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And now…

They locked up the studio and went over to Mac”s to eat. Brian held Sebastian”s hand on the way over and had to sit next to him through the meal.

The group had a lively dinner. Mark, Liam, Taylor, and Bruce all had steak dinners. The boys had chicken fingers and were dipping them and sticking them in each other”s mouths.

“I”ve got something else I”d rather put in your mouth.” Sebastian said to Brian.

“Oh, what is that?”

Sebastian grabbed Brian”s face, turned it, and planted a kiss right on his mouth. He proceeded to tongue kiss Brian in front of everyone. He backed off. “That! That”s what I wanted to put in your mouth. What were you thinking?”

Brian”s hand grasped Sebastian”s cock under the table. He smiled and simply stated, “I think you know.”

The adults were oblivious to what was going on. Taylor had been engaged in conversations with both the adults and the boys. He was in that in between spot. He saw what happened with the boys. “Guy”s, not at the table. Not everyone accepts what you guys are doing. Remember Officer Patton? Save it for when you”re in private guys. You don”t see Liam and I making out, do you?” Liam felt his face turn red. Jamie”s eyes caught Taylor”s. They had a knowing look at each other. Fortunately, Brian and Sebastian didn”t think anything of it and just continued being boys at the table.

Jamie leaned over to Taylor and quietly asked. “Do you, I mean, are you and Liam like Mark and me?”

“If you”re saying what I think you”re saying, yes, we are. It”s the best thing in the world.”

“I know, but Mark is my dad and nobody seems to notice that we are, well, you know.”

“Right. And I work for Liam and live with him. He”s my mentor. Most people probably think he”s my dad anyway, and besides, it”s not their business and soon it won”t be an issue. The stupid legal age here is 18, but just a state over it”s 16. That makes no sense.”

“I know, and I”m glad you and Liam can be together, but I”m worried about Mark. He”s my dad. So I can”t ever marry him.”

“Bro, you”re better than married right now! You”re his, forever, no matter what. He can”t ever undo you being his son. Liam, well, he could kick me out or, after we marry, divorce me.”

“He won”t do that, will he?”

“I hope not, bro. I was the one that started our relationship, though, and I”m not sure he was ready for it. But he”s done so much for me, I know he loves me.”

“I”m sure he does.”

Just then, the waitress asked if they would like dessert. The boys all opted for ice cream, but each wanted a different flavor. Sebastian spoke up. “Could we get two scoops of each flavor in a big bowl for all of us boys?”

“Sure, cutie. I”ll get that going. Young man, will you be sharing with them, or do you want your own.” She asked Taylor.

“I”ll share it with my brothers.” The men all passed on dessert and enjoyed the show when the boys attacked the poor bowl of innocent ice cream.

“Brian, I promised I”d take you and Sebastian home after. Let”s head out.”

Liam and Taylor took off. Mark and Jamie went over to the shop to take care of a few things. When Bruce got to Brian”s house, Brian asked him to wait. He ran inside and then came back out. Sebastian is going to stay here tonight. I just asked.”

“Did you ask Sebastian and his parents?”

“Oh, no. Sebastian, do you want to stay?”

“Yes, but we should call my mom and dad.” The boys ran in while a patient Bruce waited. A few minutes later, the boys came out and thanked Bruce for the ride and sent him on his way. Bruce wished he could host the boys sometime, although he did prefer guys his own age. Bruce wondered if he should have a martial arts camp next summer.

Back at the shop, Jamie had to tell Mark what he knew. “Dad, Taylor told me that abidinpaşa escort he and Liam are partners. Did you know that?”

“Yes, Jamie, I did. They”re like us.”

“Nuh, uh. Taylor tells me that I”m yours forever because I”m your son. He said Liam could kick him out at any time, but I don”t think he would.”

“Jamie, I see the twinkle in Liam”s eye. Those two will be together until one of them dies.”

“How do you know?”

“Because, I feel the same way about you, son.” He pulled Jamie in for a big hug and kiss. The two just held each other”s arms, hugged, and cooed. Mark loved having his old Jamie back. At last, Jamie felt free from the darkness that Patton had put over him at the moment.

“Dad, I want to make love to you tonight.”

“Are you sure? I don”t want you to have any flashbacks or bad feelings.”

“I do, dad. It”s been nice to just cuddle and make out, but I need more. I want to feel you inside me, and I want to be inside you. Do you think we can do that tonight?”

“Of course, my love. I want to do whatever makes you happy.”

They finished up a few things at the shop and went home.

They pulled in and Jamie ran inside the house. By the time Mark had gotten there, Jamie was naked and in the pool. Mark felt like a 10 year old, stripped off and ran to the pool. “Cannonball!” he yelled as he jumped in and pulled in his legs. Jamie was so close that the water propelled him to the side of the pool.

Jamie swam over to Mark, wrapped his legs around him and kissed him passionately. “I love you, dad.”

“I love you too, son.”

“Dad, Taylor and I had a chat. I want to be able to marry you, like he and Liam will be able to, but I can”t marry my dad.”

“Why are you worried about that? You”re my boy, now and forever. You”re the one in control. I won”t ever leave you.”

“Taylor said you can”t. Because you”re my dad.”

“That may be true, but I won”t ever leave you. You would have to leave me. Who knows? You may find a boy your age that you love. If you do, I”m still your dad and your first love. Besides, what would you call me if we did get married?”

“I hadn”t thought about that. I guess I”d call you Mark, but that seems wrong. I mean, I know you”re not my bio dad, but you are my dad. I can”t imagine life without you.”

“Well, don”t worry about that, son.”



“Will you make love to me?

Mark waddled to the steps, got out of the pool with Jamie still wrapped around him, grabbed a towel, wrapped both of them up and went inside.

Mark made it to the couch, bent down and dropped Jamie on the lounge. He dove in and started eating his boy”s ass. He probed with his tongue, opening up the delightful hole. Jamie could only moan in pleasure. Mark licked up the taint and took Jamie”s balls in his mouth. Still not fully developed, but nicely growing. He could tell they were starting to churn up some watery batter for later extraction. He let the balls loose and licked up Jamie”s shaft. When he hit the tip, he sucked it in and swirled his tongue around the boy”s glans. Jamie squirmed.

“Daddy, I need you in me.”

Mark dropped back to add some extra spit to his boy”s hole, got up, lined up his cock, spit in his hand and pushed it in slowly. Jamie winced. “Oww!” Tears rolled down his face. Mark immediately went limp, pulled his boy in and hugged him.

“I”m sorry, Jamie, I”m sorry.” He was on top of Jamie, who was sobbing uncontrollably.

“Jamie. Jamie. Talk to me.”

“It hurt, dad. It hurt. I”m still sore from that cop.”

“It”s OK Jamie, we don”t have to do anything.”

“Yes, we do! I need to know you still love me!”

“Jamie, I think I just proved that. I wouldn”t have stopped if I hadn”t. I”d have taken you like that asshole did. I can”t hurt you, Jamie, no matter what. Please, Jamie, let me show you how we can make love in a different way.”

He picked Jamie up, went into the bedroom. He finished drying the boy off, set him on the bed. He pulled the sheets down, closed the blackout curtains to make the room dark, and lit a handful of candles.

Jamie was starting to stop crying. Mark had a small bottle of lavender. He squirted a few drops into the room. Jamie started to calm down even more. The room was dark, except for the flickering flames. Mark turned on some calming music from their smart speaker. It was what he usually used to calm down after a stressful adana escort day. No words, just instrumental. Mark climbed onto the bed next to Jamie and just started to run his fingers across the boy. He sat up, straddling Jamie”s legs. He touched Jamie”s forehead with each index finger. He traced his face, went around the eyes, down the nose. He lifted off, and gently touched his shoulders, tracing down to his hands, then back up his arm, down the torso. He thought Jamie would be ticklish, but he was so relaxed, he didn”t flinch.

Mark circled the boy”s cock, which amazingly wasn”t hard at the moment. He traced down the boy”s legs until they ran into his own. He traced back up. He proceeded to pay attention to the boy”s torso for a good 15 minutes. Jamie looked as if he was in a daze.

“Roll over.” Mark quietly whispered as he lifted off Jamie so his legs were free for the maneuver. Jamie rolled over. Mark traced the boy”s arms and torsos and circled his globes. Having just been in the boy”s ass with his tongue, he didn”t go there again. He spent a good 15 minutes just tracing the boy”s back, ass and arms.

“Roll back.” He whispered. Jamie did as he was asked. Mark leaned in and used his tongue this time, tracing the boy”s arms. He moved Jamie”s arms up so he could see the boy”s pits. The hairless pits were clean, smooth, and not ticklish. Mark continued down the torso. He got a giggle between the belly button and the cock, and a twitch of the cock hit Mark in the chin, so he knew the boy was still alive. Mark slid further down and engulfed the delicious cock in front of him. He slowly swirled his tongue, bobbed up and down until he got his watery treat.

Jamie”s cock throbbed for a bit, then a gentle snoring could be heard.

Mark moved to lie down with an arm over his boy. “I love you, forever.” He whispered. He was spooned up to the boy”s side when he fell asleep as well.

Jamie woke up later, calm and feeling loved. He turned to face Mark, whispered to him. “I love you, dad.” Jamie fell back asleep with his dad in his arms.

Meanwhile, over at Brian”s house, Sebastian and Brian were making wedding plans. Well, not exactly, but Brian would have if he thought Sebastian would accept. Sebastian was a bit older than Brian, but didn”t mind. He liked Brian, and thought he was a good kisser. They had been hanging out in the front room, getting to know Brian”s mom, and Brian excused them to go to his room. Sebastian followed.

“I want to show you my room. It”s really fun. I hope you can sleep over tonight!”

They entered the room, and Sebastian let out a gasp. “Wow, this is amazing!”

Brian”s room was three times the size of his. The ceiling was vaulted from about 18 feet at one end to 10 feet at the other. He had a tree house in the corner. Yes, a tree house. A big trunk had a hole in the stump for the boys to enter. They climbed up and onto the deck of the tree house.

From the tree house, there was a zip line across a “lake” made out of padded cushions and pillows. There was a stuffed alligator and some fish pillows in the mix. The zip line ended at a tent. The boys went down the zip line and into the tent.

“Get undressed.” Brian said as he stripped his clothes off.

Sebastian didn”t need to be told twice, but he was concerned. “Are you sure?

“Yeah, my parents don”t care. They won”t come in while we are playing. They won”t bother us. “

“But we”re naked.”

“It”s OK – they told me that I can do what I want, express myself how I want, and do whatever makes me happy. They offered to buy me girls” clothes, girl toys, or whatever I needed, but this is what I wanted. I want to camp with you, naked! “

Inside the tent, there was a small TV, a mattress, lots of furry blankets that felt amazing on Sebastian”s bare skin, and a small refrigerator full of snacks.

Brian quickly climbed on Sebastian. “Wanna make out?”

Sebastian kissed Brian. This was a continuation of the kiss from the restaurant.

“Can I have this?” Brian grabbed Sebastian”s cock and looked into his eyes.

“Of course, it”s happy to see you!”

Brian didn”t waste a moment and went down on his friend. He got Sebastian close to cumming but stopped. “Come here.” He led Sebastian to a swing that was under the tree, but this swing was more like a sex sling. It had four chains holding it up to the tree. There were leg straps on the chains and even a mirror mounted on the branch of the fake adıyaman escort tree that the sling was hanging from.

Brian jumped in, slipped his feet into the straps and laid back. “I want you to fuck me, Sebastian!”

Sebastian wasn”t quite sure what had just happened, but he was turned on. He lined his cock up with Brian”s hole, and Brian reached in and applied some lube. He had grabbed the bottle from the little holder on the chain. Sebastian slowly pushed in. He”s never done this before. Apparently, Brian has.

“Oh, Seb, fuck me deep. Fuck me until I can”t walk.”

Sebastian continued to fuck Brian hard and as deep as his cock would go.

“Oh, Seb, make me cum!” Brian said.

Sebastian was able to finish and saw stars as he came. “Oh, Brian, I”m cumming. Oh, ugh.” Sebastian”s hands slid down the chains as he lowered himself to the ground. Brian was spent as well in the sling. He jacked himself off while Sebastian pounded him.

They both stayed put until they came down from their high.

“Let”s go shower!” Brian said. The two boys went to an en-suite room that had a huge walk in shower. The shower had a bench, some rings mounted to the walls, and four shower heads. Brian and Sebastian faced each other and scrubbed the other down. They rinsed, got out, and went back to Brian”s room where they got on the bed. They dozed off until Brian”s dad came into the room.

“It looks like the two of you had a fun time.”

Brian”s dad looked just like Officer Patton. Sebastian had a flashback to the church. “I have to go home now.” Sebastian said.

Brian”s dad didn”t know what he said or did to cause that reaction. “Are you sure, Sebastian? We”re about to have dinner. Come on out and eat. After dinner, if you think you need to go home, you can. “

“No, now, please.” He wasn”t quite crying, but it was clear he was upset.

“OK. Sebastian, can you tell me what”s upsetting you? I hope I didn”t say anything wrong. Brian likes you and has been talking about you non stop.”

“Um, I don”t know. I just can”t. ” Brian”s dad reached out to touch Sebastian, and it caused the boy to flinch.

“Did I do something? I don”t want to hurt you, Sebastian. Please come out to dinner and then we can take you home.”

Brian”s dad left the room.

“Please, Sebastian, tell me what”s wrong?” Brian pleaded.

“I just had a flashback to when Jamie was raped and I was next. Your dad reminds me of the bad cop.”

“Sebastian, I know that was bad, but my dad would never hurt you. You”re safe here. We can go eat, and then you can go home, but I wish you would stay.”

“I don”t want your dad to fuck me.”

“Why would you think he would do that? That”s wrong. My dad would never touch either one of us. He knows I like boys, and would be happy if you and I were friends or even boyfriends, but he would never, ever, have sex with us.”

“How do you know?”

“Because he”s my dad. When he found out I liked boys, he first told me he didn”t understand it, that he never played with his friends or anything. I don”t think he would even want to have sex with a man or a boy. He and my mom, well, they have a pretty lively sex life.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know, the sex sling? That was their idea. Apparently, they go to some parties where they have one of them, and they thought it would be perfect for me and my friends. I think they are called “lifestyle parties?” I don”t get that name. Once they hooked it up, they got in it to demonstrate. They have one in their room too.”

“You mean you watched them fuck?”

“Ewww, no! They got on it with their clothes. But they have been very open and let me know that sex is OK and that there is no shame. They also told me that I should keep that private and only with like minded people, whatever that means.”

“Oh.” Sebastian was processing what he had just heard.

“You have to promise not to tell anyone though. You also can”t tell anyone that my mom and dad go to those parties. They said that it”s nobody”s business.”

“It”s OK, I won”t tell. I feel better now, but I won”t promise that I won”t flinch around your dad.”

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