Subject: Jimmy in the Confessional (Gay / Adult Youth, oral, anal, m/MMM) Adult Youth, oral, anal, m/MMM Author’s Note: This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts of boys and men discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic scenes of sex between a consenting underage boy and adult males. If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it. Copyright 2021 Wolf, all rights reserved. You may contact me at ail if you like. All flames will be ignored. Jimmy in the Confessional By Wolf As a youth I was a scrawny kid with shaggy long hair. When I was 12-years-ols I became fascinated with gay sex and used my computer to find videos. I started chatting with guys on AOL chat rooms. I met a few men that lived pretty close to where my mother and I lived. I got bold enough to ask a guy I had been chatting with to meet me in the local park. It was a dark night and I almost chickened out and was about to give up and go home when this nice-looking guy approached me and asked me if my name was Jimmy. I stammered when I admitted that I was Jimmy. He told me that I was a nice-looking boy. We talked for a while before he suggested that we would be more comfortable in his car. When we were in his car, he hugged me and kissed me before he played with my crotch and he unfastened his pants and pulled out his cock and balls. He pulled my head down to his lap. I opened my mouth and licked the head of his cock. I locked the shaft of his cock and his balls before I worked up the nerve to take his cock into my mouth and I sucked his cock. I was fascinated by the way his cock jerked while I sucked his cock. The smell of his car and his clothes and body. He eventually squirted his cum into my mouth and he held the back of my head util swallowed his cum. When it was over, I walked home with mixed feelings. I liked what had happened but felt guilty for doing something so wrong and felt dirty. I promised no to do that again. My resolve lasted three days before I was on the computer again and making a date to meet a guy at the Little League baseball diamond. We met in the visitors’ dugout. I got on my knees and sucked his cock, but he stopped me short of him cumming in my mouth. He had me pull down my pants and underwear and kneel on the bench and he spit on my asshole and he mounted me doggy style and fucked me. I hurt a lot. When he finished, I pulled up my underwear and pants and walked home slowly. Again, I promised not to do that again. By the third day my asshole felt alright and I felt an itch because I wanted to feel a cock in my ass again. I developed a list of men that I met at the park or the ball park regularly and sucked and got sucked before they fucked my ass. one time a guy was nervous about meeting me especially when he realized I was so young but he was thrilled when I gave him head, and kept saying if this was wrong and I shouldn’t be doing it the whole time. I was having the time of my life. Then I had an idea that appealed to me. I wondered what our parish priest would say if I told him about what I was doing during confession. My other and I belong to Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Fresno, Ca. Thursday evening, I went to church and saw that the red light was on over the priests’ booth and entered the confessional booth and waited ardahan escort for the priest to open the screened window. I said: “bless me father for I have sinned and I have not been to confession for three months.” As soon as the priest said: “Blest you, my son.” O was sure that I was talking to Father Michael. I asked the priest why it was bad for me to enjoy pleasing older guys because I love the feeling of being used by men. I proceeded to confess my sins committed during the past three months. I told him how I had been meeting men at the pack and baseball field and how I had enjoyed sucking their cocks and being buggered by them. He asked me if I really liked it? I said: “I love it!” He told me to go out of the booth and see if there was anyone in the church at that moment and knock three times. I opened the door of his booth and checked quickly and there was on one, so I knuckled on the priests’ booth. the door opened quickly and I was pulled in and the door closed behind me. He sat back down on the wooden bench Father Mike was wearing the black Cassock of the Jesuit Society. He had me kneel on the floor of the booth as he lifted his Cassock up around his waist and opened his back trousers and pulled out an impressive looking circumcised 9-inch cock. Father Mike told me: “Jimmy my son, your penance was to demonstrate how much I liked sucking cocks.” I set about sucking his cock and he flipped the Cassock over my body. I was doing my best to make him cum in my mouth and the door to the confessional booth and someone entered. Father Mike opened the window and listened to the confession of an older woman who confessed that she had talked unkindly to a friend. Father told her to say a couple of Hale Mary’s and remember to be kind to everyone. Over the course of the evening, he and I listened to several of the parishioners make their confessions. Most of them were inane confessions but a few of them were interesting. I remember one woman confess that she had sex with the husband of her best friend, and a man confessed that he had fucked a secretary at his office. I paid close attention to Father Mike’s penances. During all of that I managed to suck off Father Michael a couple of times. He held my head the first time he came and the cum splashed against my throat. When the time for confessions ended and there had not been anyone entering the confessional for more than a half hour Father Mike told me to be a good boy and return on Tuesday to do the same thing. He also admonished me to never discuss what I heard in the confessional. The following week I was there fifteen minutes early and Father Mike had me get in the booth before anyone arrived. I assumed my position on my knees under the black cassock being mouth fucked while we listened to the confessions about desperate housewives complaining about be horny and not getting any satisfaction from their husbands, and husbands complaining that their wife just complained all of the time. Most were there to alleviate their guilt without admitting what they really felt guilty about. The following Thursday after I had serviced him for more that 45-minutes, he offered to drive me home since it was getting dark outside. As usual my mother was not home when we arrived. I told Father Mike that my mother was probably out and about with someone. As Father Mike walked me up to the door, I invited him to artvin escort come to my room. Father smiled and placed hand on my shoulder as we went to my room. He told me: You are a very good boy and I would love to see more of the things you like to do with men.” I instantly took off my pants and pulled his pants down and got down on my knees, before I got him hard by sucking his cock. While I was sucking his cocks, he started to spank my butt, and calling me names of endearment like: You are a sweet cocksucker, I bet your asshole is tight you little bitch! Why don’t you get something to lube that tight little hole?” while he fingered my asshole. I got up and went to the bathroom and retrieved a jar of Vaseline and came back to my room and gave him the jar, as I got back down on my knees with my butt up in the air. Father Mike had removed all of his clothes in my absence. He opened the jar and applied a generous amount of the salve to my asshole and to his cock before he got behind me. He said: “Be a good boy as you were for all of those other men you met on the internet.” and forced that 9-inch cock into my asshole. I felt it brush against my tight hole and he slowly started pushing it in spreading my hole and working it in and out for a very long time. When he was finished, we cleaned up and got dressed before mother got home. When Mom got home, she was surprised to find Father Michael there. After they greeted each other, Father Mike asked Mother if he could talk to her in private. Mother looked nervous as if she was nervous that I had gotten into trouble. She told me to go to my room. I left the room but left the door open so that I could listen to the conversation. Father Mike assured Mom that I was not in trouble. He told her that he wanted to ask her if she would allow me to become an Altar Boy. She was relieved at his request and instantly approved of the request. She stated that it would be great to know where I was at night. She said that she ever knew where I was at night. Father told her that as an altar boy I would help serve mass and well as help during baptisms, first communions, conformations, and funerals. That would require training and a lot of his free time will be consumed. She was enthusiastic about me becoming an altar boy. They came to my room to ask me if I wanted to become an altar boy. I played like I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take on the job. Mother talked in excited terms as she tried to convince me to become an altar boy. I finally relented and agreed to become one. Father shook my hand and told me to come to the church an hour before school and return after school for instruction. We walked Father to the door and watched him leave. He was excited about the prospect as she sent me to bed. I set my alarm clock an hour earlier to be sure to be there on time. When I arrived at the rectory the little old lady that acted as the secretary for the rectory told me that Father Michael was already in the antechamber of the church. I found Father in the antechamber sorting through the raiment’s hanging on the racks. He greeted me and looked me up and down before he selected one of the white linen Cassocks and held it in front of me by the hanger. “I think this one would fit you fine.” I slipped it over my clothes. And it was long enough to cover everything above my shoes. The Father started to teach me how to perform my ataköy escort duties. When the hour was coming to a close, he had me return the Cassock to the clothes hanger and rack and sent me off to school. The day passed slowly and at the last bell I almost trotted back to the church. I found Father Mike talking to the lay teachers of the school. After the greetings he asked if I was ready to resume my instructions. I assured him I was ready and we returned to the antechamber. I was wearing baggy cargo pants, Nike basketball shoes, and a 49ers sports shirt. Father told me to remove everything and put on my cassock when I removed my clothes, he showed me where to put them in a cubby hole. He told me that he wanted me to become comfortable performing my duties dressed like that. As we went into the church, he taught me how and when to stand and when I was to hand him the carafe containing the wine and when to hand him the carafe containing the water to dilute the wine. After he drank the wine, I was to hand him a towel to wipe the rim of the chalice. He told me that there would be times when I would have to help deliver the host to the congregation, and it wouldn’t do for me to be showing a boner, like the one that was renting my cassock. I was embarrassed to look down and see the front of the cassock sticking out over my six-inch boner. The first time I helped him serve mass I was proud to carry the cross during the procession and sit beside the altar. After the blessed family presented the host and wine to Father Mike, I helped carry the host to the altar. After the biblical reading by the trader and the father homely. After the father ended the mass with the statement “Mass is over, go in peace. I led the procession carrying the cross. As soon as we exited the church father Mike told me to go ahead and put things away, while he talked to the congregation. I took off in a run around the building to return the cross to the antechamber. Then I retrieved the chalice and the other items used in the mass to their place in the anti- chamber. Father Mike’s Chalice had wooden case. The other priest also had a case for his challis. I was finishing putting things away when Father Mike entered the anti- chamber. After he locked the door, he removed the chasuble and stole. He was naked underneath. When I removed my own Cassock, I already had a raging boner. We hugged and kissed before he draped me over a railing and proceeded to ease his monster cock into my young ass. I was moaning softly while I was being fucked. I was afraid of making too much noise for the feat of drawing the attention of any person that happened to be close by. He clung to my hips while he ducked me. I was so excited that I had an orgasm and squirted cum all over the old wood railing even before he came in my ass. We cleaned up and we made our way to the rectory. At least the secretary didn’t work after the noon mass, so we pretty much had the rectory to ourselves. The other priest was busy doing something at the archdiocese. Father Mike invited me to stay with him through dinner. We went to his room where we removed our clothes and we took turns sucking each other’s cocks. He even fucked me again. There were many occasions when I accompanied Father to meetings of a group of adult male’s rogations that in fact was a gathering of gay males. I was in heaven. I was being spited while jacking off two other men I thrilled at being fucked, sucking a cock and jacking off two more men at the same time. If you enjoyed the story and have a story you want me to write about your introduction to the world of male sexuality, please send your outline to ail

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