Job Interview at Spread Legal


I was desperate for a job. I had left university with a promising degree in Law, one that would look good on any resume, but every time I applied I seemed to get nowhere. Not the right qualifications. Not the right experience. It got to the point where I was blind applying for any role I could possibly do. That’s when I found this job role online. It read:

Role: Administrative Assistant

Company: Spread Legal

Salary: Competitive.

Description: Wanted young man to help out in the office with all our needs. Must be obedient and trustworthy.

Short and sweet, I thought and without thinking I clicked on the apply button and didn’t think about it until I got an email a couple of hours later inviting me to a Job Interview at 11am the following day. It surprised me but I didn’t see it as suspicious, as they may have needed someone quickly to replace a gap in the workforce. I accepted and worked on getting ready. I got my suit out the closet. I read up on the company, it seemed like a standard legal firm that dealt with all kinds of cases. I prepared answers to hypothetical questions. I was going to this interview prepared.

The next day came around quickly and I thought I was ready. I left early to account for train delays, I revised my notes so I wasn’t caught off guard. I made a note on where to find the office building, so I didn’t get lost.

With 10 minutes to spare I got to the office. I pressed the buzzer to be let in. The first thing I saw as I entered was a cute blonde secretary with a petite slender body, she must have been around 18, 20 at the most. I thought I must be going crazy as it looked like she was masturbating. Her eyes were closed and she was definitely moaning, I would have looked down to see where her hand was going, just to confirm my suspicions but I didn’t want to come across as a pervert, not when I was trying to make a good first impression. To get her attention I cleared my throat. She opened her eyes, looked over at me and smiled, seemingly unperturbed that a stranger might be watching her having a little play downstairs.

“Hello there, and welcome to Spread Legal. What’s the nature of your visit?” the secretary said in a warm and friendly tone.

“My name is Richard Masters, I have an interview for the Administrative Assistant role.”

“Hi, I’m Alice!” she said with a smile and a big wave before pressing a button on her intercom. “Mistress, I have a Richard Masters to see you for the assistant role.”

Mistress was a strange term to refer to your boss, I had thought as I stood there in silence waiting for the intercom to answer back. Looking back at it now, the signs were obvious.

A stern feminine voice came through the intercom. “Send him in.” Alice looked happy to oblige and almost bounced off her chair.

“Come on,” she said waving her arm. “Follow me.” I thought about asking Alice questions about this so called Mistress but I didn’t want to come off as nervous. Got to make a strong first impression, this thought ran through my mind as Alice and I walked down the long corridor. In reality, my nervousness was off the charts and I was sweating up a storm. I had to hide this from them though. I needed to nail this interview.

Alice stopped outside one of the many doors and turned the handle. The door creaked open. “Good Luck Richard!”

“Thank You,” I replied.

Alice smiled once again and spun around to return to her post, I pictured her masturbating at her desk some more. I shook this thought from my mind. I needed focus. I needed to step inside that door. I closed my eyes and pushed the door and miraculously my legs took me through. I opened my eyes. The room was kind of bare. First thing I noticed was a desk pushed against the far wall, sitting under the window. But that isn’t where the interview took place, at least not yet. In the very middle was two chairs and no desk between them. One chair was for me to sit down in and in the other was who I assumed to be The Mistress.

The Mistress was an older woman, I estimated late thirties or konyaaltı üniversiteli escort early forties, but she still looked good. Brunette hair done up tight in ponytail, big brown eyes behind thick rimmed glasses. Make up was very minimal on her face, at least from what I could see. She looked smart in her white shirt, black skirt and black high heels. She pushed her glasses down her nose and gave me a look. She could see right through me. “Ahh,” she finally said in that stern voice I heard over the intercom. “The fresh meat has arrived. Sit!” There was something I found incredibly hot with a strict older woman so I did as I was told and sat opposite.

It was only when I sat down, I noticed more about the Mistresses outfit. Her white shirt only had half the buttons done up, so it was designed to show off her busty cleavage. There was no bra underneath either so her nipples were visible through her top. My eyes scanned downwards and were drawn to her big muscular thighs and calves which hinted of her strong physique underneath her clothes. Her legs were spread to deliberately show me she wasn’t wearing any knickers underneath her skirt. I gulped as I felt the erection developing in my trousers. I desperately tried to hide it as The Mistress began the interview, something told me however she already knew.

“Before we begin,” the Mistress said, pushing up her glasses and reading from a bit of paper in her hand. “This interview will contain sexual activity, if this offends you or makes you uncomfortable, the door is behind you, you are free to go out now.” I was confused as to what was happening. My initial thought was I had ended up on a porn shoot, this was not the case. The Mistress continued. “Do you consent to any sexual activity I may have planned?”

“Y…yes,” came me reply in a shaky voice.

“Good. If you do become uncomfortable during the course of the interview, just say the word ‘objection’ and I’ll terminate the interview. Am I clear?”


The Mistress looked up, she had a cross look on her face. “I let it slide the first time, but you will call me Mistress or Ma’am when I ask you a question. Am I clear?”

I thought about my answer. “Yes, Ma’am.”

Her face softened and gave me a smile. “Good Boy!” This was the oddest interview I had been to but I was determined, despite my nerves, to go on. “Other interviews would have you rattle off Experience and Qualifications. Frankly I don’t give a shit if you know the law backwards and forwards, that won’t be your job. You’ll just be an assistant, sometimes that means writing letters, making sure clients appointments are booked, well you get the drift but a trained ape could do all that and you look plenty trained to me. Other times however the girls and I need other assistance. This interview will evaluate your usefulness to us. Now Strip!”

I sat there dumbfounded. Despite her disclaimer at the start that this will include sexual activity, The Mistress’s command to strip took me by surprise. The Mistress was starting to get impatient, checking her watch. I had promised to make a good impression, so that’s what I did. I started with my jacket and shoes. I unbuttoned my shirt quickly and dropped it on the floor. Standing up, I pulled my trousers and boxers down, still hiding my cock in my hands, and stepped out of them.

“Remove your hands, Boy!” The Mistress demanded. Hesitantly I did as I was told and now stood fully exposed and naked in front of her. She took one look at my semi erect cock and began to laugh. “Are you getting excited, Boy?” she said in a patronising tone. I didn’t know how to respond and common sense would have told me to leave after that but truth be told, I was getting turned on by all of this. “Now turn around.” I obeyed and spun around and as I did so, I could hear the sound of pen scribbling on paper. The Mistress was taking notes about me. I didn’t know whether it was a good or bad thing yet. I turned back to face The Mistress. “Adequate, I suppose.”

“Thank kurtköy escort you, Ma’am,” I bashfully replied.

“Next test, I want you to…” The Mistress paused to hike up her skirt so I could see her vagina. “Lick. My Cunt.” I nodded and began to walk over to her. The Mistress stopped me before I could make another step. “Not like that!” She pointed to the floor. “On your knees, Boy! You want this pussy, you better crawl for it!” And without hesitation that’s precisely what I did. I got onto all fours and crawled towards her.

When I got to her pussy I held on to her muscular legs and ran my tongue inside her, pushing it as deep as I could and kept licking it like it was my favourite ice cream. First I heard no auditory reaction and feared that my technique wasn’t to her liking but soon I heard a moan followed by another moan. I had looked up to see The Mistress unbuttoning her shirt and with one hand she was playing with her breasts and with the other she held my face closer to her pussy so I wouldn’t stop. Not that I wanted to anyway. Even as my tongue grew tired, I still wanted to please The Mistress. It wasn’t long though before The Mistress had felt enough. “Stop!” came the cry and stopped I did. I remained on my knees and looked up at The Mistress. “That was…good,” she told me. “You may stand.”

“Thank you, Ma’am.” I rose back onto my feet.

“Now comes the final test. I must warn you all the candidates I saw before you terminated the interview here. I will expect better from you, Boy.” The Mistress picked up her phone and proceeded to have a conversation that I could only hear one side of. “Yeah, bring it in…better make it the small…uh huh…see you in a bit.” My mind began to wander what that could have been about but before I could think up any answers, Alice came in the room holding a tub of lube and a strap-on dildo, it was obvious what the final test was.

The Mistress stood up from her chair and until then I didn’t realise how tall she was, she must have been over 6 foot. The Mistress towered over Alice and stood just a bit taller then me as well. She removed her shirt and skirt revealing what I had expected, a toned and muscular body, looking like a busty Amazon warrior. Alice first handed The Mistress the strap-on which she put on with ease. She looked over at me. “Do you object, Boy?” I shook my head, I had made it this far and wasn’t about to quit now.

“Can I watch, Mistress? Please?” Alice had pleaded to the Mistress as she looked at me.


“Please, Mistress? I just want to watch.”

The Mistress sighed, “Have you accomplished all your tasks this morning?”

“Yes, Mistress!” Alice sounded excited.

“Then I suppose it will be okay.”

“Yes! Thank you, Mistress!” Alice said taking one of chairs and planting it near the desk that was set up.

The Mistress sighed and looked at me whilst rubbing lube over her strap-on. “Bend over that desk, Boy!” I hesitated only for a second as if to process what was going to happen but eventually I obeyed The Mistress and bent over the desk. To the left of me I spotted Alice sitting down and watching me, her knickers were already around her ankles as she got ready to masturbate by teasing her finger around her pussy lips. I heard the sound of the Mistress’s high heels hitting the ground as she walked closer to me. The noise had suddenly stopped but I could feel the tip of the strap-on around the entrance of my asshole. The Mistress had planted her hands either side of my hips and bent over me. I could feel her breasts on my back as she whispered, “Last chance, Boy. Want to object?”

I looked over to Alice who had started to masturbate and looked back at The Mistress and replied “No, Ma’am.” There was a wicked smile on The Mistress’s face as she pushed the strap-on inside my tight virginal asshole. I screamed but surprisingly it wasn’t in pain, it was a scream of pleasure. Whether its because she put enough lube on to ease it in or I wanted to have my ass penetrated or a ankara kurtuluş escort combination of both I could not say but then again at this particular time, I couldn’t think straight as the beautiful Amazon kept sliding the strap-on in my ass.

She started off gently and slowly, making sure I got used to having an object penetrate my ass, reminding me she was not using the whole length just yet. But with every thrust she got a little bit deeper and a little bit faster. My screams turned to moans and my cock, now fully erect, began to throb uncontrollably. I wanted to give it a stroke but couldn’t as both my hands were gripped onto the desk. Turned out it didn’t need to touch it as when The Mistress used the entire length of the strap-on in my ass, I spontaneously ejaculated cum all over the floor. The Mistress was displeased.

“Who gave you permission to cum, Boy?” She screamed as she gave my ass a hard couple of spanks.

“No…no one, Ma’am. It was an accident,” I replied back between my moans.

The Mistress sighed and turned to Alice. “You better clean this up.”

“Yes, Mistress!” Alice excitedly said jumping out of her chair. As I was being pounded I must have missed Alice getting unchanged because she was naked when she ran over and crawled under the desk so she could lick the cum off the floor. “Mmhmm, that tasted so good! Is there any more?” Alice’s face must have been millimetres from my cock because I could feel her breath on it. Her mouth was getting closer to my cock and I swear I could have just cum again. The Mistress stopped her going any further.

“Alice! You better not be sucking his pathetic little cock!”

“No, Mistress!” came her sheepish reply. She got out from under the desk and returned to her seat so she could masturbate once more.

The Mistress, satisfied all spillages were clean, resumed fucking my asshole. This time it was notably more harder and faster as punishment for cumming too early. I didn’t care, it felt amazing. The whole building must have heard my moans. The Mistress, knowing I was enjoying it too much, removed the strap-on from my ass. I wanted more as my asshole throbbed from being stretched but I knew once The Mistress had decided something, there was no changing her mind.

“Kneel!” she demanded. I gulped. My ass felt sore from the intense fucking I had just received but I still knelt in front of The Mistress. Still wearing the strap-on, she smacked my face with it a couple of times just for fun. I was expecting to suck it next, to see how much I can get in my mouth before gagging. Instead she built up some saliva in her mouth and spat in my eye. “Congratulations.” She smiled. “You’re Hired.” Alice jumped from her seat, still naked, and applauded. She must have just recently cummed as I spotted a white creamy liquid dripping down her slender leg. The Mistress saw it too because she went over to Alice and ran a finger from her leg up to her wet pussy making Alice shudder in pleasure. The Mistress had collected Alice’s cum and sucked it off her finger. Alice smiled and bit her lip then picked up her clothes and left the room without saying anything. It was just The Mistress and I again.

“Catch your breath and get changed, I want you out in 5 minutes,” The Mistress had demanded.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“You start tomorrow at 9am. If you are late, for any reason, there is a penalty. It won’t be something you will enjoy, I can promise you that.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” My mind wandered, imagining all sorts of punishments.

“Once again, congratulations.” The Mistress turned and walked out the room, still wearing nothing but high heels and a strap-on. I got changed quickly and made my way back to reception, making sure I obeyed The Mistress and was out in 5 minutes. On the way out I saw Alice again, she had gotten changed and was behind the front desk again. She smiled at me.

“See you tomorrow,” she said sweetly.

“See you tomorrow, Alice.”

In still a sweet tone, Alice replied “I hope I can get more of your cum.” She then winked and opened her shirt up. It seems she had forgot to put her bra back on so I got one more view of her perky petite tits, before leaving the office for the day.

With my ass still sore, I got on the train home. I told my parents I had a job with a legal firm obviously leaving out the extra activities I had to assist in. I had finally gotten a job and one I would be able to enjoy.

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