Everyone engaging in sexual activity is at least eighteen years old.



Jeri Jensen was an avid Literotica reader. The attractive thirty-year-old blonde had discovered the website the previous January when she was laid up with a broken leg and couldn’t work.

Once she found Literotica, however, Jeri all but stopped watching porn because she’d been getting bored with it. Reading about peoples’ sexual adventures, Jeri thought, was so much better than Internet porn, primarily because it was such a major turn-on to imagine herself in the stories.

They made her cum harder than porn.

But with her leg in a cast, sex was was difficult and not fulfilling because Jeri needed the fucking to be rough in order for her to get off. Romantic lovemaking did nothing for her. She needed a cock pounding her tight pussy or her asshole to get off.

But with the bum leg, however, the only position Jeri felt comfortable with was missionary, and, much to her chagrin, the guy had to be gentle.

Jeri always had her assortment of toys to entertain herself, but there was no human contact, which she also craved.

While her leg healed, Jeri decided to write her own stories to pass the time. There was certainly no shortage of inspiration or sexual imagination.

Penny was a natural one to start with.

Have You Driven a Ford Lately?

Ten years earlier, Jeri Jensen had graduated from a two-year college with a degree in business administration.

Somehow, between the stream of male and female sex partners, she’d maintained a 3.5 grade-point-average.

After graduation, Jeri put hundreds of miles on her old Honda Civic applying with Company A and with Company B and with Company C and driving to fruitless interviews. Jeri quickly got frustrated.

A few of her lady friends had told her she was beautiful and should look into modeling. But Jeri, who stood 5’1″ and weighed about 100 pounds, felt she was far too small to be a model. She briefly considered adult films, where her size and youthful appearance would allow her to portray underaged girls, which she learned were always in demand. The sex certainly wasn’t an issue, but Jeri dismissed becoming a porn star when she considered the problems it would cause if someone in her family found out, as well as employment problems after she left porn.

More times than she could count, Jeri Jensen was told by interviewers that their company was looking for someone with more experience. She was hit on a few times, too. The clear implication was that if she wanted the job, she’d have to suck and fuck her way into it. Jeri didn’t have any problem with sucking and fucking; she loved sex with both men and women. But she was adamant that she was not going to prostitute herself.

So, she’d gotten a job at Superburger until a good job came along. Superburger was depressing, the hours sucked, and the pay was shit, forcing her to live at home with her mom, Abigail, until she got a better-paying job. On the upside, Jeri’s rent was affordable, her mom worked weekday evenings, and she gave her privacy.

Jeri’s diligence finally paid off a little over a year later. A prominent car dealership called Lofton Ford contacted her about coming in for a second interview with their dealership’s personnel officer, a man named Dale Kahler.

Jeri’s heart soared.

Ooh, this looks very good! A place like that doesn’t call you for a second interview unless they’re interested.

Jeri appeared at the dealership at the designated time and was shown to a sparsely decorated office with a second door, which was closed. A moment later, a tall, well-dressed, athletic man Jeri guessed to be in his early fifties entered. He cheerfully introduced himself as Dale Kahler.

Kahler sat behind a desk and told Jeri that Lofton Ford was looking for a dedicated, energetic, and motivated salesperson, and he exhorted them as the top dealership in southern Ohio.

Jeri gave the impression of caring. In reality, she didn’t.

Cut the cheerleading, pal! I’m in this for the money.

Kahler told Jeri that if she was hired, she’d have to take a paid training course. Upon completing it, she would start in their used car sales department and learn from veteran salespeople. Kahler said she’d be there at least a year, then she’d undergo an evaluation, which could lead for a position in the new car sales department.

But Jeri refused to take Kahler’s bait when he began patronizing her and tried to scare her off by telling her car sales was a brutal business.

“Miss Jensen, in our business, you can do everything right and still be wrong,” Kahler explained in a cold, emotionless tone. “You can have a deal all but closed, and then lose it because the customer gets cold feet or a bad vibe. I see it happen every day. I’ve also seen this business take good people such as yourself and ruin them – physically and emotionally. Nervous breakdowns, ulcers, heart attacks. And, if I may be bold, Antalya Escort Miss Jensen, you’re what I would call a very beautiful woman. You’re going to have it worse than a man, because you’re going to get hit on by men of all ages. Some guys can be absolute sharks.”

Jeri believed it. She also felt Dale Kahler might he hitting on her. She instinctively glanced at his left hand. There was an even impression around his ring finger.

Oh, great! One of those.

And when he stood and walked toward her and sat on the desk in front of her with his legs slightly spread, Jeri was certain she was being hit on.

“Understand, Miss Jensen… Um, may I call you Jeri?” Kahler asked.

Jeri was eye level with his crotch, and with a glance, she could tell he had a big one.

“Of course,” she look him in the eye and replied calmly. “If I may call you Dale?”

“Certainly,” Dale replied and continued, but his tone was much warmer. “Jeri, please understand that I’m only telling you this because I genuinely care.”

Jeri stood to her full height, which was increased slightly by her high heels, and looked Dale Kahler square in the eye. She was furious, but she kept her tone calm and even. However, if looks could kill, she’d probably get the needle.

Jeri told him she’d been hit on by men of all ages since she was in her teens.

“I can handle the sharks, Dale. And if I’m not mistaken, that’s an impression of a wedding ring there,” she hissed. “Now, how would Mrs. Kahler react if she knew you were coming onto me, hmmm?”

But rather than shirk away nervously or become angry or indignant, Dale Kahler only smiled.

Jeri had been preparing to tell him his behavior also probably constituted sexual harassment, but his reaction confused her.

“Paula?” he said loudly without breaking eye contact with Jeri. “You can come in now.”

Jeri’s brow furrowed.

What the fuck is going on here?

The closed door opened, and a beautiful older blonde woman entered the office and walked to Jeri.

“Miss Jensen?” she said, extending her hand. “Hello, I’m Paula Kahler. I’m Dale’s wife and secretary. And you, young lady, passed the test, I’m happy to say.”

Jeri stood. “Pleased to meet you,” she replied in a tentative tone while accepting the woman’s hand.

“Test?” she asked, looking back and forth at them.

“Yes, Miss Jen… Jeri,” replied Mrs. Kahler. She handed her husband his wedding ring and he slid it back on his finger without a word.

“You see, Jeri, Dale here wasn’t sure you had what it took for this position,” she explained kindly. “I was though. You’re tough and you’re perceptive, and you can think on your feet quickly. Those are qualities we’re looking for in an associate. We can teach you about selling cars, but there are things we can’t teach which you have. But Dale’s right about it being a tough business.”

Jeri looked at Dale. He was emotionless.

“So, Dale and I made our usual bet when we grant a candidate a second interview,” Paula Kahler continued. “I won this time. My prize is… well, that’s got to remain private.”

The gleam in her eye spoke volumes.

“I see,” said Jeri cooly. She honestly couldn’t decide if she should be pissed off or flattered. But if she got the job, who cared? So she held her tongue.

“Congratulations, Jeri,” said Dale Kahler with a smile as he extended his hand. “Welcome to Lofton Ford.”

Jeri felt like screaming in joy, but instead, she calmly shook hands with them and simply thanked them for the opportunity. After her employment paperwork was completed, Jeri found herself hornier than usual. On her way home, she picked up a bottle of Arbor Mist wine, which was her favorite. She raced to her apartment, called her latest girlfriend, Charlene, and told her the good news. Charlene was overjoyed for her friend. Jeri said she was in the mood and told Charlene to get her ass over pronto because it was party time. Charlene showed up ten minutes later. Jeri, who had changed into tight shorts and a tight cutoff tee, practically jumped in the taller woman’s arms and kissed her. They celebrated by getting tipsy and making love until midnight.

The Unofficial Dealership Incentive Package

After completing the training program, Jeri Jensen began learning about the car sales business from Paul Smith, the used car manager.

Paul was nearly forty. He was handsome, very friendly, very genuine, and he could sell ice to an eskimo. He was demanding, but he expected the best out of his people.

Jeri liked him. But as much as it pained her, she stuck to her rule against dating and fucking co-workers.

Jeri watched and learned. She ultimately became the used car department’s top salesperson. Just as importantly, she was finally able to move to her own place: a small apartment about three miles from the dealership.

A year later, following her evaluation and Paul Smith’s glowing recommendation, Jeri Jensen was promoted to the Antalya Escort Bayan new car sales department. Print ads and the dealership’s website announced the new addition to the staff, with an invitation that if you were looking for a new Ford car or truck, come on down and see Jeri Jensen.

Jeri later learned that Paul Smith had said that she was a natural.

Jeri soon became the new car sales staff’s rising star. Although she was a shrewd, but fair, negotiator, Jeri was not above using her feminine charms on men to sell cars and trucks.

It even occasionally worked on women.

But it was all a show. Jeri had absolutely no intention of seeing them off the clock no matter how handsome or charming or persistent they were. What could management say if someone complained? “You’re fired?” That was unlikely. Jeri was making the dealership money hand over fist, and her model looks were a great promotional tool. Sex sells, and Jeri knew it. She only wished her breasts were bigger so she could stop wearing padded bras. She began wearing them soon after she started and she hated them. Jeri realized that small tits appealed to certain men, but a little bigger than 32B wouldn’t be so bad. She’d looked into breast enhancement surgery a few times, but she was undecided on whether it was really worth the pain and the expense.

Later one Saturday, a man in his mid-forties entered the showroom. He was dressed in dark blue slacks, a simple white dress shirt, and boots. His light brown hair was flecked with gray and it framed a slightly craggy face with a square jaw. Green eyes peered from under a heavy brow.

He reminded Jeri of the Marlboro Man in old magazine ads she’d seen at her grandfather’s house when she was a kid.

She greeted him warmly and welcomed him to Lofton Ford.

“Jack Williams,” said the man. “Pleasure to meet you.”

Jeri thought the man was familiar, but couldn’t place him. She asked him if there was a particular car or truck he was interested in.

“I need three Super Duties, Miss Jensen,” he replied.

“Three?” asked Jeri, thinking she’d misunderstood.

“Yes, Miss Jensen,” Williams replied flatly. “Three.”

Jack Williams explained that he owned a landscaping and snow removal business, and he also owned a couple of other smaller businesses and needed the trucks for them.

Then Jeri realized why this man seemed familiar. She’d seen Jack Williams’ red, white and black trucks many times, and she’d seen his commercials on television. Jeri thought he had the personality of a wet paper bag.

“Of course,” said Jeri, who was practically salivating over the commission. “Let’s take a look at them, and then we can go over the options.”

“Miss Jensen, as long as the price is right, I don’t need to hear about options,” Williams stated emphatically. “I want them all as they are.”

“Oh?” said Jeri, shocked. “Well, in that case we can discuss financing te…”

“I don’t need financing either,” he raised his hand to stop Jeri. “I just need those three Super Duties, and I’ll be paying cash for all of them. Now, how much?”

Jeri about fainted. She eyed him suspiciously.

This guy can’t be serious!

“I’m very serious, Miss Jensen,” Jack Williams quietly insisted, as if he’d read her mind. “I’ll be back in a second.”

He turned and left. A few minutes later, he returned with a big briefcase. Jeri eyed it.

Holy shit, is that what I think it is?

“Where’s your office, Miss Jensen?” he asked. “I don’t like doing this in the open.”

“This way please,” replied Jeri, gesturing to a room at the back of the showroom. She was clearly rattled.

Deep breath, girl! Deep breath…

Jeri’s heart was pounding as she led Jack Williams into her office. Once inside, he closed the door and placed the briefcase on her desk. He flipped open the catches and lifted the lid. Inside was wrapped stacks of crisp new one-hundred dollar bills.

Her jaw dropped and her eyes bugged out. It was more money than Jeri had ever seen in one place.

Jack Williams didn’t brag. It wasn’t his style. He simply closed the lid and snapped the catches shut and sat down quietly.

“Now, Miss Jensen?” he asked.

Jeri quickly looked up the MSRP’s and the stickers on her terminal and did a mental calculation. She quoted him $80,000.

“$70,000,” Jack Williams countered.

“$75,000,” Jeri countered.

After a half-hour later, they were still stuck on $75,000 and trying to push each other to give a little. Jeri was getting more than a little pissed off at how inflexible Jack was being, and he was making noises about going to a nearby Chevy dealer.

Oh, fuck I need this deal! Come on, girl, are you really gonna lose this guy over a measly five fucking grand?

Jeri glanced at his left hand. There wasn’t a ring or an impression of a ring on his ring finger.

It was risky, but then she thought about the commission.

I may be a slut, but Escort Antalya I’m no whore. But I need this fucking deal, dammit! Gonna have to bait him first though…

“Mr. Williams?” Jeri asked. “Average it out. You’ll see the $75,000 I quoted you is well under sticker. It’s very fair; it’s a win-win. I see your trucks out all the time. Five grand is a drop in the bucket for you.”

Jack arched an eyebrow.

Good. I got his respect now.

Jeri let it sink in for a moment, then she took a deep breath and spoke:

“I’d think Mrs. Williams would agree.”

That caught Jack Williams offguard. He looked sad for a moment. And for a moment, Jeri thought she’d gone too far.

“Uh… There is no Mrs. Williams,” Jack said bitterly. “Not anymore that is.”

And for the first time since Jeri Jensen met Jack Williams, he showed some emotion.

“I’m so sorry I brought it up,” she told him sympathetically. “I shouldn’t have.”

He nodded.

Jeri’s sorrow wasn’t completely disingenuous. She hated to open an old wound like she had, but she had her own needs.

“Been divorced for nearly two years now,” Jack said quietly. But the emotion in his voice was palpable.

He acted like he wanted to say more, but remained silent.

“I’m so sorry” repeated Jeri sadly as she nodded. “Listen, I’m sure there’s a wonderful woman out there waiting for you.”

Jeri was being genuine.

Jack Williams snorted in contempt.

“Miss Jensen,” he said. “My offer is firm. $70,000.”

It looks like he hasn’t been laid in a while.

Jeri went in for the kill.

“Okay… $72,250. Final offer. That cuts our difference in half,” she said.

Jack Williams shook his head.

“Miss Jens…” he began.

“Jeri, please,” said Jeri.

“Alright… Jeri,” Jack replied. “It’s still…”

He stopped in mid sentence when Jeri rose. She walked to the door and locked it and closed the blinds. Jack Williams turned around and with a confused look on his face.

Although Jeri felt guilty about invoking his ex-wife, she also felt her power over this man growing, and she was getting off on it. She smiled.

“Jack?” she asked. “Did I mention that that offer comes with an incentive?”

Before Jack could say another word, Jeri Jensen walked in front of him, sat on the desk and leaned back halfway. She pulled back the front of her slightly figure-hugging knee-length skirt to reveal her tiny white lace panties. Her pussy, visible through the sheer material, was less than a foot from Jack Williams’ face.

His eyes bugged out.

“Listen. Both of us know exactly what you’ve been thinking,” she said quietly. “You’ve been thinking, ‘Oh, she’s so beautiful and I’d love to fuck her brains out’. Well, Jack…”

She pulled her panties aside and smiled again.

Jack Williams gulped and reached out and felt her wet pussy. A thick, calloused finger brushed her swollen clit, causing Jeri to moan.

“Oh, fuck me!” he said absentmindedly.

“It might happen, Jack,” Jeri said matter-of-factly. She straightened her panties and hopped off the desk and smoothed down her skirt.

“I do it all,” she said quietly. “And I’m bi, for the record. Of course, this isn’t an official part of the dealer incentive package, but both of us know MSRP’s and stickers are pure BS. What matters is that you get what you want and I get what I want. Just agree to the seventy-two-two-fifty and…”

Jeri rubbed her breasts through her top.

Jack Williams’ breathing became faster.

“Is this on the level, Jeri?” he asked shakily.


“Yes, Jack,” Jeri replied. “So, do we have a deal?”

She looked down at the crotch of Jack Williams’ slacks. It was bulging of course.

“Your friend is saying yes, Jack,” she teased. “And I hardly ever say no where sex is concerned. Oh, and Jack? I don’t think I need to say that we need to keep quiet about this.”

She stuck out her hand.

“Deal?” she asked.

“D-Deal, Miss Jen… um, J-Jeri,” he stuttered as he stood and shook her hand.

Inwardly, Jeri gloated.

She gave him a kiss on the cheek and ground herself against his raging hard-on.

“Thank you for your business, Mr. Williams,” she said. “I think I’d better take care of your friend.”

Jeri knelt down in front of a surprised Jack and unzipped his fly.

Jack Williams’ jaw dropped, but he offered zero resistance.

Fishing his cock out of his underwear, Jeri began blowing him hard. He was big, but nothing Jeri couldn’t handle. Jack braced himself against the desk and tried like hell to keep from moaning and groaning out loud.

“Oh, holy shit! Oh, damn girl!” was all he could say as he grunted and groaned.

In a few minutes, Jack Williams came harder than he had in years, shooting an enormous load down the throat of one of the most beautiful women he’d ever seen. He hoped no one heard his muffled groan.

Jeri swallowed his cum and then cleaned off his cock with her tongue. She licked her lips, then stood and reached over for her half-empty bottle of diet soda. She opened it and took a swig. Meanwhile, a still stunned Jack zipped up and tried to get his breathing back to normal. He was sweating profusely.

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