Subject: Joshy Saga: Chapter 4 Hey everyone! Just a reminder that if you love all of the fun and sexy content on Nifty, please feel free to lend your support and send a fty/ Joshy Saga: Chapter 4 Laying there on my bed where my dad had plopped me unable to sleep and just feeling extremely frustrated with every passing second, trying to force myself to go to sleep just so all these brand new naughty thoughts that were clouding my mind can subside for a moment, but to no avail. To think that not so long ago I was oblivious to all of these feelings, granted I knew about the birds and the bees since my classmates loved to speak about this topic in recess but I never gave it too much attention until lately, it’s like a new found curiosity was sparked within me. If I’m being quite honest with myself, I was aware that these weren’t the typical thoughts a boy like me should be having, they felt unusual and almost wrong but weirdly enough that’s what makes me all giddy when I think of them. Knowing I wouldn’t be able to sleep. I pushed myself up then sat up straight on my bed. Looking down at my crotch, my little willy was still as stiff as ever, not only that but I had this warm fuzzy feeling all around my stomach and lower body almost near my butt that made me idly wiggle in my place rubbing my butt around, also my body felt warm all over. I kept on thinking about how good sitting on my Daddy’s lap made me feel inside, how safe I felt enveloped inside his hulking frame as his hand locked me in place pushing me towards him, how his musky manly adult scent was imprinted in my mind because of how potent it was up close to him and how that smell had such an effect on my mind. Slowly I got up from my bed, not knowing what I was doing or where I was going, I just knew I couldn’t just sit around and do nothing, I exited the room looked towards my brothers room his door was wide open, peeking inside he was fast asleep with his back to the door and as per usual a big pillow wedged between his legs, so I turned around walking back towards my room, only to find myself actually heading towards my Daddy’s room. Nerves and excitement mixed together made me tremble a little as I approached the bedroom door, it was not fully closed, instead it was slightly ajar. I stood there frozen for a solid minute contemplating what I was doing, unable to go through, it felt like an eternity, but finally I mustered the courage and put my hand on the door pushing it ever so lightly, I barely pushed it just enough to be able to squeeze through and stepped inside the room. Immediately I was greeted by that lovely musky smell that I loved about my Daddy, his room was his territory and it was marked, there was also a very strong odor of alcohol since he had been drinking all evening before he went to bed, all of this had such a immediate effect on me, I felt my body heating up and my mind was starting to get clouded. His light snoring snapped me out of my daze, and there he was sprawled on his bed illuminated by nothing but the moonlight coming in from his bedroom window , laying on his back right hand on his side while the left one scratched then rested on his belly, he had his lower body under the cover with his legs poking out as the right foot hung from the bed. I was completely mesmerized by this image, he looked so big and menacing bulging muscles all over under a thick mat of fur, yet so peaceful sleeping there snoring ever so lightly as his wide chest expanded with each breath he took. My Daddy was a heavy sleeper, aside from his annoyingly loud alarm clock that I can hear ringing all the way from my room even with the door escort bayan closed every single morning, nothing else could disrupt his sleep, add to that the fact he was pissed off drunk when he went to sleep I was quite assured that he wasn’t going to wake up anytime soon. Never before did I ever have this much liberty to look at and explore my Daddy’s body from head to toe like now, I got close to bed where I was starting to feel the heat his body was emanating. I stood there admiring his body, he wasn’t extremely muscular yet every single muscle on his almost naked body was bulging outwards , he didn’t even have to flex his arms for them to look thick, they were adorned with prominent veins that were branching all the way down to his large hands, his chest was moving rhythmically, expanding all the way up as he inhaled putting in display those giant mounds of pecs covered in fur, then coming down only to rise back up a second later he had his left hand rested on top of his belly which idly scratched at it from time to time, there was a big contrast between my brother who had a really thin and defined waist with washboard abs and the almost beer belly my dad had, but to be honest it didn’t look fat it was more on the beefy side. The cover was on top of his lap, but his frame was still showing through, his hairy meaty legs were a little exposed above his knees, and there I was near his right foot that was hanging out from the bed. I was done admiring from afar, something had taken over me and I didn’t care anymore, I just crawled up on the bed until I was kneeling at my daddy’s feet, looking up at him I felt so small and tiny in comparison. he looked so big and menacing, I had butterflies in my stomach, this was all too exciting. Crawling up a little further on my hands and knees, I took a hold of the cover slightly lifting it up, I was attacked by a heavy warm scent, my head spun and I just lowered myself head first and dipped under the cover letting the heavy musk take over me, and draw me closer, now I was right in between my Daddy’s massive spread legs trapped under the cover, feeling tingly all over, that warmth withing my lower body growing by the second as I squirmed in place rubbing my thighs together. I didn’t do anything, just laid there taking in the sight, I was wedged between his hairy legs that were kind of touching my sides a little tickling me, when I looked up I was met by the sight of my daddy’s obscenely large crotch area, his boxer briefs were bulging to the left side with a long tube shape that strained against the fabric which outlined every little detail about it. The closer I got the stronger the smell became I was completely hypnotized by it, before I noticed I had my face pressed hard against Daddy’s groin, instinctively breathing in hard, sending a wave of tingles all the way through my body, making me shudder in place with every single breath I took. My hands were on either side kneading on the wide thighs that had me surrounded, feeling the strong hard muscles that were under a soft layer of fat, rubbing my hand all over the fur moving slowly upwards, until I felt my hand touch the fabric of the boxer briefs. Without a second thought I let my hands disappear under the briefs from both sides, they felt the warmth radiating from that area it was also slightly damp, my face still pushed against the abnormally large bulge, I moved my face a little down until I was met with two very large soft mounds, so I nestled my nose right in between parting them slightly. My head was spinning, I closed my eyes and felt them slightly rolling a little back into my tuzla genç escort skull, my nose was so overwhelmed but in a good way. Touching and groping my way up Daddy’s thighs, my right hand finally bumped into something hard that left a slick sticky glob on my fingers, so I quickly moved my left hand towards my right to meet in the middle where they both held onto a throbbing stiff fleshy tube of meat that was radiating heat and pulsing under my touch. I didn’t quite believe what I had just done, did I actually just grab my Daddy’s big stiff penis between my hands? Did this just happen? It was pulsing and throbbing right between my fingers, I literally felt the blood rushing through the multiple veins that were all over it, and they were many, my face didn’t budge it was still pressed against my Daddy’s crotch maybe a little harder now, I was so consumed by his aroma. Suddenly I heard a snort and the snoring stopped for a second, I yanked my hands as stealthily as I could and froze in my place, feeling my heart about to leap out of my chest as the worst case scenarios all played at once in my head, I didn’t move or budge, as my Daddy reached his hand down under the cover slipped it under his underwear and scratched at his pubes for a few secondes, then retreated it to put it back on his stomach, his legs shifted a bit, then the snoring resumed. I stood there in silence for a bit just to be a hundred percent sure that he was indeed back to sleep, a big part of me told me to just book it out of the room before I regret it and before this all turns bad, but another part of me was still in a trance from the heavy musk I was still enveloped in under these covers and convinced me to stay and take it even further. I was growing impatient and I wanted to see it like I saw Roger’s penis in the shower, curiosity took a hold of me and I just went for it, I knew this was a one of a kind situation and I didn’t want to waste it, so while trying to be as gentle as I can I reached my hand through the front hole of the briefs and took a hold of my Daddy’s stiff cock that was surprisingly harder than before guiding it out, then I reached with my other hand sinking it low and trying to take a hold of the two heavy balls and pulling them out as well. It was a little bit intimidating looking at this massive pole, it looked really girthy since I had both of my hands on the base holding it up, but I knew very well what I wanted do and nothing was going to stop me now. I stuck my tongue out and ran it across the low hanging pair of balls, they tasted salty which was probably due to all the sweat that acculturated on them from a long day in the sun and no shower, that just made me go at it even hungrier, I opened my mouth wide and tried to pop both of them inside but I could only do one at a time, while I was busy lapping and licking, my hands were slowly stroking Daddy’s stiff cock, while trying not to be too rough to avoid waking him up. I was completely engrossed in this, these were things I had never tried before nor had I ever known too much about, but it was all instinctual for me, something inside was guiding me to do all of this, a need, an urge that developed not so long ago, I knew this was my place, right in between my Daddy’s legs with his stiff willy in my hands, it felt so wrong yet so right. My hands were starting to feel really wet and sticky from what was dripping out of my Daddy’s cock, that fluid just made the atmosphere under the cover even muskier, and dragged me towards it, I left the two balls dripping with saliva after cleaning them with my mouth, and with my hands still on the tuzla kendi evi olan escort base of Daddy’s cock I guided it towards my mouth. With my tongue sticking all the way out, I dragged it from under the bulbous mushroom head upwards catching a big glob of thick liquid, tasting it for the first time, it was unusual, the consistency, the flavor, the odor. I re-positioned myself a little closer, then I leaned forwards and closed my eyes trying to take it into my mouth. it wasn’t easy to do since it was pretty big, but the moment I had it inside my mouth my tongue was overwhelmed by another spurt of liquid, I couldn’t savor this one I just tried to bob up and down as much I could, which was a struggle, my jaw was straining, but somehow this act of putting my Daddy’s cock in my mouth made that warm feeling inside of me multiply and intensify, it was taking over me and I was acting on my own without thoughts. My Daddy was fast asleep, I could hear that he was still snoring all the way from under the cover which just assured me that I can go harder, I was hungrily slurping and suckling doing as best of a job as I could with my hands moving up and down the long fleshy piece of meat, panting in the process, occasionally I would gag and stop to catch my breath with saliva dripping from my mouth and unusual soft moans escaping my used mouth, I had this need that I was trying to achieve but I didn’t quite know what it was, all I knew is I had to continue what I was doing. All along this my small willy was really stiff and aching, as it pushed up against my underwear tenting it but I didn’t know how to deal with it, so I just ignored it and carried on. Daddy’s cock was pulsing a little faster and reacting to every-time I was putting it into my mouth, at this point I was managing to get half of it inside before it hit the back of my throat pushing me to retreat, this went on for a minute, all I could hear was the wet noises my mouth was making and the occasional moan that escaped my mouth as I bobbed up and down while kneading the base of my Daddy’s cock with my hand. Suddenly I felt a rope of liquid shoot straight into the back of my throat, it caught me by surprise but I didn’t pull out, only for another big spurt to land right on my tongue then another followed, the volleys of thick gooey liquid kept on being deposited directly into my mouth coating the inside with a copious amount, but in fear of my Daddy waking up tomorrow and finding a mess under him, I was determined not to let a drop fall out of my mouth, so my only option was to clamp my mouth around this thick willy as I drink and swallow as fast as I could, and I did just that, coughing a little as it got a little overwhelming for me for at one point but it only led to small bit to trickle down my mouth into my chin. After the load that was deposited into my stomach finished, I suckled on Daddy’s cock for a little more kind of hoping for a little more, I had just got my first taste of Adult juice and here I was already craving more, I finished cleaning off the big piece of meat holding it between my hand, it was quite heavy, but it was starting to deflate, so I tucked it back gently, then wiped my mouth feeling satisfied. I crawled out of the cover, feeling the air hit my body as I was starting to sweat a little bit from being under there for so long, let the cover fall down and looked back up at my Daddy, he was laying down peacefully now with his right hand under his head and his mouth slightly open still snoring not so loudly, I got up from the bed walked up to him, and gave him a little kiss on the cheek leaving a little wet spot from the liquid that dripped into my chin earlier. Quickly I exited his room and ran back to mine closing the door and throwing myself into the bed with my belly full I was feeling all fuzzy and happy inside, and still not believing what I had just done. to be continued

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