Subject: Jessi’s Girl Pt. 1 The girls arrived at the cabin and simultaneously started giggling. It was their first weekend they all managed to get away from parents, boyfriends, jobs and school and they were all very excited about it. Jessica had organized this trip to her family’s cabin on the lake, and her 3 best friends were traveling with her. They were planning on getting very drunk and watching 80’s movies all weekend. “Jessi, I want to room with you,” said Lanie, admittedly the best looking out of the four. “Okay. Amy and Hanna, you can have my parent’s room. Sorry, but there’s only two beds,” Jessica said. They nodded. The girls had only been friends with each other for a year, with the exception of Jessica and Lanie, who had grown up together. They had all met in their sorority in college and got along famously. They were all excited about getting together for this trip. They changed into their outdoor gear and headed out to do some hiking. There was some boy talk on this trip, and some very intimate details were revealed. Amy, probably the most deviant of the bunch, asked Jessica what her biggest fantasy was. “Oh, dear. Let’s just say it has something to do with handcuffs. Handcuffs, ice, and a very experienced tongue.” The girls all giggled, silently thinking to themselves about what this activity would involve. Jessica asked Hannah what her favorite position with her boyfriend Brandon was. “Oh, please. Brandon can’t do it for shit. His friend Larry, now that’s a different story. He can’t get enough of me on top.” For a moment, there was a stunned silence while they all tried to picture Hannah humping away deviously, trying to get from Larry what her boyfriend wouldn’t provide her. After the hike was over, they went grocery shopping and had themselves some smores. They watched The Breakfast Club and took turns talking about their Judd Nelson and Emilio Estevez fantasies. When it got to be 3 AM, Lanie yawned and caused a chain of yawning among the other girls. It was suggested that they all take showers and go to bed. They took turns taking showers. Jessica, clad only in a little shirt and bikini underwear, read kocaeli escort her new Stephen King book while waiting for Lanie to get out of the shower. When Lanie came back in the room, glistening wet from her shower and only wearing her a towel, Jessica noticed for the first time how hot her friend actually was. She tried shrugging these strange new feelings off, but they’d just come back again, especially when Lanie took her towel off and put on her boyfriend’s college shirt. Lanie noticed Jessica watching her, and it amused her. It only made her plan easier to achieve. Lanie got in the Queen-sized bed and turned off the light. Jessica turned towards her and said, “Lanie, do you and Stephen have sex a lot? It seems like Jason and me do it too much. That’s all he wants to do anymore.” Lanie thought for a second and said, “Sure, we have an awesome sex life. Steve really knows how to push my buttons. Do you even like sex with Jason?” “No. Not really. He’s never made me have an orgasm or anything.” Lanie smiled. She gave her friend a hug in the darkness, letting her hand linger on her back. She slipped her hand under Jessica’s shirt and stroked her back. They were nose to nose now. “Does he touch you like this?” Lanie asked. “N-no,” Jessica stuttered. Lanie let her hand travel to Jessica’s flat stomach, slowly caressing it, getting closer to her full breasts with every swift touch. “Does he make you feel like this?” Lanie asked, stroking the curve of Jessica’s breast. “No. No he doesn’t,” Jessica said, not resisting her friend’s touch because wow, it just felt so good. She was surprised that Lanie was touching her like this, but honored, too. “Relax, Jessi. I’ll take care of you. I’ll give you the orgasm Jason could never give you.” Jessica moaned softly as Lanie stroked her soft thighs, parting her legs a little to make room for her friend’s hand. She ached for Lanie’s lips to touch hers, but she knew this was part of Lanie’s act. Lanie put her arm around Jessi so that her head was cradled in her arm. She again stroked her stomach, touching the tip of her skimpy underwear. Jessi was getting wet, much wetter than Jason izmit escort ever made her. Lanie took Jessi’s shirt off and gently took a nipple in her mouth. Jessica wanted to scream from the intense pleasure of her childhood friend’s mouth, but she didn’t want to wake up Amy and Hannah. Lanie knew this. It was all part of the game. As she wrapped her tongue around Jessi’s nipple, she stroked her upper thigh. She didn’t want Jessi to orgasm yet and she knew if she slipped her finger inside now, Jessi wouldn’t be able to help it. So she stopped. “Lanie? I.. I..” “Shh, Jessi, I know. There will be time for that later. Right now, I want you to pleasure me.” Jessi didn’t need to be told twice. She ripped off Lanie’s t-shirt, tearing it. She took Lanie’s D cups in her mouth and sucked on them in carnal delight. Lanie moaned despite herself. Jessi, still aching for the orgasm she was promised, knew she better go to work on Lanie or else she’d be waiting awhile. She licked Lanie’s inner thighs, but didn’t go any further than that with her tongue. Instead, she shoved two fingers inside of Lanie and pumped away, feeling the muscles of the vagina contract with every move she made. With her other hand, she stroked Lanie’s clitoris with her thumb, actually causing Lanie to yelp. For 15 minutes, Jessi pounded into Lanie and stroked her clitoris with a fervent passion. She could have stopped after a few minutes, but she enjoyed the sensation of Lanie’s orgasm after orgasm. When she felt Lanie had enough, she stopped and lay back on the bed. “Oh Jessi, you’re good. You’re very good. Just for that, you’re getting something special. Close your eyes, I’ll be back in a second.” Jessi did as she was told. She had no idea what to anticipate, but she was looking forward to it. A minute later, Lanie came back and closed the door. “Keep your eyes closed, Jess,” she whispered. Jessi felt Lanie get on top of her, and moaned from the pressure and heat of Lanie’s vagina rubbing in synch with her own. She felt Lanie lifting her arms up and finally understood what Lanie was doing – she was tying her hands to the darıca escort bed with scarves. “I didn’t have any handcuffs,” Lanie whispered, gently sucking on her ear. Jessica writhed in pleasure. Lanie did a little more nipple sucking and thigh fondling and then got down to business. She gently took Jessica’s underwear off and wasted no time in maneuvering her tongue down there. Jessica wanted to scream, cry, do anything, but she didn’t. Lanie sucked Jessica’s clitoris like a pro, instantly getting Jessica off. A wave of come came pouring down Jessica’s thighs, causing her to sigh with appreciation. Lanie gently wiped it off with a towel, smiling. “If you thought that was good..” She leaned over and softly kissed Jessi, making sure Jessi could taste herself on Lanie’s lips. Jessi couldn’t get enough of Lanie’s soft, passionate kisses, but Lanie had more plans in mind. She got her secret weapon out, and without warning, trailed an ice cube on Jessi’s nipple. Jessi couldn’t help herself. She had another orgasm. “You do like that ice, don’t you?” Lanie said, giggling. She trailed the ice down to Jessi’s thighs, knowing that it would instantly melt. She got another piece of ice out and ran it gently up and down Jessi’s clitoris. Jessi could not stand this. She writhed uncontrollably until she ripped her arms out of the scarves. She grabbed Lanie by the hair and kissed her. She needed Lanie’s kiss to feel whole, and she needed it now. They fell asleep as the early morning sun poured into the bedroom. All four of the girls went hiking again the next day. Jessi could think of nothing else but getting Lanie back into bed, but she knew they were there with two other people, and they had to at least pretend to enjoy themselves. As Amy and Hannah hiked in front of them, Lanie pulled Jessica aside, telling the other girls that she wanted to show her something. She wrapped her arms around Jessi and kissed her softly, touching her tongue with her own and making Jessi get wet all over again. They were so wrapped up in the kiss they didn’t see Hannah come back to see what they were doing. “Oh.My.God,” Hannah shouted. Lanie and Jessi were quick to break their embrace, but the damage had already been done. “Hannah, look..” “No, that’s okay. We’ll talk about this later tonight. And I might want some of that action, too.” Smiling, she walked off.

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