store, the lumber yard, the hardware store, the pharmacy, the ranch store, and pretty near every other store in town it felt like by the time I am done. What is funny, by the time I got home and got everything put away, I only had half an hour before having to leave again to pick the boys up. Had I have realized that it was already that late, I would have just stayed in town.

I did have cold things that really should be put away, so, it was probably for the best anyway. I headed out when it was time to do so, and was waiting for the boys when they came out.

“So, how was it?” I asked.

“Really good Daddy.” Baby Gaby said.

“Meh, it was a school day. No one talked to me, at all.” Jasper said.

I laughed at Jasper. “You know, if you want friends, you”re gonna haveta take the bull by the horns right, and just make it happen. I”ve told you this before.”

“I know, but, well, when they find out who and what I am, they”re just gonna leave me anyway, so what point is there, really.”

“You don”t know that. Look at me. If it weren”t for my friends, I doubt I would”ve survived.”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“So, you had a really good time Baby Gaby?”

“Oh yeah. I like my teacher, she seems nice, and says I read real good already başakşehir escort for my age.”

“You probably do, since I”ve been teaching you since you were three. Most kids don”t even start “til they”re in kindergarten. How”s she with your diapers?”

“She told me that she”s not allowed to change me, or even help me, but I told her I can change myself if I haveta anyway, but that I shouldn”t needta anyway.”

“Well, some days, but, most days at home you haveta have a change well before then.”

“Yeah, but I get a soggy baby bum change way before that, but when I go to school, you always change me right before we leave.”

“True, but you still have your supplies for when needed.”

“Yep. My teacher even gave me a special place to put my baby diapers, so that they”re easy to get, and no one will know. And guess what, I even saw Alex at school. We gotta talk at lunch for a bit even. It was nice. He said he”s really missed us, but me especially. He hadta adjust his peepee as he was talking to me, and he was really hard, I saw. I think he”s starting to understand who he is, can I invite him to spend the night yet, please Daddy?”

“No, not yet Baby. I think that once he figures it out, that he”ll be the one asking you. You can”t lead him, remember.”

“Okay. Am I allowed to say yes when he asks?”

“Of course. How are you gonna deal with the diapers, though?”

“Can I ask him if he wantsta come spend the day on Saturday, and I”ll tell him then?”

“I suppose so, but only ask him if he wantsta come spend the day and go for a run with us.”

“Thanks Daddy.”

The next day, he did ask, and Alex said he would really like that, and promised that he would ask, and then the next day he happily said that he was allowed, and that his dad would drop him off in the morning. I told Baby Gaby to tell him that I would take Alex home then, so Baby Gaby told him that, and so, it was arranged.

The whole first week back, Baby Gaby was enjoying himself, but Jasper most certainly was not. It was Thursday when the others found out about his diapers, he knew it was going to happen, and he was even ready for it, and is absolutely okay with it, but still, they teased him mercilessly for it. It was Friday morning when one of the other boys in Baby Gaby”s class found out. He told us all about it on the way home.

“One of the other boys in class found out that I still wear baby diapers today, and he told all the others that I”m still a baby. He wasn”t in preschool with me, so some of the others already knew, but he didn”t. He tried to tease me for it, and I asked him if he”s just mad that I getta wear diapers still and he doesn”t. He went real red, and started yelling at me how he”s not a baby and would never need diapers. What he didn”t know, was our teacher was standing right behind him the whole time. When he stopped, I just said, you know what, you can”t tease me for that, because I have a problem inside my head that doesn”t let me peepee properly, and that he can call me a baby if he really wantsta, but that it doesn”t hurt me, and that his teasing me hurts him more. He started to say something else, but I just turned and walked away, and when he went to start saying something else, my teacher said that”s quite enough, and then took him for a long talk. None of the other kids said anything.” He said all in one fast breath, almost excitedly.

“That”s really good Baby Gaby, I”m happy with how you handled it. They”re still gonna tease you and try and make you feel bad because of how they feel about themselves, there”s nothing you can do to stop them, just smile at them warmly and ask if they”re done yet, and then turn and walk away. That goes for you too Jasper.”

“Yeah, I know.” They both said, Baby Gaby happily, Jasper sullenly, it was funny.

“So, did Alex say when his dad”s bringing him to our place tomorrow?”

“He just said in the morning. He wasn”t sure, I asked, I told him he can come as early as five, but I”d really liketa make him cum as much as ten.” He giggled at his naughtiness.

“No, not allowed, dirty little boy.” I said, but I could not help but to laugh, and Jasper snorted and nearly swallowed his tongue I swear he tried so hard not to laugh.

“I know. Can”t help but seeing it in my head though. I bet he”s real cute in nothing but a super soggy baby diaper, with his hard little peepee poking out the top.”

“I bet he would be.”

“Daddy, could we stop and buy him diapers that”ll fit him, in case he wantsta wear “em with me?”

“No need Baby, I already have some, however, you”re absolutely not allowed to change him. If he wantsta, then you both come to me. I”ll change you first, since I”ll just leave you in your soggy night diaper, I”ll make up an excuse as to not going for a run right away, and you boys can go and talk, but only talk, okay.”

“Okay, but you”re kinda not being very nice.”

“And you”re kinda being a naughty little boy.”

“Yeah, I know.” He giggled cutely.

“Yeah, like it”s a horrible thing, right.”

“Nope.” Baby Gaby giggled again. “Are you spending the weekend again Jasper?” He asked.

“Yeah, my mom left this morning again.”

“Goody, couldn”t remember if that was this weekend or next again.”

“Was just for this weekend, but might haveta be next as well.”

“I bet you”re happy!”


“What”s she doing anyway?” Baby Gaby asked curiously. Jasper had told me, but Baby Gaby had not been told.

“She”s been doing training seminars, teaching people about what all she does.”

“Oh, okay, cool. She”s hadta do lots lately.”

“Yeah, her methods are starting to catch on and gain more popularity.”

“That”s good.”

We are all in need of soggy baby bum changes once again when we get home, and so, we go to my bedroom, and I take care of the little baby boys, and together they take care of the big baby boy. We went and had a snack and a good drink, and then kicked back and relaxed for the rest of the day.

I could not help but to laugh the next morning when five times I had to warn Baby Gaby to stop rubbing his diapered dinky, and that was before six thirty. I doubt that he has gone soft so much as even once. We had breakfast and tea, and we are just waiting for Alex to arrive, which we all hope will be soon. Jasper and I had changed each other already, it was a very good soggy baby bum change if you know what I mean. Baby Gaby, though, is going to start leaking, real soon, if Alex does not get here soon. At just a few minutes after seven, they pulled up, and Baby Gaby was almost out the door by the time I managed to call him back.

“You can just wait here like a civilized human being Baby, no need to pounce on the poor boy like a pack of wolves.” I could not help but to laugh.

“Sorry, just so excited.”

“I know.”

A few seconds later, they were at the door. We chatted with Alex”s dad for a few minutes, I reiterated that we would bring Alex home some time after dinner tonight. I could see that he wanted to say something, so, I took the hint.

“Gabriel, why not take Alex to your bedroom, I know you wanted to talk to him anyway, to tell him about what happened yesterday.”

“Okay Daddy.” He said, and then Alex hugged his daddy goodbye, and Baby Gaby dragged him to his room

“Thanks, I hoped you”d catch the hint.” He grinned.

“Yeah, so, what”s up?”

“I think Alex has a serious crush on Gabriel. Ever since he started coming here in the summer, Gabriel”s all he can talk about. To tell the truth, I started to suspect my little guy liked boys a little more than a year ago, but, since this summer, I”ve seen how he looks when he talks about Gabriel. Just thought I should warn you, to watch out for him. I don”t want him to do something that Gabriel”s not ready for.”

“Yeah, except I”ve been having to rein Gabriel in something fierce so”s not to do something that Alex isn”t ready for yet. Gabriel not only knows what he wants and needs, but he craves it.”

“Really, but he”s so young.”

“Yeah, I know. I adopted him, he”s my nephew by blood, my useless sister and her even more useless husband were abusing him horrifically. I don”t think they sexually abused him, but, I”ve long held a suspicion that someone made him feel very good in the bum, though I never saw any signs of abuse, so I can only assume it was only with fingers. I know nothing of his life before moving here, I live five hours from where he came from, for good reason, so, yeah, I think he was already accustomed to certain things.”

“Oh. That”s sick.”

“Yes, well, that tiny bit of abuse was absolutely nothing in comparison to what my sister and her husband did, so, I wasn”t at all worried about it, to tell you the truth, and it never seems to have hurt him, and, like I said, he seems to have enjoyed whatever happened, because he craves it. You have no idea how many times I”ve seen the signs that he”s enjoyed his toys.”

“Still, that”s pretty sad. As for toys, yeah, I”m pretty sure I saw signs a few days ago that Alex was using his Lightsaber in a way the manufacturer probably didn”t intend. I found lotion still smeared all over it.” He laughed.

“Gabriel as well. So, Gabriel desperately wantsta ask Alex to spend the night, but I”ve told him he”s not allowed “til Alex works out what he wants and needs, so that Gabriel doesn”t push him into something he”s not ready for. That might be tonight.” I warned.

“Which is why I packed his bag and have it in the truck already, I wondered if the same thing was gonna happen. I don”t know if Alex”ll be brave enough to mention it or not, but he”s a bed wetter and wears diapers to bed. He can get himself ready though, he just wears Goodnites.”

“That won”t be an issue here.” I said.

“Yeah, to tell you the truth, I already saw that, all three of you. Gabriel wants to get Alex into diapers as well, doesn”t he?”


“Yeah, considering how many diapers he goes through, especially on the weekends, I don”t think it”ll take any convincing. Just call me later and let me know, and if you”d be so kind as to say yes or no, I”ll know if he”s diapered or not. He”ll make you promise not to tell me of course, so, you won”t haveta, I”ll already know just from that one word.” He grinned.

“Okay, done, and both boys are gonna be so happy.”

“Good, Alex deserves it. His only friend is Gabriel.”

“Just so you know, we call him Baby Gaby.”

“Yeah, I remember.” He grinned. “Well, I should head out. Talk to you later, and I imagine I”ll see you tomorrow evening now.”

“I wouldn”t bet against you, that”s for sure.”

And with that, he turned and headed out. Only a few minutes later, the boys came sauntering out of Baby Gaby”s bedroom, and from the blush on Alex”s cheeks, I know exactly what they are about to ask.

“Daddy, I told Alex everything that he needsta know, and he wantsta ask you a question.” Baby Gaby said.

I knelt down so that I can look Alex in the eyes, opened my arms so that he can come in for a hug, since he is about to ask a seriously scary question, and he will need a hug. As soon as he came forth, I wrapped him up. It took a few seconds, but finally he whispered into my ear. “Gabriel says that if I ask you, that you”ll diaper me up just like he is, will you diaper me please?”

“Of course. Baby Gaby needs a super soggy baby bum change, so, you”ll getta watch as he gets his diaper changed first, and then I”ll happily diaper you.”

“Really, you mean it?”

“Of course.”

“Please don”t tell my daddy, he”d be so upset with me.”

“It”s okay, I won”t.” I said, and then whispered into his ear, “Now, just so that you know, he told me that you might ask to spend the night, and that if you did, he hadta tell me that you”re a bed wetter and wear Goodnites to bed. He even packed a bag for you for just in case. Don”t decide now, do that later, but, if and when it comes time to go to bed, I think you”ll much prefer the much better baby diapers we have here for you instead.” I think he is ready, from what his dad said, and from seeing how Alex looked at Baby Gaby, I think he now has a very good idea as to who and what he is and what he wants and needs, hence telling him, planting that little bug in his ear.

“Really.” He whispered hoarsely.

“Yes. Now, let”s go get the babies changed, shall we.” I said at full volume, and stood up and took Alex”s little hand in mine, and led him to my bedroom.

I stood both boys on the bed, and stripped them until they are both naked. I could not help but to nearly laugh out loud at just how much they both looked at each other, and just how hard they both are. I also very clearly heard Alex groan from deep within himself when I had exposed Baby Gaby in his super soggy night diaper, and then less once he was naked and hard. At no time did Alex attempt to cover his erection, he must know that he is stone hard, but he has eyes only for Baby Gaby”s little bouncing baby boner at the moment.

Jasper took Baby Gaby, I took Alex, and we laid them down, slipped underneath them their nice thick diapers, and then cleaned, lotioned, and creamed them up real well, though we purposely did not lotion or cream them enough to make them cum, something that Baby Gaby was definitely not okay with. We then taped them up nice and snug, and then stood them both up again, so to get them dressed.

“There you go Babies, how”s that feel Alex?”

“Wow, even better than I dreamed. And you two really wear diapers too?”

“Sure do, we”re every bit as thickly diapered as you are right now.”


“Yes. Shall we head for our run now?” I said.

“Okay.” All three boys said.

Once we are all ready to go, we head out, and then start our run. I tell Baby Gaby that I want him to try and run as fast as he is able to, and that I want him to maintain it for as long as he can, but that once he is done, we will take a break, and I will load him into the backpack, and he said okay. We let him and Alex lead, and set the pace, and Baby Gaby did spectacularly well, damn near half the distance at pretty close to his maximum maintainable speed, just not his top sprint speed. We took a break, had a good drink, and as soon as I had Baby Gaby all loaded up, and we were ready to go again, we started once more. We now had Alex set the pace, and he is faster, and now with Baby Gaby on my back, I am pushing quite hard to keep up, but that is not a bad thing either.

I am very glad that when we made our trail that we covered the entire thing in bark mulch and whatnot, because it makes it so soft and comfortable to run on, and so, even with carrying an extra almost exactly eighteen kilogram child, as well as whatever the weight of the pack and my snacks and drinks is, this is not at all hard on halkalı escort my knees and back.

“Wow, you”re a quick little booger eater, aren”t you?” I teased Alex.

“I don”t have no little boogers. They”re gigantic.” He teased right back.

“That I don”t doubt.” I snorted, Baby Gaby Giggled, and Jasper probably peed himself laughing.

“Thanks, I just get lotsa practice running from the other kids.”

“Yeah, but I bet those long powerful legs, and that tight and hard little bum of yours has absolutely nothing to do with it.”

“Probably not.” He said.

“No. Now, let”s get in, make and eat lunch, get lots to drink, and have a rest.” I said.

“Can we strip down to just our nice thick baby diapers as soon as we get inside Daddy?” Baby Gaby asked.

“I don”t see any reason we can”t, except for Alex. If it”ll make him feel at all uncomfortable to do so, then none of us will.”

“Would you liketa Alex, I promise, it”s so awesome getting to walk around in nothing but a nice soggy baby diaper, and just wait “til you see Daddy and Jasper in just their baby diapers, they”re just so fucking hot.”

“Mouth, brat. You know you”re not supposed to talk like that.” I said.

“Sorry, but you both really are. Oh man, Alex, the most amazing thoughts that come into your head as you see them both in their soggy baby diapers, your peepee will be way harder than it was earlier.”

Alex is blushing, his mouth is gaping wide open, his eyes are wider than I have ever even seen in a cartoon, and then he came.

“Oops.” Baby Gaby giggled as Alex crumpled to the floor.

“Wow, that was awesome.” Jasper said, as he had to readjust his diapered dick, though Baby Gaby and I are having to do so as well.

“Holy poop, what was that.” Alex said almost a minute later when he came to.

“Unless I”m mistaken, and I don”t think I am, you just had your first orgasm. You”ve never made yourself have that feeling before when you played with your peepee?”

“You know I do that?” He gasped in utter shock.

“Hell yeah, every boy does, what do you think it”s there for, I mean, sure, you pee from it too, but it”s there for that and that alone, well, that amazing feeling you just had there.”

“Really, that felt like, well, it felt real good.”

“Know how you feel.” Jasper, Baby Gaby, and I said, all at the same time.

“Wow. Okay, I guess if you all strip down to your soggy baby diapers, I will too. But only if you all do.”

“Okay.” We all said happily, and stripped, one after the other, so that Alex can enjoy the show.

Baby Gaby went first, then Jasper, then me. As soon as I am finished, Alex started stripping as well, and he does not stop until he too is standing in only his already soggy diaper.

“Mmmm, looks like Baby”s already enjoyed his baby diaper.”

“Oh yeah, I enjoyed it right from the second you put it on me earlier, and then I enjoyed it lots more since, every time I gotta go peepee in it, and then feeling it all nice and soggy.”

“So, tell me the truth, how hard do you try to stay dry at night?” I asked.

“Not at all. I never go peepee in the potty before bed, and even if I do wake up to go peepee in the night, I go in my Goodnite. I don”t always wake up, though, so I know I still wet at night, but if I went to the bathroom, it”d probably help me not to, I just don”t wanna. Then of course, even if I haveta go peepee in the morning, I just go in my Goodnite. If I”m too wet, I change, and then pee in it, and tell my daddy that I hadta change in the night again. I haveta change at least three nights a week.” He said, grinning brightly from getting to admit this, since of course we all love them just as much as he does, and he knows that he is free.

“Awesome.” Baby Gaby said.

We all headed to the kitchen, where we got started on lunch, tea, and more to drink as we waited for the other stuff to be ready. Baby Gaby asked if he could make us all a baby bottle, and I said sure, so he made four, and passed them all out. At first Alex was not sure about this, but when the three of us popped the nipples in our mouths and started drinking, so did he, and he grinned brightly because of it as well.

“That was really nice, thanks.” He said once he was done, right about the same time as the rest of us.

“You”re welcome. Jasper and I don”t usually drink from bottles, we”re not babies after all.” I grinned as I looked pointedly at both our mid sections.

“Oh no, not at all.” Alex giggled.

“Exactly, though, we don”t actually, just “cause we”re not as into that sorta thing, but if you are, then you”re welcome to enjoy it here as often as you”d like.”

“Thanks, I might.”

As soon as our tea was ready, we started sipping on that, and then as soon as lunch was ready, we ate a very good filling lunch. Almost as soon as we finished eating, I could tell that Baby Gaby was about to fall asleep, all he had needed was food, and now he needs sleep, since he had pushed pretty hard this morning.

“Baby, looks like you could use a nap. Let”s go lay you down.”

“But, Alex is here, I wanna stay and play with him.” He whined.

“First of all, no whining, you know better than that. Second, if you don”t go to sleep and have a nap, you”re just gonna get cranky, and no one wantsta spend time with a cranky friend. We can keep him busy, no worries, and you”ll only need half an hour to an hour anyway, but admit it, you”re about to pass out in your chair.”

“Yes Daddy.”

“I could go and have a nap too, I”m pretty tired too.” Alex said.

“Really, you wanna come lay down with me?” Baby Gaby asked happily.

“Sure.” Alex said.

“Okay, you baby boys go lay down for a nap, but absolutely no playing or staying up talking, just go lay down and go to sleep right away, there”s plenty of time for everything later, okay.”

“Okay.” They both said, and I know that Baby Gaby understands exactly what I just said, because his shoulders slumped. He knows I will come and check up on him too, so he knows better than to disobey, but then, he knows not to anyway.

They headed to bed, and they are walking so close that their hands are almost touching, and I very clearly saw both boys almost reach over and grab the others. Aw, they are so cute, so young, and so clearly in love. About ten minutes after the little baby boys went to bed, I did go and check in on them, and as per usual, Baby Gaby did not close his bedroom door. Jasper followed me, of course, and when we looked in, we both said aww.

The boys are cuddled right up together, holding each other, their noses almost pressed together, and even their legs are intertwined. Their soggy diapers are pressed so firmly together that there would be no way to slip even a sheet of paper in between them. As soon as we left the boys to their nap, Jasper took my hand, and led me to my bedroom, then promptly pulled me onto the bed with him. As soon as I crawled in, he was there to meet me, and pressed our lips together, kissing me tenderly. He slipped his hand down my stomach, and I know exactly where he is heading, and so, I do the same.

We rubbed each others soggy diapered dinkies just on the outside of our soggy baby diapers for several minutes before venturing inside, and then grasp onto our toys and play the way us little gay baby boys love to play, and for three baby boygasms, that is exactly what we did, only after every well deserved cum, we extract our hands, lick off our boyfriends baby milk, and then proceed to cum kissing, only amongst the best of kisses known.

“Mmmm, that really never gets old, I love doing that so much with you, and I really do love you so much.” Jasper whispered softly.

“And I love you just as much.” I whispered right back, sealing it with a kiss.

This is officially our first time saying I love you. The kiss was different too, softer, more loving, more gentle, better. We kiss for easily ten minutes more before detaching.

“Will you be my baby boyfriend?” Jasper asked me.

“Yes Baby, I will. I”ve felt like we were boyfriends for a while already, but I”m glad that you took your time and really learned what it is that you want, need, and feel.”

“Yeah, I think I”ve really known it for a long time already too, but thanks for giving me the time. I”d really liketa feel you make sweet gay baby diaper love to me tonight though please?”

“And I”d love nothing more than to feel your hot hard gay teen baby bone buried deep inside me, making sweet gay baby diaper love to me as well, but, no, not tonight, let”s save it for another night Baby. If Baby Gaby and Alex work out, then maybe next weekend we can arrange to have them spend the night together at Alex”s, that way we have full privacy, because you know just as well as I do that if Baby Gaby suspects what we”re doing, he”ll watch.”

“I wouldn”t honestly care, to tell you the truth.”

“I really don”t either, but our first time will be hard enough to control our urges with each other as it is. If he catches us like that, you know just as well as I do that if and when he offers to join us, we won”t have the power to decline.”

“You”re probably right. What will Alex”s dad think of them having sex though, you know they”re gonna be playing tonight when they go to bed, you know full well that Alex”s gonna ask if he can anyway, and if they spend the weekend together there, he”s gonna haveta break out the hose to separate the two baby boys?”

“He”ll be fine. The boys will be super happy, especially after tonight, because you”re right. I”ll try and make sure that Baby Gaby doesn”t go all the way, I”m sure he wantsta, and I know both will be more than capable, but they”re so young, they really should take their time as well.”

“Yeah, they definitely needta. I wanted nothing more than to ask you to fuck me the first day you diapered me, but making love sounds so much better.”

“It will be for sure. It”s been so long for me too, so I can”t wait. Hell, it”s just been way too long since I was just fucked too. Of the two, I so totally prefer being made love to, even though just fucking can be a lot of fun, and when two lovers finally just fuck for raw sex, it”s even better than just fucking, but not as good as making love, if that makes any sense.”

“I think it does, and I can”t wait “til then as well.”

“Good. Well, we should probably go wake the babies up and go do something, they”ve had more than long enough of a nap.”


We slipped out of bed, ensured that both our baby diapers are still positioned properly, and then went across the hall to wake the boys up, only, they are already awake. They are kissing softly, their arms and legs are still wrapped around each other like they were earlier, and they are petting each others backs tenderly. Baby Gaby is being surprisingly tender. I grabbed Jasper”s hand and led him away, since we do not need to spy on the two little baby boys becoming boyfriends, though, no, they will not be for a while yet either I think.

We went and started another large pot of tea, and as we waited for it, I made up four new bottles, and handed one to Jasper as soon as I am done, and I took the other, and we drained them. Seconds after the tea was done, the baby boys sauntered in. I pointed at the bottles.

“Oh, goody, a baby bottle, thanks Daddy.” Baby Gaby said, and then went and grabbed both, handed one to Alex, while already slipping the nipple of his into his mouth to drain it.

“You”re welcome Baby Gaby, and there”s tea for when you”re done as well.”

“Thanks.” He said around his bottle nipple.

“We came to wake you beautiful baby boys up, but you were kissing very nicely, it was sweet. You didn”t push Alex into that, did you Baby Gaby?” I said and asked, and Alex blushed instantly. Wow, never knew anyone could blush that much, and with Alex”s pasty white skin, especially with all those freckles, it almost appeared as if he completely changed skin colours.

“No Daddy, you made me promise that I wouldn”t do anything to make Alex do something before he was ready. He asked me if I wanted to kiss him as much as he wantsta kiss me, and I said, oh yeah, and so, he pressed his lips to mine, and I finally gotta feel like what a real kiss feels like, and, oh, Daddy, it”s way better than I thought it”d be.”

“Yeah, it really is so very nice, getting to hold the boy you”re falling in love with, and kissing him deeply, isn”t it.” I smiled softly.

“Mmmhmm.” Baby Gaby sighed deeply.

“As for you Alex, if you think that you”re in trouble, you”re not, you have nothing to be embarrassed about, Baby Gaby”s wanted to do that to you since he met you, but you weren”t ready for it yet. And no, I won”t tell your daddy if you don”t want me to, but soon I think you should tell him, okay. Now, there is a question that I know you”re dying to ask. I told you to hold off earlier, but now I think you”re finally ready to ask it, so go ahead, I won”t ask you any further.”

“You mean it?”


“Can I spend the night please?”

“Of course. I”ll call your dad and let him know. You baby boys just wait here, I”ll be right back.” I said and went to the office to make the call.

As soon as he picked up, we said hi and got through the pleasantries, I got to the heart of the matter.

“So, Alex has asked to spend the night, and yes, you are correct.”

“Good, I”d hoped he would, to both. I stopped on my way home and picked him up some much better diapers, both thinner daytime and super thick at home and night time ones. He”s gonna be so happy.”

“Yeah, he already is.”

“I bet, and so, if you”re free to speak, are he and Baby Gaby budding little baby boyfriends?”

“Yeah, it”s so sweet. Jasper and I accidentally caught them kissing surprisingly tender and loving for such little baby boys. It was sweet.”

“Good. I hoped he would.”

“Me too, to tell you the truth. I knew Baby Gaby was ready for it, and wanted it so bad, but Alex wasn”t quite ready for it yet. I”m glad that he is now. Now, I”d liketa arrange to have Baby Gaby and Alex spend the weekend together next weekend as well, but I”m hoping that we can somehow arrange to have them spend the weekend at your place. Would you be okay with that, knowing what the boys are gonna likely get up to, even though I”ll point blank be telling them to go slow and easy with each other?”

“I have no problems whatsoever with that. I think they make a cute little couple.”

“Same. So, tell me, how and why are you so okay with this, most parents wouldn”t be?”

“Yeah, but if most parents don”t understand that, then they”re idiots if you ask me. No, I just know and understand who Alex is, and what he wants and needs. Sure, he”s young, but certainly no younger than I was when I had my şirinevler escort first crush, and yes, we did play, a lot. No, it wasn”t a boy, I”m not at all gay, but he is, and I”m okay with that.”

“Good. It just amazes me how many parents forget what they experienced when they were that age, and what all they did and felt, they just think, oh my child”s much too young or innocent for that. I call bullshit. I was young, but innocent I sure as hell was not.”

“No shit, me too.”

“Good. The boys will be so happy, especially after you accidentally catch them, and sit them down and tell them you”re okay with them being who and what they are.”

“Yeah, I”ll haveta do that, so to help Alex out.”

“For sure. Well, I should go and find the babies and go do something, so, have a good day.”

“Thanks, you too.”

After hanging up, I headed out to find the baby boys, and tell them the bad news.

“So, you”re allowed to stay the night Alex.”

“Really, he”s letting me. I didn”t think he would, “cause of my bed wetting.” He said.

“Ah, who cares about that, we sure as heck don”t. Now, come here, I wanna give you a hug and cradle that sexy soggy baby diapered bum of yours. You look like you need another hug.”

I knelt down, and gathered him into my arms as soon as he came forth, stood up, and held him underneath his cute little baby diapered bum, and hugged him.

I whispered into his ear, “You were so scared, of so much, it looked like you really needed a hug. I want you to know, you have nothing at all to be scared of here, here we”re all alike, here we”re all safe, here we”re all free to be who and what we are. I think that you”re starting to understand who and what you are. Are you brave enough to whisper into my ear who and what you think you just might be.” I asked softly as I am rubbing his cute little soggy baby diapered bum now.

“I think I might be a gay baby boy diaper lover.” He whispered to me.

“That”s very good Baby, you”re a gorgeous little gay baby boy diaper lover, and your sexy little soggy baby diapered bum feels so good.”

“It feels good, having you rub my soggy baby diapered bum like that too.”

“Good. What I wouldn”t give to strip you of your soggy baby diaper right here and now, and suck all your sweet gay baby diaper loving piss outta it.”

“Really, you”d do that?” He gasped.

Given how I am holding Alex though, the front of his diaper is pressed very firmly into me, and I totally felt his little erection twitch hard from hearing me say that.

“Ouch, you”re poking me.” I teased and giggled right into his ear.

“Oh god, I”m sorry.” He gasped.

“Don”t be, I”m not. I bet you have a mighty tasty little diaper monster down there. Don”t be letting Baby Gaby taste it yet, but eventually I bet you want him to, every bit as much as you wanna taste his too, don”t you?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Good, take your time, learn each other, play slow, and what your little erection”s telling you to do right now can be a beautiful thing.”

“Before coming here, had you told me my peepee could talk, I woulda called you stupid, they can”t talk, but boy has it been lately.” He giggled.

“Oh yeah, that they can, huh.”

“Mmmhmm. You”d really suck the peepee right from my diaper?”

“Oh hell yeah, in a freaking heartbeat. I bet you taste divine. Tell me the truth, how many times have you took your diaper off, sucked it very nearly dry, and then put it right back on again?”

“Um, I haven”t, actually.”

“Really, I have a hard time believing that.”

“I swear, I never put it back on.” He grinned.

“Too bad, it”s insanely hot to suck them dry, then put them back on again.”

“It was kinda hot just sucking them dry, now I”ll haveta try that too.”

“Good baby boy. Now, you ready to get down yet, or are you still enjoying your diaper cuddles.”

“I”m really enjoying this, feeling you rub my soggy baby diapered bum feels really good, but, I should get down.”

And so, I held him for only another minute, rubbing his cute little baby bum, and then set him down. I gave him a kiss to his forehead, and gave his baby bum a little pat.

“There you go Baby. You look better now, less scared.”

“Thanks.” He sighed deeply.

“You”re very welcome. You think you”re ready to tell the others here who and what you think you are?”

“Yeah. Guys, I think I just might be a good little gay baby boy diaper lover.” He said serenely.

“Awesome Alex, so am I.” Jasper said happily.

“Wicked, me too.” Baby Gaby said too.

“And of course I am as well. You already knew that, even before coming here today, though, didn”t you?”

“Yeah, I was pretty sure I started to understand who and what you all were soon after coming here for the first time, but by the time my daddy was done with your pool, I was pretty certain. I started to figure it out for myself half way between.”

“Excellent.” We pretty much all said at the same time.

“And you two are baby boyfriends, aren”t you?” He asked, pointing to Jasper and me.

“Yes, we are, however, we must ask that that never leave this house, same with the fact that you and Baby Gaby are seriously thinking of being baby boyfriends, though don”t be calling each other that just yet, I know what you both wanna go and do, but don”t, instead, take your time, really learn each other, and Baby Gaby, you must rein yourself in, or I will. Alex still isn”t ready for all that you know you are.”

“I know.” Baby Gaby said happily.

“Okay.” Alex said nonchalantly. “Why?”

“Because, what Jasper and I share is highly frowned upon, to the point that I could go to jail and he”d haveta go through horrific therapy that could cause him way more harm than good. Even you two, you”re far too young in some eyes to be sharing what both your diapered dinkies are telling you to do, and if someone were to catch you, you could be forced to go through the same therapy.”

“Oh, I don”t want that, so, I”ll say nothing.”

“Thanks. Now, what should we go and do Babies?”

“Can we just play games for a while Daddy?”

“Sure Baby Gaby, card, board, or electronic?”

“Board please.”

“Okay, which one would you like?”

“How about Snakes and Ladders Daddy.”

“Okay, we can start with that, and then when we”re done that, then Alex gets to pick the next, and then Jasper gets to pick the next, and I”ll pick the last.”

“Okay.” Baby Gaby said, and then headed to the cupboard that we have all the games stored in.

I started teaching Baby Gaby how to play card and board games when he was three, since I do not watch a lot of TV, and I did not want him growing up doing so either, so I was always super strict on doing stuff like this with him, so he has grown up doing so. Jasper has joined us for games dozens, if not hundreds of times, so he knows all our games well as well.

We played that, and then Alex”s choice until dinner time, then made, ate, and cleaned up dinner. We are now in need of soggy baby bum changes, so I took all three baby boys to my bedroom, where I treated them with triple thick baby diapers. At first Alex asked why I had so many diapers, and of course asked what the odd things were that I had included in all that, so I told him, and he was pretty happy with the sounds of that. After dinner, Jasper made his choice for a game, and we played that, and then we ended the night with my choice. The boys had each had a baby bottle with dinner, whereas Jasper and I just had a glass of warm milk, and as we sat around, we had water and tea to sip on, so we are all happily peepeeing our super thick baby diapers.

When it was time for the little baby boys to go to bed, I tucked them in, warning them not to play once again. I am certain that they ignored that order, but considering I closed the door, then led Jasper to our bedroom to do all sorts of unholy acts upon his stunning body, I really do not care. I do hope that they take their time and only stroke and rub, as well as kiss.

Jasper and I, however, are the only ones that I am concerned with at this moment, and as such, as soon as we make it to our bedroom, we once more attach ourselves at the lips, and start our night just by kissing and caressing tenderly every spot we can reach, with the exception of our diaper zones. For easily ten minutes, this is all that we do, but, finally, we start petting each others super thickly diapered dinkies, and through all that material, we can hardly feel it, yet it still feels amazing. We are near to cumming when we switch, and insert our hands, so to collect all the cum that we can.

We squirted our loads of baby milk into each others hands, then extract them to lick it all off, having to detach from our kiss in order to do so, of course, except as soon as we licked it all off, we reattached our lips, reintroduced our tongues, and shared the two loads of delicious cum.

For only one more orgasm tonight, we stroked each other while inside our diapers, but as soon as we came and collected it, we once more broke our kiss to lick it off, then continued our cum kiss. We did slip our hands back inside each others diapers, we are still mostly hard, but we are fully satisfied, and are only just holding each other, not rubbing, certainly not stroking, just holding, and it feels so nice.

We whisper goodnight, I love you to each other, and then pass into blissful slumber, and sleep the night away.

Jasper and I are awake before the little baby boys are, and when we checked in on them, they look so angelic laying there, all cuddled up together, their little noses very nearly touching. We left them, knowing that they will likely be up soon anyway, and headed to the kitchen to start making breakfast and tea. I was right, because just as we were finishing the tea, the baby boys walked in.

“Looks like you baby boys enjoyed your mega thick baby diapers lots and lots, and dare I say, fully, last night!” I said in way of greeting.

“Oh yeah, this is amazing. I”m so soggy, and it feels even better than it did when you put it on me last night, and that felt awesome.” Alex said happily. “And it looks like you guys also enjoyed your mega thick baby diapers fully too.”

“For sure, but honestly, who wouldn”t.” I said.

“Not me.” All three of the boys said together.

“Good. So, you boys didn”t do more than maybe just a little petting and kissing, did you, and remember the punishment for lying Baby Gaby?”

“I wasn”t gonna lie anyway Daddy, because that”s all we did, and it felt so nice.”


“Can I make us all baby bottles please Daddy?”

“I”m okay with it, if the other two baby boys are as well.”

“Okay.” They both said before he could ask, and so, Baby Gaby went and started making the baby bottles, putting some of the formula in each of them.

As we waited for the tea and breakfast to be ready, we drank our bottles, and then enjoyed tea and breakfast as they were ready.

“We”re gonna leak pretty soon Daddy, could we go for a light jog after getting changed, and then come back and go for a swim?” Baby Gaby asked.

“Sure, we”ll only go half the distance today, and you can set a nice jog.”

“We can go the whole way if you wanna Daddy, I know I”m okay with it.”

“If you”re sure Baby, I don”t want you pushing yourself too hard every day, it”s probably already not good that you go for twenty K runs every other day or so. I mean, you have more muscle tone on you than most thirteen year olds do.”

“Why Daddy, isn”t it good to exercise, you always say that working on our bodies is never a bad thing.”

“And it isn”t, but I don”t think an almost five year old”s actually supposed to have what”s already looking to be a very promising six pack coming along, and your little ass, oh my, all the ass lovers will be drooling over it.”

“I do.” Alex giggled.

“No drooling over his little ass yet, you naughty baby boy.”

“Too late. I think it was his cute little bum that made me start to understand who I was, every time I saw his bum, my peepee went stupid hard.”

“Yeah, I know, I saw.”

“You did?”

“Yep, it was cute.”

“Oh, thanks.”

“But why is it bad Daddy, I don”t get it?”

“Given that I”m not a doctor, nor do I understand it all, I can”t actually rightfully give you the answer that you”re looking for Baby Gaby. Unfortunately, I just simply don”t know everything. We have an appointment with your doctor on Wednesday after school, so we can ask him then, how”s that sound.”

“Oh, I thought you knew everything Daddy.” He grinned to me.


“I know.” He giggled.

“Really, as long as you”re not working yourself to exhaustion, and you”re getting all the proper nutrients and minerals, as well as all the good fats that help your body and brain to grow, there”s probably no reason to not let you, and it is good to burn off all that excess energy that most kids have, but, again, we”ll ask your doctor, okay.”

“Okay.” He said happily.

Shortly after breakfast was done, we do decide that all our diapers are pretty near done for, so, we head in for a soggy baby bum change, I get all the boys into just their single diapers, then we get dressed properly for a good jog, and head out. Again, we let Baby Gaby set the pace, and he did a nice light jog, and managed to last the entire twenty kilometers with only a few light breaks for snacks and drinks. We had pretty near all held our pee before diaper changes, we had had a lot to drink during both breakfast and our run, so, by the time that we make it back home, our single diapers are almost ready to be changed again, which is perfect, because the boys want to go for a swim.

We head right to the pool house, strip off, and get all cleaned up, then go and dive into the pool. None of us want to be in there to exercise, and really, we most certainly do not need to, and so, we play and have lots of fun. We also hit the hot tub several times, and enjoyed that too. We must have stayed out there for well over two hours, and by the time we were done, we are getting good and tired now, because we had still worked lots in the water anyway.

I diapered the baby boys, and then they diapered me, and we all decided to curl up on my bed for a short nap. I set the timer on my phone for thirty minutes, figuring that that would be more than enough for a nice cat nap, and it was just about perfect. We all felt nice and refreshed when we got up. It was really quite nice, actually.

We played on the games system until dinner time, then made and ate that, cleaned it all up, and then changed our soggy baby bums once again. I asked Alex if he wanted to risk sneaking home in a baby diaper, and he instantly agreed, and so, I diapered him up as well. I said goodbye to Jasper, who needs to go home as well, and then Baby Gaby and I drove Alex home. While we are in town, I stopped at the grocery store and picked up a few things that we need, and then head home for the night.

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