Jen’s Trip Ch. 01


Jen shut the door and locked it. Here she was, two weeks in a great hotel in the heart of New York City, not a five star ritzy place, but still a great hotel. She surveyed the room, just as she had hoped it was nice, small desk and straight back chair, in the other corner a couple of chairs and small coffee table, and the bed looked absolutely cozy.

Then she picked up the remote from the desk and turned on the t.v. just for the hell of it. Crossed the room to the window and admired the view, for about two seconds, then shut the curtains tightly.

She checked the bar, little refridge type thingie with small bottles of liquor and also soft drinks. She mixed herself a rum and coke, also for the hell of it, and because she could.

Jen was, after all, a grown woman. She giggled childishly thinking about it; being twenty one years old means you get a hotel room with a bar in it. While she had only been twenty one for four months she was still trying to be nonchalant about it.

The reflection in the mirror over the desk showed her a beautiful and thin young lady with nice breasts, the blouse and skirt she wore were professional business attire, but with a very feminine flair. The fact that she also wore nylons with a garter belt added to that flair and her two sizes too small satin panties seemed to be getting a bit damp.

As all this went through her mind she felt her nipples harden and her pulse quicken. She just stared at the mirror for a while. She turned slowly looking at the way the tight skirt showed her panty lines on her cute butt, the satin bra which matched her panties was thin and her nipples began to show through the blouse.

Jen watched herself as she reached up and tweaked her nipples, they sprang up even more and she moaned softly as she caressed them. Jen lightly pinched the still hardening nipples between thumb and forefinger and felt naughty, and yes, she was now sure her panties were wet. This was intoxicating and she had only had one sip of her drink. As she picked it up and sipped some more, so she would have an excuse for her feelings, she decided she had better slow down.

The naughty feeling was so strong though that before she turned away from the mirror, she reached up again to the pointed nipples and pinched them hard, a small gasp of pleasure escaped her lips as her thighs clamped together and her wet panties felt like they were getting even tighter.

When the phone rang it helped to bring her back down to earth. She was informed that several packages had arrived and asked if they should be brought up. A big smile was on her face as she said yes.

The packages couldn’t even be shipped in her home state, some stupid law, so she arranged to have them delivered to her hotel on this day.

When she heard the knock on the door she opened it to find a cute girl of maybe eighteen. Jen was used to turning heads, men’s and women’s, and she kinda liked flirting.

She flashed a smile as she told the girl to set the packages on the desk. As she crossed the room to her purse she glanced in the mirror to see the girl watching her ass, she bent over nicely for her, fumbling for some cash in the purse. As she straightened and turned she made sure her still prominent nipples were visible through the bra and blouse.

When bursa escort she handed the girl a bill she held her hand and moved close saying softly “thank you so much for bringing these up, you’ve brightened my whole day.” The effect on the girl was immediate as she blushed and stuttered “I, uh, uh, you, your welcome.” The girl left with a dreamy look on her face. It turned Jen on.

She loved that power, she knew she could have had that girl do anything she wanted and that excited her. Forgetting all about the packages she went back to the mirror and unzipped her skirt.

As it fell she saw the damp spot on her panties. She wanted to touch herself there but held back, afraid that she would come too quickly. Jen wanted this to last, and last a long time.

Pulling the chair back from the desk and turning it around, she bent over it and looked back at her satin covered ass, imagining the girl was watching her she began rubbing along the crack. The satin felt wonderful as she pressed it on the tight hole.

She had done this before and enjoyed it but had never gone further. Not only had she never let anyone else do it she had never even herself done what she was about to do.

This was soooo naughty! This was a time to do new things! She pulled the panties down and looked at her asshole. It looked so tight, so sexy. Licking her finger she ran it around the spot and then not giving herself time to think, or perhaps change her mind, she stuck the finger in her ass.

“Oh my!” “Oooh!” “Oooh!” She moaned as her ass tightened on the finger, squeezing it as it was halfway up her asshole. It hurt a little and she couldn’t catch her breath but she wasn’t about to stop. She pushed it in further “Oh my!” “Oooooooh!” Her asshole was spasming around the finger. She held it there till it stopped.

This is FUCKING INTENSE she thought. When she caught her breath she remained still. Gradually she began feeling pleasure when she would clench her asshole down on the finger. She started moving it in and out, occasionally her ass would involuntarily squeeze on the finger and she would moan with pleasure.

She looked back at herself in the mirror, a finger sliding in and out of her, moments ago, virgin ass. She loved it. Jen couldn’t stop herself as she began softly but got louder, saying “I’m fucking myself in the ass! I’m so fucking naughty! I’m fucking my asshole!” All the while looking at herself doing just that.

She was nearing what was probably going to be a mind-blowing orgasm. Pushing the finger as far as it would go she began again saying “Oh! I’m fingering my asshole! Oh! Oh!,” then she squeezed down on the finger and said “Oh! I’m going to come! I’m going to come with my finger in my tight ass!” She was on the edge, just about to come.

Quickly she pulled the finger out, straightened up and turned around and blew herself a kiss in the mirror, not yet, she wanted this to last.

Grabbing her drink, she gulped, trying to cool off, holding the cool glass against her forehead. Looking at her reflection she saw a lust-crazed young lady, panties at mid-thigh and juices running down to them and the tops of her nylons. Never had she been this wet without coming. She leaned over the desk to look into her face closely as she did this.

Using bursa escort bayan that same finger she ran it around in the pre-cum oozing from her cunt. Watching her own face she put the finger on her asshole, just touching it. Then she shoved the finger all the way up her ass at once, watching the shock on her face, she held the finger in her ass and squeezed it several times. Then pulled it out and kissed her reflection.

Time to open the packages, she pulled up her panties, the crotch soaked so much immediately it was transparent. She began with the one that couldn’t be shipped in her home state. When she tried to order it they had said it was illegal due to some law. So of course when she planned this trip she had ordered it and the delivery destination was her hotel room.

Throwing the wrapping paper aside she looked at this amazing toy. Her juices were dripping through her panties and not only down to the tops of her nylon hose but also down the nylons themselves. She opened all the packages and spread her presents out on the desktop, vibrating nipple clamps, pulsating anal probes, and several vibrating dildoes of sizes ranging from small to gigantic. This was going to be fun.

This trip was putting a dent in her credit cards but no-where near maxed them out. With all her hard work and long hours she had this coming, she giggled at the thought, oh yes, she had it coming.

When she was younger she had fumbled around and through some sex. Lost her virginity and even tried fooling around with another girl. It was o.k. but what really turned her on was teasing, flirting, even a little exhibition. Jen liked turning on men and women, but her sex was usually after doing these things and then alone and at home with herself and her fingers.

It was time to turn some lucky person on, she thought, as she pulled the stacks of fresh batteries out of her suitcase. She called room service and ordered a B.L.T. sandwich and fries, wondering who would bring it up.

Jen stripped off her blouse and bra, and attached the vibrating nipple clamps, ouch it hurt so good to clip them on each hard nipple, and turned the unit on full blast as she looked at herself in the mirror. Without touching herself she was getting into a frenzy. Her panties soaked and her nipples erect and almost aching from the stimulation. She made the clamps tighter and moaned just as a knock came at the door.

She quickly took off the clamps, threw on her blouse and buttoned it. It looked just great. Her blouse was long enough to cover her panties but left the tops of her nylons and garters showing, along with some drips and dribbles down the insides of her thighs and almost to her knees on the insides of her hose.

She opened the door, wondering who the lucky person might be. It was the same girl who had brought up the packages. The girl was standing there and smiling radiantly.

Jen pointed to the desk for the girl to set the sandwich down on. Everything had been put inside the drawers except the nipple clamps. Once again Jen crossed the room to the small coffee table and bent over to fumble in her purse for some cash. She heard the girl’s sharp intake of breath.

Jen knew what the girl was seeing, that was the fun. She could feel the air and imagined the view the escort bursa girl was getting as she made a production out of not finding her cash immediately and dumping the contents of her purse out. She knew her blouse had risen up so the girl could see the soaking wet panty crotch and dripping wet thighs. She kept her butt pointed at the girl and wondered if her panties were so transparent from the juices that her butt hole was visible.

When Jen turned around smiling with the success of finding a twenty dollar bill the girl was flushed a bright red and seemed to be having trouble breathing. “Oh the poor dear,” thought Jen as she walked towards her.

Having a blast Jen made a pretense of being shy and said “oh I’m so embarrassed, you must have seen that I’m a bit aroused when I bent over. It’s just that I was trying that out and it turned me on more than I could’ve imagined.” The young girl’s eyes went to the vibrating nipple clamps on the desk, and with a look of realization locked onto Jen’s out-thrust breasts, the sheer blouse clearly showing the still-tingling, erect nipples. The sweet girl looked as if she might faint.

After letting the girl out and locking the door Jen almost fell on the floor laughing, it was hilarious, and, totally fucking arousing. She knew the young girl was probably running to the nearest restroom to masturbate. Jen loved the power, it was intense and, oh so naughty.

She took off her blouse and sat at the desk to eat while wearing the nipple clamps. With the clamps vibrating away her hands were free. Pushing the chair back from the desk she could see her wet panties, her eyes went from them, to her vibrating nipples, to her mouth taking bites of the sandwich. When she reached for the fries and saw there was no ketchup she imagined getting that cute little bitch on her hands and knees and spanking her tight butt.

That of course got her juices actually making a puddle on the vinyl covered chair. It was so exciting she couldn’t help it, she reached a fry down there, swirled it around and brought it to her mouth. As she licked it she wished that girl could see her now, a puddle of pussy juice in the chair, her nipples being vibrated at high speed, and eating cunt-juice covered fries, it was much better than ketchup.

She never finished the fries or the sandwich. She was so hot, she had only tried a finger in her ass but she wanted more. The pulsating anal probe had a suction cup on the bottom; she had to dry off the chair for it to stick. She turned off the vibration on the nipple clamps and sat down slowly on the probe, ooohing and aaahing as it slid into her tight ass.

Then she grabbed one of the larger dildoes, she had a small one at home and wasn’t sure about this but her cunt seemed so wet it slid halfway in easily. Then she turned on the nipple clamp vibrator, when she turned on the switch for the pulsating anal probe her asshole started squeezing on it.

Jen was going to explode, it seemed, and when she turned on the vibrator for the large dildo and slowly pushed it into her tight cunt all the way she began having a series of multiple orgasms. Over and over she climaxed and gushed come all onto the chair, with her nipples and ass and cunt all vibrating at once.

She held the dildo in her cunt and stood up, she popped the anal probe off the chair and plopping onto the bed she slid it back in her ass and went to sleep with everything going.

The suitcase had lots of fresh batteries.

To be continued in Part 2…

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