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Next to him, breathing softly while his hard, rigid body clung to Nick’s small frame, was Francis. His hairy chest was pressed against Nick’s back as the stud’s beefy arms caressed him, holding him tight to his naked body. But the best thing about sleeping next to Francis was that the man’s dick was fully hard. Nick’s bare ass was cuddled up next to Francis’ cock. His fat, perky, cheeks kept the thick, veiny shaft warm and erect. Nick could feel the slab of meat pulsing and shaking with each passing heartbeat. It stirred a feeling deep within Nick’s stomach, making his heart flutter and his gut prickle. He’d never spent the night with someone like this. The jock was hugging him with his muscles, putting his legs between Nick’s to keep the boy warm and comfortable. Despite the lack of room in the sleeping bag, and Francis’ own confusion about his relationship with Nick, he’d invited Nick to camp with him, and stay in the very same sleeping bag… without any clothes on. No one had cared for Nick this way before. Nick felt the stud moving. His breath changed and his soft fingers grazed Nick’s abs, feeling his soft skin and grabbing at him. He shifted, rubbing his crotch harder against the boy’s ass and pushing his hairy thighs onto Nick’s bare legs. His bulging, sweaty pecs were right behind Nick’s head, while the jock’s face was tangled in Nick’s hair. He spoke in a deep, sleepy voice that made Nick horny. “Morning,” he said, smelling Nick’s hair. It was clean and fresh, like Nick had just taken a shower, despite their hot, sweaty fucking that same night. There was also the scent of a campfire, and the odd hint of something fruity. It made his senses go insane. Nick smiled, pressing his body further against Francis’. “Good morning,” he mumbled, feeling the man’s cute morning breath on his neck and cheek. They lay there in the sleeping bag, both in the fetal position as Francis kept Nick safe and warm. Despite Nick’s love for that special moment, he knew there were other things he’d enjoy doing even more. He turned around, facing the jock. There was a frown on his face, as if Francis hadn’t wanted to let go of Nick. But Francis tried to remember that the two of them were guys, and that this wasn’t supposed to be normal. Or was it? “Thanks for letting me sleep here,” Nick told him. He could feel his penis rise even more, twitching against Nick’s own junk. Francis tried to ignore the sensations, feeling rather embarrassed at getting morning wood, despite knowing that every guy on the planet was prone to random boners. “It was… uh, no problem. We… really did it last night, didn’t we?” Nick nodded, realizing how vulnerable he seemed. He still wasn’t entirely comfortable with their situation. Francis must have been a bit more daring then usual when he came onto Nick, mostly due in part to the entire pack of beer he’d downed in one sitting. His breath smelled of liquor, but the other scents Nick picked up were sawdust and freshly-cut grass, motor oil and grease, along with the smell of smoke, sweat and the locker room. There was also something that reminded Nick about horses, and their leathery saddles. It was completely intoxicating. “Yeah, you really gave it to me good,” Nick laughed, remembering how horny and eager to fuck the jock had been. Francis also chuckled, temporarily forgetting that Nick was a guy, that he was two years older than the boy, or what his parents and friends might think if they knew what was going on between them. It was just the two of them, two guys, who very much enjoyed each other’s company, laughing at each other. That, and the fact that they were both incredibly horny. “I’m sure I did,” Francis said. He put his arms around him, feeling Nick’s tight ass and gently spanking him. Nick moaned, feeling the jock grab onto his fat cheek. “Thanks for letting me fuck you.” “It’s alright, I wanted you to.” “No… I mean that first time we met. When I forced you upstairs to my room. I know I probably came off like a jerk, and probably real scary–” Nick got close to his face, feeling the man’s heart beat wildly in his chest. “Francis… you don’t have to apologize. I mean… I was a virgin before I met you. I’m glad you did what you did. I had wanted you to fuck me for ages.” Francis turned red, surprised by Nick’s words. It hadn’t completely dawned to him just how much Nick worshipped him. “Well… thanks.” Nick giggled, feeling Francis’ hard, hairy abs, Then he put a hand over his dick. “No… thank you.” Nick then proceeded to wiggle downwards, moving out of Francis’ reach and sliding to the bottom of their sweaty, cum-stained bag. “W-what–what are you doing?” Francis asked, desperate to see where Nick was going. He couldn’t see much in the dark, but he could feel the boy get over top of his powerful thighs, while snaking his hands up them. “You’re really hard,” Nick said. Francis bit his lip, feeling the teenager grasp his erect dick with his small, soft hands. “Nick…” “I wanna repay you for being so nice to me… and for inviting me out here…” Nick teased him, rubbing the hot, veinous shaft up and down, watching his big balls bounce with each movement. “…and for keeping me warm last night.” Nick stared at the rest of his body, looking up and down at the stud’s muscular form. His chest was big and bulky, covered in a light brown fuzz. His fat pink nipples were hard and erect, and his six-pack of abs clenched as Francis peered down at Nick’s face. The thick, curly bush of pubes springing out from behind his cock went all the way up his waist and his abs, creating a hot, happy trail that made his rock-hard abs looker even hotter. “Uhhhnnnn… Nick…” “Are you hard for me?” he asked, looking up at Francis’ scrunched up face. He was already in heaven, awaiting Nick’s touch to send him to places he’d never been. The pain up in Nick’s body encouraged him to go for it, to give the stud’s cock everything he had. Francis had fucked him good last night, and he wanted to return the favour. He belonged to Francis; he was his sex toy, his partner in crime, and it was his job to please the manly hunk. “Ugghhh… yeah baby… I’d hard for you.” Nick grinned, then stuck his tongue out, licking the fat, red head that peeked out from the jock’s foreskin. The man let out a loud moan, feeling the wet flesh lap at his salty fluids. “Fuck!” Nick held the massive tool in his hands, all eight inches of thick, heavy meat. He pulled the foreskin down, exposing the throbbing, dripping head and smelled the sweet scents of dried cum, old piss, dirty sweat and the fresh juices of Nick’s tight ass. It was a manly mixture, and it drove Nick crazy. He gave the junk another licking, tasting the bitter-sweet remains on the man’s cock and swallowing whatever he found. He continued to pull down on it, exposing more of his dick and felt the stud tremble. “Shit… you gonna blow me?” Nick nodded, watching Francis writhe in pleasure as his lips inched towards his member. “Yes, daddy.” Francis gave him a horny smile, closing his eyes and laughing in bliss. He had a mouth all to himself and someone to worship him. It didn’t get much better than this. “That’s daddy’s little boy. Suck on my cock, baby.” Nick felt his ass clench and his chest quiver as Francis’ low, horny voice came. He was so commanding, and he was radiating cockiness. “Yes daddy. I’ll suck on your big, fat cock.” Nick rose up from his crotch to meet him. Francis was still smiling, letting Nick take care of his throbbing package. But before Nick got to work by taking in the hunk’s thick, eight-inch boner, Francis looked straight into Nick’s eyes. He bent over to give Nick a kiss, to lock lips and exchange their spit. He felt Nick’s small, trembling hands against his rigid abs, playing in his pubic hair and reaching around to feel his ass. Normally, Francis would be totally against someone feeling up his butt unless it was a friendly slap from one of his bros, but he knew this was Nick, and with Nick, he was willing to do anything. Francis kissed the boy, feeling Nick’s own boner press up against his abs as his body stretched to engage with his lips. He was desperate to feel Francis’ embrace, and the jock didn’t want to let him down. He hugged Nick’s body, feeling his bare back and his fat ass, dragging his fingers down his spine. Nick groaned as Francis did so, and their tongues met during their kiss, slathering each other with spit and sucking on one another’s lips. Then, Nick reluctantly parted from Francis’ warm mouth. Instead, he looked back down at the task before him. Francis’ schlong was soaked with pre-cum and he could clearly see the vein in Francis’ dick pulsing more blood all throughout his shaft. As Nick struggled to get all of the meat in his grasp, the throbbing pink cock hit him in the face, splattering him with loose ropes of cum. “Jesus,” Francis sighed, feeling the boy’s face smack into his penis. Nick took the cock and whacked it against his face a few more times, making Francis jump and groan in pleasure. “I love your fat dick on my face,” Nick whispered to him, surprised by the eagerness of Francis’ erection. It was so big and heavy that it hung downward while fully erect. Underneath the massive, swollen member were Francis’ balls. They were hanging low, big and round, swinging back and forth like baseballs in a bag. Francis took his fat, meaty cock and slapped it across Nick’s face. Francis moaned as stands of cum spread across Nick’s lips. Nick took the dicking like a man, trying to get the stud’s junk in his mouth. “Suck my cock, Nick,” Francis said, smacking his dick a few more times across his face before he let his pulsing member go. Nick put his small hands around Francis’ meat, making it look even bigger, like it was a rubbery, oversized dildo. Francis breathed out slowly as Nick touched his shaft. Francis loved Nick’s delicate embrace and his eagerness to down his boner. Sure enough, after Nick got the huge thing to his face, his soft, damp lips closed around the exposed, throbbing head. Nick was kissing Francis’ penis, using his tongue to massage the hot head and his lips to squeeze the cum out of his shaft. The warm rod in Nick’s mouth trembled with every pulse of Francis’ heart, and as he nearly got his lips to the stud’s pubes, he felt himself choking on the huge schlong. “Uhhnnn… fuck yeah, choke on daddy’s dick.” “Mmm-mmmm…” “Fuck, you take it so good baby,” Nick felt his insides melt. He knew he couldn’t take anymore of Francis’ dick inside him, but he had too try–he was determined to. “Shit!” Nick made more choking sounds, feeling the hot head of Francis’ cock hit the back of his throat. Then, Nick began to move his mouth slowly back off, pressing hard against the smooth, salty skin. It tasted like sweat and piss, mixed with dry cum and dirty underwear–all the scents Nick loved most about his man. “That’s it, suck that big dick,” Francis grunted, running his chapped hands through Nick’s soft hair. His huge biceps flexed and his veins popped as blood pumped through him. His pecs twitched and his fat, round nipples were fully hard, pointing upwards. His prominent v-lines bulged with more veins, shaking with each small movement the boy made on his cock. He let Nick work on him, but he couldn’t help pump himself in and out of Nick’s mouth, bursa escort fucking his hot, wet hole like it was nothing but a cum-rag. His hot hole was sticky and wet, slurping up his juices and slathering more spit all across his long meaty pole while leaking some of it onto the man’s pink balls. Nick let Francis grab hold of his head. He felt himself get fucked in the mouth like a little slut, his hair being grabbed tight by Francis’ fists and his muscular, hairy groin slapping itself into his face. Nick could feel Francis’ big, bouncy balls flinging themselves onto his chin and neck. He slurped up the stud’s pre-cum and his own spit, trying to take in all the salty, masculine tastes leaking out of the hunk’s thick slab of meat. Then, Francis pulled out, swearing and panting with short hot breaths as watery pumps of cum escaped the tip of his cock. Nick licked it all up, drinking the manly fluids and relishing in the thought that just his mouth had made such a large man so weak. “Fuckkk… you’re so good…” “You wanna stop?” Nick asked, looking concerned. He wiped some cum from his mouth while eagerly swallowing the man’s pre-ejaculate. “No, just had to catch my breath,” Francis said, his chest rising and falling at a quick pace. His pecs were covered in a thick film of sweat, and his fuzzy body was slicked back with it as Francis rubbed himself down. “Finish me off, dude.” Nick smiled, taking his manhood back into his mouth. “Holy shittt…” Francis whispered, closing his eyes and concentrating on Nick’s tight mouth as it massaged his tool and made it’s way over his glans. Nick took a long look at the massive, engorged cock, while Francis moaned Nick’s name. His dick was soft and wet with bulging purple veins. It was long and thick, just how Nick liked it. The huge tool throbbed violently, spewing out pre-cum. The foreskin was just pulled over half his head, and his member was beginning to turn red with all the blood gushing toward it. It stuck out of Francis’ body like eight inches of pure muscle and meat. Nick put one hand to the base of Francis’ dick and the other just below the head. He retracted the foreskin, making Francis cry out and his cock tremble. Exposing the bright red head, Nick got a look at it’s nice form. It was perfectly curved around the edges and nice and round at the front. Only the very tip was pointed, ready to plug up Nick’s throat and fill him up with fresh, steaming cum. Nick finally put his lips to the dick-hole, looking up at Francis’ pained expression as he kissed the tip of his penis. “Fuccckkkk…” Francis howled, bitting his lower lip and throwing his head back. He loved the boy on his dick, and feeling him work the slippery wood was heaven. Then, as Nick’s lips spread across the head, tight against his rigid flesh, he put his tongue to his piss-slit and milked the cum out of it. He could see the jock’s balls jerk in pleasure with each flick. Francis whined again, clenching his jaw as the soft pair of lips moved further down his shaft, and the tongue vigorously covered his head with spit. “Ohh… fuck…” He put his hands through Nick’s hair, rubbing his head and pulling him closer in. Nick went down on him, moving his head in and out. Each time he tried to take all of his dick in, the head would hit the back of his throat and make him gag, and he’d cough up some of the pre-cum he’d already swallowed. But gagging on his cock was only making Francis hornier, and it fuelled his ego, hardening his meat. “Fuck yeah, choke on it!” “Mmmmm…” Nick moaned, feeling Francis push his huge bulb further down onto his shaft. Nick’s nose and face buried itself into Francis’ long, wet pubes, and as the jock began to mouth-fuck him, the stud’s balls flung themselves into Nick’s neck and chin. They were long and hanging low, big and full of testosterone. Nick could see that they were just as pink as his head, sore from having been teased for so long. Then, Nick took the dick out of himself, while cum and spit dripped out. “You wanna cum in my mouth, daddy?” he teased him. Francis held him down and slapped his fat cock a few times across Nick’s face. “Yeah, baby. And I want you to swallow.” “Whatever you say, daddy.” Francis stuffed his member back inside the teenager’s mouth, pumping in and out of him slowly. The bouncy, meaty tool felt warm and tasty in Nick’s hole, and he licked up as much of its dirty sweat and cum as he could. He loved the way Francis tasted. “Keep your mouth on it,” Francis commanded, his rugged, stubbly face looking down at him with horniness. Francis was almost there, and he was desperate to get his nut. The jock began to pick up the pace. He thrusted in and out of the twink’s wet mouth, holding Nick’s shoulders down. Francis breathed quickly, wanting to cum into the boy’s gullet and fill him up with his seed. He threw his head back, taking in the overwhelming sensations and the desperate, hungry look Nick had on his face. Francis put a tight grip on Nick’s head, and began fucking his face hard and fast, and grunting with each thrust. Nick could do nothing but swallow the spurts of pre-cum that filled his mouth and try not to gag on the eight inches of man meat that plunged itself down his neck. He groaned in pleasure and pain. The man’s dick was so big and hard that it hurt for it to keep hitting the very back of his throat. Nick could do nothing but put his hands on Francis’ waist, feeling the soft hairs on his muscular thighs as he took the man’s full erection into his eager mouth. “FUCK!” Francis yelled, putting both his hands on Nick’s head and bucking his hips upwards, invading the boy’s wet hole. Nick sucked him off for merely a second before Francis’ semen shot up inside his mouth. His cock jerked and his balls contracted. Three powerful jets of his hot jock-spunk attacked the back of Nick’s throat, burning his skin and filling him up. The thick fluid felt heavy and it tasted so good, sweet and salty at the same time. Nick choked on his spunk, as two more shots escaped his slit and hit the roof of his mouth. Beneath him, Francis was writhing in pleasure, unable to catch his breathe or even talk as the bliss of Nick’s mouth milked his cock of all it’s sperm. He just felt Nick’s soft, curly hair between his fingers and his soft skin against his. “Uhhhhnnnnn… swallow it, babe,” Francis told him, pushing his head further down onto his thick pole. Nick milked his fat penis, struggling to breath as the sperm went down his throat. He swallowed it all of it, licking his lips for stray drops and then looked at Francis, seeing satisfaction etched across his face. He licked the trembling cock a few more times before he smiled at him, hoping to have given the jock exactly what he wanted. “You swallow it, baby? Did you take your daddy’s seed?” Nick nodded. “Yes, sir.” Francis rubbed his hair. “Come here,” he told him, letting the boy climb up onto his body and lay his head on the man’s chest. “That’s a good boy,” he whispered. Nick rested his head on his massive pecs, which were both drenched with sweat. He could hear the jock’s heart beating wildly, and his muscles were still pumping blood throughout his body, making his veins pop and his biceps flex. They naked boys lay with each other, listening to the other breath as they calmed down. Finally, when his fat dick had gone soft, he stroked Nick’s back, tapping his ass. “C’mon, we got a long day ahead of us.” Nick agreed, reluctantly getting off of the jock’s body. He watched as the hunk unzipped their bag, exposing their hot, sticky skin to the cool morning air. The jock climbed out of their bag, his big balls and thick meaty pole swinging wildly back and forth as he looked for a clean pair of underwear. Unable to find any, he went back and took the cum-stained one Nick had thrown off last night. He put it on quickly, fully aware of Nick staring at him as he tucked his big dick inside it. “You always hungry for this?” Francis asked, grinning as he grabbed his bulging crotch and shook it in Nick’s face. Nick laughed, looking for the jockstrap that Francis had given him. “Yeah.” When the boys were done getting dressed, they fumbled out of their tent, putting a few things away. Francis grabbed the shotgun while Nick gave him something to eat. When they finished, they trekked into the woods, sporting their same dirty clothes as yesterday. The rain had stopped and it was warm in the forest, as the sun peeked in through the leaves. Nick heard a strange grumbling noise, that resembled something like a bear or a goat. It was low and repetitive, and sounded like it was close. “What is that?” Nick asked Francis. “A buck. It’s rutting season.” Nick looked confused. “What does that mean?” Francis smiled, admiring his curiosity. “It’s mating season. The buck’s looking for a mate.” “Oh.” They continued on before Francis turned away from the noise, looking for a nice clearing to show Nick the basics about guns. 
 “We’re not going after the deer?” Francis shook his head. “It’s way to big to bring with us. We’ll find some birds instead.” Nick nodded, looking forward to spending a day with Francis while he tried to teach him something. Seeing him so into guns and hunting turned Nick on, and he was still quite a bit horny from the morning. Judging by the man’s erect nipples showing through his unbuttoned, camo vest, Francis was also excited about something too. They eventually stopped at the edge of a cool, trickling stream, where there was enough space for Francis to sit down and show Nick the different parts of a gun. While Francis explained to him how to load and unload the shotgun, Nick stared at his muscles, looking at his huge pecs and his bulging biceps. His abs flexed with each movement, and his package was bursting from his crotch, showing Nick just what he needed. His powerful thighs were planted onto the floor as he kneeled, trying to show Nick what part of the shotgun did what. He put it to his crotch, loading it up and pointing it to the floor as if it were his erect cock. Then suddenly, Francis shook Nick out of his trance. “Nick? You listening?” “Huh? Yeah! Of course. You… you just loaded the gun.” Francis wasn’t sure what was going on. He ignored it for the moment and handed the gun to Nick, helping him point it to a few cans he propped up on a log. “Let’s just practice aiming,” he mumbled, getting close to Nick’s body. He knelt behind him, pressed up against Nick’s back as he lifted the teenager’s arms, helping him point the barrel to the cans in front of him. “Try to aim for the centre, then inch it up just a smidge,” Francis said, breathing into Nick’s ear as he wrapped his arms around him, showing him where to aim. Nick felt his inside ache, especially when the stud’s pecs pressed onto his back, and his bulky arms caressed his sides. He took the opportunity and began to move his ass back, trying to find Francis’ groin. “Okay, good. Keep aiming–wha–what are you doing?” “Nothing,” Nick said, easing off a bit. But he was sure he’d felt something hard in the stud’s pants. And it wasn’t a gun. “Quit it!” Francis laughed, trying to give himself some room. Nick bit his lips, grinning. He looked back at him, teasing the stud with his mischievous look. “Wanna do it?” Francis didn’t know how to react. “You mean… sex? R-right here?” Nick nodded. But Francis seemed a bit nervous. “Yeah, daddy,” Nick teased, biting his lip. “I want to feel you inside me.” Francis lowered the gun, moving it aside and pushing it away. But his arms stayed on Nick’s side, and he began to rub them up his back. “Get down,” he commanded, pushing the boy onto the ground, ripping his own vest off with one wrench of his beefy arms. Nick felt his dick quiver in his strap. Francis’ low, commanding voice was so hot. He rolled over to his back, lying on the ground. He began to take off his jeans while he watched Francis do the same. The stud undid his belt, threw it aside, and then unbuttoned his pants. He slid them off in a cocky way, staring at Nick. Francis’ boxers were already wet with pre-cum. Nick’s mouth watered, turned on by seeing the stud already hard. There was a huge, wet bulge in his front, and the head of his dick was clearly visible through the thin cotton. Francis bursa escort bayan came over to Nick, helping Nick pull the jeans off his feet. From there, Francis put the twink’s legs on his broad, muscular shoulders. The stud kissed Nick’s calfs, rubbing his hand through the faint hair and reached his big hands down toward his ass. Nick let out a soft moan as Francis squeezed his cheeks, putting red handprints on his flesh. “Such a nice ass…” Francis mumbled, helping Nick take off his shirt now. Then, he moved his hands to Nick’s strap. “Let me take these off…” “Okay,” Nick said, pulling at his jockstrap. Francis whipped them off Nick’s legs, throwing them aside as he inched his package forward. “Give me your legs,” Francis said to him. Nick happily obliged, lying back down on the ground and waving his skinny legs in the air. Francis then began to take off his boxer briefs, exposing his hard-on to the warm forest air and Nick’s puckering pink anus. Francis looked down at him. “Open up for me,” he smirked, looking at the tight hole. He rested Nick’s legs on top of his shoulders, and then proceeded to spit on his hand, rubbing up Nick’s hole with it and spanking him with the other. “Uhn! Yeah, that feels so good, daddy.” “Yeah, you like that, faggot?” “Yes, daddy. Do it again.” Francis slapped his cheeks once more, harder this time. His red handprint was clear against the pale, meaty white ass. “You’re such a dirty little slut… I’m gonna give it to you good.” Nick closed his eyes and let Francis have his way with him. A moan parted from Nick’s mouth as he felt Francis’ big fingers run up and down his ass-crack, getting him hot and making his hole pucker. Then, Francis stuck three fingers inside of him. Nick’s eyes jolted open, and he almost jumped up. “Shhh, don’t worry, baby. It’ll be okay…” Francis murmured, leaning overtop of Nick to kiss him. They locked lips and then Francis put his fingers deeper inside, feeling the warm walls of Nick’s asshole. “Uhhhhnnnnnn… fuck…” Francis pumped his fingers in and out of Nick’s tight hole, feeling his soft flesh squirm and shake around him. He could feel Nick’s body tremble in pleasure and as the twink’s face twisted in euphoria, he could feel the boy jerk himself, rubbing his dick in his hands and against Francis’ rock-hard abs. It felt strange to have another dude’s dick on his abs, but the throbbing, hot member felt right, as if he was doing someone another favour–he was getting Nick off and it seemed to turn Francis on. The twink’s boner was oozing pre-cum because of him. When Francis thought he’d teased Nick enough, the stud took out his fingers and went back to stroking his own cock. “That felt so good…” Nick whispered, rubbing his balls. “Yeahh, you liked that?” “Yes.” Francis slapped his cock a few times against Nick’s balls, making the teenager wince. He already knew his dick was too big to fit, so Francis spit on his cock, smoothing up his pink tool and gliding his hand over his pulsing shaft. He spit again, lubing up Nick’s hole and making the boy smile as the tickling sensation came. “I’m gonna fuck you, raw.” “Do it. Put it inside me, Francis.” Francis pushed the head of his cock on Nick’s crack, pulling back his foreskin and rubbing his member all over Nick’s ass. Then, when Nick’s hole had opened up, he began to push himself inside of him. “Fuck!” Nick moaned. Francis bit his lip, his dick aching after having unloaded already that morning. “Oh shit!” “Oh my god… you’re so thick. Fuck, that feels good…” “You’re so fucking tight, Nick.” Nick felt the jock enter him, his waist trembling as he struggled to get all of his dick inside of his hole. It felt like an arm was going up Nick’s ass, growing and twitching with each movement. Francis’ dick felt muscular, and its hot, throbbing vein made Nick’s insides quiver in pleasure. The stud wasn’t even halfway inside of him but Nick could already feel the big head prodding into his prostate. The curve of Francis’ dick was perfect while Nick laid on his back. He felt his balls jerk and his stomach shake as the stud tried to go deeper. “You’re so sensitive,” Francis said, smiling at him. He felt the teenager’s body shudder around his cock. “You’re hitting my g-spot,” Nick said, rolling his arms on the ground and keeping his eyes closed as he felt the fat cock move up inside him. It was hot and pulsing, reacting to every one of Nick’s deep sighs of ecstasy. “Oh fuck.” Nick felt the jock’s pubes and bare body his ass. His hard v-lines pummelled onto his crack, warming him up. Francis was almost entirely inside of him. The stud put his big arms underneath Nick’s, hooking into his armpits and pile-driving inside of him. Nick let out another moan, feeling the huge, hung horse-cock expand even more inside of his anus. Then the jock dominated him by pressing his beefy body down on top of Nick. “How’s that feel, baby?” Francis said, his breath whispering against Nick’s erect nipple. The stud’s abs were pressed against Nick’s boner, feeling it squirm and jerk beneath his six-pack. “Fucking amazing… you’re so hot, daddy.” “Yeah you’re pretty cute yourself with that tight ass of yours. Feels so nice on my cock, Nick.” “Fuck me, Francis. Just fuck the shit out of me, I’m all yours.” “I’m gonna fuck you hard, baby. I want you to take all of it.” Francis finally pulled half of himself out. He could feel Nick’s soft skin slid against his bare cock, making his head pound. Then, he shoved himself back inside, trying to fit his huge boner inside the tight little hole. Nick grabbed at the dirt as the jock’s groin slapped against his ass and pushed him up against the ground. “Uhn!” “Fuckkk…” Nick wrapped his legs around Francis’ waist, feeling up his fat cheeks with his feet. He put his arms around Francis’ chest, reaching from beneath his arm pits just as Francis was doing to him. Francis pulled out again, and then, he drove himself inside. “Fuck, Francis! That’s so good!” “You’re so hot, fucking take my cock, faggot.” Nick grinned. “Yeah, talk dirty me.” Francis spanked him, closing his eyes as his cock penetrated the teenager’s body. “Yeah? You want this fat cock?” Nick moaned, arching his back as the stud entered him again. “Yes, daddy. Fuck! Give it to me!” “Shut the fuck up, faggot,” Francis said to him, spanking him hard and grinding into his hole. His cock came again, faster and faster this time: Francis’ dick picking up speed and beginning to really pound Nick’s fat little ass. The cock was like a berserk monster, penetrating Nick’s body deeper with each blow and trying to shoot its thick load all over his insides. It was so hot, warming Nick’s body up and making the friction feel even better. And all Nick could do to keep himself on the ground was cling onto Francis’ huge body. Nick’s waist trembled and he felt his boner disappear a bit–his mind focused so hard on raging stallion cock rubbing against his prostate and the big head of it hitting so far up his asshole with such tremendous force. The jock was humping Nick so hard, desperate to fuck something and breathing heavily against Nick’s nipple like a panting dog. His loose hair began to fall onto his face, brushing Nick’s skin and beginning to get soaked with both of their sweat. Francis didn’t even care. He just kept fucking Nick, keeping his legs planted on the ground and pushing himself deeper and deeper into Nick’s anus, his cock expanding and shaking inside. He was piling himself onto Nick like a horny animal. “Fuck me, Francis, fuck me harder, uhn!” “Uggghhhh… it feels so fffucking good…” “Uhn, yeahh, fuck me, daddy!” Francis kissed Nick’s chest, putting his wet lips to the teenager’s nipples and sucking on it like it belonged to a chick’s tit. He felt Nick moan silently, surprised by warmth and roughness of Francis’ mouth. Francis felt himself moving further down Nick’s body, not sure exactly why, or where, he was headed. He licked the sweat off Nick’s abs, and then, he moved to his waist, where a film of pre-cum covered the boy’s pubes. Francis kissed him there, licking up the fluids and tasting Nick’s cum in his mouth. It was sweet but salty, slippery on his tongue and somewhat pleasing. Nick felt Francis withdraw his still pulsing cock out of his ass, probably to adjust his dick or to get into a better position. But that gave Nick the time to try something he’d been wanting to do with Francis for some time. “I wanna be on top,” Nick said. “Huh?” Nick patted the ground. “Get on your back and I’ll ride your dick.” Francis nodded, realizing exactly what Nick was saying. Despite his love to fuck, and his amazing stamina in bed, it would be nice for Francis to sit back and enjoy with his legs wide apart while the little slut rode his cock. Francis sat down on the ground, leaning against the trunk of tree. Nick gave his dick a quick rubbing before he watched the stud spread his thick, hairy legs wide apart, inviting Nick to come over and do his thing. Francis patted his fat thigh, grinning. “Right here.” Nick smiled, rubbing his hands over the stud’s thighs and then getting onto Francis’ groin. He was facing the jock, their faces close and his dick more exposed to Francis then ever before. “Uuuuhhhnnnn…” Nick moaned, as Francis held his rock-hard boner up while the twink spread his cheeks and let it penetrate his tight hole. “Everything within a mile of here will hear you,” Francis whispered, rubbing Nick’s ass as it descended upon his dick. “Fuck it. I just wanna feel you inside me.” Nick put his little hands against Francis’ abs and beefy chest for support as he tried to get all of the stud’s dick inside him. His big, muscular arms came around and pushed down on his waist, helping him take in the entire cock. “Ooohh shit, Francis,” Nick wailed, sounding like a little girl. Francis smiled and his cock twitched with ego. His nuts were loose against his legs, drooping down to ground. “You gonna ride daddy’s cock, faggot?” “Yes, daddy.” Nick finally got his ass against Francis’ pubes and thick thighs. He put his hands against the jock’s broad shoulders and then leaned in forward, beginning to grind against the jock’s groin while his dick was embedded deep inside him. “Holy fuck, dude,” Francis muttered, barely able to breathe as the teenager massaged his monster cock with the muscles of his ass. Nick’s knees were against the ground, digging into the dirt as he moved back and forth. Francis’s big hands were on Nick’s waist and ass, spanking him violently and squeezing his cheeks, spreading them apart around his dick. Nick moaned whenever the jock did this, and felt his own dick twitch and jerk against Francis’ abs. He was covering them in a layer of salty pre-cum. “You’re so big,” Nick told him, feeling the throbbing head pierce the highest part of his anus as he kept a mount on the stud’s groin. “You take cock like a man, Nick,” Francis said, rubbing Nick’s jiggling cheeks as the twink put his hands against his hard chest and erect nipples for support. Francis threw his head backwards, closing his eyes as Nick’s ass clenched around his boner, milking the pre-cum out of him. “Fucking ride me.” “Uhnn, you feel so good inside me,” Nick moaned, still grinding his quivering anus back on forth on the stud’s cock, rocking against his hairy pubes and protruding v-lines. “Shit, that’s good.” He rubbed his hands against Nick’s back and then around his waist and up his faint hint of abs. He lingered his fingers on Nick’s hard nipples, stroking his slightly built chest and watching the boy’s mouth gape open in pleasure. He gave him a horny smile once Nick’s eyes opened. “I wanna fuck you.” Nick nodded. “Do it. Just fucking take me.” Francis sat upward, no longer leaning against the tree. He felt Nick clamber onto his body tight, almost like they were in a hug. Francis put his beefy arms around Nick’s waist, letting the twink wrap his legs around Francis’s stomach and back. They got close to each other, tight in embrace, with Nick’s cock throbbing between both of their abs. Francis’s rock hard muscles rubbed against his member, massaging it like a ribbed fleshlight, trying to get him off. Then, as Francis kissed Nick’s shoulders escort bursa and Nick sucked on the jock’s meaty pec, the stud rolled Nick over to expose his ass. Nick got onto his hands and knees, arching his back and exposing his hole to the hung man. If the jock wanted it doggystyle, that’s what Nick would give him. Francis got up, rubbing Nick’s back and leading his dick to the tight hole. He spanked the boy a few more times, making him whine in pleasure, his voice echoing into the trees. Francis pressed his legs against Nick’s and entered his ass. His cock began to pump itself in and out of Nick’s asshole. Francis was holding him up with his big arms, ploughing Nick’s anus, smacking his thick thighs onto his hairless cheeks and flinging his loose, red balls up onto his nuts as well. “Uhn! Uhn! Fuck me, fuck me, daddy! Uhhnn!” Nick yelled, unable to hold in high moans of pleasure as the stud pounded Nick’s hole like his cock was a piston. “Take that cock, faggot, take daddy’s cock!” Francis had his hands tight around Nick’s waist and fat ass. He closed his eyes, reacting to every movement of the stud’s muscles, and the fast, rapid heartbeat coming through his throbbing cock. “Uggghhh!” Francis grunted, bellowing like a horny caveman as his cock embedded itself even deeper up Nick’s ass. “UHN! Fuck, I’m gonna cum!” Nick yelled. “Cum for me, baby,” Francis whispered, his hot breath against Nick’s face, and his chapped hands running down his bare back. “I wanna feel you burst.” “Ohhhh! Keep fucking me! Uhhnn!” Nick’s balls had been aching the entire time. But right then, he felt them sear in pain as they pushed a load of sperm up through his waist and into his dick. His member throbbed, jumping up into the air and shooting watery jets of cum all over the ground and whipping it back so that it slathered his legs and hit Francis’ thighs. The stream of hot, sticky cum continued, leaking across Nick’s cock and covering their bodies. Even as Nick came, Francis continued pummelling Nick’s ass, humping his ass and thrusting his cock deep inside him the entire time. “Arrgghhhh!” Francis groaned, feeling the twink’s ass clench hard against his cock, milking out every bit of his sticky pre-cum inside the walls of his meaty ass, and squeezing his dick’s veins shut with force. It felt like someone had put a big, fleshy clamp around his cock and tightened it all the way. But he couldn’t stop himself from pumping in and out of Nick. “Fuck, I’m almost there, baby,” Francis panted, quickening his pace and feeling up Nick’s smooth, skinny back. He held Nick’s body tight against him, and put his other hand underneath to feel his soft abs as the jock lay his head on his shoulders. “Unload it inside me,” Nick whispered, feeling the stud pound him over and over again. “Whatever you want, Nick. I’ll fucking breed you right.” Francis was fucking him hard and fast, his thrusts shorter but still managing to reach the throbbing depths of Nick’s plump little ass. His breaths were laboured and weak. Inside of him, Nick felt Francis’ cock give a violent series of jerks, and his testicles began to quiver. Nick’s ass was shaking and squeezing Francis’ cock, which got the jock over the top. His hips bucked and his muscles flexed. With a huge jerk, his low, loose balls jumped. His groin convulsed and his dick turned numb with euphoria. “I can feel you,” he moaned. His voice was soft but raspy, weakened by the man’s vigorous fucking. “Cum inside me.” “I’m cumming,” Francis said weakly, barely able to get his words out. “Cum inside my ass, daddy,” Nick begged. “Ohh fuck!” Francis pushed himself up onto Nick, squishing his whole body down onto the ground. Nick could feel the jock bucking his hips, pushing himself deeper and deeper inside of his hole as his tool throbbed and his balls gave a massive lurch forward. Nick felt the stud heave his chest, gasping for air as his muscles tensed. Nick grabbed at the ground as Francis pushed into him, trying to get as deep inside his hole as possible. “Uhn!” Nick moaned, feeling the cock enlarge inside of him as it swelled with fluid. The hot, sticky semen exploded deep in his asshole, warming Nick’s body and causing him to tremble in pleasure as the jock’s seed shot up inside him and dripped down his flesh. It filled him up, as Francis kept thrusting into him, making Nick feel tingly and horny. “Oh fuck, babe,” Francis muttered, whispering into Nick’s ear with his hot, horny breath. “You were so good.” Nick bit his lip, grinning as Francis tried to catch his breath. He was still inside of Nick, and still fully erect. His dick was throbbing with each beat of his heart, and it made Nick feel as though he was being protected by the stud and his huge muscles. “I came so hard.” Francis giggled, the sound of which made Nick’s cock jump. Francis had never had a chick tell him that, and it was a feeling that overwhelmed the stud, even if it was from a guy. But this was his guy. Francis wasn’t quite sure how to react, but he knew one thing for sure–it had made him horny. “That’s what I wanna hear, baby. I love it when you cum for me.” Nick pushed his ass against Francis’ groin, completely covering his massive cock with his anus. “You’re still hard.” He nodded, kissing Nick’s neck and shoulders. “Can I fuck you again? Right now?” Nick melted in the stud’s grasp as his arms came around his body, holding onto Nick and keeping his body warm in the forest. “Yes, daddy. Use me all you want. I wanna please you.” Francis met his lips, giving him a big sloppy kiss before he began to slowly pump himself in and out of his wet, sticky hole. “Thanks, Nick.” “Spank me. I’m getting hard again. Punish me.” Francis gripped Nick’s body tight and slapped him across his ass. He held Nick’s shoulders down, pushing his face into the ground and began to fuck him again, pounding him nice and hard, returning to his quick pace and panting hot breaths onto Nick’s sticky neck. The pre-cum from Nick’s cock was dripping off Francis’ abs, gliding across both guys as their bodies slid and rubbed against the other while Francis piled over him. Nick laid there, feeling the hard, hotrod expanding his hole and ripping through his entire body. Despite having cum, it still felt like ecstasy to him. He knew that his body was special–it milked the cum out of Francis’ cock like no guy–or girl–had ever done to him in his life. Even though he was the bottom, he had power over Francis’ dick and body. Francis was humping hard, pounding his piston-cock in and out like a pendulum. He didn’t say a word, panting quickly with short, shallow breaths. Sweat began to drip off Francis’ face and onto Nick’s neck. His slicked back hair was all over the place and was falling against Nick’s shoulders as Francis kissed his skin, feeling the boy’s back against his face. All Nick saw was Francis’ head coming up and down, his fat, pink lips wide apart and his eyes narrowed down on Nick’s face as he panted for air. The sound of his horniness, the stud’s balls smacking against his ass, Francis’ desperate humping, his hard, heavy breaths and the wild, manly look he had was too much for Nick. As Nick took in a huge breathe of air, he felt another hot surge of spunk encompass his entire groin. His six inches shuddered in bliss and another load of cum exploded from his tip. It shot all across the forest floor, covering all the dirt and leaves within sight. Francis continued to fuck the life out of Nick, going deeper and faster, as the cum dripped out of his cock. Nick’s second orgasm had gotten Francis over the top. His hips bucked and his muscles flexed. With a huge jerk, his low, loose balls jumped. His groin convulsed and his dick turned numb with euphoria. “Fuck! I’m gonna cum again,” Francis said, taking his dick out of Nick before he realized what was going on. “On my face,” Nick whispered. “My mouth.” Francis was fast. As Nick rose to meet Francis’ member, the monster dick slapped onto his face, and the first spurt of cum shot all over Nick’s nose and lips, blinding him for a moment. With a forceful pump, Francis stuffed his cock inside Nick’s wet hole. The heavy, slippery cock shook violently in Nick’s mouth, letting loose a second, steaming thick load of cum, and then a quick third. It filled Nick’s mouth, tasting warm and salty as the jock’s pubes tickled his face. He gargled the cum, choking a bit as it dripped down his throat. Then, licking the sixth and seventh wads up from his soft meat and pulsing head, Nick swallowed the jock-spunk down. Francis let out a silent moan of pleasure, unable to get the noise out of his head. It was too good–feeling the muscles of Nick’s mouth work against his throbbing cock as it ejaculated, and feeling the shudder as Nick swallowed all his junk down. Francis took his dick out, slapping the wet meat against Nick’s face a few times to get out all the cum. He slapped it against the cooling load of sperm already on Nick’s face. It made a splash, getting drops on his forehead and new strands on his chin and cheeks. He rubbed the dick on his wet lips, and then stuffed it back inside Nick’s mouth. Nick slurped up the the remaining cum like a thirsty dog, getting his slobber all over Francis’ pubes and taking the fat shaft as down as he could get. Then, when Francis had enough, his withdrew his member and collapsed on the cum-covered ground. “Fucking hell…” Francis whispered, his hoarse voice barely audible. His dick was still lying hard against his hairy thigh, leaking last bits of cum across his legs and dripping down onto the ground. Nick laid next to Francis, ignoring all the cum he had on himself. Francis had his arms behind his head, exposing his thick, hairy armpits and staring off into the clear sky with a dreamy look. His bare, hairy thigh brushed against Nick’s, making him blush. He let Nick cuddle in next to him, clinging to his sweaty, muscular body as their sperm mixed with each other’s. “I’ve never fucked like that,” Francis said, talking to Nick quietly as they lay there, taking comfort in the other’s company. “R-really?” “Yes Nick,” he said, looking right into his eyes. “I didn’t wanna take my dick out of you. I’ve never had sex as intense as that.” Nick turned red, feeling all tingly inside. He tried to hide it by wiping the sweat and cum from his face. He licked up whatever he found. “You’re… supposed to leave for California tomorrow, right?” Nick nodded, wishing he didn’t have to. He’d happily spend all his time right here, next to Francis, naked and covered in his cum in the middle of the forest. “Yeah. I have to finish packing tonight.” “I’m… gonna miss you when you leave,” Francis added, looking down at his dick and playing with his pubes. Nick smiled at him, wishing Francis would hold him or give him a kiss. “You can always send me dick pics. And I can send you dirty texts or something.” Francis nodded, looking up at Nick. His face was a bit pink. “Yeah, I’d like that,” he said. Then he messed up Nick’s hair and patted Nick’s thigh, very close to his half-hard, dripping cock. “We should finish hunting then head back to camp. I’ve gotta drive you home before dark.” Nick reluctantly agreed, watching the stud dress. “Nick… do you really have to go?” Francis asked, unable to help himself from staring at the still-naked teenager. “Yes, Francis. I have to be sure about which college I’m picking. But… I’ll only be gone for a week.” To him, a week without Nick suddenly seemed like a long time. “Yeah. You’re right.” “C’mon,” Nick said, leaving his clothes behind as he padded over to the stream. “Let’s clean up before we get dressed.” Francis grinned, suddenly pulling his pants back down. “I like the way you think.” Nick laughed, watching the hunk’s fat ass jiggle as he stomped down to the stream. Silently, Nick wondered just how badly he’d miss Francis while he was gone, and exactly how much Francis would miss him. ****************************************** Still way more to come! Email me at ail to let me know what you think and don’t hesitate to send me ideas of what you’d like to read next. If you want to be notified when a new story is uploaded, email me and I’ll put you on a private mailing list. The next chapter will be uploaded around the 13th, and will focus on Nick’s experiences while he’s visiting a college over spring break. Thanks for reading and I hoped you enjoyed! 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