Subject: Jess Winslow, FF Story Mrs. Winslow was a young, attractive teacher. She was in the middle of teaching class when her favorite student Jessica walked in, Jessica. Jessica was 5’4″, 34D, Hazel eyes and dark brown hair. Her pussy cleanly shaved. She was wearing a red leather skirt with a zipper in front, white blouse, red nylons and flats. “I’m sorry for my tardiness.” “That’s okay.” “I see you dressed up for Valentine’s Day. “Yes Mrs. Winslow.” “I need to speak to you after class today.” The class all went “OOOOO…” Jessica noticed her teacher wearing a red dress, Nylons and platform shoes. Her teacher worked that outfit. She noticed that even though her and her teacher are the same height. Her breasts were 32c. She was attracted to her teacher. “Now class…” Just then the bell rang. “You guys have a test Friday about Shakesphere.” Everyone got their stuff and headed to their next classes. The rest of the day was fast for Jess and Mrs. Winslow. They were on each other’s minds all day. Jessica wondered what her teacher wanted to see her about. Finally at the end of the day, Jess went to Mrs. Winslow’s room. Mrs. Winslow was talking to a teacher. When Mrs. Winslow saw her the other teacher left. Mrs. Winslow locked the door so she would not be interrupted. bursa escort “Jessica come up to the front please.” Jess moved to the front. Standing in front of the teacher’s desk. “Jessica, have you ever kissed a woman?” Jess was thrown off by the question. “Once.” “Have you ever eaten pussy?” Again Jess was thrown off. “No. But I wanted to.” Jess had no clue why her teacher was asking her these questions and why she was answering so honestly. Mrs. Winslow kissed Jessica, their tongues darting into each other’s mouths. She moved over and unzipped Jessica’s dress. She broke the kiss. “Jessica.” There was a pause. “Remove your blouse. Jess did as she was told. She stood in front of her teacher wearing a pink bra and pink lace panties. Her teacher disrobed showing her wearing a red bra and red panties. They went back to kissing again. Both were loving it. Once the kiss was broken. Jess slid her panties down and took her bra off. Her teacher began biting and sucking her breasts, also sliding a finger into her pussy. Her teacher stopped. Removed her bra and panties. Sat on her desk, legs spread. Jess went and began to eat her pussy out. Her tongue dodged in and out, Biting her labia. “Oh God Jess.” Mrs. Winslow said cumming. After a moment. escort bayan of climaxing. “Where did you learn to eat pussy?” “Watching lesbian porn.” “Jessica sit on my desk.” Jessica sat on her teachers’ desk. She walked over to a drawer and pulled out her Hitachi Magic Wand, along with her strapon that squirts. Mrs. Winslow took her wand and placed it on her own pussy, she then began to eat and finger Jessica. First one finger then two then she made a fist and fisted Jessica’s pussy. “FUCK!!!” Jess yelled. Mrs. Winslow pumped her fist a few times in Jessica’s pussy. She removed her hand and Jessica started squirting like mad. “Fuck I can’t stop squirting.” Mrs. Winslow was licking up the juice from Jessica’s pussy. Her vibrator still stimulating her own pussy made her cum again. Jess got off the desk once her teacher was done licking her juices. Knelt down and licked her teacher’s juices off the floor. As Jess was on her knees. Her teacher put on her strapon. “Suck my she cock.” Jess began to suck it. “Yeah.” “Suck it good. Jess.” “Show me why you’re my favorite student.” Jess got it as wet as she could. “Jess bend over my desk.” Jess bent over the desk. Her teacher whispered. “This strapon will shoot a white liquid into you.” “That bursa escort is my own juice.” Just then she inserted the toy into Jessica’s ass beginning with a slow thrust and slowly and slowly increasing speed with each thrust. Jess moaned as her teacher smiled. Jess was making faces that her teacher could see in the mirror. After a few more thrusts she removed the strapon from Jess’s ass, walked over to her chair and sat down. She motioned for Jess to come over. “Jess, I want you to straddle me, facing me.” Jess did just that she inserted the strapon in her pussy and began to go up and down on it. Mrs. Winslow smiled watching Jess ride her cock. “You’re such a good and decent girl” “Thank you Mrs. Winslow.” Jess kept riding the strapon non stop. After a few more ups and downs. Jess got off the toy. Her teacher got up and started jerking the toy off. After a few jerks the toy shot out the liquid around Jess’s pussy and on Jessica’s nylons and shoes. She removed the strapon. Laid on the desk. “Jess let’s 69 before we go home for the night.” They began to eat and bite each other. Jess then fingered her teacher and her teacher in turn used her vibrator on Jess’s pussy. Both hot and sweating came again. They ended the 69 and Jessica grabbed her teacher and began to suck and fondle her breasts. “Oh Jessica.” Her teacher was loving this. After that they got dressed. “Hey Mrs. Winslow.” Maybe next time we can have a threesome.” “I’ll think about it.” After that the girls left for the night. * * * *

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