Johnny Fuck Me Good!


Johnny Fuck Me Good!I met him at the local coffee shop. I walked in and ordered a grande mocha frappe. I payed for my drink, looked over to my left and saw him. Even though he sitting down, I could tell he was tall. Probably about 6’5. He was watching me, looking me up and down, satisfied with what he was seeing. I was admiring his features. His nice full lips, his chisled chest, and his nice big hands. Still sitting in a chair, I could see a bulge in his pants. I walked over, introducing myself.”Hey, I’m Adam.” “I’m Johnny.”We talked for a bit, discussing what we did for a living and other small talk. I wasn’t really paying full attention. I was daydreaming about him fucking my tight hole. “So you wanna come to my place and hang?”, Johnny asked.”Sure, b*o.”We left the coffee shop and within 10 minutes we were at his place. He gave me tour of his large apartment. He showed me the kitchen, the bathroom with the large tub, and lastly his bedroom. I thought about what he wears in bed, possibly underwear (tight briefs maybe that enhance his package) or nothing at all. “So what do you think of my place?””It’s a nice bachelor pad. Your bed is really big and I love your bath tub.””You tempobet yeni giriş want to take a bath with me?””I’d love that.” We walked into the bathroom and he started the water. We watched each other while taking our clothes off. Johnny unbuttoned his shirt first and let it drop to the floor. I removed my pants first. I wanted to show him the bulge that was increasing in my Express underwear. He then removed his pants. He wasn’t wearing any underwear and his dick was bigger and thicker than mine. I wanted it so bad in my mouth and in my tight ass. I held back the urge though. I knew how I wanted this fantasy that was coming true to play out.We finished stripping and got into the warm water. He turned on the jets. The pressure of the water hit by dick and got it rock hard. I leaned back against the tub, moaning. I could feel his eyes on me. He took his right foot and started rubbing my hard dick up and down. I moaned and groaned more. After we were all wet and hard, Johnny and I got out of the tub with dicks hard, wet, and soapy. Johnny grabbed me and kissed me. “Get down and suck my fucking cock!.” He told me.I obeyed, getting on my knees and sucking his tempobet giriş dick. “Oh yeah suck it! Mhmmmmmmmmmm”He started face fucking me. He shoved his big, thick dick all the way into my mouth. I started gagging, but wanted more. His balls slapped me. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and jerked his dick. I licked his balls and sucked on them. Johnny leaned over and started playing with my ass and fingered it. “Get the fuck up!” Johnny said.He pulled me up off the floor and my legs wrapped around his waist. We kissed more, playing with each others tongues. His fingers were still playing with my ass. We both got to our knees and he licked my ass. He began eating my ass. I could feel his tongue playing with my hungry hole. “You ready for this big cock inside you?” Johnny asked.”Give it to me!”He stopped eating my ass and we moved into the bedroom. Our bodies still wet. I layed on the bed on my stomach. He licked and fingered my ass. Then, he put his fat cock into my tight, hungry hole. I moaned. “Cmon fuck my ass!” I said.He shoved his whole dick into my ass, and I moaned louder. He pulled me up into doggie style position and started fucking me hard. “Oh yeah, tempobet güvenilirmi oh! You like this fucking big dick in your ass?””Oh yeah Johnny! Mhmmmmm give me that dick!!”He fucked me harder. His balls slapping against me. He slapped my ass and pulled me back, kissing me. “Moan for me.” Johnny demanded.I moaned. “Oh fuck yeah Johnny! Fuck me good! Fuck me hard!!”We switched to a different position. He got off the bed. “Wrap your legs around me again.” I wrapped my legs around Johnny. He put his dick back into ass and fucked me with my legs wrapped around him. Johnny laid on the bed and I sat on his hard cock and bounced on him. He started shoving his dick up into me. I moaned and jerked my dick. “I’m gonnna cum! Ohhhhhh!! Mhmmmmmm!!” I told him.He fucked me harder. My jizz shot onto his face and chest. I took my finger and ate some of my cum. Johnny took his dick out of my ass. He got off the bed and shoved his into my mouth. I sucked his cock.”Oh yeah baby. You want my cum in your mouth?””Mh-hm.” I said, still sucking his cock.”Oh here it comes!! Oh yeah!” He pulled his dick out and jerked it. I opened my mouth wide, wanting every bit of his sweet cum in my mouth. I put my tongue on his dick. He shot all into my mouth. I started sucking his cock some more. I wanted to suck his dick dry. He leaned down and kissed me with his cum still in my mouth. We laid back onto the bed.”Let’s do it again.” I said to him. Johnny’s dick shot back up.

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