Jennyfer Collects Men’s Clothes Ch. 05


Part 5 – Taxi

Chrissie is a taxi driver, very pretty, good-humored, and the funniest of the 3 girls in the flat.

Always in a good mood, the passengers love her, she is very nice.

She drives a taxi that has the armored windows, and a security lock on the doors, which only the driver (Chrissie) can open, and has a shielded glass between her and the passenger, with a small drawer, which is for the passenger to place the money.

She likes to tell the stories she has already lived driving a taxi.

Stories like the day she was mugged, or the day she came back with a skirt and shoes of a passenger who did not have enough money to pay for the taxi ride.

Or the day a boy did not have the money to pay, and she locked the doors and windows and told the boy “Either you pay me or I go straight to the police station, and I say that you tried to rob me, because not paying the taxi rider is a robbery, is not it?”

She said the boy was worried and said “No, please, do not take me to the police station, we can solve this situation, tell me how!”

He was worried, because here where I live, the laws protect the women, and if Chrissie took him to the police station, he would have big problems.

Chrissie was very nice, but she did not let anyone abuse her.

Chrissie said: “okay, answer me a question, what brand is your jeans, and your jacket?”

He answered, not knowing what was to happen “My pants are Levi’s and my jacket is from Hollister, may I ask why you asked that?”

Chrissie replies “of course you can, take off your jeans and your jacket, and pass them through the window, your clothes are worth something, and I want them as payment!

Is this or the police station, which you choose?”

He says “but you’re going to leave me here in my underwear?”

Chrissie says “yes, and you’re lucky I do not want your sneakers and this Calvin Klein boxers, and if you do not take off your pants and your jacket in a minute, you’re going to have to give me your boxers and sneakers too! I’m counting.”

He, overcome and without options, takes off his jacket and puts it in the little window, then takes off his pants and puts it through the window.

She unlocks the door, and says “Next time think twice about getting a cab with no money, asshole!”

He leaves the taxi in his underwear and runs embarrassed, and she laughs!

She goes to a thrift store to sell the clothes.

The woman who owns the store knows Chrissie and asks “men’s clothes, of who they are?”

Chrissie responds “from a passenger who did not want to pay me, you know my motto, if you do not have money, I accept your clothes as payment!”

They both laughed, Chrissie took the money and left.

And this is one of the many stories she told.

She is bisexual and has had sex with passengers in the taxi, sometimes men, sometimes women, or both at the same time!

She had fun.

She, a few months ago, hitchhiked in her taxi to a foreigner, whose name was Nigel Boketti, he was new to town, and had nowhere to stay, and was very hot, Italian type.

And Chrissie talking to him, she saw that he had little money, and that he had nowhere to stay, because the place where he had come to work was under renovation, and the owner said, that in two weeks or more he will reopen the store, and he had no money to go back to his city and nowhere to stay.

Chrissie stopped the taxi, got her cell phone, and told to Nigel “wait a minute, I’ll be right konyaaltı sınırsız escort back.”

Got out of the taxi and called Jenny and said “I’m with a guy who’s new in town, and nowhere to go, What do you think of us taking advantage of this situation?”

Jenny replies, “Surely, he’s handsome? his cock is big?”

Chrissie replies “he’s handsome, but his cock I have not seen yet, but we can see later, what do you think of presenting him to CFNM?

Jenny says “sure, bring him to the flat!”

Chrissie hangs up the phone, goes back to the taxi and tells Nigel Boketti “I talked to a friend and I explained about your situation to her.”

She continues “I live in a flat with two other girls, and we have a empty room, with a bed. You have an interest in going there?”

Nigel replies “yes, yes, but I can not afford it!”

Chrissie says “stay calm, you can pay for your stay doing household chores, in CFNM style, do you accept?”

Nigel says “yes, no problem housekeeping, but what is CFNM?”

Chrissie says “there in the flat Jenny will explain, okay?”

He says “okay, having a place to stay, I’ll do anything!”

Chrissie says “is very good to hear it!”

The cab arrives at the flat, he has only a backpack, and Chrissie says “follow me handsome!” and he goes into the flat after her.

Chrissie takes him to the living room, and makes him sit down, picks up his backpack and says “wait here, I’ll put your backpack in your room, I’ll be right back.”

Chrissie walks into Jenny’s room with Nigel’s backpack, Jenny does that naughty face, and tells Chrissie: “Let’s introduce our new guest the CFNM!”

They both laugh, and then leave the room, and along with Amanda, they go to the living room.

Jenny and Amanda introduce themselves to Nigel, and then Jenny says

“Nigel, you can stay here, but with conditions!”

Nigel asks “what are the conditions?”

Jenny responds:

“First: you’ll have to clean the whole house, bathroom, living room, bedrooms, and the dishes.

Second: you can not wear clothes, because CFNM means Clothed Female Naked Male.

Third: you will not be able to masturbate in any case, if you get caught masturbating you will be thrown naked out of this house!

You can only masturbate if any of us are supervising.

Fourth: Besides, you’ll do everything we tell you, understood?”

Nigel Boketti says “well, I have no options, I accept!”

Jenny reaches out and says “Ok Handsome, Take off your clothes, and hand to me, we’ll keep them well.”

He takes off his coat, shirt, shoes, socks, jeans, and feels embarrassed to take off his briefs in front of three beautiful women, he says “can I keep my boxers?”

Jenny goes to him and pulls the boxers down and says “I said everything, completely naked!” And in a quick move, rip off Nigel’s underwear.

Amanda takes his chain from her neck, while Chrissie takes the watch from his arm.

Jenny takes all his clothes, the watch, the chain and says, “Wait here, I’ll save your clothes and I’ll be right back.”

Jenny picks up his clothes, his shoes, and his backpack and puts it inside a trunk, and puts on a big padlock.

She thinks “how good it is to have a naked man at home, and more clothes for my collection. Wow, this jeans will look great on me!”

Then Jenny, Amanda and Chrissie are watching, that handsome man, totally naked, doing the chores of the house.

After konyaaltı türbanlı escort it’s over, Jenny says “We’ll give you a shower, and then you can go to your room, tomorrow we have somewhere to go.”

They take him to the bathroom, give him a bath, and he gets a hard cock, she laughs and says “someone is getting excited!”

He gets embarrassed, they dry him up and say.

“Nigel, in your room you only have a mattress, no sheets, no blanket, only gas heater, and there’s no lock on your door, because you need to be exposed 24 hours for us while you’re in this house. Remember, we’re with your clothes and your things, obey or go to the street naked, understood?” Jenny said.

He replies “yes, I got it!”

Jenny says “great, good night Nigel.”

In the morning, when Jenny wakes up, Nigel is making breakfast, she thinks “how good it is to have an employee, naked, making my coffee!”

Jenny asks “good morning Nigel, The girls already left?”

He says “Yes, they already left, and they asked not to wake you, just to make your breakfast.”

Jenny says, “Yummy, you’re a great employee Nigel!”

After Jenny has her breakfast she says “I have to go to work, but tonight, we have a very good surprise for you, my dear Nigel!”

Jenny goes to the bedroom and comes back wearing Nigel’s jeans, a Levi’s 501, and as Nigel was thin, the jeans look great on her.

He looks and says “hey, this jeans is mine!”

Nigel says this, angry and excited, he had never seen a woman wearing his jeans, and he thought quickly “how hot she is!”

She looks at him and says “this jeans, just like all your clothes are under my care, and I’m sure you will not wear it so soon, so I’ll work with it, I like the look it gives me! Goodbye Nigel.”

Nigel is furious but at the same time sexually aroused, he puts his hand on the cock to masturbate, but he remembers the rules, so, he calms down, sits on the couch naked, and watched television, the day will be long.

Without clothes, without money, without being able to masturbate and without being able to leave the house, he goes to the girls room, but all the doors are locked, he does not have any towel to wrap himself, nothing to cover.

He thinks “What a situation I got myself into! How am I going to get out of this?”

All three girls come home from work, the house is clean, and it smells good.

They take a shower, get dressed and then they say “Good job Nigel! Go to shower, let’s go to a club today, a CFNM Club!”

After the bath he says “I can wear my clothes?”

They say “Of course not, how graceful it would be to go to this club with a man dressed, you go like this, naked!”

He says “No Way!”

They respond “If you do not get in that car in 5 minutes, I’ll call the police, and say there’s a naked man here at home threatening us, and the laws here, protect the women, and you think that the policeman seeing you naked will believe who? In me I’m in my house, or a naked man who does not even live here in this city, and who has no clothes!

So big boy, what’s going to be, the CFNM Club or the police?”

Chrissie was good at argument, and then defeated, Nigel accepts his fate and gets in the car, and girls giggle and say “good boy, deserve a bone!”

When they arrive at the door of the club, they bring him, and a queue, in many people dressed and many naked people too.

Jenny says “you’re not the only konyaaltı ucuz escort one here, but it sure is one of the most beautiful, and I promise you that today you will cum strong, several times!”

They go to the entrance, he enters with Chrissie, and she pays half entrance.

They enter, sit down, drink a lot and then dance, and drink more, and then begin the orgy!

The girls wear dildo, strap, and fingers Nigel’s ass, they suck on his dick, he licks vagina of women he’s never seen, drinks, feels humiliated for being naked, but feels sexually aroused too, for do something he never imagined he would do in life.

They goes away, and everyone takes a shower, to clean himself, and everyone sleeps.

On the other day, Nigel gets up, makes breakfast, they get up around 11:00 am, they’re hung over.

They take coffee and return to the room, and Nigel stays in the room, watching TV, naked.

Around 15:00 pm, Amanda leaves, and goes to the hospital and picks up the ambulance, Chrissie around 17:00 pm leaves, to pick up private passengers at the airport, and Jenny, around 18:30 pm, leaves the room and stays with Nigel in the living room.

She squeezes his cock, blowing in his ear, making him horny, there comes a time he can not stand it and asks “please make me cum!”

She says “no, you already cum yesterday, it’s enough, be a good boy, I’m going to my room.”

Around 8:00 pm Amanda returns, the night is calm and she can wait at home with the ambulance.

He is alone in the room and thinks of masturbating, the temptation is very strong he masturbates, at that time, about 20:40 pm Chrissie walks through the door, sees him masturbating and she screams “girls come here now!”

They come.

Chrissie says “our guest is very excited, that we help him relieve himself, he is masturbating, but we can be kind and help him finish!”

The girls laugh and say “sure, let’s help him!”

Chrissie takes a large scarf covers his eyes while Jenny suck his dick, and Amanda kisses his mouth, they take him by the hand and say “let’s take you to the room, and then we will do the best sex you’ve ever made!”

He smiles, and he has a hard cock.

Instead of taking him to the room, they take him to the front door of the flat, open the door very slowly and push him out, along with his cell phone and documents, lock the door quickly and say “the rule was clear, if you masturbate, go to outside, naked!”

He says, “please do not leave me out here naked, give me at least my jeans!”

Jenny says “I like your Levis jeans, it’s a 501, classic, it’s going to be with me! In fact, all your clothes are now mine!”

He knocks on the door, then Chrissie calls the police and says “Good night, there’s a naked boy here in front of the house, he’s trying to break in, I’m very scared, you could come here, please fast”

She gives the address to the cops, and after she hangs up the phone.

The police arrive, handcuff him, and he says “these girls stole my clothes and left me naked!”

The police officer says “I can go in to search the house and find out if what this guy says is true.”

They say “Sure, you can.”

He rummages through the house and finds no piece of men’s clothing until he sees the trunk.

The cops ask to open the trunk, and when they open, there’s nothing inside.

While Chrissie called the police, Jenny went to the trunk, opened the lock, took the clothes and hid them in the false bottom, behind the wardrobe, there nobody would find the clothes.

The policeman said to Nigel “You are arrested for indecent exposure.”

Nigel Boketti shouts “Impossible, they robbed me, I want my clothes back!”

Jenny and Chrissie stand at the door watching Nigel get into the naked car.

Now, Jenny has more clothes for her collection.

To be continued?

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