Jerome sends me a black friend

Jerome sends me a black friendMy good old Black Master Jerome had promised to send somebody home that night. I was alone again; my loving hubby out of town…The knock on the door came shortly after midnight. I checked my reflection in the mirror before letting him in. The stranger black man looked at me, a smirk played around his lips. I walked over to him and put my arms around his shoulders and felt his hands moved down my back and ass cheeks.I pushed my groin into his and kissed his lips gently before he suddenly took hold of the back of my head and grazed his teeth against my plump lips before darting his tongue into my mouth.His hands moved away from my buttocks and his fingers slid into the side of my satin panties that were now damp. His fingers reached up and caressed my clit, the thumb of his other hand caressed against my freshly shaved pussy that was very smooth…His teeth bit into my neck bet siteleri causing me to shiver.Suddenly his fingers entered me. The man curled them and found my G-sport with ease. The expertise with which he played with my cunt brought me to an intense orgasm within just seconds.With the orgasm came the gushing; my juices flooded out of me and splashed my fishnet clad legs, in turn soaking his crotch.He grabbed my hips and pulled me roughly to him so I could feel the hardness of his huge dick in his pants.My desire for him of just to bend me over and fuck me hard was so strong but instead I began to unbutton his jeans before kneeling and pulling them down.His cock was straining to spring out of his boxers and I relieved it from its misery and took it out; the tip was already glistening.I was wearing red lipstick so the stranger could see how far I could take his cock into my mouth. I put his bet siteleri cock so deep in my throat and encircled the tip of his cock with my tongue.He tightened his hold on my hair and pulled my head down roughly on his cock; the tip hit the back of my throat causing me to gag and make my eyes water.I heard him groaning as my head was yanked over and over again onto his cock, before he ordered me to jerk him, harder and faster. I took his cock in both of my hands and started to pull him hard, spitting on the end of his cock to add lubrication. He pulled my hair and called me a dirty slut; saying he was going to fuck me hard.He dragged me over to the dressing table, pulling me to face him before smearing my red lipstick across my face with his fingers.He turned me around and made me bend over. I could see him in the mirror, as he rubbed his cock against my clit, slowly inserting just the tip into online bahis me. The bastard loved to tease me…Suddenly he rammed his hard thick cock into me so hard the pain was unbearable. He could see how much he was hurting me and turning me on at the same time.But he promptly withdrew and pulled me round to continue with my sucking. Kneeling down, I inserted my fingers into my pussy and started to play until some waves overcame me and the gushing started again…I was sucking his cock; again I felt it begin to pulse, sure that his orgasm was imminent before he interrupted it again and pulled me up. This time he threw me onto the bed and knelt between my legs pulling them up in front of him to rest on his shoulders.He was determined to give me a deep penetration and he fucked me hard and fast.The position was perfect and the gushing started again…He pulled me harder to him as he reached orgasm, pulled out his cock and came all over my tits and my face.I licked the cum from my tits as he knelt back and rested, a horny satisfied smile dancing across his lips, his eyes twinkling with sex.“Nice to meet you, Anita…”

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