????? ????? Jilnar Jardaly Hot Buttered Buns


????? ????? Jilnar Jardaly Hot Buttered BunsGreetings and salutations, my friends.I’m Paul. I noticed there’s a lot of Jilnar Jardaly worshipers around here so I thought you all might like to read how she inducted me into her sordid, sexual cult….I’m a registered nurse from Seattle, working the late-shift over here at Dubai Hospital. One night, as always, I was on the late train which turned out to be a train trip that changed me life completely and forever!It was after 2AM on a weeknight so the train was practically empty, apart from two other guys. One was a teenager with long blonde dreadlocks and a baseball cap on backwards. He was resting his filthy bare feet on a skateboard on the floor, rolling it side-to-side. Even though I was half a carriage away, I could still hear the misogynistic gangsta rap music on his iPod. The other guy was a big, mean and scary looking biker dude. He was about fifty, long greyish-black beard and tattoos all over his arms, hands and his entire shaven head, apart from his face. He was only average height and quite fat but looked pretty muscly. He almost caught me looking at him so I quickly looked down at my cell phone. If this thug decided to beat the shit out of me, for any reason, I’d end up either dead or in hospital for sure!We were coming to the last stop, before going express all the way until the last three. I was hoping the big scary bastard would get off. He didn’t. However, something even better happened. The doors opened and in walked an absolutely breathtaking site I shall remember for the rest of my days…It was the one and only Jilnar Jardaly, that ultra-hot news anchor babe from Television Dubai. In person! She was wearing a short, tight skirt, six-inch stiletto heels, an open blazer and a blouse with just enough buttons left undone to reveal the top of a red, lacy bra. An exquisitely, exotic goddess if ever there was one!She walked along the aisle until she was standing right in front of me. She reached up and grabbed hold of the overhead handrail, causing her skirt to rise just enough for me to get a quick glimpse of the tops of her red tights, where they were clipped to her suspenders. I always figured a hot chick like that would be a Victoria’s Secret lingerie girl!She was gave me that beautiful smile she’s famous for on the TV and shook her head slightly to let that gorgeous, long hair of hers cascade over her delicate shoulders. Even under the crappy light of the train, her golden, honey-colored skin looked amazing! But, most of all, it was those mesmerizing big, brown eyes that was making my heart pound like crazy! They was also giving me a mighty erection! I started shuffling about, with my hands in my pockets, trying to discreetly release my throbbing cock from my underwear to allow it to grow more comfortably up the front of my trousers. Good thing I was wearing sweat pants!“I wish some nice gentleman would offer me a seat,” she said to me, in a cheeky tone. “Whatever happened to the age of chivalry?”I thought it was such a bizarre thing to say, seeing as the train was virtually empty! I looked around, totally confused, wondering if she was high or something. I noticed the other two guys were both just staring at her with a fiercely hungry and predatory look in their eyes.While I was still looking around, Jilnar gently cleared her throat, just enough to regain my undivided attention. She was looking straight at me, still giving me that cheeky but very sexy smile. “I said, I wish some nice gentleman offer me a seat,” she said, raising an eyebrow which made me even more horny for her.Not knowing what else to do, I shifted along my seat and awkwardly held out my hand to offer her my spot.“Well, aren’t you nice?” she said.She, unconvincingly, pretended to stumble and landed right on my lap. I just couldn’t believe what was happening! But my throbbing hard-on sure did, which had been aching to feel her against it ever since I first clapped eyes on her! Without any conscious thought or action by myself, it’d automatically positioned itself to receive her, so it could press itself against her firm, delicious butt! This didn’t seem to bother foxy Jilnar one little bit! In fact, I was starting to wonder if all this forwardness was her response to me unsuccessfully trying to hide my embarrassing, impromptu erection. Was it possible she was a seasoned and experienced cock-hunter and I was merely her next prey?Anyway, if she didn’t know how stiff my cock was before, she sure did now, seeing as she was sitting right on top of it! She even started moving about, rubbing that hot little ass of hers all over it, getting me even more excited!“Mmmmmmmmmm……,” she said, placing her arm around my shoulders, “I just love the feeling of a moving train, don’t you? The way it makes things…. move…. and rub against you… It’s sooo…. sexy!”She moved her face closer to mine and said, “Mind if I make myself more comfortable, you big, strong sexy gentleman?”“Uhmmmmmm…. sure,” I said, swallowing as hard as I could, considering my mouth had become so dry.She planted a kiss on my cheek, giggled, then gently grabbed my ears and planted another right on my lips. She stood up and placed her lovely, shapely, long legs on either side of mine. Facing outwards, she slowly started to lower herself back onto my anxiously waiting lap. Well, as every man knows, nothing makes you more confident and daring than having an erection, especially when it has gained the attention of an enthusiastic and sexy chick who’s horny as hell and only has one thing on her dirty little mind. I decided to play along.“Let me help get these out of your way,” I said, slipping a finger under the crotch of her red, lacy panties and sliding it to one side, exposing her sensation, smooth, hairless and already dripping-wet slit.“Why, thank you, kind sir,” she said.Then that wonderful, eagerly anticipated, indescribable moment that made me feel more alive than I had ever been before! I felt like Neil Armstrong when he first set foot on the moon- No, better! You guessed it! That blissfully intense, first thrust in!“Ooooooooooh…. You are quite the perfect gentleman,” she purred, leaning back while we both felt the incredible ecstasy of my erect cock sliding into her hot, tight, juicy pussy.Once I was completely bahis siteleri inside her, she leaned right back so her head was on my shoulder and used her talented legs to pivot, raise and lower her hips to ride and squeeze my aching cock.“I love the last train,” she moaned, her face turned toward me, “It’s always such a good place to get fucked. And I do love to be fucked!”She started increasing the intensity of her cock-riding and was grinding my crotch and humping my man-meat liked the sex-crazed nymphomaniac she was unabashedly revealing herself to be!“Yes! That’s it, darling!” she cried, in sheer delight. “Oooohh!! Yessss!! I can feel your big hard cock rubbing right against my clit! That’s it! Fuck it! Fuck my clitty! Fuck me!! Fuck meee!!”I was so much under the spell of her sinful, carnal pleasures, I’d completely forgotten about the other guys on the train! But naughty, slutty Jilnar certainly didn’t! In fact, she was looking either way at both of them and telling them how good my cock felt inside her and how much she loves fucking complete strangers on the train.It didn’t take a genius to know why she was telling them. Even those two degenerates immediately figured it out. They both got up and starting walking straight towards us from their opposite ends of the carriage, their unblinking eyes mesmerized by the sexy sight of a hot TV celebrity unashamedly humping a complete stranger’s cock on a public train, right in front of them!Soon they were both standing on either side of her, their impatient cocks already out of their pants and fully erect. She was obviously getting extremely turned on by them staring at her wonderfully warm pussy, riding up and down the full length of my shaft, because she kept her legs wide open to give them a good view, as it to say: Here, have a good look at what we’re doing! Nice?“Is this for me?” she said to the very excited skater boy, wrapping her lovely, delicate fingers and long painted nails around his young, twitching tool. “Thank you, my sweet little baby boy!”She then wrapped the beautiful fingers of her other around the uncircumcised cock of the biker which, like the rest of him, was also covered in tattoos. They looked like at least a hundred different girls’ signatures who, presumably, were all the poor young things he’d ravaged over the years with that smelly, unclean, eleven inch monster! I bet he regretted not having any room left to include Jilnar Jardaly’s autograph which, no doubt, would’ve taken pride of place on his nasty-looking cock.“And is this for me too, Mr Biker Man?” she asked him, sounding like a sweet and innocent young thing thanking Santa Claus for a lollypop and new dolly. “Thank you, you big strong caveman!”She leaned back so her head was again near mine.“Soooo…. you want to see what I can do when I have three hard cocks, sweetie?” she asked.“Oh, yeah! You bet!” I said.She kissed me passionately and then leaned forward and started licking each cock alternately, like they were a pair of Popsicles. Then she sucked the smooth young cock of the skater dude into her mouth. Her hips never stopped gyrating, bringing me closer and closer to the point of no return, while she was hungrily sucking the boy’s dick and stroking his young testicles, making him roll his head back and moan deeply.Between the three of us guys, we managed to remove all her fancy clothes so we could all enjoy groping and feeling-up her smooth, warm, sensational body, while enjoying the sweet, exquisite, pleasures of her hands, her mouth and her amazing pussy.Soon, the biker decided it was his turn to get his dick wet so he grabbed the back of her head to turn her pretty face toward his twitching hard-on and just grunted at her, primitively. “Oh, it’s been a while since I had one of these,” she said, rolling back his veiny foreskin and exposing his swollen knob. “Oh, look! There’s his pretty little face.”She sucked his whole eleven inch, tattooed cock, right down her throat and gripped the back of her head even more firmly. She cupped his sweaty, hairy balls and he started to pump and thrust.“Suck it, bitch!” he commanded, “Fuckin’ suck it all! Yeah, that’s it, whore! Fuck me with that sexy, slutty mouth!!”“Mmmmmmm… hmmmmmmmmm…..,” was her obedient, albeit, muffled reply, seeing as her bulging mouth and throat were crammed full of his ugly, criminal-class cock.After a few minutes of giving him superb oral bliss, she managed to pull her mouth away. She was still stroking both cocks and scrota in her dexterous hands while riding my lucky cock like a really cheap, nasty whore, desperately trying to earn a $10,000 tip!“How about we put our clothes on that cold, hard floor so we can all get comfy and really get this little party started?” she asked, smiling like the cat who was about to get the cream – literally!Without hesitation, the guys took off all their clothes and piled them onto the ground, along with all of Jilnar’s expensive-looking designer garments. The skater boy revealed a few gamer character tattoos, as well as some interestingly placed body-piercings. But, it was the biker’s nakedness that made an everlasting and quite intimidating impression on me! Apart from his face, there was not one single inch of the his big, sweaty, hairy body that wasn’t completely covered in tattoos of snakes, skulls, demons, monsters, naked women and a myriad of positively evil and nightmarish looking images….Gorgeous Jilnar, who was clearly in her element now, lifted herself from me, releasing my cock which made a loud pop.“Pop!” she said with a giggle and faced me and added, “Don’t worry, honey. You’ll be right back in there real soon!”She stood up in all her naked glory and slowly slid her hands up her outer thighs, then her sides and finally onto her big, firm, round, succulent breasts which she then started to fondle and squeeze. In all my years, as both a man and a nurse, I had never seen such a magnificent rack! And that body! Holy shit! That girl is fucking stacked! All she had left on were the red, garter, suspenders and stockings, the six-inch red stiletto heels, and her red panties, which were now ripped right open at the crotch! She was seductively licking her lips, closing her eyes and telling us how horny us bad, bad boys were making her. None of us could canlı bahis believe what a horny slut she was!“Now you lie down right there,” she instructed me, indicating the floor, to which I eagerly obeyed.No sooner had I finished undressing before she had me lying down and was instantly astride me, guiding my erection to that fantastic cunny of hers and slowly start impaling herself on my rock-hard rod, just as she had promised. Only, this time, she was facing me, still treating me with that sensational, unflappable smile.“Mmmmmmmmm….. Thank you, honey,” she cooed, staring straight into my eyes. “Your beautiful, big, stiff cock belongs inside me now… It’s your gift to me…. It’s part of me…. It stays inside me where I can keep it safe and warm and loved forever….Mmmmmm….”The biker, not wanting to waste any valuable face-fucking time, once again grabbed a handful of her beautiful, long hair, yanked her head up and plunged his big, ugly cock back into her hungry mouth.“Thank y- GULP!” was all she managed to say before his brutal inward thrust.She completely devoured him, all the way right down her velvety throat. She just kept staring up at him with those brilliant, big, bright, unblinking eyes, challenging him to go even deeper and harder! As he did so, he growled and roared, just like the big, fat, hairy gorilla he was.The skater boy saw her hand reaching back behind her and figured out she was looking for that third cock – his cock. He guided her beautifully manicured hand toward it so she could guide it to its naughty destination which, to his absolute delight, was her heavenly, heart-shaped ass!His response was immediate! In he went! He had to grit his teeth and push very hard to get her sphincter to open up enough for his anal-assault. But, if he was anything, he was determined! He thrust in hard and fast with all the energy, impatience and impetuosity of youth. This made her release a squeal which was mostly muffled due to the fact her slender throat was again gagging on a huge, uncircumcised, tattooed, biker’s stinky, old dick!We all soon got into a blissful fucking-rhythm, all apart from that evil fucking biker who was going to the beat of his own primitive drum and revealing himself to be more and more the complete, vile, male-chauvinistic pig as each minute passed! At least our moans of ecstasy were all in perfect unison.After several minutes of our sordid debauchery, the biker looked over at the exquisitely sinful and forbidden pleasure the skater boy was having.“I gotta get me some of that!” he growled, pulling his dick from Jilnar’s sucking lips.He walked over to the boy, who looked back at him with complete terror in his eyes. He genuinely seemed to want to get out of the big bully’s way but, his cock, which was now doing all his thinking, didn’t want to leave the tight, warm wonderland that was her pert little ass. The biker grabbed him and threw him out of his way, the boy’s swollen cock, which was stuck quite deeply inside Jilnar’s tight ass, jerked her whole body back, making her involuntarily pull me by my poor cock along with them until the boy finally popped out!The boorish fucking asshole just stood and laughed at the three of us all and said, “What he fuck you got in there, bitch? Krazy Glue?”“Hey!” scolded Jilnar, sounding quite angry. “No bullying! You can be as rough as you like with me, Daddy. But don’t be mean to my baby!”Unfortunately, the old prick was wasn’t even paying any attention to her. By the time she finished chastising him, he’d already plunged himself balls-deep into her ass. I don’t think there would’ve been anything any one of us could’ve said or done to stop or even slow down the savage brute anyway. He instantly started to demonstrate that he only knew one way to fuck, which was hard, fast and rough, even rougher than he was with her poor mouth and throat. However, the magnificent, state-of-the-art sex-machine that was Jilnar Jardaly didn’t seem to mind. In fact, she was absolutely loving it! I even felt a little sorry for the stupid, ignorant bastard who obviously still hadn’t figured out that this sexy female-fucking-machine was more than a match for all three of us!“It’s… OH!….OK….., b-baby….,” she said to the poor skater, her whole body rocking like mad to the biker’s deep, violent thrusting. “C-c-come…. OH!…. o-over…. h-h-here and…. AHH!… l-l-let Mommy suck it all… OHH!… b-b-better. OHHHHH!! FUCK!! FUCK!! FUUUUUCK!!!”The boy soon got over his scare and humiliation and allowed Jilnar to hungrily gobble up his young tube-steak which, only seconds before, had just been deep inside her ass!Once Jilnar adjusted to the biker’s particularly ruthless style of ass-fucking, it didn’t take long for her talented lips and tongue to start doing what they do best, and the youngster was soon starting to feel a massive load brewing in his young balls. By the look on his face, and all the loud, uncontrollable moaning, I could tell he was close – so could Jilnar!“Because you’ve been such a good, sweet, little boy,” she said, looking up at him seductively, “Mommy’s going to eat your load!”“Yeah, Monmmy, he said, grinning like the Cheshire Cat, “Suck the pus from my prick!”I know! Teenagers these days and their total lack of respect, right?A few more seconds of Jilnar’s long slurping sucks and expert tongue-swirls around his shaft was all that his young boner needed. His whole body suddenly jolted like he’d had a massive electric shock! He screamed like a girl while he pumped his entire load of hot, young seed into her talented mouth in one gigantic spurt, making both her cheeks bulge to stretching point! She kept her lips tightly sealed around his cock, closed her eyes and swallowed down his creamy, sweet, salty, brew in one big gulp! She then sucked his limp, spent cock until she was certain his balls were completely drained of all his precious, young sperm before she finally released it.“No one can suck cock like you, Mommy!” he said, stroking her head. “You’re such an awesome cum-whore.”“Thank you, baby,” she replied, gently kissed his glans licking her full, red lips.He staggered back and collapsed onto a seat where, from there on, he was merely spectator. He was evidently still in complete disbelief at this whole extraordinary experience!Suddenly, güvenilir bahis there was a loud SMACK and Jilnar yelped with pain. I would’ve been concerned if it hadn’t have been for the fact that she was smiling even more broadly than ever before. SMACK SMACK SMACK“OW! OW! OW!” she yelled, unable to contain her glee, “Yes, Daddy! I’ve been a bad, bad, baaaad girl, thinking about your big hard cock allll day! I need to be punished hard! Spank me, Daddy! Spank me haaaard!!”“You fucking whore!!” yelled the biker, grabbing her hair in one hand and raising the other, high above his head, so he could slap it down hard on her already, severely, reddened buttocks with an almighty SLAP! “You fucking dirty bitch! Fuckin’ cheap, little slut!!!” Jilnar was really loving this rough, violent treatment and loudly getting off on it. I must admit, I was too. In fact, I was getting so turned on, it now became turn to cum.“I’m gonna c-c-c-c-cummmmmmmmmm…” I told her.“Oh, yes, darling!” she said, her eyes widening excitedly, despite the savage and merciless strikes to her poor, glowing-red, little ass. “Cum for me! OW!! Cum deep inside me! OW!! Fill me up with your warm cum! OW!! Cum in my womb and give me your baby, darling! OW!! That’s it, my honey! Cum! Cum! Cummmmm!!!! OW! OW! OWWWWW!!!!!”The thought of impregnating her sent an explosively thrilling shock-wave of excitement throughout my entire body, which was convulsing, uncontrollably, as it pumped spasm after spasm of piping-hot baby-batter, deep inside her warm, fertile womb. “UHH… UHHH…. AAAAAARGHHH!!!!” was all I could articulate, as I just kept on and on pumping more and more wads of fuck-fresh baby-gravy deep inside her exotic and statuesque Arabian body. I was injecting her with so much thick, gooey jizz, I was beginning to wonder if I’d ever stop!I’d barely finished spilling my last boiling-hot blast of ball-brew, when Jilnar loudly declared her own thunderous orgasm.“Oh, my God!!!” she cried, “I’m gonna cum all over your cock…. a-a-a-a-a-and your b-b-balls!!! OOOOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!”I felt several heavenly blasts of hot liquid squirting down the sides of my now flaccid cock, which was still being gripped tightly in her tight, hairless pussy, as it expertly milked out ever last drop of seed my body could muster. Her wonderfully, warm, viscous liquid spilled out and all over my balls, making them all warm, sticky and soaking wet, just as she predicted. And man, does that sexy bitch cum in bucketfuls!Then it was the biker who announced his impending orgasm.“FARRRRRRRK!!!” he yelled, pulling her head back roughly by her hair. “I’m gonna fuckin’ cum too, bitch!!! I’m gonna cum hard, you fucking dirty slut!!! I’m gonna cover your sexy body with my hot cum, you fuckin’…. WHOREEEE!!!!!”“Oh, yesssss!! I want you to cum all over me, Daddy!!” cried Jilnar. “ I want to feel your nasty, hot, biker seed all over meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!”To my complete surprise, and for the very first and only time, he completely obeyed her! It seemed that she knew how to play by his rules, or he by hers. He pulled out his cock, just in time, to shoot a long, thick, gooey stream in her hair and all over her lovely arched back, which made a loud splattering noise. He immediately shot another, even bigger, load, this time aiming at her ass cleavage, creaming between her throbbing, red-raw buttocks.“There! Hot buttered buns!” he said with a dirty laugh, while shooting yet another thick hot jet of semen in-between and all over those poor, scarlet ass-cheeks.“Oh, Daddy! I love it when you butter my buns! Thank you for my hot, buttered buns, Daddy!” she said, panting heavily.Then, finally, and mercifully, the big, ugly Neanderthal was just as depleted and spent as us other guys. She had defeated him, just like every other man who took up the challenge to try and out-fuck her.We all barely had time to catch our breath, when the loudspeaker announced that we were coming up to the first of those last three stops. We all quickly got dressed, to the best of our ability, after our deliciously dirty but completely draining dalliance.As the train ground to a halt, the biker walked over to Jilnar and said, “This is where we get off, slut!”“We?” she said perplexedly. “Nonono! I get off at he next stop.”“Not any more,” he replied, indignantly, picking her up and throwing her over his shoulder, like the caveman that he is. “My buddies are gonna fuckin’ love you!”“Your…. buddies?” she asked, her eyes starting to sparkle. “How many? Are they anything like you?”“About twenty or thirty or so,” he said through a crooked-tooth grin, “But they ain’t nuthin’ like me, bitch! I’m the nice one! Haw haw haw!”“Ooooooohh!! Sounds like fun!” she said, patting his big fat butt and grinning from ear-to-ear.She looked up at the skater boy and myself, making a phone gesture with her hand and pointed at the two business cards she left on one of the seats for us.Well, that all happened four years ago, and I’ve seen Jilnar many, many times since then. Every time I’ve been at a bachelor party, birthday party or any other occasion where my buddies and I needed a gangbang whore, all I ever have to do was make the call and she’ll always be there, ready, willing and able. She tells me she still gangbangs for the other two guys and all their buddies too. She says the skater boy, is a rapper wannabe who calls himself DJ Jynx. She says he mainly has gangbang parties because his friends are mostly very young and want to use her to cure themselves of their virginity, which is something she’s always more than happy to do for her young fans.However, what always gets her most excited is when she talks about that disgusting biker pig’s gangbang parties. She says his road name’s Ol’ Dirtbeard and they sometimes have up to forty of fifty of the savage bastards at once, and they’re all just as rough and nasty as he is. But she says that’s just the way she likes it! And she did find a space on his cock to sign her autograph. Right on the foreskin! Because that’s the part of his cock she enjoys playing with most. She said she personally drove him to the tattoo parlor to make sure he got it permanently inked, right after she autographed it! Haha!Oh, Jilnar! You are a freak! But the sensational, sexy and slutty service you are providing the entire male half of our species is truly phenomenal. So, if I haven’t said it enough times already, thank you, sweet Jilnar. Thank you, thank you, thank you!And thanks to all you guys for letting me share!Paul

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