Joe’s Driving Lesson Pt. 02


Chapter 2 Miss Oritz “The Tease”

Tia drove for a while feeling powerful, with the rush of what she had accomplished. Being a boot fetishist herself, she was capable of extreme self stimulation as she alternated between watching the road and looking down at her own tall black boots operating the pedals of Joe’s car. This kept her very wet down below. Tia fondled and then squeezed Joe’s “8 ball key ring” with her gloved hand, having found another way to self stimulate.

She repositioned the rear view mirror for a moment, so she could view her own cleavage spilling from her summery dress and then readjusted it to look at her face. She really did have a body like Kim Kardashian and doubted Kim was anywhere near as athletic or strong as she was. Her face did resemble Moriah Carey’s soft appearance, but she truly felt that she looked more exotic. She prided herself that she also had a resemblance to Dania Rodriguez with her large eyes.

These thoughts only temporarily masked her worries about what Joe might do or say, when he woke up. Would he be mad and hate her or be smitten by her? Would he try to call the cops? Should she just let things ride or keep him controlled? She looked over at Joe and wondered if it was possible that he could just not be into her? Wasn’t she a 10? The important thing was that he needed to feel that he couldn’t be without her. She would adjust her plans on how things progressed.

Tia let her mind go blank, but still focused on the road. She was practicing the self meditation that her mother a Tai Chi instructor (amongst other things) taught her. Within about 10 minutes she was calm again and on her own little cloud as she hummed a song to herself. Being well east of San Bernardino and nearly the only car on the road, Tia didn’t realized that she was tapping to the beat of the song with her boot on the accelerator. This caused her speed to vary erratically and alerted a patrol car sitting on the side of the road!

When she saw the flashing lights she felt butterflies in her stomach and was sure that she was going to jail! Somehow self preservation kicked in and Tia began to clear her mind again while she stopped the car, so she could think. She peeled off her black gloves and threw them in the compartment, where she found the pack of cigarettes, which was part of a plan that quickly materialized.

Tia heard footsteps and a middle aged cop appeared, wearing dark sun glasses. He looked very rugged, but despite the mirrored sunglasses sunglasses his expression was not overly stern.

The policeman said, “License and Registration, please. Do you know what you were doing, Miss?”

Tia replied amplifying her slight spanish accent, White men liked it. “I’m sorry sir! I was tapping out the beat to a song on the gas pedal.”

“Please get out of the car Miss.”

Tia got out and she could hear a very slight whislting in the cop’s throat. Men admired her even when they tried not to. It was involuntary.

She took a few steps in her catlike gait and stood facing the cop silently, She was slightly taller than him in her high heeled boots, so he must have been just over six feet.

The way she walked on her heels satisfied the policeman, that she was not drunk. But he saw Joe in the passenger seat and became curious.

“Who is the gentleman with you?”

“He’s a family friend. He goes with me as support, when I have singing gigs in Palm Springs.”

“Has he done anything improper that you need to tell me about?”

“Oh no, he’s just a deep sleeper. He’s a great friend!”

“Why don’t you sing a few notes for me, Miss Ortiz?”

Tia turned red, but had been in the chorus at church for some time, when she was younger. She looked the policeman in the eyes for a moment and was surprised when he removed his sunglasses. He was very handsome for an old guy and had what her mother called “kind krinkles” about his eyes from smiling. He was also looked hot in his shiny black patrol boots and Tia wondered for a moment what he would be like in bed, But now his intent green eyes were waiting for a tune. Tia belted out a slightly pitchy line from Moriah Carey’s “Hero” and the cop smiled slightly, but she could see that his body was still tense.

The officer asked,”Please give me the name of the night club and when you’re performing, so I can check your story.”

Tia mustering all the confidence she could replied, “I’m going to Zelda’s on Friday, but as a walk in sir! It’s talent night.”

The cop shot her a suspicious gaze, but his body posture finally relaxed. . Tia knew things were going to be allright for her.

Always wanting to push the envelope, Tia removed the pack of cigarettes from her dress pocket and asked the cop if he minded if she smoked. He slowly nodded his consent and Tia lit her cigarette with her long thin fingers. She visualized her cigarette, in her mind, as the cops cock and coquettishly wrapped her lush lips around it. She took a long drag and blew a smoke ring. She saw the cop shift his weight to his konyaaltı üniversiteli escort other foot nervously and turned his crotch slightly away from her. He was doing his best to hide an erection.

Tia took a few more drags from her cigarette and then snuffed out her cigarette carefully, grinding it under the sole of her recently polished glossy “fuck me” boots, while she smiled politely at the cop. The policeman did not stare, but was watching her out of the corner of his eye as he turned even further away from Tia, pretending to look at the desert hills. The cop had made her sweat and she wanted to return the favor.

“Why don’t you move along Miss Oritiz. It’s starting to get dark out here.”

“Thank you for your concern sir. It’s always a pleasure to feel protected by a policeman doing his duty!” Tia gave the officer a cute little curtsie and slipped back into the driver’s seat, in her catlike fashion and drove off on highway 10 east.

The cop waited for her to drive away and then let out a full breath for the first time in several minutes, as he allowed his boner to show it’s bulge under his trouser. Officer Brooks had guilt about the way felt about and Tia and those amazing boots. He was old enough to be her father, but he just wanted to stroke himself like a horny teen. He thought that whoever this Joe character was, Tia could definitely hold her own with him.

He wondered how he could get his wife into a cool pair of boots? She couldn’t be talked into wearing a pair, since it was already 90 degrees in early May! She did like Country Western dancing. Maybe he could get her into those pointy white cowboy boots? He pondered this question as her unconsciously began to rub himself.

Chapter 3 Signed Sealed Delivered

When Joe awoke, his head felt like a bucket of cement. He was lying on the floor of a small tiled room with white walls. He was only wearing his underwear and the floor was chilly. He had padded manacles on his wrists and ankles, which were attached to long thin cables. He looked across the room and saw Tia sitting in the corner absorbed in a novel. She was wearing the same black leather boots and gloves, but her revealing dress was now matching black leather. He slowly stood up and made his way over to her, his facial features forming a big questionmark, as she remained engrossed in her novel!

When he got to within 5 feet of Tia, she spun around and pulled on a lever mounted in the wall, which she was hiding with her body. Joe’s left foot was immediately jerked back a few feet. Joe got frustrated and tried to move this foot forward, but the cable would not budge! Tia stood and stepped to the side revealing a switch bank with 4 levers at chest height. She caressed another lever with her sleek black opera length glove and gave it a yank. Joe’s other foot went jerking back and he nearly lost his balance.

Joe began to struggle and Tia grabbed the other two levers simultaneously and pushed them both to the down position. Joe’s legs went flying out from under him as the cables attached to his arms pulled him across the room and disappeared into the wall. When Joe composed himself, he was forced into a standing position with his arms above his head! Tia’s gloved hands quickly pulled down the remaining two levers and Joe found himself stuck to the wall! His feet manacles were right up against the wall.

Tia remained across the room deciding if she wanted pull her levers again and suspend Joe off the ground, but she decided against it She glided across the room in high heeled boots in her practiced mincing walk. Joe could not help but to be transfixed. He could only move a half a foot away from the wall as Tia walked up to him inches out of range. In her heels she was atleast three inches taller than him.

Tia searched his face and Joe looked hurt. He was not a confrontational person, but he was about to speak. “Tia, what’s happened to you. What do you need from me?”

Tia felt very bad. Joe had proven himself to be a perv, but so was she. “You were my baby sitter and a role model and now you’ve disrespected me! There were some basic things I expected in life. I don’t know who you are anymore either!”

Joe replied, “Can we both say we’re sorry and just discuss this?”

“Joe, you’ve known me my whole life. I always get my way, even when used to sit for me. We can address this situation, but it has gone beyond simple discussion. We can only do this my way!”

Joe looked puzzled and was about to speak when Tia cut him off. “I’m about to unleash you, but you have two choices. You can stay and work through this with me or you can leave and never speak to me again! If you disagree with what I have planned for the next several hours, I”ll just ask you to leave.

“You know I can’t just leave, Tia!

“Yes, I knew you wouldn’t. I promise to untie you after I get changed!”

Tia quickly left the room and went to one of the bedrooms. She returned a few minutes later and Joe let out a hiss kurtköy escort between his clenched teeth. Tia returned wearing a lycra catsuit. Her long flowing hair was covered by a hood. All that showed were her pretty facial features. The way the suit hugged her large bust and small waist made her look like a super hero or villianess. She was wearing tall highly glossed riding boots with a tough vibram sole. Her hands were covered with black rubber gloves, which disappeared under her lycra sleeves.

Tia produced a key from her pocket and quickly undid Joe’s manacles. He stood erect in mutiple ways and Tia wished that she could cuddle and tease him, but she had other business to do.

She spoke “I’ve provided an opportunity for you. I must teach you a lesson for disrespecting me. If you can best me in a physical match I won’t try to call the shots. If not you have to continue doing what I say!. Joe hesitated and Tia pointed at the door. Joe just shook his head no, in a confused fashion. “I have no wish to hurt you Tia.”

Tia replied,”I don’t wish to cause you any permanent hurt, but I need to show you who I am.”

Chapter 4 You Just Can’t Win!

Joe was not focused on what he needed to do, so Tia decided to exploit this. She took a series of long steps forming a semicircle around Joe, giving herself as much space as the room would allow. One long equestrian boot formed a criss-cross pattern behind the other, which she learned in Jiu-Jitsu, when working toward her black belt. Tia performed this move for many reasons. She wanted to Joe to comprehend that she had martial arts training and mesmerize him with her boots at the same time.

Tia felt their tightness in her calf, but they were light and had a steel toe along with a sharp vibram tread. The pretty boots were also made of thin french leather, so they were also very strong but flexible, which made them perfect for doling out abuse.

Joe’s body faced directly at Tia and his hands were down and not even prepared to block. He was just watching. He apparantly had no personal combat training, besides some wrestling in high school.

Tia decided to give Joe a wake up call and made her first strike a roundhouse kick to his ribs. She heard the thud as she connected and saw Joe stagger for a moment, before he straightend up again and gritted his teeth. He made a ‘T’ gesture, for timeout and Tia nodded. Joe stripped off his tee shirt and now just wore his briefs. Tia tried not to react as she saw that Joe’s torso had lean muscle along with a six pack. She remembered that bench press in his garage for years. He also looked pissed and focused now, yet she saw him pat his side, where he was kicked.

Tia had the time to try a new strategy to confuse Joe. She gave herself some extra room and coquettisly dangled a long boot in front of him. She then transitioned into a Tai Chi squatted wip stance, keeping her motion fluid. It appeared that she was going into a gymnastic split,but she did not go down that low. This move was alot more dangerous than it looked as it poised Tia for attack. She used mainly her hip muscles (a Tia Chi tenet) and took a huge step to propel her back leg in front of the forward leg. Her two hands formed a fist, which came down square into Joe’s chest. This was called Seven Stars Strike. Joe did not yet know that she was purposely holding back.

She heard Joe moan but was not surprised when she felt strong arms trying to get a grasp around her torso and begin to squeeze. She felt his surprise as she abruptly spun around and he lost his grip. Tia had just sprayed her lycra cat suit with a slick substance. She was as slippery as a fish! Her boots and gloves were not sprayed so she could grasp and kick. As she faced the same way as Joe, she gave him a half hearted elbow strike to the stomach and heard him moan again. She performed a rear kick as she send the rear of her equestrian boot, up between his legs. Deciding not to finish him off, her boot only lightly grazed his testacles, so Joe could better take what she dished out. The worst injury Joe received was after the boot came down purposely on his unprotected foot with her sharp vibram sole.

Joe did surprise Tia by charging her with a tackle. She didn’t have too much room to manuver as his shoulder knocked her over, but he protectively grabbed her so she didn’t go flying and get injured. Tia purposely stuck out a long boot tripping Joe, so they both fell to the ground! She had the presence of mind to roll with Joe, even though she was dizzy so she was on top, but he did something unexpected. He had very large hands and grabbed hers and kept them locked in a submission hold.

He faced Tia and had a twinkle in his eye and said, “Can we call this a draw?”

Tia felt condescended to but she smiled at Joe, which concerned him. She always smiled when she was about to win at something. Joe was so busy securing Tia’s arms, that he barely noticed her legs wrapping around his torso at a precise location. He understood his ankara kurtuluş escort plight, when she crossed her ankles and began to squeeze him with a body scissor! Tia’s powerful legs were pushing against Joe’s diaphram as she continued to squeeze him tighter.

Tia had focused the balance of her weight training at the gym for the last 3 years on her core and legs. She could bench 150 for a few reps, but didn’t want to look like a line backer, so she saved the extra heavy weight for her legs. Thankfully her thighs and calves only gained an inch and a half or so in diameter as they were originally thin, which used to make her look top heavy. With her legs so buff, they looked really great in heels. She cracked out sets of ten repetitions squatting 315 pounds!

All of this was coming to good use now as she heard Joe begin to weez as his breaths became more labored. Joe let go of Tia’s hands and tried to seperate her ankles. Tia squeezed even a little more as Joe was unable to seperate her equestrian boots, which locked him in mercilessly.

Tia began to coo to Joe in her meliflous, slight hispanic accent as sweetly as possible. “Honey, you can tap out whenever you want to. It’s getting bad for you. Remember, my hands are free now too!”

Joe ignored this and let out a rallying scream as he tried again to seperate her ankles. He might have succeded if Tia didn’t grab the back of his tricept with one hand and push the thumb of her other hand into his funny bone. It wasn’t nice, but Joe had no idea how easy she had been on him, up to now. She had to let go slightly with her legs to use her arms, but as Joe lost strength she reapplied her tight scissor. Tia’s punishment with her hands did not let up either. She gave him a poke in the ribs and he writhed like a python, before she began her “end game”.

Tia’s black rubber glove slowly began to sensually massage Joe’s balls. If he was going to be more docile, she would show mercy. Joe looked at her in the eyes and her victory smile did not diminish.

She spoke to him in a very calm voice, “Joe, you can think of this as Halloween, since I’m dressed in costume. It’s up to you. Should my rubber glove give you a trick or a treat? Will you give up now or will I force you to? When Joe didn’t catch on right away Tia cupped Joe’s balls in her hands and gave them a firm squeeze. Joe tapped her shoulder three times immediately, showing his concession.

Tia stopped smiling and looked very serious. “Will you keep your part of the deal and work things out my way?”

Joe did not nod his consent or show disagreement, but did not get up to leave. He was too shocked by what was happening.

“I need some time to think, Joe. I’ll come back to you.”

Tia shut off the light, leaving Joe in the dark and went off to another bedroom.

Joe continued to lie on the floor lost in contemplation, not really sure what he had gotten into. Tia had taken him over, not just with her ravishing looks and feminine wiles but with physical force! This was such a role reversal. He was her hero, when he baby sat for her 7 years ago. What did she want? How much more revenge was she going to extract? This was all because he wanted to ogle her incomparably shapely legs pumping his car’s pedals!

An indeterminant amount of time passed by, before the door to the room opened. The light was turned on again, blinding Joe. When his eyes adjusted to the light, the person with him was not Tia!

Chapter 5 Meet the Mom

Evelyn Ortiz was a stunning blue eyed blond and 5’10” in her stocking feet. She was Joe’s first crush, when she moved to his neighborhood 18 years ago with Tia as an infant and no husband. Joe felt like a fly trapped in a spider web as Evelyn’s studied him with her piercing stare.

Joe turned 20 colors of crimson as he lied on the floor prone in his underpants. Evelyn was only 6 years older than him and not yet 37.

He was about to stand up to face Tia’s mother, but she held out a hand and authortatively said, “Down!” Joe remained rigidly on the floor as Evelyn pulled up a chair, with her five inch stiletto high heeled shoes only inches away from his face. He felt his erection build, but Tia’s mom just stared into his eyes ignoring his prominent boner.

“It is clear that Tia brought you here and that you are a willing guest. She would only have taken you if she felt great affection for you, which I know to be true. What I ask is that you be true to her. If you are not sure of what you feel, or the feeling isn’t mutual then please leave immediately! If you feel the same way, she will give you more of what you need than anyone else. I never knew my birth mother , so please understand how much she means to me.I approve of you and have said all I need to. But thank you for the cute bulge!”

Tia was finishing getting decked out in her next kinky outfit, when she saw the lights in the driveway. She looked out the window and saw her mother’s car! Her heart was about to explode when she heard the sound of her heels on the hard wood floor, of the hallway. Tia watched from behind a corner as her mother walked into the “playroom” and turned on the light. She was certain that her whole plan was about to be nixed, but was amazed not only by her mother’s exit but by the words she spoke, which were picked up by hidden microphones in the playroom. The whole conversation was filmed and recorded as Tia played it back!

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