Jeffery , Mrs. Mills 01


Jeffery & Mrs. Mills 01

I suppose I was being a normal 22 years old adult when I would watch my neighbor, Mrs. Mills, work in and around her yard. LOL, I also suppose I was being a normal 22 years old adult when I would take notice that Mr. Mills wasn’t around much during the daylight hours. LOL, and I was definitely behaving like a normal 22 years old adult when her vibrating chest would put me into a hypnotic state. I mean, hypnotist have been doing it all wrong by swinging shiny objects in front of their patient’s faces. Boobs, boobs work just as well and I dare you to prove me wrong.

And then my roomie dared me to knock on her door and talk to her one day this past June. Also, the roomie gave me the subject matter of which I should speak to Mrs. Mills about.

“Jeffery, I’m sorry, but this has gone too far already and I’m putting a stop to it right now. I might have to admit that I could use a good man between my legs who might fuck me raw right about now, but I still socialize with your Aunt Luci, so just how am I suppose to offer her a small plate of cookies at the bingo hall knowing that I had you and your strong loins all up in my cookie? Huh?”

“But Mrs. Mills, all I asked you was how much space do I leave between the raw cookie dough patties when I place them on the cookie tray before I put the tray in the oven?”

“Oh, well, just evenly space the cookie dough pads out so they are not touching and follow the heating directions on the tube. I’m sorry Jeffery, it seems that things got away from me. I mean, wow, right? Imagine if you would have asked me how to cook Blowfish kurtköy olgun escort or cocktail wieners.”

Well, my neighbor, Mrs. Mills, is known to be a bit of a fireball, but I never figured that I might be the one holding the match. Hi folks, I’m Jeffery and it seems that my neighborhood relationships just took a turn for the better. Besides, what the hell is my Aunt Luci going to care about who I’m banging anyways, right? I mean, I’m at least 25 years away from playing bingo and all.

“Anyways, Jeffery, what else can I help you with today? And by the way, bingo was last night so I have an entire week to clear my conscience for your Aunt Luci, just in case you find that type of information useful. Also, don’t be shy about telling me why you’re really here because we both know that your little fem boy roommate wouldn’t let you near the oven, let alone make cookies. So, Jeffery?”

“Ah, oh, well, fine, so what, Mrs. Mills? I mean, what the hell do you expect anyways when you work in your garden the way you do?”

“Now, now, Jeffery, don’t get all excited. I’m not mad, but I can be had. Are you going to step inside or what?”

Oh, not only did I like the sound of that, I liked the way she wore her button-down blouse and the way she tied it just beneath her chest area. I mean, there were three buttons and one simple knot between her large breasts and me.

“Are you sure about this, Mrs. Mills? I wouldn’t want any issues between us later seeing how we are neighbors and all.”

“Well, you make a good point Jeffery, but right now I know tuzla escort that your dick is throbbing and I know that we have about two hours before the lousy hubby crawls out of his girlfriend’s apartment, so?”

I mean, if there were ever two valuable pieces of information, those were it, right?

“OK, Jeffery, how about this? You stand there and think about things for a few minutes and I’ll kneel down and suck the first on out of you?”

I mean, at least give me a little credit for taking a few minutes to think about what we were about to do and all, right? I can’t say that I stood perfectly still while I thought things over, but I did stand there just like Mrs. Mills suggested.

“Yummy! You taste good Jeffery. And seeing how you managed to kick your pants off anyways, right? Anyways, follow me young man.”

Now, that’s how you cook a Blowfish!

“Oh my, it has been so long since I’ve had a bobbing cock in my house! I mean, I like the way you walk, Jeffery. And by the way, don’t even think about taking it easy on me this afternoon. We can make love gently another day, so pound me silly today.”

Again, hypnotists having been doing it all wrong. They should stop swinging shiny objects in front of their patient’s eyes and have them watch a woman remove her clothes. That worked for me anyways.

“Ah, just the way I like it, a man with a quick recovery time. Come on stud, plug the hole in my dam and suck on my fat titties.”

I know that guys some times have issues with following the directions, but sometimes, well, it’s just best to follow the pendik escort directions to the letter.

“Oh, well, ooh, ah Jeffery, you should have asked for baking directions sooner. And by the way, I’m glad that you are following my directions to the letter and don’t even think about slowing your pace.”

I knew that she just said that so I would pick up the pace, but once you start following the directions, you should continue to do so, right? LOL, all the way to the end.

“Wow, you’re really wet, Mrs. Mills! This might be the slickest fuck I’ve ever had.”

“No, Jeffery, I’m soaked and there is always room for improvement, so keep up the pace and don’t be shy about asking how to cook something else in a couple of days.”

“Are you panting, Mrs. Mills?”

“I am, Jeffery, I am panting because you’re doing me so good.”

“Are you safe, Mrs. Mills?”

“I might be safe, Jeffery, but I haven’t really had the need to keep track of that for quite some time.”

“Are you going to let it drip down your thighs Mrs. Mills before you clean up?”

“I am, Jeffery, I will let your man juice trickle down my thick thighs before I clean up.”

“Are you going to regret this later, Mrs. Mills?”

“Wow, I’m going to be sore for a few days, Jeffery, but no regrets, I promise. Keep pumping me baby.”

“Can I fuck you an hour before bingo next week, Mrs. Mills?”

“Of course, baby. I’ll just avoid eye contact with your Aunt Luci.”

“Ready or not, here it comes, Mrs. Mills!”

I don’t mean to keep harping on and on about the short comings of hypnotists, but seriously, they got it all wrong. Watching a naked woman crawl out from underneath me worked so much better than a swinging pocket watch, especially when she followed my directions and allowed her thick thighs to gather that sheen that only a man could leave behind.

End Jeffery & Mrs. Mills 01

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