Jordan’s Coming Of Age 2


Terri reads her mom’s text as she walks up the sidewalk to her home:’I’m staying overnight at Aunt Lucy’s, and Jordan is playing in the tournament. You’re on your own! Leftovers in the fridge. See you tomorrow.’ Terri goes inside and heads to her bedroom to change.I’ll have the whole place to myself tonight! I can watch whatever I want on TV and go to bed any time I want. She takes off her skirt and top, tugs off her bra, and admires her reflection in the mirror.She rubs her hands over her tits and tweaks her nipples till they redden and stiffen. Ahh, that feels so good. It would be great to have a guy touching and licking them! What the hell is that noise? Seems to be coming from downstairs. Shit, Jordan must be home.She hurriedly puts on shorts and a tank top. She heads down the basement stairs, and then pauses and listens to the sounds coming from Jordan’s bedroom.————————————————–“Fuck, that feels so good, go deeper!”Jordan stands by the bed, pulls Cathy towards him, bends her legs upward, and thrusts in as deep as his cock will go. He edges backward, and then pushes in again, gradually increasing the pace.”Yeah, that’s it, faster…oh my god, you are such a fast learner.”So long since I’ve had a cock inside me, and such a big one! I know this is wrong, but I need this badly! ————————————————–He must be watching porn! Wonder why he isn’t keeping the volume down. Think I’ll have a closer look. Kind of creepy watching your brother,  but what the hell! Turns me on in a weird sort of way.She quietly walks over to the spare bedroom, crawls along the Jack and Jill bathroom floor until she reaches the door to Jordan’s room, opens it a crack until she can see inside.What bahis şirketleri the fuck!It suddenly dawns on her that this isn’t some random couple having sex on the computer, but it’s her brother and a girl fucking in real-time! She watches memorized as Jordan’s ass moves back and forth as he continues to fuck her.  His back is towards her, so she has no idea who he’s screwing.”You are driving me crazy! Oh my god, I’m cumming,” she screams as he continues to pump in and out.She lifts herself up from the bed, giving Terri a good view of her face.What the hell. It’s Mrs. Grayson.  What a fucking surprise! I would never have suspected Jordan getting it on with someone so old. She’s got to be close to forty! But she does have pretty perky tits. I’ve got to get this recorded.She reaches into her shorts pocket, pulls out her iPhone, aims it at them, and taps on record. ————————————————–This is so awesome. I can’t believe that I just had my first fuck. And she really seemed to like it. What’s she up to now?Cathy moves backward,  jumps down beside him, and pulls off the safe. Some pre-cum is leaking from his cock. She touches the tip with her index finger, opens her mouth,  dabs it on her tongue, and swallows it.”Tastes great, but I want more.”Jordan’s fully erect cock bobs up and down as she kneels on the floor and moves her lips towards it. ————————————————–Wow, that’s some big cock you have there bro!Steadily holding the phone with one hand, she places the other one below her shorts, slips underneath her panties until she finds her clit. She fingers it as Cathy starts sucking.Oh my god, I’ve got to try that. I wonder how she takes so much in at a time. It’s bahis firmaları got to be close to eight inches long, and it all disappears into her mouth! Guess it takes practice. He’s obviously enjoying it by the look on his face. ————————————————–“Mrs….I mean, Cathy, that feels so good. I’m going to cum soon if you keep that up.”Cathy eases back a bit, and Jordan’s cock pops out with some spittle hanging from it. She licks his balls while slowly jacking him with her hand.”I want you to enjoy this for as long as possible, Jordan,” she says, gazing up at him lasciviously while she continues to lick his shaft.He oozes a bit more pre-cum, and she laps it up. ————————————————–Terri removes her shorts and panties and feverishly rubs her clit, occasionally inserting her finger inside her pussy while Cathy continues to alternately suck and lick Jordan’s cock, keeping him on the edge of cumming. Terri has this momentary impulse to join them, but thinks better of it, and keeps on ogling them from a distance.  I can’t believe I’m getting so turned on watching my brother in action. And Mrs. Grayson is pretty hot too. Her boobs are bigger than mine. Wonder what it would feel like to hug her naked, and feel our tits rubbing together.Jordan tenses up, yells, “Oh Fuck,” and starts spewing cum all over Cathy’s face. She swirls her tongue around to get all she can reach around her mouth, then uses her fingers to scoop up the rest. She stares at Jordan while she swallows it all with a big smile. Finally, she licks the lost few drops oozing out of his now half-mast cock.Terri ends the recording, and then suddenly feels vulnerable.Shit, I better get out of here before they see kaçak bahis siteleri me! Think I’ll go for a walk around the block while Mrs. Grayson makes her exit.She quietly crawls across the bathroom floor, stealthily walks upstairs, and heads out the front door. ————————————————–“That was so awesome, Cathy,” Jordan says while they both get dressed. “That is one of my favourite porno scenes. Never thought I would ever get to do it!””It really turns me on, too. I feel like such a slut with all that messy cum all over my face.”She moves close and kisses him, pushes her tongue in his mouth, and gives him a taste of his own cum.”I have to get out of here, Jordan.  Will is going to be home soon, and I have to make his supper. Are you free tomorrow? I’m home alone. Say, around 4:30? Anything else you’d like to try…maybe anal?””Fuck yeah. Can’t wait to try that!”Is there anything this woman won’t do? I’ll have to watch porn tonight to get some more ideas. ————————————————–Terri takes her time walking around town, doing some window shopping, while she contemplates what she just witnessed.  A couple of times she stops to view the video, making sure she mutes it so passersby don’t hear the screams, moans, and dirty talk. After a couple of hours, she’s back home. She enters and notices Jordan watching TV in the living room.”Hey, how come you’re home, bro? Thought you were at the tournament.””We lost the first couple of games, so it was over for us early.”So that’s how he got to screw her! Hmm…so what do I do now? Have to think about it for a while. I could just keep it to myself,  but I have a couple of ideas about how to take advantage of this. Blackmail comes to mind, but what do I want in return? Money would be great. Would love to buy that cute-looking tank top I saw at the shop downtown. But he never has any money, so that’s out. My dirty, wicked mind is thinking of another possibility.

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