Jenny and Carrie Ch. 11


I would like to thank everyone who took the time to read and also to rank and respond about my story. While I know it is long and I told everyone that this was a novel, even though I do plan to cut it down some for all the readers. In this chapter both Jenny and Carrie go quickly from 18 to 21. It may be too quick for some but, there is some outlines for each year. Now even though this has health problems for the ladies ( and I don’t claim to have any knowledge of this. I remember reading a newspaper while writing this about 15- 20 years ago. In it was a similar problem, so I somehow thought I’d put it in my story). I thought it worked well in the story so I left it in. This chapter is very short (compared to the length of the other chapters) so enjoy! And please give feedback and vote on my chapters seeing it’s the main way I can get better.


Saturday, and Sunday, while Linda was in her office doing her paper work, and reading over all her charts, for her last weeks’ appointments and for the ones she had in the hospital. This included Jenny and Carrie. While examining all the paperwork on the ladies, something was nagging at her. But she couldn’t tell what it was. After four hours of studying, she narrowed it down to two things. Both had to do with their circulatory systems, which pointed to some kind of hereditary complication. And she knew it had to be on the Hayward side because both Jenny and Carrie both had whatever it was. Carrie and Jenny had different mothers but had Hayward men for fathers. So, with this information, she called two of her colleges in cardiology and one that was in hereditary sciences, and got them to come over to her office.

When those three showed up, Linda let each study the ladies results. Two hours later they had finished and told Linda that she was on the correct track.

“I’d like to get them in here and run all the tests we need to see how bad this is.” Lisa told Linda.

“How long do I tell them to expect to be here?”

“Dear, we can’t say. Tell them at least a few weeks.” Kim answered.

“Then we need to get that family over to my office and find out just what this is. Are all the Hayward women at risk or does it jump generations?’ Tammy stated. Linda told her that she’d go over and tell the family and then break this to Jenny and Carrie.

“When would you like to have them over?”

“Hun Right now it doesn’t matter. ASAP. Today is not quick enough; they have to hurry because those two ladies are in bad risk of heart disease, or worse, unto dying from whatever this is.” So, after they left, Linda called Katherine.

“Hi sis How are you hun?”

“Not too good dear, not after what we’ve just uncovered. Look get Ross there at home quickly, I’m coming over. We all need to discuss Jenny and Carrie’s health. It’s deadly important. I’ll be there in an hour.”

“Sure sis. I’ll call him now.” Katherine said as they hung up. Katherine called Ross and told him what Linda had told her, and told him to ‘for god’s sake hurry’.”

An hour later, Linda was ushered into the den where they all were, Katherine, Ross, Leslie and even Claude.

“Ok dears, I can’t possibly be easy with this news so bear with me. I was doing my paperwork today and reading through all my weekly files for the patients I’d seen. This includes Jenny and Carrie. While I was studying them, I had something

nagging me bad, telling me I was missing something really bad and deadly serious. I found something in the results, so I called 3 of my colleges and got them to study the results also. It appears to be some sort of hereditary circulatory problem.” Linda started. “Ross dear, does your family have something like this in its past. Think very hard, because it will mean the ladies lives here. We know it has to come from your side of the family, because the ladies have different mothers and they both are suffering from the same thing.”

“I used to hear Tobias saying something about one of Hugh’s sisters had died from the same thing that killed his grandmother. But I’d have to call him and Victoria because that was when I as maybe 13 or 14.” Ross said and placed a call over to Victoria’s and asked if they were going to be home for a few hours. Victoria said that they would be home all night that they had nothing planned. So he and Katherine took Linda over to their house where she asked both the same question. Finally she had an answer and even the old records. Both said they would search for anything else they could find, to help the ladies out.

When they got back to Ross’ and Katherine’s Linda told them that she would have to take Jenny and Carrie back to the hospital with her, so they could get down to the bottom of this and hopefully fix the problem for Jenny and Carrie. She also told them that it now appeared that the load the ladies lived, trained, or played under was not the problem, it was this. She said that if they got everything fixed, that it was very possible that Jenny and Carrie could return to izmit escort their double sport lives without any problem. So they went up to the ladies room, and Katherine looked in, and saw both asleep all cuddled up tightly. She and Linda entered and woke the ladies up, once fully awake Linda explained everything to Jenny and Carrie. So, the ladies got up and dressed, and packed for two weeks and left with Linda after everyone hugged and kissed the ladies.

For three weeks, two teams of doctors worked with Jenny and Carrie, running the ladies through all sorts of tests. They had to talk to the family two more times and finally they had the right problem. Both Jenny and Carrie would have to go through long surgeries to correct the major problem that was the root of all the trouble they were facing. Linda and the other doctors had told both that for this year, they could not compete in golf or diving, it was over for the year. But if they followed everything to get well, that they could go back to how they were at first, diving, golf and weight training. But they would likely be in the hospital for a month or two afterwards for rest and physical therapy. Their surgeries took 16 hours apiece to do, and both were now in ICU for at least three or more weeks. Their ICU room was very private, and was fitted with a big bed for both to sleep on. Just like she did for them earlier, put a sign up that read ‘No Men Allowed’, because they still slept nude.

Another month and both Jenny and Carrie were getting back well. They were in their own private room, and liked P.T. also. Finally on October 12th, they both were released to go home, but would have to be at the hospital for P.T every day, and checkups once a week, for another month. Then they could try and get back to some of their activities. Both were going to join their sophomore year at SFS a month late, and both were happy just to be going back.

They had finally made it all the way back, and were glad to head to school, because it was like being them again. But, this year they had to live at home, so, everyone could keep their eyes on them.

By May, they were now finished with school and were cleared by everyone and had been back practicing both sports and since March had been weight training all without any problem at all, they each felt better than they had since they turned 13. They didn’t require naps, and were full of energy everyday and all day. But, both had decided to compete in two golf tourneys and one diving, and still have one week to do nothing and relax and rest up. Just to make sure nothing happened again, and they both had gotten used to the free time to spend in their relationship.

The ladies had let their fans and the world now that they were well and were cleared to compete in both sports. They had an easy first two meets. They had diving in Miami on June 3rd thru the 8th. Then they would just stay in Florida, because they were to compete in a PGA event at Sawgrass that was starting on the 11th thru the 16th. Then come home for their relaxing week where they only had practice 3 days a week and weight training the other two days. Then it was off to Riviera for an LPGA event on the 25th. They won the diving pretty well, but, for some reason they didn’t feel like they had the stamina , they basically had ran out of gas, and coasted to victory. They both were worried about this, because it was strange. Then at Sawgrass, the same thing happened, by Sunday they didn’t have anything left in their tanks, and struggled to come in finishing 7th and 9th. During their week off, they went to see Linda and Kim, telling both what had happened. That neither lady had this happen before and like it happened. Those three days in between the competitions, was like before they couldn’t get out of bed and seemed if they did, they needed a nap only after an hour or so out of bed. So Kim took them to her office and checked them out completely. She noticed that it seemed that the surgery they had wasn’t working, and made it worse.

She ran more tests, and ran one where they were on a treadmill, and stationary

bike, to see what happened under stress and exercise. She saw very bad reading with those tests. Something was very much a miss seeing this and she had a few of her other cardiologists watching the monitors and reading the results too. This was going to be a group effort on Jenny and Carrie. She did an in-depth CAT, and MRI scans of the ladies’ hearts and arteries and veins. After three days of the day long tests, they all were conclusive on the problem. Kim called Linda, and went over to see her, where she laid everything out to her, and Linda went and asked Victoria and Tobias another question about the family. Victoria didn’t know but Tobias thought he had heard about something like that before, but not in over 75 to 100 years. He went up to his living area to look and see if something was on that problem, 30 minutes later he came back down and handed Linda the only paper that was left, and it was the problem both Jenny and Carrie had. With this izmit escort bayan news she went back and gave it to Kim.

“Damn! This is 89 years ago.”

“Yes dear. Tobias told me that was the last case to hit the women in his family. Before that it happened almost every generation.” So, they went to tell Jenny and Carrie the news. This time they would be cured, and now that they knew 100% what the problem was, Jenny and Carrie would be new women.”

“But that’s what you said last time.” Jenny said.

“Dears, this problem was what caused that other to happen. So with both problems fixed you both won’t have to deal with this crap any more. See we didn’t know about this problem, until a specialist from Germany, who was here, saw everything and told us what to look at. She had seen it a lot there. But, dears, you were born with this. And another reason we didn’t know is, that only your uncle Tobias remembered something like this a long time ago. 89 years to be exact. That was the last time this struck your family before now.” After two more hours explaining everything to the ladies, they told each that they would be back in the hospital for about 2 more months total.

“How soon can it be done after the season?” Carrie asked.

“Dears, as you both felt, you both should know that you’d never last the seasons. I’d like to get this out of the way and get you both back fully and back to the Jenny and Carrie I watched when you were teens, just dominate everything you did. Don’t you want to be like that again?” They said they would love that, but, were scared of going through another season ending surgery, for the second year in a row. But, they each knew without a doubt they had to do this. So, they went home with Linda and Kim following them, so each could explain this all to Katherine and Ross. Then they would take the ladies back with them.

After two more months in the hospital, Jenny and Carrie had put all they had into PT and even at night when Linda and Kim, had checked on them for the last time, they

both worked out with what they could use in the room, determined to compete again this year. They had two more months left in diving and could compete in golf the rest of the year. When the last tourney in the US was done they would play overseas. Once released, they went back with their original tempo and drive. Jenny and Carrie never felt better and they both had more stamina than they would ever need. They took every competition that year handedly. When they came back they joined school a month late and quickly caught up with everyone. Their whole family was very happy to see Jenny and Carrie just as they were used to seeing them.

Both Ladies also ended up meeting and dating two men at school. As they had said earlier, neither would ever be able to love the men with their hearts, because they each held the other’s heart. Both were still very happy to have the men. When they told their family about this, every one of them were very happy for Jenny and Carrie. To each it felt as natural as they would let it, and for some reason their shyness never came up and the rest of their junior years past in tot al happiness.

So now it was March, and the ladies were back practicing both sports and weight training heavily. Both ladies had acquired a great weight trainer while at school to help them with their routines. When both Janice and Ann saw Jenny and Carrie for the first time since August, they were really amazed at both ladies’ physical appearance. As Janice led them through their routines, she found out that both were 110 pounds ahead of her now and could easily run 10 or more miles, even with the leg weights.

When their boyfriends came in the gym, Jenny and Carrie went over to them; both Janice and Ann smiled at them.

“Bobby. These are mine and sis’ diving coaches. This is Janice Copeland, and Ann Cooper.” Jenny said. “Ann, Janice this is Bobby Morton.”

“Ken this is Ann and Janice.” Carrie said introducing the 3 of them. “Ann Janice this is Ken Jones.” Both women greeted the men, and stood and took in the sight of Jenny and Carrie with their boyfriends. Jenny and Carrie had their arms around the guys, and the guys had theirs around the ladies’ waists.

“Nice to meet you both, so, are you both at SFS also?” Ann asked.

“Yes mam we are. I’m a junior like Jenny. I’m planning to be a neurologist.” Bobby answered.

“I’m also a junior. And I’m going to become a doctor, but right now haven’t decided on which kind. “Ken said, as both guys hugged and kissed the ladies and said goodbye and left. Both Jenny and Carrie looked very happy.

“Very nice choices ladies so all four of you are going to join the medical field in

some aspect.”

“Yes dears very nice. Well ladies, ready to get back, and get done with our day?” Janice asked.

“Absolutely!” Both answered, and then went right back heavily into their weight training. After two more hours, they finished, and now it was time for their 10 mile run. After izmit sınırsız escort that was done, Janice let the ladies go and get out of their wet and sweaty clothes and in robes and towels and led them over to have their massages. She watched as each untied their towels and lie down and let the towels drape over their nude bodies. This was a perfect time were she finally grasped the sight of both ladies’ very muscular bodies.

“Jenny, can I please see you over here dear.” Janice asked her, then leading Jenny over to a bright light. Where she could get a good hard look at Jenny’s very hard developed body.

“Well Jen dear. I can see your body has really taken very well to all the weight training you do. It has really done wonders for you both.” Janice said and let Jenny go back and lay down, where she and Carrie spent 11/2 hours, getting massages, and another in the whirlpool. After they finished Jenny and Carrie went and got dressed, and headed for home to eat then get their golf clubs and head to meet Holly for practice. As they both practiced their driving, both ladies were surprised at the distance they were getting. On her 5 drive Carrie hit hers very hard, that the head of her club came off and went past the 100 yard marker. This had her, Jenny and Holly laughing. So she went to their locker room to get her spare and came back. Jenny actually broke the shaft of hers an hour later. So, both would have to call Wilson, for replacements. Then they both decided that this was the perfect time to practice with some new TaylorMade drivers. Both hoped these were a lot better than the ones they tried the first time, this one had a strange name for it. At least the ladies thought so, called “Burner Bubble’. So, they practiced heavily with those. Both were beginning to like these drivers. Jenny and Carrie were getting more flight and yards from their drives with these drivers. Finally at 5, they had finished with practice, and went and got changed and went home, because they had dates tonight, neither was really interested, but, they had to oblige the guys. They each would rather spend that time in bed with each other.

At 8, Bobby and Ken showed up to pick up Jenny and Carrie. They both sat in the den talking to Katherine and Ross.

“Look guys, please take it easy on the ladies. I know they won’t tell this to anyone, but both have been through hell the last two years medically, overcoming 2 heredity problems. And then two and a half years ago both were raped. While out on a double date, the guys both were killed. Both Jenny and Carrie were beaten severely and raped repeatedly. Since then both have suffered from very severe cases of shyness. You both are their first boyfriends since that happened. So, please don’t push them, they both are trying very hard, to get back a normal live. I know that they both are as strong as ever, but mentally they both are still rebuilding.” Katherine explained to Bobby and Ken.

“We both figured that something was going on behind the scene, because both ladies were more than slow to respond to us. Thanks for explaining this to us. I know I’ll swear to this much, I have never met a pair of women who were exactly alike, and I grew up around quite a few pairs of identical twins. But you daughters are alike in every aspect, Minds as well as bodies. And you are right about both ladies’ physical appearance, they are very strong. I guess both diving and golf require them to be like that. We both will also be going with them for their next two events, so we can watch and root for ‘The Hayward Hurricane’.” Ken said.

“I know Jenny and Carrie will love that.” Ross said.

Both Jenny and Carrie descended the stairs at 8:30. Both had chosen their matching pink satin dresses, with loads of white lace all over. With white heels, purses, and to top it off both had white and pink bows in their hair. They hugged and kissed the guys hello. Then did the same to Ross and Katherine, as they left for dinner and to see a play.

A few minutes after midnight, the ladies were dropped off and entered the house and made their way into the den. Where they found both Katherine and Leslie, after the hugs, Jenny and Carrie sat down and talked to the women.

“Well dears, how was your first play?” Leslie asked.

“We both loved it, it was very beautiful. I think they called it a ‘Tear Jerker’. Jenny answered and then she and Carrie told them how their dates went.

“Well dears, it does seem as though you ladies had fun. I’ve very glad to hear it. And I know you both know you deserved it.” Katherine said as they hugged and kissed, and Jenny and Carrie headed up to their room to undress and go to bed.

Both ladies practiced very hard in their sports, and harder in weight training. Then also both decided to take up karate, for self protection. Their first competitions were both it the same city, May 15th for diving and golf May 22nd. Both held in Memphis, Tn. But on the 10th, both ladies woke up feeling really awful, coughing, sneezing, and they knew they had fevers too, with the hot and cold feelings. Also sore throats, and their chests were hurting bad. Both Katherine and Leslie went up to their room, because they had not seen the ladies yet this morning. When they both entered, they knew Jenny and Carrie were very sick,

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