Jimmy!So my names Jimmy, i’m in my early twenties and last night i got well hammered with the lads from my local football team, because we won a match, finally.Anyway, this morning, i awoke on the living room sofa, with a heavy head and a dry mouth, and my mother yelling at me from the kitchen.”Jimmy your breakfast is ready!” she cried.I groaned unhappily having been woken up that way and then replied “Yeah. in a minute!””Not in a minute, now!” my mother replied firmly.”It’s going to get burnt!” she then added.”Alright! Alright!” i replied slowly sitting up.It was then i looked over to see my fat father, sitting in his favourite chair, in his boxers and vest, watching the television.He was staring eagerly at the pretty blonde news caster on the sports news channel, before muttering “God. I’d give her one!””Yeah. For about thirty seconds!” i replied cheekily.”Fuck off, you little prick!” replied my father unhappily.I then got up, pulled off my t-shirt that stank of sweat and last nights beer, and then shuffled into the kitchen in just my jeans.As i stepped in i saw my tall slim blonde mother stood by the cooker, in just a pair of white panties and bra that barely held in her big saggy tits, and wearing her silk dressing gown and slippers, as she cooked.I immediately walked over to her, swung my arms around her, and as i gripped her tightly, and squeezed her big fat tits, I pressed my morning bulge into her big round soft arse.”Morning!” i said cheerily, grinding into her.”Get off me! You little pervert! I’m trying to cook your breakfast!” she replied back.”And i’m just trying to wake up!” i retorted, still grinding my bulge into her chubby arse cheeks.Then i let her go and headed towards the kitchen table, before she said to me “Where’s your sisters got too?””Probably still in bed!” i replied.”well go wake them then!” my mother replied back.”Their breakfasts are ready too!” she then said.I sighed unhappily, and then turned and headed back across the kitchen, and back into the living room, where my father was now groping at his little old man cock, through his boxers, as he watched the red headed weather girl with the big boobs.”God. I would love a tit wank from her!” he moaned lustfully.”It would be a waste of time…” i replied as i walked passed.”She wouldn’t find your cock!” i then added sarcastically.”Fuck you, you little twat!” my father snapped back angrily, before he grabbed one of his slippers and hurled it at me.I ducked quickly, and it missed, and then I swiftly headed upstairs to find my sisters.Now, i had two sisters, Katie who was a year younger than me, but everyone swore she was like my twin, and Hailey who was three years younger.And when i reached the top of the stairs, Katie’s room was the first i came to on the left, and instantly i kicked it open and stepped inside.”Get up! breakfast is ready!” i said, and as i looked into her room there was Katie, lying completely naked on her bed.She had a really nice slim tanned body, with nice round B-cup boobs and little pink nipples, a flat stomach, and a smooth bald pussy, and long tanned legs.”Go away!” she replied as she lay looking into her phone, clearly talking to someone.”Hoover! Mum says breakfast is ready! So get up!” i replied back.Now i knew this would annoy her, as Hoover was the dirty nickname the local lads gave her, because she sucks better than most Dysons!”Fuck off! esenyurt escort Asshole!” she snapped angrily, before grabbing one of her pillows and launching it at me.I quickly ducked back out of the room, and the pillow hit the wall as i left, i then strolled down to the next door and kicked it open, and then stepped inside.It was dark, the curtains were drawn and no light on, and there was clothes, make up, and other crap everywhere, and in the middle of it all was Hailey lying half naked on her bed fast a sleep.”Get up! Breakfast!” i said.Hailey didn’t move or reply, so i moved in closer, and said again “Get up Hailey! Breakfast is ready!” She moaned unhappily and then just lay there still.I then stood for a moment wondering what do.Judging by al the empty bottles and cans on her bed around her, she had a little party in her room last night, probably with Billy Mason, a local k** who’s dad owns one of the night clubs in town, and he steals some beer from it and then gets girls drunk, and has his way with them.Anyway, as i pondered how best to wake the little drunk doofus up, i couldn’t help but stare at her slim pale legs, and her little round pale arse, as she lay on her side facing away from me, and it was then i had an idea.I quickly undid my jeans and dropped them to the floor, before doing the same to my boxers, and then caressing my semi hard cock, i climbed up onto her bed, and moved around until i was at her face.It was half buried in her pillow, but it didn’t stop me then leaning forward and placing my growing cock on her soft cheek and rubbing it about a bit.”Get up! Get up! Its breakfast time!” i said cheerily.She moaned and mumbled something, but still didn’t move, so i moved my cock down to her soft red lips and began rubbing my cockhead back and forth over them.”Come on Hailey Wailey! It’s breakfast time!” i said again, rubbing my cock head all over her mouth and even slipping it between her lips a little.She moaned and mumbled again, and this time tried to move her head away a little, but actually barely moved at all.So i moved my cockhead up to her nose and began rubbing it around each of her little nostrils.”Come on! Wake up! There’s a big sausage with your name on it!” i said cheerily again.She moaned a little louder and actually managed to lift a hand and push my cock away from her face, but still she just lay there lifelessly.So i sighed, and realised this called for some really drastic action.I then moved back around the bed, got up behind her, and moved her top leg over a little, and her smooth little bald pussy lips, wedged between her legs appeared.”last chance!” i then said.”Wake up now, or i’ll wake you up!”She murmured something, but still lay there motionless, so i decided it was my way then.Then moving right up behind her, i placed my hard cock up against her little pink pussy lips, and with a little push, i slipped into my little sisters pussy.She moaned softly, feeling my hard dick entering her, but still lay there lifeless, so i began to gently move my cock back and forth, slowly feeding in a little bit more each time, and entering her deeper and deeper.”Come on girl. You can’t be that drunk, on six bottles of Heineken, and a couple of cans of Carling!” i said as i continued to slide my cock back and forth inside her sweet little wet pussy.She moaned a little avrupa yakası escort louder, and her head rolled a little upwards.”There you are! You’re waking up now, now you’ve got something thick and hot inside of you!” i then said cheekily.She moaned again as i continued to steadily fuck her pussy, and then she mumbled “What time is it?””Breakfast time!” i replied cheerily.”So wake up!” i then said eagerly, before i took hold of her top leg, and moved it over to my other side, and now Hailey lay on her back facing up wards, and i could see her smooth wet pussy stretched open by big hard cock.I then leant forward a little and began pumping into her a little faster and harder, and she moaned louder as the bed began to squeak.”Oh fuck!” she moaned”It’s to early!” she added unhappily.”No it’s not!” i replied still pumping away in her little wet pussy.”So wake up! Breakfast is almost ready!” i then added eagerly.Hailey began to moan and mumbled as i continued to fuck her, then still not seeing much life from her, she still hadn’t even opened her eyes, i took hold of her slim little legs and lifted them up a little.In this position i could pump a little harder and deeper into her, and she moaned louder as i did.”Are you nearly awake? Are you?” i asked sarcastically as i continued to fuck my younger sister.”Oh fuck! you’re a bastard!” she moaned back at me.My cock was plunging in and out of her little wet cunt, and then eager to get more inside of her, i pushed her legs further back until her knees were nearly by her head.”Oh fuck! Oh fuck! oh fuck!” she began to moan as i pumped into her harder and harder, slipping even deeper into her little teen pussy.”Wake up! wake up! Wake up!” i started chanting over and over as i fucked my youngest sister more.Then finally she opened her eyes and looked up at me and replied angrily “Oh god! You’re fucker! A complete fucker!””Yes i am!” i grinned back.Then suddenly our mother screamed up the stairs “Where the fuck have you lot got to? Breakfast is all ready ready!”We then heard Katie leap off her bed, run to her door, open it and run out on to the corridor before heading for the stairs.”Jimmy! Hailey! Where are you?” my mother then cried out.”Coming!” we both sharply shouted back.Then seeing it was kind of urgent to get finished, i quickly pushed my little sisters legs back over head, almost folding her in two, before really beginning to ram my cock home, pounding down into her pussy and making her cry out as i did.”Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she exclaimed loudly as i drove my cock into her over and over and over again.Her little wet pussy was now being hammered by my big hard cock, my balls slapping hard against her little arse and she was now screaming constantly because of it.Then i felt my balls begin to tighten, my excitement build, and i quickly asked “Are you awake?””Yes! Yes! Yes!” she replied loudly.”Then here’s your porridge!” i replied back.Then i quickly pulled my hard throbbing cock from her pussy, aimed it at her face, and with her trapped between my legs, bent fully over and her ankles around her ears, i began tugging urgently on my cock, until i felt my balls churn.”Oh FUCK YEAH!” i cried as my cock exploded and began showering down big wet dollops of white goo all over my little sisters cute little anadolu yakası escort scrunched up face.”AH YOU FUCKER! YOU FUCKER!” she started screaming, as my cum splattered all over her face.It landed straight on her cheeks, lips, in her mouth, up her nose and even in one of her eyes as i continued to pump my seed all over her.Then after several hot amazing seconds, i was done, my balls were emptied for the morning, and with a happy sigh i relaxed.”Fucker!” my little sister snapped at me.”Get off me you fuck!” she then said.So i quickly stepped back and her legs instantly dropped back onto the bed, and then she sat up with all my white goo running down her face, opened one eye and glared at me.”Bastard!” she yelled, and then threw a pillow at me.I quickly ran out of her room, just ducking the pillow, and then headed downstairs.Back in the living room, my father now had his boxers around his ankles and was busily jerking himself off to some gymnastics he had found on one of the sports channel.”God! I better they could fuck you and blow you at the same time!” my father said eagerly watching one girl bending over backwards.”She’d have to find your cock first!” i replied back cheekily, as i walked past again.”Fuck off!” my father replied, before continuing his jerking.I then walked into the kitchen, and as i did my mother turned to look at me and then cried out “What the fuck!””What?” i asked back stopping in my tracks.”Are you leaking cum, all over my floor?” she asked sternly.I glanced down at my softening leaking cock, and then back up at my mother and replied “Oh yeah. Sorry!””Just fucking cum here!” she then said, so i walked over to her, and immediately my long blonde haired mother, in her mid forties, dropped to her knees, took hold of my cock and then wrapped her lips around it and began sucking.I groaned happily and then glanced over at Katie, who was sat naked at the table eating her breakfast.She immediately stuck her middle finger up at me, and then went back to looking at her phone, before Hailey marched in, in just her t-shirt still, and her face still covered in my goo.”Mom! Look what Jimmy did to me!” she moaned unhappily.My mother pulled her mouth from my cock, sucked them dry, sighed and then looked up at my sister.”Hailey!” she then exclaimed.”Are you dripping cum, all over my fresh clean floor?” she then asked angrily.”Yes! Because Jimmy came all over my face!” snapped my little sister back.”Well that doesn’t mean you can drip it all over my clean floor!” our mother replied back.Then she stood up, took hold of my little sisters head with both her hands, before she leant in and began licking her face clean.”Aw! Mum!” Hailey groaned unhappily as our mother continued lick her face.”Well, don’t walk around with cum on your face!” our mother retorted back.”I thought i brought you up to know that!” she then said, before adding “You don’t want everyone knowing your a little slut!”Then once she had licked up all my cum from my little sisters face and swallowed it happily, she playfully smacked Hailey on the arse and said “Now go eat your breakfast, its getting cold!”And with a unhappy sigh, Hailey walked over and sat down, and i quickly followed her to do the same.Then our mother moved to the living room door and called out “Tony! Are you coming to eat your breakfast, or what?””In a minute woman!” replied my father urgently.”This girls about to do a triple somersault with tuck to finish, and so am i!” he then added still jerking his cock hard.”Well don’t get it on my carpets! I’ve only just shampooed them!” my mother then barked at him.”Your carpets!” my father replied.”The way i’m going to explode, you’ll be wiping it off the ceiling!” he then said cheekily.My mother then sighed, and this is my life!

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