Jessica, Anal Bitch Ch. 05


Chapter 5

After about two weeks, sure enough Tom had begun to tire of us his newly turned out anal trick bitch, Jessica. She was fun to be sure, but as things happen there was no shortage of inexperienced white girls for him to debauch. Yes, she was on her own, forced to find new opportunities for satisfying her newfound cock craving. Fortunately for her, finding cock was basic. Every single man on the planet is down to fuck.

Jessica’s initial efforts to fully satisfy her incomparable urges were only partially successful, however. She continued to use dating sites to find new partners, but it would seem that she found it challenging finding cocks that satisfied her needs, in size or in number. To widen her search and improve her ability to meet more guys, she relaxed in her meeting up posture such that she began to invite men over to her house. As it usually is in the hook-up game, she found the vast majority to either have exaggerated their size or stamina, or to be complete flakes that chicken out. That is, until she met Brock.

Brock presented himself online as having a large cock, great stamina, and very kinky, open to all kinds of scenarios. He preferred bareback, and a love for anal. It sounded like a great match. He didn’t mention he was black.

When Jessica opened the door, she was at first surprised by this fact, Brock being African-American. However, she was all in. In the night of her first encounter with Tom, she’d fantasized about all kinds of cock. It seemed ironic that after what had become about a month, she’d still not been with any black men.

She was also impressed at Brock’s overall size. He was a good 6’6″, 240 pounds, mostly lean, and easily 45 years old. He kept his hair shaved which helped him appear somewhat more youthful than he truly was.

“Why do you still have your clothes on? Get naked, Bitch!” Brock barked.

Jessica’s face reddened in embarrassment for being subordinated. It was a turn on for her, and she liked being told what to do. It meant for her that she could obey her dom, and that they would derive maximum pleasure from the experience. She faced away from Brock, slipped her robe off her shoulders, exposing her clean white skin. She let the robe fall further down to her waist. Brock was pleased.

“Very nice, very sexy,” he said.

She then let it fall from her ass, stepped over it, and bent over to pick it up off the floor, showing her full ass and pussy to her visitor while she slowly got to straightening back up and placing the robe over a chair.

“God damn! I’m gonna fuck you good, Bitch! Now come over here and suck my dick.” Brock sat down on Jessica’s couch, and let her come to him.

Jessica sauntered over and got down on her knees. She undid his pants and as she pulled them down, his half-hard cock made a swing for her forehead. She grabbed it with her right hand, and licked the top of his dick from the tip to his pubes. She licked back down to the tip, and then she licked the bottom of his cock down to his balls, and then licked his balls all over.

“Suck my balls, Bitch,” Brock said.

Jessica placed his balls in her mouth. She sucked his balls while slipping three fingers into her waiting pussy. She was eager to please Brock, but she’d been waiting forever for his huge cock to satisfy her other two holes.

She then let go of his balls, and proceeded to “deep throat” Brock’s cock. She could barely get the thing past her teeth, and then she could barely get half the cock in her mouth. Her pussy was dripping in anticipation. Her knees began to shake as she reacted to the size of his cock and her need for it in her pussy and ass.

After a couple of minutes, sensing her need, Brock pulled his already hard cock out of her mouth, pushed her down on the couch, grabbed her hips toward him, and slammed his hard cock into her gash.

Squip! “Aaahhh!!” Jessica let out as his huge cock drove all the way to the hilt. She’d never received such a large cock, but the last few weeks had transformed her sex to accommodate anything. Nevertheless, it filled her more than ever before, and the sensation was what she had failed to achieve for over a couple of weeks now… that feeling of being over-stuffed, pushed beyond her limit. His cock overwhelmed her sex, and her head reeled and wobbled on her shoulders in ecstasy.

“Oh my God! Fuck me, Brock! Fuck me you mother fucker! You’re so big! Your cock is so fucking big! almanbahis Oh fuck!”

Brock fucked her juice filled pussy with ease as Jessica spread her legs nice and wide. He lifted her hips to better meet his height while he began to ram her pussy hard and fast. Brock was a big guy, and in comparison, he was able to handle Jessica like a rag doll as he dominated her body like a pocket pussy, masturbating his dick with her body.

It took merely two minutes of Brock’s pounding before Jessica’s pussy erupted in a huge gushing orgasm, her juices spilling out of her twat as Brock continued to jackhammer Jessica mercilessly.

“Oh my God! I’m fucking cumming so hard, oooooohhh!!” Jessica shouted as her sustained orgasm felt more incredible than ever, courtesy of Brock’s big fat cock.

“That’s right, Bitch, take it all! White bitches be lovin’ Brock’s big dick,” Brock said.

Now that Jessica was plenty ready, Brock pulled his cock out. Jessica knew what time it was. She had been waiting for Brock to do the deed.

“Turn over and spread your fuckin’ ass cheeks nice and wide for me, Baby,” Brock said.

Jessica obliged Brock by flipping over eagerly, sticking her ass up high while leaning on her shoulders, spreading her ass cheeks wide with both hands.

“How long’s it been since you got fucked in the ass, Baby?” Brock asked.

“It feels like forever, but in reality it can’t have been more than two or three weeks,” she replied. In fact, she remembered it had been exactly four days, but she didn’t want to come off as a complete anal whore.

Before Brock jammed his thick member into her anal passage, he leaned forward and surrounded it with his mouth, probing her rosebud with his tongue nice and deep. He loved to rim his anal recipients before he fucked them good, male and female alike. He preferred women, especially blondes. So needless to say, he was having a good time.

Jessica was loving the oral attention. Most occasions, guys just wanted to see their cock go in and out of her hole, which she didn’t mind in the slightest. But the tongue in her ass was Heaven, slimy and thick, probing in and out, getting her even more ready for the hard validation she so craved.

Finally after a blissful three minutes, Brock straightened back up, mounted the couch, spat in his hand and rubbed the saliva all over his cock, then aimed his still hard, large cock at her asshole. Jessica breathed out of her mouth as she braced for the penetration. His cock entered her ass slow and steady, going in half way before he paused, pulled out a little, and then proceed forth another 25%, out a little, and then all the way until he was balls deep.

“Oh fuck!” Jessica moaned, filled deeper than she’d ever been filled before. Brock’s cock felt amazing. All that crap about black men and their huge cocks had turned out to be 100% true… at least with Brock it was. She was once again in her happy place, reveling in the anal attention while Brock slowly entered and exited her ass, admiring the look of his dark specimen as it went in and out of her white bottom and stretched pink asshole.

“You love that dick, huh?” Brock egged on Jessica. “White fags don’t hold a candle to us black guys, huh?”

“Yes! Fuck my ass with your black cock! Don’t stop!” She moaned.

“How bad do you want this, Bitch?” he asked.

“I don’t want it, Brock. I fucking need it! Fuck me! Fuck me hard, and fuck me faster!” she yelled.

“You got it, Bitch,” returned Brock.

He repositioned himself for the pile driver. He got up on his feet and put his hands on her back pushing her front half down while her ass continued to point toward the sky. He then began to allow gravity to bring his hips down on her waiting ass while his cock dug deeper than ever, fucking Jessica’s ass as if he were the devil himself.

“Yes! Yes! Oh fuck! Fuck me, you black son of a bitch! Fuck my ass harder! Oh, fuck, oh, fuck!” Jessica would shout.

Brock rarely found bitches this eager to get anally destroyed, but he did his best to keep up while he pounded out his nut in her ass. It took him all of five minutes of vigorous fucking until he came close to climax.

“Oh shit, Bitch, I’m gonna cum in your ass!” Brock exclaimed.

“Yes, cum in me you mother fucker! Shoot it deep in my ass!” Jessica pleaded. She could feel his cock getting hard, sending her deep into a rising climax of her own, while she frigged almanbahis yeni giriş her pussy and rubbed her clit, pussy juice beginning to gush out of her gash, her anal sphincter tightening around Brock’s huge manhood, resulting in a resounding mutual orgasm.

Jessica needed a break after the pounding. She’d been pleasantly surprised that Brock could bring her to such an amazing climax. She laid on the couch, wondering to what level of debauchery she would sink to eventually in her search for sexual thrills. The chasm appeared to be deeper than ever as she spiraled out of control.

Brock finally broke the silence with, “Shit Bitch, that was the biggest nut I think I’ve had in a long time. You love that black dick, don’tcha?”

“I honestly don’t know how I could ever go back to that tiny dick after trying your black cock, Brock,” Jessica said, half teasing, half serious. Indeed, she’d never felt so filled, so fulfilled, as she did just now, Brock’s monster cock hard and thick pounding into her asshole, filling every inch she had available, shooting deep inside, making her feel like a sex goddess. The only catch was she needed more.

“Anyway we can go again, Brock?” Jessica asked.

Brock, surprised by her remark, didn’t know what to say in response. “Um, you still need more cock?”

“Yes, I need cock, as much as I can get. I usually take on between five and twelve guys. Your cock was the best, but I still want more.”

“So you like to get gangbanged?” Brock asked. “I got a whole crew that would dig coming over and fucking you good. There ain’t no backin’ out though if I call ’em.”

“How many and are they as big as you?” Jessica asked, unsure of what to expect.

“I got like five guys, and they’re all more or less as big as me.”

“They like blonde anal sluts like me?” Jessica asked.

“Fuck yeah, Bitch. They’ll be here in like five minutes. Just say the word.”

“Call them.”

Sure enough after about five minutes the first of about three guys showed up. They were big, they were black, and they were thugged out. The first guy had walked in with a joint already lit, passing it to Brock who took a puff and then handed it to Jessica who happily took a puff.

Coughing, Jessica handed the joint back to Brock.

Brock’s friend, J. Dog, laughed, saying, “Shit, this Jessica bitch is fine. I’m gonna enjoy this. Come over and suck my dick, Bitch.”

Now moderately high, Jessica crawled over on all fours to J. Dog, her face exhibiting a dumb smile reflecting her already intoxicated state, and started to unzip his pants. She could see the bulge as it found its way out of the fly of his pants and like Brock’s, smack her right on the forehead.

“How you like that, Slut?” J. Dog asked. “That big enough for ya?”

“Mm-hmm,” Jessica replied as she already had the penis in her mouth, greedily polishing the first half of his cock with her tongue, lips, and throat. As she sucked him off, her used pussy and ass glistened from the residual cum and pussy juice on full display to Brock and two newcomers.

Fat Jim and Hairy Larry had walked in a minute after J. Dog, happy to see Jessica going to town on J. Dog’s cock. The reasons for their names were obvious… Fat Jim was considerably overweight at an even 350 pounds, while Hairy Larry had a thick beard and full head of hair, braided into dreadlocks.

“Turn around and greet Fat Jim and Hairy Larry’s cocks, Bitch,” J. Dog told Jessica. She lifted her head from J. Dog’s specimen and found the two already with their cocks out, each of them roughly the size of Brock’s. She grabbed one with her right hand and the other with her left while they stood there, sucking one and stroking the other, alternating between the two while they both got harder and harder.

J. Dog, not at all sad by Jessica leaving his cock, walked over and got underneath Jessica while she continued to alternate between the two cocks. He slid in between her two legs and slid his fat cock into her asshole reverse cowgirl style. Jessica cooed as her wanting hole was filled once again by the black salami she had just brought to full length and girth.

“Yeah, Bitch, ride my cock.” Jessica slowly bounced on J. Dog’s cock while she continued to service Fat Jim and Hairy Larry. With no effort, she was able to take his entire shaft into her ass, bottoming out on his pelvis, up and down, up and down. Rarely did these men find almanbahis giriş a white bitch who could easily accommodate their large penises like this. It was a sight to see for each of them.

Five minutes later, Jessica was on all fours while each of the three new guys took turns pounding her ass doggie style. She moaned like a whore while one would pound her for 30 seconds, pull out, and get replaced by another, the stamina being virtually non-stop while the men edged their cocks inside of her ass. Each went balls deep as they pounded the shit out of Jessica’s ass whose burning appetite for anal fucking was being stoked. Her smaller white, southern belle frame being anally brutalized by these hulking black men was a spectacle. Especially that of Fat Jim… His fat, 350 pound fat frame pounding away inside Jessica’s ass was crazy. He really made her feel it as one had the distinct impression of this white bitch getting fucked by a brick wall…a brick wall with a fat cock sticking out of it.

After another ten minutes and two squirting orgasms, she needed a break.

Fat Jim, being the less energetic of the three, laid down on his back and pulled Jessica over to straddle his cock with her pussy. She eagerly got on top and slowly began to ride his cock with her stretched pussy.

Before long, Hairy Larry got behind and positioned his cock at her asshole again. It went in fairly easily, and Jessica reveled in the feeling of being filled by two cocks in her available holes, cooing at the two willing men.

J. Dog came around front and offered his shit dick to Jessica. Like a pro, she engulfed the head in her mouth, and dutifully began to slide her mouth and throat over J. Dog’s cock, cleaning it and stimulating it simultaneously.

“Yeah, Slut, suck my shit dick.” He pinched her nose and pushed his cock farther down her throat. Jessica was getting fully penetrated better than she ever had in the previous weeks, spit roasted in a triple penetration between three hung black guys. A slow and steady rhythm ensued while the four of them got off like a bunch of wild animals.

Not to be left out, Brock decided to join in, pointing his half-hard beast at Jessica’s pussy. Jessica’s eyes grew really wide momentarily as he slid his meat in next to Fat Jim’s. She’d taken multiple cocks before, but these were not your average cocks. Her mouth fell off of J. Dog’s penis, and she let out a low grunt signaling to the group that they were fucking her right, reaching her limits, and giving her a good time.

“Oh fuck!” she bellowed, as each of the men slowly started to fuck their dicks into her holes again after the reintroduction of Brock’s dong.

After a few strokes, J. Dog grabbed Jessica’s head and put it back down on his penis. Jessica accepted his cock in her mouth and was officially locked in a four-man slut sandwich, filled to the gills with solid black cocks. Her eyes closed, she took a moment to appreciate all the cock inside of her as a subsequent orgasm took control of her body, oiling up the two cocks in her vagina, as they took this cue to start fucking her harder and faster.

“Oh my God,” Jessica yelled as the four men used her body like a punching bag for cock. The only respite she had after a moment was when Brock pulled out. But this respite was short-lived. The pounding stopped for just a moment as he pushed the tip of his penis at her asshole to join Hairy Larry.

“Oh fuck!!” she yelled as Brock’s slippery, pussy juice slicked cock joined Hairy Larry’s and slowly pushed into her rectum. J. Dog didn’t allow her to let up on his cock as he quickly replaced it into her mouth while Fat Jim fucked her twat and Hairy Larry and Brock slid back and forth in her butthole. Her asshole was stretched wider than it had ever been previously. The previous gangbangs had stretched her to new limits, but paled in comparison to this moment.

Jessica’s head reeled back and forth as she accommodated the two black penises, which incidentally helped her suck off J. Dog even better. She was floored to ecstasy as the sweet pain of getting filled beyond her previous limits drove her to orgasm. After this intense orgasm, Jessica simply passed out while the men were still inside her.

When she awoke hours later, the men had left, and she had cum all over her face, chest, pussy, and ass. Clearly the gangbang hadn’t been a dream. She was sore from being stretched beyond her previous limits, and the amount of cum was impressive, and still wet in places given that it was so thick. She wondered if she had taken it too far. However, the amazing orgasms she’d been given quickly dispelled any such concerns. She’d be calling Brock again soon for a rematch.

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