Jesse”s Itch, a story by Josh Terrence


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Chapter Two –

Sweet Relief Before The Pride Parade

“Is it all better, Jesse?” dad asked as we held hands, walking from the gas station men”s room to the truck.

“Much better,” I sighed with contentment, gazing up at him with stars in my eyes and letting my satisfied rear end sway from side to side as we strolled. “I love you, dad.”

“I love you too, buddy,” dad assured me. When we approached the driver”s side door of his truck, he knelt down and said, “Your shirt came untied, kiddo. Let daddy fix it.”

I shrugged and let him retie my shirt at the midriff. I was in a state of sheer bliss at the moment, and wholly unconcerned with my disheveled state. As dad worked to straighten me out, I held onto his shoulders and let my mind drift back to just a few moments earlier, when we were both moaning uncontrollably in the bathroom.

“Come on, son. Let”s go take care of that itch.”

“Okay!” I agreed with an eager smile, letting him help me down from the truck and following him into the men”s room. He locked the door, then he took a seat on the commode and spread his legs so I could stand between them. He grabbed the back of my head with his palm and pulled me to him for a deep, tongue filled kiss that made me lightheaded with lust. While he was treating me to a hot makeout session, I resumed my earlier groping of his manhood through his shorts. I quickly unzipped his fly and took his cock out, then I stroked kocaeli escort bayan it lustily while his tongue dominated mine.

Finally we broke our kiss and he encouraged me to drop my shorts. A split second later, my tiny, hairless erection was on full display, standing straight up right in front of his long, thick shaft. I pushed my crotch out to show off the size difference between us, wanting him to know that I had a little dick. Of course, he already knew that, and so did a lot of other men and boys. Still, I was proud of my little dick and wanted to let as many people know as I could.

Dad let me kneel in front of him and pay tribute to his man cock by wrapping my lips around the crown and treating it to a sensual suck. Then I slid my stretched lips all the way down his shaft, feeling it move into my throat until I my lips were wrapped around the base. I moaned with satisfaction when I felt the thick mane of pubes smashing into my nose and all around my mouth. At the same time, I felt my knees resting in accumulated pee on the floor in front of the toilet, but didn”t care at all.

Realizing that I was kneeling in a puddle of cold pee with a dick in my mouth and my tiny dick on full display, I eagerly began an earnest blow job that brought me nothing but pleasure. I would have happily skipped the gay pride parade and stayed right there all day if he would have let me, but instead he pulled me off his dick and instructed me to stand up. Once again, my little wiener was in his line of sight, and I loved it. I placed it up to his, eager for him to see his dick dwarfing mine.

I was filled with excitement at the prospect of whipping it out at the pride parade, wanting to compare it to the other boys so I could show my dad that I have the littlest dick. Not just out of the boys my age, but out of every boy in town. I wanted him to see that his 12 year old son has a smaller dick than the 7 and 8 year olds who would be there. Then I wanted him to watch me take it up the butt from those boys so he could see how much of a sissy I am.

Not that he doesn”t already know.

I moaned submissively when he placed his hands on my shoulders and steered them so I was facing away from him. Then he parted my butt cheeks and kocaeli sınırsız escort buried his face in between them. When he started eating me out, I moaned like a common whore, letting my head fall back while I felt the pleasure consume me all over again. There were cold, itchy trickles of stale pee running down my shins and into my socks, but I just didn”t care. I was too consumed with the naughtiness of what my dad and I were doing in the men”s room.

Suddenly, dad stood up and took me by the shoulders again. He turned me so I was facing the commode, then he bent me over and spit on my hole. I felt him place his dick at my spit slicked opening, then he pushed it right up my butt. I parted my feet just in time for him to start thrusting, causing my toes to curl as the same naughty pleasure that had beset me earlier was now taking me over.

After sixty pleasure filled seconds of anal intercourse, dad buried his rod up my butt and bred me. I loved how he treated me to a down and dirty butt fucking in the men”s room, knowing that it was all I needed. He pulled out and I quickly spun around, anxious to suck his pleasure stick clean while I hissed with satisfaction. Finally, dad eased me off his dick, leaning down and planting a final French kiss on my mouth while I moaned submissively. When we broke our kiss, we hiked our shorts and I told him, “Thanks dad, I really needed that.”

“I”m glad you got what you needed, kiddo,” he said, ruffling my hair, then he took my hand and we exited the bathroom.

When my shirt was tied, dad leaned forward and kissed me on the end of my nose, snapping me out of my spell. I smiled sweetly at him, still feeling grateful for the service at my back door. Almost as if he could read my mind, he winked at me and asked, “Are you looking forward to the parade, buddy?”

“Yeah,” I said through a wondrous gaze, still taken with his virility. “There”s gonna be a lot of cute boys there.”

“I know there will, buddy,” he said, taking me by the hips and lifting me back into the truck. He gave my satisfied rump a playful swat and said, “I”m sure you”ll be getting this taken care of while we”re there, too.”

With that, he pulled back and out and izmit anal yapan escort we drove to the parade.

Up Next: Jesse and his dad hit the Pride Parade, and Jesse”s pants come down. All bet”s are off, and all cocks are serviced in chapter three of Jesse”s Itch. ota

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