Jenni And Her Sex Adventurers


Jenni And Her Sex AdventurersJenni had just got out of her backyard pool from her 9am exercise session, looking a fine piece of work in her bikini, her tanned, curvy body showed well in the skimpy material. She looked up as Megan ran into the house, crying. They had been friends since year 7 and now that they were 20 years old, lived together. Jenni tied her sarong around her waist, while shaking the water out of her long blonde hair and walked up to Megan’s bedroom and found her sobbing on the bed.“Did Brett break it off with you again?’ Jenni said, feeling heartbroken thinking “That arsehole, how could she treat this beautiful woman like this”. Megan looked up, tears falling down her face. Even with her tears Megan still looked sexy in her pink singlet top and her short white skirt, her C cup breasts looking bigger as they almost spill over her top, with the help of a push up bra“Yeah, for that tongue ring scrag” Megan threw herself in Jenni’s wide, outstretched arms. Megan’s sobs began to subside, she was enjoying being pressed against Jenni’s full DD cup breasts, and she reached up to scratch her nose and accidentally bumped Jenni’s nipple with her lips. Jenni gasped, more from pleasure than shock. Megan pulled away from Jenni, her lips tingling, even though she was upset, she found that she was getting turned on. She sat on her bed and looked up at Jenni.“He told me he wouldn’t do this to me again, and look, back to her, what does she have that I don’t?” Megan’s eyes looked almost pleading for Jenni to make her feel better.“You don’t have sluttiness or a fat arse” Megan did start to feel better, Jenni had that way of doing that to her. Jenni noticed that Megan’s nipples were hard.“Are you cold?” Jenni tried not to be so obvious as Megan smiled,“Yeah, but my jumpers are in the wash, but I might just get into bed, have a sleep and hopefully this is all a dream”. Jenni’s next words surprised her“How about I warm them up with my tongue?” She immediately blushed. Megan looked up, and whispered,”If you would like to”. She took off her top and bra while Jenni lay on the bed next to her and took her breasts into her hands. She gently pressed her lips onto Megan’s right breast. Megan shuddered, the thought of Jenni doing this never really wandered far from her mind. Megan untied Jenni’s bikini top and savoured the moment when they bounced from being released. All of a sudden, Jenni pulled back“ I can’t, this is taking advantage of you”. Megan shook her head.“No, I’ve wanted to do this for so long, I love you Jenni.” Jenni smiled“Well, if you want to do this, lets make it more interesting” She undid her sarong and bikini bottoms, they slid to the floor. Megan opened her arms and drew Jenni on the bed to her.“Lets even the score” Megan wriggled out of her skirt and top, Jenni took in Megan’s beautiful body with a gasp, she had seen Megan naked before, but never like this. Jenni ran the tips of her fingers over Megan’s breasts while taking in the sight of her beautiful body. Jenni pressed her lips onto Megan’s nipple again, and started to suck on it, while Megan ran her hand down Jenni’s body and slide her finger into Jenni’s extremely wet hole. Jenni shuddered as Megan hit her g-spot.“Mmmmm, This feels so nice” Megan’s eyes were dancing with naughtiness. Jenni only nodded her head, as her mouth was full of Megan’s succulent right nipple and breast. Megan pulled her fingers out of Jenni.“I have something better than my fingers” Megan whispered as she gently pulled Jenni’s reluctant mouth from her breast. Megan reached over into her bedside table drawer and pulled out a huge vibrator, and Jenni laid on her back.“Ahhhh, I feel so full!! This is pleasure” Jenni was in heaven as Megan slowly slid the vibrator in, felling Jenni’s pussy grasp at it.“ Wait to you fell what’s CUMMING next” Megan’s smile grew even larger and Jenni giggled, and she dipped her head down and started to flick Jenni’s clit with her tongue. Jenni squealed with pleasure, here was her best friend, giving her oral!! Jenni felt the brink of her first orgasm“Ohhhh, please, Megan, don’t stop baby” Megan nodded to show she heard, and licked faster while pumping the vibrator, turned on full, in and out of Jenni’s hole. Jenni buckled and thrashed, with her first orgasm, Megan just went on licking and pumping as Jenni orgasmed a second, a third, and a forth time. Jenni neared her fifth orgasm when she gasped, trying to get the words out.“ I’m DEFINETALLY going to cum after this one, so just push the vibrator as far as it can go inside me” Megan did just that, still licking.“Ahhhh, I’m cumming!!” Jenni screamed out. Megan stopped her licking and looked up.“Where?? I can’t see any?” Megan looked puzzled, while Jenni grinned.‘Quickly pull out the vibrator, and put your mouth over my hole.” Megan did that, and felt Jenni’s cum gush into her mouth. She pulled a face“Did that taste bad?” Jenni was concerned. Megan grinned.“No, just a bit funny, it was the first time I’ve tasted a girls cum before” but her grin grew even wider and her eyes lit up, “but I can get used to it”. Jenni laughed.“Well, I’ve had my fun, now its time for yours” Megan went to wipe Jenni’s cum off her face.“Don’t you dare, missy.” Jenni pulled Megan’s mouth up to hers and lick her own cum off her face.“Mmmmm, yummy, I did taste good” Megan’s clit was throbbing with excitement as Jenni started flicking it with her tongue. Jenni slid the vibrator into Megan and turned it on full-ball as Megan neared her first orgasm.******“Hello?” Emma stepped into the house; she couldn’t see Jenni by the pool. Emma was Jenni’s other best friend, but not as pretty. She was only 5” and had small but perky breasts. Her dark hair made her complexion seem paler. She was only 19, but she knew how it was to be in love. She had fallen in love with Jenni the day she had first bahis siteleri laid eyes on her, but thought it was never meant to be, as Jenni always had guys after her, and didn’t seem to be the lesbian type. Emma walked up the hallway to put the shirt she borrowed on Jenni’s bed. She lifted Jenni’s pillow to her face, smelling the sweet fragrance of her hair, she turned and saw a red lacy g-string.“Jenni must have changed into her bikini out of these” Emma went to pick them up when she heard a noise in Megan’s room. Thinking Brett had dumped Megan again, she went to go comfort her and stopped. The door was ajar and Emma couldn’t believe her eyes, here was Jenni; eating out Megan, her cum dribbling down the sides of her mouth. Emma got so turned on by this; her hand went down inside her pants to start playing with her clit. She admired Jenni and Megan’s naked bodies, especially Jenni’s. Emma was just about to orgasm when she heard Megan say“Well that was fun, I wish I could have sex now” Jenni’s face changed.“I have just the thing” And started to walk towards the door. Emma almost froze, but her brain got her legs to move and she ran down the hallway to the front door and knocked. Megan heard the knock and put her robe on and went to answer it.“Hi Emma, what brings you to this part of the neighbourhood?” Emma tried not to look so flushed“Um, just bringing the skirt I borrowed from Jenni, here it is” Emma went to hand the skirt to Megan when Jenni walked up the hall, in her bikini.“I thought it was you Emma, sorry I wasn’t in the pool like I said I would be, I was busy” and with a quick glance at Megan, she continued.“But as you are here, I think the more, the merrier, why don’t you come in?’ Megan started to protest“Don’t we have plans though?’ Jenni held up her hand and shook her head.“No, Emma saw us, I know she did” It was Emma’s turn to protest. Jenni just laid her hand over Emma’s mouth.“I know you did Emma, and I know you enjoyed yourself, but I think you should join Megan and I” Megan knew Jenni was up to something, but didn’t argue, just gave a shrug“Yeah, sure. Follow me ladies” Jenni locked the front door behind Emma and followed Megan, but as they came towards Jenni’s room, Jenni told them to go in there.“Megan, got get that vibrator and that KY jelly you have.” Megan walked past and whispered“What is it that you’re planning?” Jenni smiled and replied“You’ll see, don’t you worry” Megan walked to her room to pick up the vibrator, she couldn’t see it on the bed. She looked on the floor, “Jenni must of put it back”. Megan looked in the drawer, grabbed the vibrator, another much smaller one and the KY Jelly. She walked back to Jenni’s room, just in time to see Jenni wearing a strap-on and sliding it inside Emma’s pussy from behind. Megan cleared her throat and walked over to the bed. Jenni acknowledged that Megan was there, and pointed to the KY Jelly and to Emma’s small, puckered anus. Megan’s face broke into a grin, the other day Emma confided in them that she hasn’t had anal, and after she left, Jenni said, “I wish I could help her”. Megan squirted the Jelly onto the tip of her finger and rubbed it around and up Emma’s anus. Emma was enjoying being hammered by the girl of her dreams to notice what was going on behind her, she did however, feel the coolness of the Jelly. She tried to turn around, but Jenni had her hands firmly planted on Emma’s hips, so she couldn’t move. Megan put the remaining Jelly on the small vibrator and slowly slid it inside Emma’s anus. Emma didn’t know what was happening, she feel it go in, but didn’t know what it was. Just as Megan turned it on to full power, Jenni hit Emma’s g-spot. Emma’s orgasm exploded and she could feel herself pumping cum out of her pussy. Megan noticed this and, while still thrusting the vibrator in and out of Emma’s anus, put her hand underneath and started to stroke Emma’s clit. Emma moaned, she had never felt anything like this. Megan had now removed her hand from the vibrator, was sucking on Emma’s clit while Jenni had leaned forward and started to pull on Emma’s hard, throbbing nipples, still thrusting in and out of Emma. Megan stopped sucking and smiled at Jenni.“How many orgasms should we let her have?” Jenni looked thoughtful,“Well she has had 3 so far, lets give her 10” Megan nodded and went back to sucking on Emma’s clit. Emma’s body thrashed with her orgasms and just when she thought it would go on forever, Jenni suddenly stopped and pulled the strap-on out of Emma’s pussy. Emma flipped over on her back and lifted up her legs in the air so Megan could pull the still buzzing vibrator from her arse. Jenni stood up and Megan bit her breast. Leaving a mark. Jenni promptly dressed in a knee-length skirt with a high split and a blouse.“I have a job interview at that office, and I’m sure you have a lecture tonight Megan” Megan nodded and looked at Emma. Jenni said gently“ Emma, what happened today, if you feel uncomfortable around us now, just tell us” Emma shook her head“No, I’ve been wanting to do this for ages now” Jenni had a flashback to the conversation she had with Megan this morning. Jenni looked at the big vibrator, and took it off the bed, cleaned it and lifted her skirt.“ I bet you I have a really old guy interviewing me” and she pushed the vibrator inside her, as deep as it could go.“I’m still feeling horny, so I’m going to take this with me.” She kicked off her g-string and smiled“But if I have a hott guy, I’ll just flash this, and maybe I might get the job.” Megan and Emma laughed. Emma got up to go.“I’ve got shopping to do and I’ve parked you in, so cya.” Megan was left alone.*******Jenni felt the vibrator deep inside of her while she was driving. She turned into the parking lot, found a space, got out and locked up her car. She had to push the vibrator up even further. It was up so far; canlı bahis there wasn’t enough poking out to even grip it to pull it out. Jenni felt so horny, and she wanted cock so bad, her pussy was almost throbbing for it. She entered the office and asked for John Davis, the receptionist told her to take a seat and wait. John entered the room. He was 30 years old, but went to the gym every day and had the muscliest body. “Mmmm, he looks like Vin Diesel” Jenni caught herself thinking. She came out of her daydream just in time“Would you like to come this way please, Jennifer?” He ushered her to his office and closed the door. He pulled a chair out for her and she sat down and crossed her legs in a way that if he looked close enough, he could see that she wore no panties.“Right, well, the first thing, which position are you here for and interview?” John asked“The receptionist position” Jenni leaned forward a tiny bit, enabling him to see a bit more down her shirt.”Ok, what are your qualifications?” Jenni could see him looking her up and down while she lent over and gave him her résumé. John hit the pager and spoke into it.“ Michelle, can you please bring me a coffee, the usual way” He looked at Jenni and asked her if she wanted anything. Jenni nodded“ Could I just have a glass of water?” John smiled and repeated what Jenni asked for. Michelle told them if wouldn’t be long. John looked at Jenni“I like to read the résumé while the person is here, so I can ask questions.” There was a knock at the door and Michelle entered.‘Here are you drinks.” She looked at John and addressed him, “I have to finish now, the reports are done and the front door is locked” John smiled and Michelle walked out of the room. John went to hand Jenni’s drink to her, but the slam of the door, made him jump and he spilt it over Jenni’s skirt and legs.“Oh, no. I am so sorry.” John got up, walked out of the room and brought Jenni a hand towel.“Here, I’ll clean this up” John got on his knees and started to dry her ankles, and worked his way up to her knees. Jenni could feel herself getting wet again. John started to dry her skirt.“Would you like me to open my legs a bit?” Jenni innocently asked “You could probably dry me better”. John caught onto her game and decided to play along with it.“Yeah, maybe that’s a better idea” John’s breathing was becoming faster and Jenni could tell he was getting turned on. Jenni spread her legs and John could see the tip of the vibrator poking out. Jenni pushed it out a bit and sucked it back in. John felt his cock harden and he knew that if she looked Jenni could see it erect. John shook his head“Jennifer, this skirt is soaked, you will probably have to take it off and put it under the hand-dryers.” Jenni stood up and smiled.“Maybe I should just take it off here.” And with that Jenni let her skirt fall down to the ground. John looked sideways at her.“I seen to have gotten some on your shirt too, maybe you should take that off too”. John slowly unbuttoned her shirt. Jenni could tell he was getting hard. John dipped his head down and kissed her breasts. He noticed the fresh bite mark.“I can see that I’m not the only one you have had today.”“No, I had my best friend, Megan, this morning” John’s cock felt ready to explode at that comment. He looked in Jenni’s eyes.“You know, I think I spilt some on me too.” John removed his clothes and Jenni gasped. His cock was bigger than the vibrator inside her. She could almost feel him inside her, filling her up. John admired her naked body, she was truly beautiful. John lower his head to her nipple and started to suck on it, and his hands wandered downstairs, one pushing the vibrator in more and the other, playing with her clit. Jenni was having the time on her life when he stopped.“Bob is feeling a little neglected, I think it is time for him to go adventuring into a nice, moist cave.” Jenni pushed the vibrator out of her pussy and sat on the edge on of John’s desk, leaned back, and spread her legs, giving John ample room. He came close her and guided himself in. Jenni had never had a guy as big as this before. She loved every minute of it, John was too, and he couldn’t believe that he was fucking this hott girl. He thrusted inside if her really hard. Jenni couldn’t stop moaning.******Emma was looking in the lingerie shop for a skimpy outfit that she could model to Megan and Jenni when she laid her eyes on the perfect thing. It was a teddy type thing, which was made out of white lace, and had a matching g-string. She went to go try it on.“I’m just going to try this on” Emma told the bored male sales-assistant whose name badge said his name was James. He nodded and drifted back into his own world. Emma tried it on, it looked perfect. Emma was thinking about that morning and what she did with Jenni and Megan and it was making her even hornier. She desperately wanted some cock and a plan formulated in her head.“Excuse me, can you help me with something…” Emma poked her head out of the change room. James looked surprised“Are you sure you want me too?” Emma nodded.“Yes please.” The sales-assistant walked over to the change rooms and looked Emma up and down. He thought she looked so sexy, his cock started to harden. Emma knew she was turning him on.“Does this look alright?” She said, pushing out her boobs.“And I think this makes my bum look big” Emma turned around and bent over. James swallowed as he took in the sight of Emma’s arse.“Yeah.” he finally managed say. Emma grabbed his hard cock.“Mmmm, somebody’s very hard and big” Emma smiled slyly as she undid his zipped and pulled him out. She saw how big he was“Holy shit” Emma gasped, “You’re bigger than the strap-on I had this morning”“Strap-on?” James was confused. Emma told him briefly about the morning’s events. James cock was throbbing as he thought about fucking this hott pussy. güvenilir bahis James couldn’t stand it anymore“Bend over so I can see if it fits properly” Emma was puzzled, but did what he said. James pulled at the g-string, pretending to check it.“Open your legs up a bit wider, so I can see” Emma did, James quickly pulled her g-string over and pushed his aching cock into her dripping wet pussy from behind. Emma was shocked, but James leaned forward and put his hand over her mouth. Emma was trying to stop herself from moaning, and to show that she wanted this as much as he did started to rotate her hips. James let go of her mouth. Emma let out a moan as she came hard on his cock. James squirted inside of her, filling her up. Emma quickly put her g-string back on, pulling up high, so it was stopping the cum from leaking out. “I might go find Jenni or Megan to lick this cum out of me”. She purchased the teddy and g-string and also gave James her phone number.“Call me anytime, stud” and walked out of the shop. Emma felt so hott felling James’ cum slosh around inside of her when she walked. She desperately wanted to get back to Jenni’s house so she finished her shopping quickly and went there.******Megan was feeling so hott from her threesome with Jenni and Emma, she decided to have a swim in the pool. She realised that her hot-pink bikini was on the clothesline; she went out to go find it. It was dry. She changed there, not noticing a pair of eyes watching her get undressed. She dived into the pool with the gracefulness of a swimmer. She did a couple of laps to exercise and was just lazing around. She was enjoying the sun so much; she got out and laid her towel on the ground beside the pool. She pulled her bikini bottoms in her crack, so they looked like a g-string, lay down and undid her top. She was enjoying the sun and was just about to have a quick nap when she heard a knock at the door.“Come in” Megan shouted, expecting it to be Emma because Jenni didn’t knock. But to her surprise, it was her next-door neighbour, Andy. He had the best body and Megan couldn’t help perving.“I just wanted to know if you had any screw-drivers, I’ve lent mine to a friend and he is currently out of town”“Sure” Brett made sure when Megan and Jenni moved in together, that they had all the tools they needed. Megan got up and walked over to the shed, with Andy following her close behind. Megan got the toolbox and turned around to Andy, who was standing in the doorway. She smiled and handed the toolbox to Andy when she saw her bikini top, laying on her towel still. She covered her breasts.“I think it is a bit late for that,” Andy said with a smile “I’ve already seen them, and might I add, what fantastic looking breasts you have there.” Megan blushed; it was usually Jenni that had all the compliments. Andy ran his fingers lightly, down the left side of Megan’s face and trailed them down to her left nipple, where he gently squeezed it. Megan shuddered. Andy slowly moved his head down and sucked on her nipple. He put the toolbox down and let his free hand wander off to the top of her bikini bottoms.“Lets go back inside the house, I have a nice bed we can use” Megan lead Andy to her bedroom. Megan pushed Andy on the bed.“Mmmm, horny are we?” Andy flashed Megan his sexiest smile. Megan straddled Andy and started to kiss him. Emma walked in the house at that moment.“Hello??” Emma called out. Megan answered her.“Don’t tell her we are in here” Andy whispered, “I’ve waited so long to have you.”“Don’t worry, she will want to join in” Emma appeared at the door“Yeah, I want to join in” Andy look delighted. The thought of 2 females together really made him hott. Megan got out a pair of handcuffs and cuffed Andy to the bed head.“Good idea Megan, because I have a pussy full of cum that wants to be emptied” Emma laid down on the edge of the bed and opened her legs. Megan quickly pulled down Emma’s panties and put buried her face in Emma’s pussy and started lapping up all the juices flowing out.“Mmmm, yeah baby, don’t stop” Andy was watching all this from his position on the bed. He was getting so hard, he felt like he was going to explode.“Please, I think I need attention” Andy begged the two women. Emma grinned“I think it’s time to get some cock”. Megan was thinking about how they were going to do this.“I haven’t had any yet, so can I lick you out, while Andy does me from behind?” Emma agreed and positioned herself at the bottom of the bed. Megan took off her remaining clothes and uncuffed Andy. He pulled off his shorts and boxers. Megan started to go down on Emma and stuck her bum into the air. Andy noticed the small pucker of her arsehole and had a wicked idea. He eased himself forward so the tip of his penis was touching Megan’s bum hole, then with great thrust he pushed himself deep inside. Megan screamed with surprise. Before she could say anything Emma pushed her head back down the her pussy and Megan had no option but to keep licking Emma while Andy thrust himself inside Megan. Emma came all over Megan’s face just as Andy came, he had pulled himself out, and had pumped hot cum over her arse. Emma reefed Megan’s head up and started to lick the cum off her face.“Mmmm, I have a mouthful of cum” Megan was so blissful. Emma told Megan to stand up, but have her legs spread, so she could catch the cum. Megan pushed it out and Emma swallowed the big globs, then licked it off her arse cheeks.“Damn, girls. Are you always like this?” Andy hoped they got this wild all the time.“Only today, but we are willing to do this all the time” They all grinned. Andy hoped that they would invite him when they did next. He told them this. They told him that they would invite him over as soon as they felt like it. Jenni arrived home at that minute, and walked in on them lying naked on Megan’s bed.“Did I miss the fun?” Emma and Megan told Jenni what they got up to and Jenni told them. They all looked at Andy cock steadily getting hard again and looked at one another. They smiled, they were going to show this poor guy how wild they could really get.

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