John’s Dream Comes True Pt. 03

Big Tits

Lying in Di’s arms Nicky had never been so happy or sexually excited as she felt the beautiful sensation of another woman’s soft pert breasts against her own breasts. She eagerly pushed her breasts back against Di’s desperate to rub her nipples against Di’s. Nicky had always considered herself 100% straight but was now starting to realise she preferred women to men. She had fooled herself that she liked men but felt exhilarated and giddy with excitement as she slid her right hand over Di’s flat stomach pushing her fingers between Di’s thighs. Nicky gasped and panted deeply as she felt Di’s pussy with her fingers. Her pussy flooded it’s juices as she caressed her lesbians lovers pussy lovingly and growing excitement and passion. No cock could ever feel this good. “Your pussy is so beautiful Di my darling I love it!” panted Nicky as Di kissed and licked her breasts more expertly than her useless and disgusting husband John.

Di’s love making was far superior and exceeded the pathetic disappointing attempts of her husband John. Di’s soft lips kissed her in more beautiful and passionate ways that no mere male could giving her the love no man could ever match. Di’s naked body felt divine against hers. Johns disgusting body had never felt this good and had only nauseated her. The only thing she now enjoyed doing to John was humiliating him. It excited her to see him rubbing his cock with bahis şirketleri a look of excitement on his stupid face as her lover Di took his place on top of her as she fucked her. Nicky loved how Di was dominating them both and savoured the sensation of submitting herself to Di so she could dominate and hurt her husband. His excitement and acceptance of this enhanced her sexual pleasure awakening her sexual sadism teaching her to enjoy hurting men especially her weak husband John.

As Di made love to her Nicky’s pussy tingled with eager anticipation as she imagined what cruel things she could do to John with Di. Thinking of expressing her budding sadism heightened and exacerbated the powerful orgasms Di made her have. Di and Nicky fingered each other’s pussies kissing passionately bringing each other to orgasm after orgasm as John stood next to the bed rubbing his tiny cock. Nicky felt Di lift herself up from her then savoured the beautiful sensation of being kissed all the way down to her pussy. Di’s lips felt beautiful as they kissed her face, neck, chest, breasts, stomach and magnificent as they kissed her soaking wet pussy. Nicky loved the sensation of Di’s mouth and lips kissing, licking and orgasmed as Di pushed her beautiful tongue into her pussy fucking it better than John’s vile tiny cock. Grabbing hold of Di’s head Nicky pulled it hard grinding her wet open pussy onto Di’s bahis firmaları beautiful face and mouth. “I love you Di! I fucking love you!” gasped Nicky as she orgasmed over and over. “Yes, I love you! FUCK ME!” screamed Nicky as she stared into her husband eyes and Di licked and kissed her pussy.

Taking her right off Di’s head she waved for John to come closer then punched him hard in his face as Di’s mouth made her orgasm. Nicky felt faint with sexual pleasure as she hit John again slapping his face harder and harder heightening the pleasure Di was giving her with her mouth and tongue. Being pleasured by Di and hurting her husband was the best experience she had ever had. Thinking of kicking him between his legs filled her mind making her even more excited making her cum again. Grabbing his right arm she pulled him closer preventing him from moving away from her she punched him in his face again as she imagined getting to watch Di beat him. Nicky loved the way that John just cried in pain and carried on rubbing his cock accepting her punches and slapping his face.

Nicky carried on punching John enjoying hearing him crying in pain and gasping and panting “Please hit me, punch me, hurt me. Punch me harder!” as he rubbed his own cock as Di started to put a strap on cock on then slid it deep into Nicky’s pussy. Nicky continued punching and slapping John as Di fucked her fast and kaçak bahis siteleri hard with her strap on cock. Nicky had never been so sexually excited as she was now being fucked by Di her lover as she beat her husband. The new sensations she was experiencing were so powerful and fulfilling she never wanted to stop having them. She was addicted to them she wanted to feel them again and again she never wanted to stop hurting John and never wanted to stop being fucker by Di. “I’m in fucking love with you Di!” screamed Nicky as she orgasmed again as Di fucked her wide open pussy.

John finally came as Di thrust her strap on cock over and over and deeper and deeper into his wife’s pussy as his wife Nicky punched him hard. “Thank you! Fuck her Di!” gasped John as he came on his own fingers as he watched Di fuck his wife and heard Nicky cry out she was in love with Di. The reality of seeing Nicky in bed with a lesbian was much better than he dreamt it would be. He could never have imagined just how much he would enjoy the feelings of humiliation or love the feeling of pain that being punched as slapped by his wife as she was being fucked by a better lover than himself. He had never felt so desperate to be dominated or beaten as he felt now. He yearned to be punched, slapped and kicked by Di and Nicky.

Kneeling humbly next to the bed as Di lay holding his wife in her arms kissing her softly as they recovered from their exhausting fucking John panted “Di will you and Nicky please beat me, please beat me, punch me, slap me, kick me and whip me. Please. Please humiliate me, hurt me and piss on me”

to be continued.

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