Jerri’s Intro


Jerri’s Intro.

Jerri was 24 and had never experienced sex of any kind beyond masturbation. She had sworn she would save herself for the love of her life. Her parents applauded that, though like many parents, they had their doubts she could last. Her friends were divided. Some said she was doing the right thing, even if it wasn’t the ‘normal’ thing. Some said she was out of her mind in missing some amazing opportunities.

Jerri was pretty, but not stunning. Jerri had a nice figure, but not something “Playboy” would EVER be interested in. Jerri had loads of personality and a fantastic sense of humor, something that many guys, when hearing ‘those words’ thought, “FAT!”

Jerri was an amazing girl who simply wanted to wait. Jerri was happy. Jerri didn’t have issues and never once felt the need to show off to the boys. All through High School, Jerri got by. She had a couple of boy friends and when they tried to cross that line, Jerri politely shut them down. One, Edward, was upset. He was angry that Jerri wouldn’t go along. She had no problem dumping him. Stefan was more understanding. They would kiss and hug and run their hands over each other’s fully clothed bodies, but that was it. Stefan admitted later to going home at night and masturbating vigorously for several minutes after his dates with Jerri, but he always respected her wishes. He found her exceedingly pretty and felt that even what he did get from her was more than he could ever hope for from another girl. Regardless, he was often frustrated like anyone else would be. But even Stefan had a breaking point. He was a normal heterosexual male with normal needs and desires. He and Jerri broke off their dating relationship after a year.

Jerri went to college and dated a couple of guys. College wasn’t much different that High School. The guys wanted sex. She had reached a point where oral or manual sex would be acceptable, but she drew the line at intercourse. The guys were nice, even understanding to a point, but they were idiot college guys who wanted to “GET LAID”. Jerri and the guys didn’t last long.

After graduation, Jerri got a job at a radio station in the sales department. She loved the people she worked with and they all had loads of laughs and everyone appreciated the work the other gave. No one ‘hit’ on Jerri, but she could sense that a few of the guys were interested as they paid a lot of attention to her. NO matter how innocent the attention was, Jerri got the vibe that it was more romantic than friendship. She just went along without acknowledging the attention. It made her feel good, knowing that these nice guys (thankfully, NO creeps) were giving extra attention to a girl that some shallow morons would overlook since she didn’t have a ‘killer’ body. She had a magnificent body, if you truly appreciated what was meant by a ‘good body’.

Her first two years at the radio station were wonderful. She had fun, she enjoyed the attention some of the guys gave her and the work was challenging without being burdensome. Everything seemed right with the world.

She even dated a couple of guys. She continued her pattern. However, Lou was different. No matter how well she was treated before, Lou had a way of making her feel like the most important woman on Earth. The best part, it never once seemed like he was faking it. Jerri got a strong feeling that Lou genuinely seemed to be interested in HER and only HER. He always asked about HER and rarely spoke of himself. He always encouraged HER to pick restaurants, movies, day trips, etc. The best part was, he NEVER pushed anything sexual. He love to kiss her. He loved to hold her. He loved to nuzzle her neck and nibble her ears, but he NEVER took it beyond that.

“Hell,” thought Jerri, “he’s never ever touched my breasts.” And he hadn’t. Jerri didn’t think he was gay, he was too passionate with her to indicate he didn’t like girls, he just seem so, RESPECTFUL.

Jerri was falling in love with this guy from the suburbs of Madison, Wisconsin that she met in college. The catch was, should Jerri tell him? She had fought off sexual advances for years, both at college and back home outside Hartford, CT. But Jerri saw much more in Lou than anyone else did.

But did she?

Jerri sad Lou down and they had a long talk. Jerri put everything on the table. She made it clear she was falling in love but couldn’t go back on her vow to hold off consummating a relationship until she was sure. She made it clear that she wasn’t a fanatic, just someone who had sworn to her parents that she’d save herself for her soul mate.

Lou said he understood. He stated loud and clear that he felt she should NEVER give up her virginity to just anyone. He made it clear that, though he was still casino oyna young and confused, he was feeling strong emotions for her as well. He was torn between love and lust, but could endure anything if he had to.

Jerri and Lou sat talking until the wee hours of the morning and in the end, cried and held each other for almost an hour. They parted after a brief kiss and made it clear that they would get together within a day or two and see just where they stood.

That had been on Sunday night. It was now Tuesday evening. They hadn’t spoken since the big talk a couple of nights before. They went out for a quick bight to eat at the local hamburger place and they went back to Lou’s place. Lou had made it clear that he had somewhere he had to be at 10. He had made it pretty clear that Jerri might want to skip it and that he’d gladly drive her back to her apartment on his way to his destination, but Jerri didn’t want that. She wanted to know just what was so important.

Lou hesitated.

Jerri persisted.

Lou’s chin hit his chest. He cleared his throat, scratched his head, rubbed his eyes and then looked up at Jerri. He stammered a bit, but he finally got up the courage to say this, “I’m going to a bit of an orgy.”

Jerri just sat staring right through Lou. It seemed like an eternity to Lou but to Jerri it was 2 seconds. In reality it was about one minute.

“Orgy?” asked Jerri, meekly.

Lou rubbed he eyes again, cleared his throat, coughed and then, after a brief moment said, “Um…”

Jerri looked directly at him, irritated that he couldn’t seem to get the words out. She made a movement that telegraphed total dissatisfaction with the response. Lou couldn’t miss it and once again, cleared his throat and coughed.

“Um,” he reiterated, “I, ah, well…”

His unease was stifling to anyone within 100 yards of him. Jerri gave him a more INTENSE look.

“I’ve been going to these for 5 years. I look forward to them every 3 months and if I miss it, I’ll explode. I know you want to save yourself, but I never did and can’t start now. Please Jerri, if you love me as much as I love you, you’ll just ignore this now…” and under his breath added, “and many years to go”. He then got back his courage and with full voice went on to say; “This is something I love to do. I make people happy, they make ME happy but there’s no emotional attachment beyond the physical pleasure. Nothing would ever come between the love I have for you and the physical pleasure I have there.” He paused and added, “I have no idea if that sentence made sense but, believe me, I’m in love with you, I just fuck and suck them.”

“Wait,” asked Jerri, “Just a couple of nights ago, you said you could endure holding off sex to be with me. What happened to that, was it just bullshit?”

“NO, not at all, I can hold off having sex with YOU as long as you need to hold off. But I’m a dirty, horny little bastard who NEEDS to have sex and these are once every three months, not even weekly, though I’ve heard of a group that DOES meet weekly and another group that meets alternate weeks to my other group and…” He shook himself back to the conversation at hand and ended, “Jerri, I’m very much into crazed animal sex. I hope that doesn’t change things between us.”

Jerri sat in silence for several minutes. She studied Lou’s face. His sincerity began to overtake her. After a few more minutes of digesting what Lou had said, she found herself at a crossroad. She looked up, rolled her eyes, scratched her chin, forehead, neck and vagina and before she could truly stop herself, she said, “I understand. Go and enjoy.” After a brief pause she added, “Ah, could you take me with you?”

Lou was dumbfounded. He just sat and stared at Jerri with his mouth hanging somewhere below his knees. His brain kept screaming, “OH HELL, YEAH!! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!” But his mouth suddenly said, much to his chagrin, “Why? Why do you want to go? I mean, sure, I’d LOVE to have you come…I mean, tag along, but why the sudden change of heart?”

Jerri let a wry smile come across her lips and she said, “I’ve waited so damn, fucking long. I can’t stand it anymore. I’ve been a good girl to the point I could scream. Masturbation isn’t as satisfying as it once was and you make this orgy sound so damned interesting. How could I NOT want to go?”

Lou began to get hard, but his brain was on the opposite page (maybe due to blood loss) and he said, “Do you want to start THIS way? I’ve been going for years and know what it’s all about. You’re still a virg…uh…inexperience.”

Jerri did something Lou NEVER expected and frankly, it caused him to nearly pass out. Jerri grabbed his hand, shoved it between her legs and said, “I want slot oyna this eaten and filled. I’m going NUTS. I’m so fucking horny! Lou, if you don’t take me with you, I’ll lose my mind, not my virginity.”

Lou’s erection became full and rigid, which made walking difficult, but he didn’t care.

Lou drove to Essex Street, found a parking spot and silently walked with Jerri to their destination. It was a three family house that had a few lights on each floor. Soft music could be heard coming from the structure, but which floor it came from was indeterminate. No other dwellings were close, just a few warehouses and a factory.

“How perfect for privacy!” thought Jerri.

They walked up to the front door and stopped. Lou hesitated. He gripped Jerri’s hand and then turned to her, looking deeply into her eyes. The love he felt was conveyed so thoroughly; people two blocks away felt it. He shuffled a bit, cleared his throat and coughed again and said in a raspy voice, “Are you sure?”

Jerri banged on the door so hard, she nearly broke it. The mailbox opened and a voice at crotch level asked, “What’s the password?”

Lou cleared his throat and replied, “Goat hunter.”

Jerri looked at him and almost laughed at the bizarre password, but then the door opened and they were allowed to enter. Lou was still sheepish, but Jerri suddenly became Aphrodite. She walked in and within seconds was completely naked. Lou ran to the bathroom because he truly felt, after seeing Jerri naked, he would shit himself.

Jerri began to wander around watching the various sex acts being performed. She stood for several minutes as a woman gave a man fellatio. Then she watched a man give a man fellatio. She watched intently as a man penetrated a woman while another woman played with his testicles. As she watched this, another woman began to rub her shoulders. Jerri at first was put off, but within seconds, smiled, kissed the woman’s hand and indicated that she should continue. As the shoulder rub continued, she slowly turned and began to kiss the woman. NONE of this had ever been on Jerri’s radar, and yet, she went with the flow. Lou was following Jerri at a slight distance, shocked at what he was seeing, and yet, titillated beyond his wildest dreams.

After kissing this woman, Jerri slowly made her way to the stairs and went to the second floor. Once there, she saw three men masturbating over a prone woman. Jerri stood and watched and then, leaned over and whispered into the ear of the first man. He nodded and Jerri began to stroke his penis for him. She kept is slow, similar to how slow he had been stroking. She suddenly noticed that her fingertips were getting sticky. She took her hand back, smelled it and then licked everywhere the stickiness seemed to be.

Not wanting to anger or disappoint the man, she began to use her other hand as she examined her first hand. The man didn’t seem to mind the sudden interruption and as she gazed back at him, he seemed to be slipping into a bit of a euphoric trance. This made Jerri smile. Was SHE doing this?

As she continued, she found that the man began to move his pelvis back and forth, faster and faster. She gripped his penis tighter as he did this and before she could fully comprehend what was happening, he came, spurting semen onto the prone woman’s chest. It didn’t stop him and Jerri didn’t want to interrupt, so as he bucked back and forth, she pumped to and fro, with the man grunting and moaning like he was either in total joy, or about to die. Jerri assumed the ‘joy’ part was happening. Her hand was SUPER sticky now. Jerri giggled and rubbed her hand on her stomach.

Jerri began to wonder what a penis tasted like. Of course over the years she had heard the term “blow job”, but hadn’t fully understood what it meant until, well, until tonight. A few friends had described one and a few former boyfriends had encouraged it, but she ‘blew’ them off. Jerri chuckled at the unintended pun.

Jerri looked around the second floor and saw a man standing with an erection, yet having no predetermined destination. She walked up to him, smiled and grabbed his member. He didn’t object. Jerri then squatted in front of him and took him into her mouth. He let out a loud sigh and Jerri was shocked at how soft the skin was. But, Jerri was unsure what to do now. She tried to remember the act she had watched as she entered and then latched on to his member and began to pump him. However, she didn’t cover her teeth with her lips and he began to squirm and then moan, but not in a good way. The man groaned, “Please, stop. You’re hurting me” and he pulled away from her.

Jerri was confused. Lou came to the rescue. He had been following her and he had seen what had happened canlı casino siteleri and he pulled her aside. First, he gave into his desires and kissed her deeply, forgetting that she had just been licking the pre-cum of another man off her hand. Then he whispered to her, “Blow jobs are best done with the teeth covered.” With that Lou showed her what he meant. As he did this, another man saw his demonstration and inserted his penis into Lou’s mouth.

Lou was flabbergasted and became irate, but as he began to protest, Jerri sort of pushed him back down and said, “No, I want to watch how it’s done!”

Lou was beside himself. He wanted to stop right then and there but Jerri insisted and he would do just about anything for Jerri. He hesitated and then, he grasped the member of the man and began to give one of the best blow jobs this group could ever imagine. Though he let the man come on his shoulder, not in his mouth, Lou became a “BJ” Legend from that day on. Jerri was beyond impressed and was bound and determined to do as well as Lou had done. Lou nearly cried and demanded mouth wash, but eventually gave into his fame, though reluctantly.

Jerri continued throughout the orgy house. Finally, she saw an empty mattress and lay prostrated on it. A man came up, lifted her pelvis and pushed himself into her. The initial surprise and/or shock was a lot for Jerri, but she quickly caught on as to what she should do. She began to rock back and forth as the first man, then, the second, then, the third man pounded her from behind. Jerri was on a roll! No one seemed to mind the blood that emerged with the deflowering of a virgin. Truth be told, some who saw it became even more aroused.

Actually, Jerri was on a TRAIN, and she was the Conductor to boot; she was loving every inch of track. It was a new and exciting experience for her and as she filled with semen from the dozen or so men who entered her, she felt she had met her calling. She went from virgin to totally experienced woman in the course of 1 hour. Jerri never, EVER felt so alive and excited.

Of the 15 men who entered Jerri that night, none was more special than Lou. Jerri saw Lou over her shoulder, in line. He should have been number 18, but Jerri wanted tonight to be special. She shoo’d away the other suitors and took Lou on at number 15. Lou plowed Jerri like tomorrow would never cum. He slammed himself into her over and over again until his thighs and her butt cheeks were almost raw. Then once he was expended, he kissed her, she kissed him and he staggered off with a huge smile on his face.

Jerri took on number 16. She was never the same. All her upbringing and guidance in life had suddenly fallen by the wayside. Yet, Jerri was very much loved from many angles, she knew it and she LOVED it.

The next day, Jerri and Lou sat in a coffee shop in near silence. She sipped her black tea and he sipped his coffee with the shot of espresso and soy milk. They simply glanced at each other from time to time and smile. Though Lou was a bit uncomfortable in the manner he had finally deflowered Jerri (though in reality, her flower was gone well before his turn!) he was pleased as punch that he had actually gotten into the heart, soul and vagina of Jerri.

“I’m thinking of shaving, or maybe waxing my twat. What do you think?” she suddenly blurted out to Lou.

After nearly choking on his coffee, Lou composed himself and replied, “Waxing would be longer lasting and guarantee smoothness, but shaving can be an erotic experience if you let someone else do it.” He then looked into her eyes and said, “I’ve shaved women before and I’m quite good at it; if you would like to go that route.”

Jerri mulled that over as she sipped her tea.

“I’ll get back to you. Sounds fun.”

Lou grinned and coo’d, “It’s as fun as you want it to be.”

Jerri liked his attitude. She then declared, “I have no idea why I ‘saved’ myself for so long. I don’t feel morally wrong, though I might be. I don’t feel dirty, though I might be and I don’t feel ashamed, and that’s the end of that. Hell, I’m almost sorry that you were the last one in me. Sorry, SECOND to last.”

Lou had a look of hurt on his face.

“Let me clarify that, no matter what, I would want you in me. I look back and wish you had been first and if not first, the last and best, but I kind of wish that there had been a few more. I was on a roll and after you it just stopped, well except for that one guy. I was nice and slippery and was even contemplating letting someone in my butt, I mean, is it as good as they say?”

Lou squirreled up his face a bit and said, “I’ve never given and don’t plan to receive, so I’m not the one to ask. But don’t forget, we meet every three months so, you can always try at the next one, or we could simply give it a try.”

Jerri perked up and asked, “You mentioned OTHER groups that meet weekly…”

Lou had uncovered a monster and he was good with that.

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