JulieI spent the night at her house. And we had fun…watching movies with her parents, eating popcorn. We slept together in her bed and after kissing and making out for awhile, we both slipped off to sleep.The foggy edges of the dream crept into my conciuos mind, soft and wet, sliding over me. I fought to hold onto the wamr feelings inside me even as mmy body was waking up. The sun was already shining in the room, and my eyes blinked open. It still took a few moments to realize Julie was the cause of my dream. My panties were off somewhere, my legs spread and her head bewteen my legs. I reached down, my fingers slipping into her soft red hair. She murmured againt my pussy and ket licking, eating me for the first time. I wasn’t going to stop her.She was my best friend and suddenly she was becoming so much more. Her tongue danced through my wet folds as if she had done this many times beylikdüzü escort before, she was anexpert, so much better than I could ever have imagined. I moaned out loud, forgetting that Julie’s parents may be still at home. But Julie looked up, “shhhhhh,” she said with a smile before dipping her face back to my wet pussy. She let her tongue slide from top to bottom, tasting me, eating me.I moaned again, oullin gher head tight against me. I didn’t know what these feelings were at the time, running through my body, making my muscles contract, knocking th ebreath out of me, all I knew was I cou;dn’t control what was ahppening. My toes curled into a tight ball, my hands slipped away from Julie and twisted the sheets. My body arched off the bed and pressed my cunt to her face. I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think, my mouth was open but no sound was coming out.Julie reached up and pushed her avcılar escort fingers into my mouth just as I was about to scream, my lips closed around her fingers and I tasted how wet, sweet and musky her fingers were. I didn’t recognize the taste, but sucked away greedily as the first orgasm of my life raced through me wave after wave. My entire body was shaking as Julie continured to lick at me, softly, gently before sliding up my naked body, her pale skin contrasting against my darker skin. Her fingers slipped out of my mouth and were replaced my her lips. I tasted those same flavors and realized that I was tasting my own pussy. I was not grossed out as I thought I might be, but instead filled with a renewed passion, ready to taste more…of myself and of Julie. As our legs twisted togetherand her tongue pushed into my mouth there was a knock on the door. before we could react though esenyurt escort it opened and her mom was standing there.Julie rolled off me and reached for the crumpled blankets on the floor. I curled into a ball, burying my face in a pillow ashamed to look at her. I heard her voice telling Julie to meet her in the hall right now. Julie reached for her nightshirt, but her mom stopped her – “NOW!” She walked across her room naked and the two lef tthe room. I scrambled to find my panties and then just through my jeans on without them, looking for my t-shirt I was ready to just sneak away and hope this would never be talked about again.As I was pulling on my shoes, the door opened again…Julie was standing there holdin gher mom’s clothes in her arms, her mom stepping in behind her…as naked as she was. The door closed again as the two of them stepp toward me…Julie’s mom pouted “you got dressed so fast…I want to play too….come her.”I hestitated as I stepped towards her, she reached for the bottom of my t-shirt and lifted it over my head. I lifted my own arms not resisting as she undressed me…

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