Jay’s B J

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It was a warm summers morning and I was lay alone, naked in my king size bed. The hazy rays from the morning sun seeped through my open window. My naked body was relaxed half in , half out of my soft feather down duvet. The breeze touched my skin sending goose pimples down my body, which started to awaken my senses.

Disrupting my peace was the buzzing of my mobile. I instantly smiled, I knew it was him, my man. Jay regularly text me a kinky, lip curling text in the morning, it usually made my pussy tingle and wet and this was no exception.

I smiled at my screen, mind drifting, imagining my soft skin underneath his hard masculine body. I begrudgingly shrugged of the urge to pleasure myself and went downstairs to make a coffee, still smiling at my raunchy text. I was a lucky girl…

I did not want to waste my precious weekend morning hanging around my apartment being lazy so I decided to go for a run. It was so beautiful and warm. I went upstairs to get ready. I roughly tied by hair back, slipped into my tight running pants and sports bra, my body shape outlined perfectly, nipples hard on my small yet pert breasts visible through my top. I felt sexy and ready.

I put my headphones in my ears, turned on my music , locked my door and started to jog steadily. I ran to my favourite stop, it was always quiet and peaceful there which was just what I needed today. It was a place where I often thought about my guy because It was his favourite place too. “I could easily please him out here” I often thought to myself.

I was now running at a steady pace the sun shining and shimmering on my tanned skin. I looked down and noticed the lace on my left trainer was flapping around so I began to slow down trying not to stop suddenly. I bent over to fasten them keeping my legs straight. Im sure you could see the outline of my pussy and the detailed shaped of my curvy butt. I hated wearing panties while out running, I loved the feel of my bare vagina rubbing against my pants, canlı bahis I felt free and it strangely turned me on.

I was bent over for what must have been a few seconds when I felt two large hands grab my hips hard, I was startled and shocked so I jumped up and screamed. My blue eyes were met with a cheeky smile and dimples so deep I could stick my juicy tongue in. It was Jay!

My heart was pounding like a drum. I instantly had butterflies, my pussy became wet. I studied his face, eyes darting everywhere. Sweat was glistening down his chiselled jaw, teeth shiny and white and his jet black pupils were wide and intense.

I suddenly had the urge to do something very naughty to him, in fact I wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass. This was the moment I had been fantasising about. Without hesitation I grabbed his delicious face between my hands licked the outline of his lips and suckled on his bottom lip, tasting his salty sweat in my mouth. His hands grabbed my hips and he pulled me close kissing me hard back. I could feel his hardening cock through his shorts pressing against my vagina. My mind raced with excitement. I didn’t even know what I wanted to do to him but I knew I wanted to do something so I cockily placed my first right finger to my lips “Ssssssh” grabbed his hand quickly and led him off up the steep muddy path in front of us. I knew exactly where I was going but Jay didn’t. I felt powerful, in control, he just followed like a lost puppy. I could feel his dark eyes burning into me, studying my body as we stumbled over the rocks and fallen branches. “He is going to get me soon” I thought cheekily.

We reached the top of the hill, it was quiet but open. The luscious trees were rustling and swaying in the warm summers breeze. We both paused hands clasped together in awe of the beautiful scenery in front of our eyes. My mind snapped back into reality and before he could even blink I was kissing his soft lips again. My tongue slipped into his mouth, wrestling and bahis siteleri flicking with his. My breathing was getting heavy and my lungs were working much quicker now moving in sync with his. I slowly moved my kisses down his neck breathing in the smell of his aftershave mixed with sweat ,kisses continually moving all over his neck and lips, I started to nibble on his bottom lip my left hand now wrapped around his sturdy neck. My right hand gently slipped into his shorts. His cock was swollen and hard. I gently put my fingers around his shaft and my hand began to move back and forth. His body started to shift with excitement which made me move my hand quicker, his groans were becoming deeper.

My left hand moved from his neck and with my right hand still moving steadily up and down on his shaft I began to pull his shorts down. My hand was clumsy and I giggled into his mouth, still trying to kiss him. I struggled to pull his shorts down past his hips. His hardening cock was swelling with pleasure. I managed to get his shorts down to his knees. I moved my kisses down onto his neck and down his chest , lifting up his top as I was kissing, licking up and down his body. I moved further and further down to his rock solid penis. I stared at his dick desperate for him in my mouth. I needed him.

I knelt down in the slippery , sticky mud. My knees were cold and wet but it didn’t matter. I gently started to wrap my lips around his cock, licking and sliding my tongue up and down his shaft. I suckled on the end of his tip. Jays groans were getting more apparent. I greedily put my hand down my pants, my pussy was soaking wet. With two fingers I started to finger myself, I went in deep and hard moving my hand in and out of my vagina, using my self made lube to rub over my silky clit. The hornier I was getting the harder he was getting. I stayed on my knees which were spreading further apart. I was sinking deeper in the mud as I continued to flick at my clit and push my fingers deep inside. bahis şirketleri

My mouth was still sucking on Jay’s penis. It was now so deep in my mouth I started to gag, I loved the deep sensation of his enlarged, throbbing dick touching the back of my throat making my eyes water. Jay’s large hands pushed my head on to his cock making me gag more. I wanted, needed him to cum in my mouth now. My tongue moved quicker, hand grabbing his balls, sucking getting harder. His groans were getting much quicker now so I knew he was going to cum soon. With the thought in my mind I rubbed myself harder, knees spreading even wider, bouncing up and down as I pictured riding his cock. My juices we’re now dribbling down my inner thigh. I was going… Within seconds my eyes glazed over with pleasure. I let out an almighty moan which made Jay pull my head on to his dick more, hands roughly grabbing my hair, his hips pushing toward my mouth. My groans were muffled as I felt his penis throb in my mouth which made me suck quicker. I was so fucking horny. Suddenly the most amazing sound left his lips. His wet, juicy spunk squirted deep in my mouth, I gagged but carried on, swallowing his cum, his juices over flowing, dribbling down my chin.

His body was now weak, I could feel his knees shaking. His hands relaxed on my hair and my mouth gently separated from his softening penis. I could taste his salty cum in my mouth. I wiped his excess spunk from my chin as I smiled to myself evilly. I had done it! My knees and body were now stiff. I lifted up my body, fighting to get my brown knees out from the mud . I tried to brush it off which made my hands dirty. I wiped them on my pert arse then started to pull Jays shorts up. I could still feel his body trembling. I slowly lifted myself up and locked eyes with Jays. We didn’t say a word to each other, lips meeting for the last time, kisses now slow, sensual, fulfilled. I was still wet and I couldn’t help but think I could fuck him right now. Reality came flooding back which made us giggle like naughty teenagers, relaxed in each others company, amazed at what happened. I pulled away from his mouth, my smile was wide and in a calm tone I asked…”Would you like to come running again?”

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