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Subject: Joe’s Training – Part 3 Joe’s Training – Rituals 5 and 6 – Part 3 NOTE: This is completely fictitious. This is a story about incest and boys and men having sex together, if you are uncomfortable with this, or it is illegal where you live to read this, then don’t continue reading this. If you enjoy this story – or any others on this great site – remember that you can only read them if Nifty remains online. For that they need our cash. If we all give just a little bit, the site won’t disappear and take our stories with them. Recap In Rituals 3 and 4 Joe learned how to throat his dad’s cock almost to the base. Joe learned to drink beer off his dad and Dr Brown’s dicks. He also got to jack off with Asim after they both sucked off their fathers cocks. Characters Joe – 12 yo son of Hank, blond, blue eyed, fit body, 5′ tall, 3.5″ inch cock Will – Joe’s brother, 16yo star quarterback, blond, green eyed, 5’8″ tall, 8.5″ cock Hank – Joe and Will’s 39 yo ex-marine dad, blond, green eyed, 6′ tall, 10″ cock Dr. Brown – ritual doctor, 45yo ex-marine, light skinned black body builder, hazel eyes, 6’5″ tall, 12.5″ cock. Asim – Dr. Brown’s, 19yo son, star quarterback for local college, 9.5″ cock Usam – Dr. Brown’s 16yo son, basketball player for local high school, 8″ cock Sunday Morning When I woke in the morning both my dad and the Dr. were on their backs with the sheet thrown off. Asim and Umar had taken off for practice. Both dads cocks were rock hard tight against their belly’s. They were so big and hard and I started thinking about how I was going to take both those cocks up my 13 yo butt. It didn’t even seem possible that they would fit but I knew I was going to ride both their dicks sooner than later. I knew Dr. Brown was a professional at preparing boys for their dads cocks so I just needed to trust him. I slowly moved down to the head of my dads cock and started licking it, first the head then the sides. My dad reached down and wrapped his hand around my head and told me to, “Open up Joe, let your daddy’s cock in.” I greedily swallowed as much as I could… my dad started pumping my head up and down on his cock. Dr. Brown told my dad to stop and said, “We need you to save your cum for later when you fuck him.” My dad and I moaned in defiance but slowly he pulled his cock out of my throat. After we had breakfast we got our shorts and tee’s on, then we went for a run along the canal near the Dr’s house. It was a beautiful day and clearly a lot of people knew Dr. Brown, people kept waving and nodding at us as we passed. There were lots of big guys out running with their boys. Dr Brown explained, “These are all ex-marines that me and your dad worked with.” One dad, who looked Mexican, was running with this kid that was clearly his son ran up along side us and said hi. Dr Brown said, “Hey Mike, how are you and Alex doing?” Mike replied, “Doing great, just out exercising before I take Alex over to his coaches house for another training session. We got an extra large toy for Alex to try out.” Dr. Brown replied, “Go easy on him, do it just like I taught you both.” Mike laughed and said, “No worries, you know my boy thinks he can take anything but he’ll learn his lesson with this monster.” We all laughed and watched them run ahead of us. A mile or so later we stopped at a forest and walked into to find a place to pee. We all took our cocks out and started peeing together on a tree. My dad was standing next to me and said, “Joe, what don’t you bend down and clean my cock off, you can get a taste of my piss.” I bent down on a knee and started licking my dad’s cock clean, my dad said open up and he squirted a bit of his piss in my mouth which tasted kinda salty. He said, “Some boys like their dad’s piss. What do you think Joe?” I said, “It’s sure salty, not sure how much I could drink at one time.” My dad said, “We’ll save that for sometime later.” We ran back to Dr. Brown’s house and hopped in the shower. After we got all showered up Dr. Brown said to follow him into his prep room which was next to his training room. We walked into the prep room which was tiled from top to bottom with black tiles. There were a couple hoses attached to bottles on the wall with what look like medical pumps. In the center of the shower was a mechanical bench with stirrups that looked like it moved up and down and was centered over a large opening in the shower floor. Dr. Brown said, “Ok Joe, now starts the most important part of today’s training, getting your hole prepared for your Dad. I want you to lay on the bench on your belly, put your knees in the stirrups and your face over the end of the bench. The stirrups are going to spread your legs and your hole as wide open as possible. I am going to move the bench so your face is facing down and your butt is up at a 45 degree angle. We are going to inject 3 liters of water into you with a special medication that will relax your butt and colon so that your dad can enter you.” The Dr. then raised the bench so that I was facing the floor and my butt was up in the air. I saw the Dr. take one of the hoses off the wall and thread a butt plug with a hole in it over the hose, then he turned on a pump and dumped some liquid from a small bottle into the water. Dr. Brown lubed up the butt plug and placed it against my hole and told me to take a deep breath and relax while he pushed it in. I felt the plug snap into my hole creating a seal so nothing could leak out. Dr. Brown adjusted the water flow and said he and my dad would be back in a half hour. While laying on the bench staring at the floor I could feel my insides start to fill up with warm water, the pressure became incredibly intense. I felt like I wanted to pee but I couldn’t. I started to think I couldn’t do this but I wanted it so much. I wanted to feel my dad’s huge cock all the way inside me and knew this was the only way to do it. After about 15 minutes the Dr. stopped in to check on me, he asked, “It’s a lot of pressure isn’t Joe?” I said, “Yes its a lot..” He walked over with a syringe and injected more medicine into the device and said, “Give it a couple minutes and you’ll feel much better.” Slowly I realized I was relaxing and my butt started to feel warm all over. I realized I was enjoying the pressure even as it was building. After another 15 minutes the Dr. came in with my dad and he moved the chair back to a vertical position with my hole positioned over the drain. The Dr. pulled the plug out of my butt and huge whoosh of water flowed out of my butt releasing all the pressure. I looked down and my cock was a constant stream of pre-cum flowing out. I was learning so many new things for my birthday. Ritual 5, Sunday Afternoon We took a quick swim as we had to wait a few minutes for the medicine to continue to take full effect. At about 12:30 Dr. Brown said it was time go back upstairs to the training room to continue my training. In the training room was a new bench I hadn’t seen before. There was also a camera and monitor, the camera was aimed at the back of the chair where istanbul travesti my butt would be, the monitor was on the floor positioned so I can see what my dad and Dr. Brown were doing. It was a lot like the bench in the shower, it was cantilevered so that they could put my butt in the perfect position for access. Dr. Brown explained that the bench had a hole for me to insert my cock and balls through so that he and my dad would have access to them and there was as bowl on the floor to catch my pre-cum. I walked in and laid on the bench, inserting my cock and balls through the hole in the bench and put my arms and legs in the stirrups. This time Dr. Brown tied my legs and arms onto the stirrups with restraints. He explained, “It’s important that you are in a stable position while we are inserting equipment into you, you could hurt yourself if you move.” He went to my case and extracted the medium 8″ trainer dildo and the medium butt plug, he placed them both in a warm water bath to soften them and sterilize them. While he waited for them to warm up he said, “These will feel better going in warm, one of the things I learned with my boys that they like their dildos warmed up.” Him and my dad stood around and talked about Mike’s son Alex and how it took almost two weeks of training rituals to get Alex opened up enough for his dad’s 11 inch cock. Finally he got it in but it had taken his dad almost three hours just to get the first 3″ of his cock inside Alex’s hole. Dr. Brown said that they worked on Alex’s hole for almost 8 hours before he took his dad entirely. Hearing the story made my cock rock hard again think about Alex’s dads cock. Finally, Dr. Brown and my dad came back over to me with the warm dildo, he handed it to me to feel it. It was warm and soft and thick, I could barely get my hand around it. I couldn’t believe it was going to fit in my small hole. Dr. Brown handed it to my dad and told him to lube it up with his special lubricant, my dad smeared the lube all over it but especially the head. Dr. Brown said, “All right, here is what is going to happen. We are going to slowly introduce the dildo into Joe an inch at a time. We will pause at every inch and twist the cock a full 360 degrees, then resume until it is fully inserted. Then we will remove the dildo half way and twist 360 degrees again and push fully in and twist 360, for 5 repetitions. We will repeat this again but extracting the cock to the head and twisting at top and bottom finally for the last 5 we will extract the cock fully then reinsert and twist 5 more times. Joe’s ass should be open enough for your cock but still very tight so it feels incredible on your cock. I will need to take some measurement and then we will discuss if Joe is ready for your cock Hank. It’s ultimately up to Joe to tell us he wants to proceed to receive your entire cock, once Joe commits he must take your entire cock as proscribed in the rituals. Joe will be restrained until you are fully inserted in him.” My dad looked at me and said, “Joe are you ready for us to stretch you open with the dildo?” I said, “Dad you know I’ll do anything you need me to do so that you can be inside me.” Dr. Brown and my dad walked behind me with the dildo, Dr. Brown pulled out my butt plug and applied more lube to my hole. I felt my dad place the head if the dildo against my hole. Dr. Brown said, “Ok Joe, remember what you learned, take three deep breaths and focus yourself, then nod your head when you are ready for your dad to push the head in.” I was really nervous that I couldn’t do it, but all I wanted was to please my dad. I relaxed myself, took three good deep breaths and nodded my head. I felt the huge head start to open my hole, thank god it was all already stretched a little bit from the plug. At first I started to clamp down just as a reaction to how big it was but then I remembered to push out and it snapped into my ass. I yelled, “oh god it is big.” My dad reached down and patted my head and told me to relax, he said, “Joe, you’re big 13yo boy now. I know you can do this, if your big brother can do this you can too.” I said, “Sorry I swore dad. I can do it. It’s just so big.” My dad asked, “Are you ready for the first inch?” I told him, “I think so.” Dr. Brown said, “Hank, before you start remember to twist 360 degrees, that’s really important.” My dad said, “This first twist is going to really be intense Joe. Let me know when your are ready.” I focused on relaxing my hole and nodded yes to my dad. He started twisting and I nearly passed out, I felt like my entire ass was racing to open up to the head. If I hadn’t been tied down I would have twisted my whole body. When dad finished the full 360 I felt a gush of pre-cum flowing out of my dick that was so big I heard it land in the bowl. After that my dad pushed in another inch and twisted again, then at the third inch before my dad twisted it Dr. Brown said, “Joe the head is now on top of your prostate where the most intense pleasure comes from, your dad will need to turn the head very slowly or you will ejaculate and you don’t want to do that.” My dad very slowly twisted the rubber cock in my butt, as he twisted it my body went rigid and I started howling from how good it felt. After my Dad completed the full turn he stopped, I begged my dad not to stop but he had to because we all knew I would cum if he didn’t. After that my dad asked if I wanted to try to take 2 inches at a time but Dr. Brown said we had to go 1″ at a time even though it was torture for first time boys. So my dad just pushed in one more inch and continued twisting. After about 20 minutes of pushing and twisting my dad said, “Ok Joe, one more push to go. Just know that the base of this dildo is about an inch thicker than the shaft and you’re definitely going to feel it. Ready?” I nodded yes and my dad pushed the final inch into me, I felt this huge expansion at my hole that nearly knocked the breath out of me. I screamed, “Oh my god, oh my god it’s huge.” Then my dad pushed down and twisted 360 degrees and I actually think I passed out for a couple seconds, I was panting so much that I couldn’t catch my breath. Dr. Brown squatted down with his cock in front of my face and told me to suck on his cock head, that it would help me stay focused. I greedily stuffed the tip of his cock head into my mouth and sucked on it. Dr. Brown said, “Ok now pull out to the half way mark, twist and reinsert and twist. My dad proceeded to slide it out half way and twist, he paused for me to adjust, then in one slow push reinserted the entire dildo in me and twisted again.” The first couple times I wanted to yell my stop word so badly but I just focused on relaxing and let my dad finish the first 5 repetitions. At the end of the first 5 Dr. Brown pulled the bench upright squirted water in my mouth and down my throat, he wiped the sweat off my face and asked me, “Joe, are you able to keep going? You can stop if it’s too much. I will tell you that each set is more intense especially when your dad fully extracts kadıköy travesti the dildo and goes all the way back in again.” I said, “I think I can do it but it feels better when you go slow.” He said, “Ok, we can do that do that for now. Let’s go on to the second set.” He returned the chair to the flat position and checked the restraints. My dad walked behind me and grasped the fully inserted dildo and after Dr. Brown explained to my dad to pull it out just leaving the head in then twist and the push it back in and twist. He said to my dad, “We can go slow for now be we need Joe to learn to take a big man pounding his ass cause not all big guys are going to be gentle with this ass.” They both were laughing thinking that was the funniest thing in the world, I didn’t think it was so funny. My dad slid the dildo all the way out and twisting right at the head. It was a relief to just have the head in, no sooner did I think that then my dad slid it all the way in and ground the dildo into my ass. Each time he did that I felt precum drip out of my cock. After 5 of those Dr. Brown said, “for your last 5 the part what will be tough is the whole head going in and out of the ass ring. I am going to put an extra amount of medicated lube on the entrance to help.” He proceeded to squirt the medication around the base of the fully inserted dildo and rub the medication all around my sore hole. My dad slowly extracted the dildo to the head and told me to take a deep breath and pulled the head out with a “pop” sound. I had already had it in my ass for almost 70 minutes, it was a relief to have it out if only for a minute or two. Dr. Brown pulled the chair back up, he wiped a cold wet towel on my hole and applied a medicine. He also squirted more water in my mouth and wiped my face off. Once again he checked the restraints and returned the bench and me to the correct position. My dad again positioned himself behind me with the dildo and asked if I was ready, I nodded in assent. He told me to take three deep breaths and then he proceeded to push the fat head through my ass ring and slide the shaft all the way to the bottom of my now stretched ass and then pushing as hard he could with all his marine built muscles he twisted the dildo 360 degrees and then quickly pulled it fully out. Five times he did that, each time my ass opened more and more, each time more precum streamed out of my cock. On the final repetition my dad ground the base of the dildo into me so I hard I just started cumming all over everywhere. I was nearly sobbing from the intensity and I was exhausted and laughing at the same time. I kept saying, “Oh god I can’t believe it feels like this” over and over. My little 13yo boy hole had just been stretched to fit my dad’s big cock and I was pretty sure that what came next was him fucking me. Before I got off the table Dr B took some measurements of my ass ring and rectum, confirming that I was open just enough for my dads dock. Dr. Brown returned the bench to the upright position and released the restraints. My dad handed me the bowl of cum and told me drink it all up, that it would make me a strong boy. I greedily slurped up all my cum out of the bowl. Then both he and my dad had to help me stand up. They carried me over to the bed so I could rest. Dr. Brown reinserted the butt plug. After a few minutes I was sitting up though my hole did feel really intense pain and pleasure especially with the plug in again. Dr Brown got out a couple beers from the fridge. My dad started to hand me a beer but before he did he asked, “Joe, do you want to drink some beer off my cock?” I said, “Off your cock dad, I love tasting your cock dripping with beer.” I scooted to the edge of the bed and my dad came over and poured a few ounces of beer on his cock which I greedily drank off. Then Dr. Brown came over and poured some on his big black cock and I took turns drinking a whole can of beer off their dicks. Dr. Brown put on a porn on the big screen and we all climbed up on the bed. We rested for a few minutes then Dr. Brown said, “Joe, it’s probably best if your dad fucks you now since you’re fully opened up. Otherwise, we’ll need to repeat the stretching with the dildo again when you are ready.” I said, “I’m ready now, I want to try to get my dad’s cock inside me.” Ritual 6, Sunday Evening Dr. Brown went to the closet and pulled out some new restraints for my arms and legs. He pulled out the front of the medical bench extending it so my head and legs could hang off each end. He placed a pillow where my ass would go. He said, “When you are ready lay on the bench and place your head over the back and your ass here” indicating where to position myself. I laid on the bench as instructed and he and my dad took my legs and arms and attached the restraints. Dr. Brown then cranked my legs apart as far as they would go. He extracted the butt plug and applied medication to the outside and inside of my hole, he then picked up a lube gun with a long tip and injected more lube deep inside me. My dad was watching all this and stroking his huge cock. Dr. Brown instructed my dad to push his cock down my throat to get my dad as hard as possible. My dad walked over to where my head was hanging down and ordered me to open up and take his cock. I dutifully opened up and tried to relax my throat. My dad slid his fat cock into my mouth and down my throat until I started gagging, he pulled back a little and reminded me to breath and then slid two more inches down my throat. He pumped in and out for almost a minute until he felt cock was as hard as possible, then he slid it out and spread my slobber all over it. Dr. Brown lifted my head up and put a headrest into the head of the table with a pillow on it so I could look at my dad while he was fucking me. Dr Brown pulled my butt plug out then my dad walked around to my ass with his cock at maximum hardness, he rubbed his cock up and down my ass, he teased my hole, he licked my hole, he stuck his big tongue down my hole. He applied a final layer of lube on his cock. Finally he placed his massive cock against my tiny sore boy hole. This was the moment I had been waiting for, the moment I was going to feel my dad inside me, the moment my dad was going to take his youngest boys virginity. He looked at me and said, “Son, I love you very much. I am going to make you my boy forever, you will be my son, my boy and my cock slave for the rest of your life. Now like we both taught you, take a deep breath, center & relax yourself and let me take your boy hole.” With that he began to push his fat hard cock head into my tiny virgin hole. His head was almost two inches from slit to the bottom of his crown just on its own and easily 4″ around at the widest part. I felt my hole expanding to accept him. He was looking me in the eyes telling me to relax and let him in. My hole expanded to a width I didn’t think possible and finally I felt the ridge of his cock head pass through my ass ring. I felt totally impaled on his cock head and I was so proud bakırköy travesti that I got it in me, now I just needed to get the next 8″ inside me. My dad kept his cock right inside the opening for a couple minutes then said, “Damn boy, your little 13yo hole is making your daddy feel so good. Ok Joe, I am going to go in one more inch unless you tell me to stop.” I nodded at him and he slowly started sliding his fat shaft into my ass, I felt like he was putting a telephone pole in my ass inch by inch. Dr. Brown was filming my first fucking so on the wall monitor I could see the shaft sliding into me, my hole looked obscenely stretched around his cock. Dr. Brown’s cock had a stream of pre-cum coming out of his piss slit as he watched my dads cock sliding into me. He saw me looking at his cock and walked over and placed it into my mouth so I could lick up his cum. I loved looking up at this big handsome marine letting me drink his cum, I felt so lucky to have a dad like mine with friends like Dr B. Dr. Brown said, “Hank you have about 4″ of your 10″ cock inside your boys hole, I think you should pause and pull back and fuck him just into 4″ inches before we go onto your full length and girth.” My dad slowly backed his cock out to the head and slid it back into 4 inches, then his paced picked up and I felt the fat head of his cock sliding in and out of me. After a couple minutes we were both loudly moaning and I was tearing up thinking about how incredible it was to have my dad inside me like this. Watching my dad pumping into me on the monitor was the most amazing thing I could imagine ever watching. Dr Brown said, “Hank remember go slow and easy, if we push him too fast he’ll stop us and then we’ll have to do this all over again.” I said, “It’s ok, I’m adjusting I think. Go ahead and push another inch in and lets’ see how I do.” I took a deep breath and said, “I’m ready.” He pushed in another inch, and while it did hurt like hell I loved how full I felt with his cock. I said to them, “I’m OK, its just my ass feels so stretched out and it’s definitely more painful. But I want more so lets’ keep going” I nodded at my dad to push another inch in and now I was only 3.5″ from the base of his cock. As I got closer to the base of his cock I could tell his shaft was getting fatter inside me. I wanted so badly for him to just ram the rest in me but I knew that was a bad idea. I took a couple deep breaths and focused on my hole and on my dads cock and looked at my dad and said, “More dad please.” He pushed another inch in and now I only had 2″ more until I was totally filled with his cock. Dr Brown said, “Hank pull back and slow fuck him to 8 inches then we can do that last two inches in one push, do about 5 repetitions of that and then we’ll see if Joe is ready for the rest.” My dad dragged his huge cock out of my hole to the head and slowly inserted in to 8 inches five times in a row. Dr Brown said, “Joe do you think you can be a big boy and take the last two inches now?” I said, “Yes Dr Brown I am ready for it I think.” My dad said, “Joe, take a deep breath and on the count of three I am going to slide in all the way to the bottom of my shaft.” He looked me in the eyes and wrapped his hands around my waist for leverage and said, “Joe I know you can do this. Ok, one, two, three…” and then he slid the rest of his entire 10″ cock deep inside me. I could feel every ridge and vein on his amazing cock as it slid in. As he inserted the last inch of his huge cock I screamed, “Oh daddy I’m cumming, I am cumming without even touching myself.” I felt my dads cock expanding and stretching in my hole as he prepared to fill me with his cum. He ground his huge cock into my boy hole over and over as he filled me up. He finally collapsed onto me with his cock still firmly implanted in me… he laid on top of me kissing my face and my neck, he kept calling me his “good little boy” over and over. I felt so loved with his big cock deep in me and I loved that my big daddy was making love to me with it. This was my best birthday ever! My dad remained on top of me for about 10 minutes then I felt my dads cock start to move in my butt, he looked at me with a sly grin and said to Dr. Brown, “My boy is nice and open for me so let’s get this little kid over on the bed on his belly.” While my dad was still on top of me Dr. Brown released the restraints and then my dad wrapped his big arms around me and lifted me off the table with his cock still embedded in me and walked me over to the bed. He guided me down to the bed and twisted me around so that my back was to him. Then Dr. Brown put a pillow under my belly to push my butt up so my dad was laying on top of me with his cock fully deep in my ass. My dad pushed my legs apart and started grinding his cock into my butt, he got up on his knees and started long slow thrusts, pulling out to his cock head and going all the way back in. Then he flipped me on my side and fucked my from behind, holding my legs wide open so he could go as deep as possible. All 10 inches sliding in and out of me, he fucked me for almost 40 minutes like that, sometime really fast and hard and then very slow and gently. Once more I felt his cock hardening and thickening and I knew he was going to fill me up again. He flipped me on my back spreading my legs super wide and started ploughing my butt with all his marine might. My dad wanted to plant his seed in me as deep as possible, he wanted his boy to know what the total domination of a man over his son felt like. He wanted me to know he owned me and my hole forever. Then he erupted in me, I could feel a gusher of hot cum filling up my hole and run out around the sides of his shaft. After 7 long hard pumps with his strong legs pushing him deep into me shooting cum he finally collapsed on top of me panting. On his last pump into me I erupted again all over myself… cum shot out of me into my mouth and all over my sweat soaked face. After my dad finally pulled his dripping cock out of me he kissed my face and thrust his tongue down my throat and kissed me all me all over my body. He pushed my legs up and gently lapped at my butt hole with his thick tongue, soothing his little boys destroyed boy hole. Finally we all got up and went upstairs to the shower, we got all cleaned up and went for a swim. After dinner my dad said he one more present for me. He walked back into Dr. Brown’s bedroom and brought out a gold box with a handle on the side and a lock. He placed the box on the table and handed the keys to me, I opened the box and inside was one more flesh colored dildo, it looked familiar. My dad said, “This dildo was fashioned from my cock and is the exact same size as mine, but it’s not for stretching your ass ring. It’s only for me to use on you, never use this without my approval and only when I am present.” After that dad and packed up my dildos and said our goodbyes to Dr Brown. Dr Brown said to me, “Joe you should be very proud of yourself taking all of your Dads cock on the 2nd day of your training which means you were meant for this. Next time we meet we’ll start preparing you for my cock. I know you can take it, clearly your are very brave 13yo boy.” Next: Joe will experience how life will be at home with his dad and brother now that he can accommodate his dads huge cock.

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