Jay Gets Juiced at the Gym Ch. 04


I could hardly explain the look of awe on Stretch’s face when she finally opened up the envelope to see the thick pile was of hundred dollar bills. She held back enough money to pay for a sexy fitness posing outfit that she had been eyeing and the balance she gave to her roommates as an advance for her rent.

To call the next week rewarding would be a huge understatement. I followed all of Jacques’s instructions but he was wrong about one thing. After selling my position Thursday afternoon my portfolio was valued at $225,154.35. Once I returned the $50,000 to Jacques I would be left with over $175,000!

Phoning the broker, “Hey this is Jay; can you forward back $55,000 to my account and reinvest the balance in some conservative growth portfolio appropriate for a student?”

“I think that would be a good idea. Normally I don’t handle portfolios less than $10 million, but because you are obviously a friend of Jacques it would be my pleasure.”

They was no way I could explain to my parents how I ended up with $175,000 in my bank, so I thought this would be a good plan and maybe my first step into learning about stock market investing.

I forwarded the $50,000 back to Jacques along with an effusive note of gratitude. I kept $5,000 to pay for some expenses and the balance to enjoy with Stretch.

About a week later I was hanging out at Stretch’s apartment when there was an Amazon delivery. Stretch came back into the room holding a small box and a huge smile on her face.

“Don’t go anywhere; I have a surprise for you guys.”

Little John, Bear and I chattered, wondering what the surprise would be. It seemed like a long time before we heard Stretch’s door open.

“Here I come” was her excited voice as she danced into the room with her new competition fitness outfit. It was comprised of three small triangles and a series of attached strings. “I entered my first competition coming up in about a month. So what do you guys think?”

Little John was the first to speak. “If I wasn’t gay I would marry you right here and now” he said with a chuckle.

Bear continued “If I was your parent I would hate it and tell you to put some clothes on, but as your trainer and friend you look fucking hot. I see a gold medal in your future.”

“And you my boyfriend…?”

“If I had a choice I wouldn’t want to share this image with anyone and keep you all to myself, but being an unselfish boyfriend and respecting you, I can only say HOLY FUCK… you look totally awesome!”

“I will take that as 3 thumbs up!” as she pranced around the room wiggling her cute little ass and giving us each a friendly kiss.

The day of the competition finally arrived and Juice and I made sure we arrived early to get seats close to the front. Stretch went through a side door to join the other competitors behind the stage.

As Stretch entered the backstage area, it was large with both guys and girls pumping up their muscles and doing preliminary stretching. She felt like an outsider as she saw various larger and smaller groups talking and laughing together. Surely they had competed together before.

Stretch found a corner and started her stretching and warm up. She did a few high kicks, various split positions and did snippets of her routine. She could feel various eyes watching her and she got ready to perform.

One of the girls approached her.

“You look new here.”

“Yes, my first competition and I am a little nervous. My name is Suzie but my friends call me Stretch.”

“Nice to meet you Stretch. My name is Kate but my friends call me … Kate” she said with a chuckle in her voice.

Kate was a several years older, shorter than Stretch and broader at the shoulders and arms. She had a warm smile and Stretch immediately thought they could become friends.

“I was watching you stretch and you look like you really have talent. But talent only goes so far in this competition.”

“I am not sure what you mean.”

Kate looking over her shoulder, “You see the girl in the blue outfit; she is the winner for today.”

“How can you know that? We haven’t started yet.”

Kate continued. “There are three judges but Jimmy the Greek controls the way they vote. Jimmy has pre-auditions before the competition and from there he selects the winner.”

“I am not sure I understand.”

“You are new, so let me be clearer. In the fitness world, there is a lot of money to be made for the top people. There are endorsements, photo shoots, modeling opportunities. But to be successful you have to make Antalya Escort it to the National levels and to get there you have to medal in shitty competitions like this one. So girls will do whatever it takes to medal so they can compete in the Nationals. To medal you need to please Jimmy the Greek and thus we have the pre-auditions. Do you now understand?”

“That is wrong, but I think I understand. Have you ever done pre-auditions?”

“Hell no, I just do this for the sport. After giving birth I was carrying an extra 30 pounds. I started to train and I loved it. I dropped thirty pounds of fat and then added 10 pounds of muscles. There are a group of girls that just enjoy being here and don’t need a medal to know they are being successful. Anyway I wish you good luck.”

“Good luck to you as well.”

Stretch had butterflies while waiting for her group to perform. Fortunately she was in a lighter weight category so she was early in the program.

Juice and I waited nervously as they motioned Stretch’s category to start performing. We watched three women do their routine before it was Stretch’s turn.

Stretch walked onto the stage with the lightness of air. Her smile lit up the room as she took her first position and nodded her head to start her music. Her performance was the best I have ever seen. Besides her off the chart flexibility, her balance was rock solid, her strength ever present but it was her joyful personality that showed throughout the routine that seemed to have an impact on the audience. At the conclusion there was loud clapping throughout the room, mostly led by Juice and myself.

We sat through the other contestants, but none could match Stretch’s flow and difficulty of program. It was medal time and they began the announcement of Bronze medal, not Stretch, Silver metal, not Stretch. Could it be that Stretch was going to win a gold medal at her first competition? Her routine was clearly the best one.

“And the winner of the Gold medal is… Mary Lee Jones.”

Juice and I looked at each other in amazement. Besides Stretch there were two girls better than Mary Lee Jones!

Going backstage, pleased with her performance, Stretch was disappointed that she did not receive a medal and as Kate had indicated beforehand, Mary Lee Jones was the winner.

Stretch finally joined us at the end of the competition. We both profusely complimented Stretch on her routine and gave our opinions that she should have taken the gold.

Stretch kissed us both for our support. “I think I know what I need to do to get gold.”

Juice looked at her as if she was reading her mind. “Stretch, don’t do it.”

The next competition was three months away and Stretch continued to train hard, now focusing more on increasing her bulk but not losing her femininity.

Stretch found Jimmy the Greek’s phone number, which was not difficult to find. Jimmy was a former power lifter and now went to various gyms selling steroids, EPO, other performance enhancers along with any other street drugs that one might be looking for.

Stretch, with her heart pounding out of her chest, dialed Jimmy’s number.

“Hello, is this Jimmy? I am Suzie from the previous competition. I was wondering if I could arrange a pre-audition.”

“Yeah I remember you. You were the skinny flexible one. Do you understand what a pre-audition is?”

Not excited by the skinny part of his memory, she was now five pounds heavier than at her previous competition. “Yes I understand”

“OK, meet me at my loft Friday at 8 PM. Do you know where I live?”

“Yes I do, will see you then.”

She had made the phone call she had been thinking about almost every night for the past few weeks. She wanted to win. She had the talent to win. She just needed to play the game. Her heart still pounded several minutes after hanging up. She did what she needed to do, but she could not share this information with Jay or her roommates.

At precisely 8 o’clock Suzie knocked on Jimmy’s door. Jimmy was dressed in a bathrobe as if he had just come from a shower. “Please come in”

Suzie entered the loft. It was spacious with no inner walls. The concept was completely open with the kitchen and dining area one step up. The living area and the bedroom comprised the main floor space. It was nicely decorated with expensive items that showed some class and wealth. There were medals and pictures on the walls showing him in his glory days as a professional power lifter.

Jimmy handed Suzie a paper and pen. “Please read and sign Antalya Escort Bayan this.”

“What is this?”

“It is a paper that states that you came here voluntarily and if any sex acts were performed that all was consensual. In this “Me To” world I don’t want to get thrown into court 10 years down the road saying that I raped or drugged you. It is something my lawyer drafted.”

“And if I don’t sign it?”

“Then get the fuck out. I have other girls who would gladly trade places with you.”

Suzie pretended to read the agreement, but she was so nervous the words were a blur. She picked up the pen and signed it, handing both the pen and the document back to Jimmy who deposited it into a box and closed the cover.

“Now let’s get down to business” as he grabbed Suzie’s breasts. “I would have opted for D cups myself, but I am a breast man” he said laughingly. At that point he slapped Suzie’s face, a hard and unexpected jolt.

“Hey what did you do that for?” Suzie said holding her reddening cheek.

“Because, I can” Jimmy replied with a sinister grin. “You gave me a “get out of jail free card” so I can do whatever pleases me.”

“I think I should go.”

“So go” he said pointing at the door.

Suzie’s feet were stuck as if glued to the floor. She had come so far that she had trouble leaving now. In an hour or two it would be all over.

A minute passed before Jimmy spoke, “I thought so,” acknowledging that she hadn’t moved. “Strip off those clothes so I can see all of you.”

Suzie threw her clothes to the side. She was fully comfortable with being nude yet looking at Jimmy sitting in a chair, watching her with his legs spread open, his robe falling to each side and his cock clearly visible made her feel cheap and uneasy.

“Open your legs and masturbate for me” Jimmy ordered as he starting touching his own cock.

Suzie felt compelled to follow his instructions. She wet her fingers and started to rub her vagina and clit. Normally this would have brought pleasure to her but tonight she would resist any moments of self-pleasure. Suzie watched Jimmy’s eyes watching her moving fingers, as Jimmy’s cock become alive. It was not very long by appeared thick and heavy. Suzie pretended to enjoy herself, closing her eyes and moaning with fake pleasure. The quicker she could get him to cum, the faster she could leave. Just before she was about to give a fake orgasm, he told her to stop.

“Get me two beers from the fridge… and move that ass fast.”

Suzie raced to the fridge and found a six pack and grabbed two. Her throat was dry and a beer would help her get through tonight.

Handing one to Jimmy she watched him pop the can and take a long guzzle. Suzie was about to open hers when Jimmy said, “Stop, who told you to open it.”

“I just thought…”

“No one told you to think. Open your legs, place the can right against that cute little pussy and close your legs. Don’t make me say it a second time.”

Suzie followed his command and placed the cold beer right up against the pussy lips that she had just finished playing with. The beer felt painfully cold and with each second the pain worsened. Suzie looked on while Jimmy continued to edge his cock, enjoy his beer and enjoy the discomfort he was causing her. Suzie tried to stand still but the cold was too intense. Finally after what seemed like 10 minutes but in reality was two minutes or so, Jimmy stood up leaving his bathrobe on the chair and took the beer from between her legs. He took the can gave it a couple of shakes before opening it and allowing it to explode all over her naked body. The splash of the cold bubbly beer gave her goosebumps but at least it was no longer between her legs.

Eagerly Jimmy used his tongue to lap up as much of the beer from Suzie’s naked body before it could reach the floor.

“That’s the way I like it uh ha, uh ha, that’s they was I like it” Jimmy began singing and dancing after he lapped up as much as he could. “Now for your pre-audition, do a handstand for me.”

Surprised by his request Suzie bent over to a perfectly controlled handstand.

“Now spread your legs.”

Suzie easily opened them to 180 degrees. Suzie now felt his hands on her waist as he effortlessly lifted her up so her pussy was directly in front of his face and her mouth at his cock.

“Place your knees on my shoulders for support and give me a blow job.”

Meanwhile, Jimmy was enjoying the fresh cold refreshing taste of Suzie’s cunt. As much as Suzie hated being upside down, she Escort Antalya did enjoy the blood returning back to her frozen clit. But as the heat grew so did the pain. It was almost as intense as the cold until the temperature began to normalize. Jimmy had no trouble holding her in this position as she started her oral skills. Again her goal was to make him cum as quickly as possible. Although upside down she was still able to use her hands and her mouth to stroke and suck his cock. She began to feel his hips start to move, a good sign that the end would be soon. But then he stopped and literally tossed her on the nearby bed.

Another opportunity lost thought Suzie as her body bounced against the mattress. This guy is a real bastard if I ever met one, were Suzie’s thoughts.

“So how is our pre-audition going?” as Jimmy asked a rhetorical question. “I know you have been trying to get me off, but I am wise to your plan and for being deceitful you must be punished. Lean your arms against the bed, spread your legs and present your ass.”

Dutifully following his instructions, Suzie waited for what would come next. She didn’t need to wait too long before she felt the palm of his hand slap against her ass; first the left cheek, then the right one. Back and forth each blow a little harder. Each blow hurting and stinging a little more. After about 15 blows she felt her knees buckle in response to the pain. Her humiliation seemed to be his aphrodisiac. She wanted to cry out but would not give him the satisfaction of hearing her beg for mercy.

“Be strong my little slut, the grand finale is almost here” Jimmy said as he walked over to a night table and pulled out a tube of gel. “Doggie position at the end of the bed. Now!”

Suzie moved her knees to the edge of the bed and watched as Jimmy squeezed some lube onto his fingers. Without any hint of grace or respect Jimmy ran his lubed fingers from her pussy to the star of her ass. Repeating this several times but with each repetition he would probe deeper into Suzie’s pussy and ass. Suzie’s ass was still a virgin. She had thought about anal sex several times but the thought was never that appealing, but now she felt stranger’s fingers exploring her from behind. Suzie was fine with it until a second finger joined the first one and stretched her ass more open than ever before

“You are taking this like a champ” Jimmy said as if this was the type of encouragement Suzie needed. With one hand on her waist Jimmy guided his cock into Suzie’s well lubed cunt. Even with all the lube Suzie could still feel the tightness of his thick cock against her virginal walls. If this was the worst, Suzie could handle it. Now with both hands on her waist, Jimmy began to pound his cock in and out. Suzie pushed against him again hoping that he would cum quickly. But as they synced their rhythm, Jimmy pulled out. Suzie then felt the pushing against her tiny ass hole. Suzie could barely muffle her scream as he pushed strongly inside her with little concern about her wellbeing. Even with all the lube it was a painful experience to be stretched beyond ones normal capacity.

Suzie felt like a fuck doll. She was there to be used and abused without consideration of her needs and wants. She was his whore. She signed a deal with the devil and he was taking his share of the deal.

Jimmy continued to pound at her ass. He obviously was enjoying the tightness of her well-toned muscles. He again pulled out of her ass, back into her cunt, back to her ass and again and again. When will this fucker ever finish, Suzie wondered as she was feeling his fingers leaving permanent impressions into her flesh.

“We are almost there sweetheart” as Jimmy now increased his speed. He was snorting and grunting like a wild animal as Suzie could feel droplets of spittle landing on her back. “Hold on baby, this is it. This is fucking ITTTTTT” as Jimmy pressed his cock deep inside her ass planting his seed to the utmost depth of her ass. Suzie could feel the squish of liquid that now lined her inner walls. At last the deed was done as Jimmy rolled over and lay on the bed catching his breathe.

After a minute of recovery Jimmy spoke up. “Get a warm washcloth from the bathroom and clean my cock.”

Suzie was only too glad to oblige thankful that she didn’t need to clean it with her mouth.

Once the cleaning ritual was done Jimmy again spoke up. “Go get dressed and let yourself out, I need to sleep. See you at the competition tomorrow… Champ!”

Hearing the word champ should have made her happy, but it didn’t. She felt like a cheat and a whore. At least the prostitutes on the street understood the rules of the game. At this moment Suzie felt lower than low. As she left she could feel some cum oozing from her pummeled ass. She hoped the pain she was experiencing would abate before the meet tomorrow.

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