Julie’s Panties Ch. 15


This is the fifteenth and final chapter of my saga involving Julie’s panties. While this is a work of fiction, it is based upon my real-life fetish and experiences in my younger years. I have to say that the entire story line does begin to stray away from my reality and towards a product of my fertile imagination. This chapter assumes that the reader has read the previous installments, thus having a contextual reference. If you are into panties, they are also pretty hot, so Enjoy!

The appointed night had arrived. Julie and I had spent the afternoon spiffing up things around the house, I lit the fireplace in our bedroom, wanting to make tonight special.

I had jitters in my stomach. In all honesty, prior to Julie, I had never done anything with a girl other than kissing and groping in the back seat of a car. Julie had also been a virgin, but I suspect that there had been boys trying to get into her panties as well. Julie now had one advantage over me, as she had confessed, she and Amy had had several sexual encounters behind my back while I had been 100% faithful to Julie.

Julie went upstairs to shower and dress. When she came back downstairs, she was wearing a black wrap-around silk dress, the fabric shimmered in the light as it flowed over her graceful curves. The neckline plunged down towards her breasts, the back plunged as well, just concealing her bra. The hem line fell about mid-calf, showing a little leg, the side slit showing even more as she walked, but the dress was the show, draping over her curves, the silky fabric shinning in the soft light. Julie seldom wore panty hose, instead she usually wore regular stockings with a garter belt and panties. I knew that, in part, this was because I loved that look but I also knew that she found panty hose too confining.

Anyway, she paused as she came down the stairs for dramatic effect and I let out a low whistle and gave her the thumbs up. The black silk dress had cost a fortune but, wow, on Julie, it was worth every penny.

Julie had moved into the living room, busying herself with last minute details, when I heard Amy softly knock on the door. I opened the door to welcome her in. It was cold outside so Amy had on a long, wool, winter coat, she even had its hood up, covering her blond hair. Julie joined us in the foyer, helped Amy out of her coat, handed it to me to hang up in the closet. I hadn’t seen Amy in two years and tonight she was just stunning.

I followed them into the living room, gazing at the two women as they chatted about the drive out from Boston and the weather, you know, that awkward chatter of two friends in an unfamiliar situation. Not certain about what I should be doing, I stood back, taking at good look at Amy, and she was just, Wow! The first thing that blew my mind was her golden yellow satin blouse, followed by her tight black leather, skirt, black lace stockings and black “Come fuck me” high heels. Her long slightly curly hair hung halfway down her back, some of it spilling forward, falling onto the swell of her firm breasts. With minimal makeup, Amy’s clear blue eyes glistened in the soft light, she wore just a hint of blush on her cheekbones, but what really knocked me out was her bright red lipstick. Her blouse rippled and shimmered across her firm breasts while her skirt hugged the curves of her spectacular ass. Amy knew that she was going to be the star of tonight’s show, and she had dressed to impress, what a fucking sexpot!

We moved into the adjoining dining room where Julie had laid out an assortment of Hors d’oeuvres, two bottles of wine, glasses, plates etc. This wasn’t going to be a sit-down meal, rather it would be finger food and wine to calm the jitters. I had never done anything like this, and I felt like a kid on his first date.

Julie pulled the cork on the first bottle, poured three glasses, handed one to Amy, then me, picked up the third for herself, and offered a toast. “To old friends and new experiences”, we all clinked glasses, and took a sip. There was an awkward moment as we all realized that this was it. We were going to break the rules and have a threesome.

While Julie and Amy had been friends since high school, I really didn’t know Amy very well. She was a year older than Julie and had left for Boston to attend college two years before I had begun dating Amy. There was that other thing in the air, Julie and Amy had shared a sexual relationship. I wasn’t even sure if it should be called a lesbian relationship, a bi-sexual relationship or just a sexual relationship. I didn’t feel threatened by whatever it was called, in fact, like many men, I had fantasized about a threesome with two girls, and now that it appeared to be imminent, I was a bit afraid, but also incredibly turned on. After getting a good look at Amy, man, I had to have her, and have her in as many ways as Julie would permit. Julie had been adamant of a few conditions, 1) She and Amy would begin together, I was allowed to quietly watch from a chair in the asyalı escort bedroom. 2) When Julie felt that the time was right, she would signal me that I was to join them. 3) Amy and I could do anything that we felt like doing except actual intercourse. Julie felt that because she had never had intercourse with anyone but me, I should not be able to have intercourse with anyone but her. Oral sex was a different matter, that was permitted between all of us. Julie felt that if I had oral sex with Amy that would even out the fact that she had had oral sex with Amy herself. I added one thing, I was not interested in having any other men involved. That may seem selfish but that was my line in the sand. The last condition was a big one; This would be a onetime thing only. Julie and I were getting married in a little over a year and flings of any sort were to be a thing of the past. We all agreed to this plan.

The wine gave us a glow and the conversation began a normal flow. We talked about friends, family, marriage, and careers. Julie was finishing up her last semester while Amy had finished up college two years ago and was working in marketing for a firm in Boston. However, she had applied for a better position out in LA. In fact, she would fly out for an interview late the next day.

I figured that it was time to get things moving so I suggested that we fire up a fat joint that I had scored just for the occasion. The girls agreed and we smoked some of California’s finest weed, the buzz calming any remaining jitters.

After we finished, Julie took Amy’s hand, intertwining their fingers leading her up to the bedroom. Per the plan, I remained downstairs to let them begin in privacy. Quietly, I watched them climb the stairs, their incredible backsides and long legs holding my attention. As Amy and Julie turned down the hallway to the bedroom, and I went straight into the laundry room to get myself ready. Julie had told me that my outfit was on the folding table and that I would know what to do.

I switched on the light and all that was there was a pair of red satin, women’s panties. They were string bikinis, made from the most incredibly silky polyester satin with a front panel of embroidered lace. Hanging on a hook was men’s silk bathrobe. I got the message, If Julie was going to bear her soul to me by engaging in sex with another girl, I was going to bare my soul to Amy by wearing women’s panties. I stripped off my street clothes and put on the panties then the silk robe.

I returned to the living room and listened to hear what might be going on upstairs. I heard the pop of the Champagne cork from the bottle that we had placed on the nightstand along with a bowl of strawberries.

I figured that I would leave the girls alone for a few more minutes then head up. I took a few more sips of wine, reflecting upon the situation, then being as quiet as a mouse, I climbed the stairs and entered the bedroom, closing the door behind me. The only light was the warm glow from the fireplace, I had lit it before Amy showed up and had a nice romantic blaze going. Julie and Amy were standing near the bed, sipping on Champaign, sometimes kissing, softly exploring each other mouths, entwining their tongues, caressing each other’s beautiful faces.

Per my instructions from Julie, I slipped into the soft chair to one side of the bed, sitting down to watch the show. This was going to get good! Apart from the voyeuristic point of view, I was also eager to see just how women made love, certain that later, these lessons would pay dividends with Julie.

Julie and Amy continued their gentle foreplay, kissing, touching, and caressing each other’s breasts. They were being so gentle and tender with each other. Finally, Julie reached behind Amy’s gorgeous ass, slowly unzipped her leather skirt, dropping it towards the floor, Amy gently kicked it aside, now standing in her golden yellow satin blouse and black lace stockings. Julie resumed feeling Amy’s breasts, her nipples poking out through the fine satin. Amy closed her eyes and sighed as Julie squeezed and tugged on her nipples, then began kissing them through her blouse. As I watched in awe, Julie then began slowly unbuttoning Amy’s blouse. As each button was undone, I began to see a black undergarment begin to emerge. Amy unbuttoned the cuffs on her sleeves as Julie slid the satin blouse off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Amy now stood there, wearing a black, satin and lace camisole with the most incredible pair of golden yellow string bikini panties. Something was up, for aside from the color and size, they were exactly like the pair of panties that Julie had laid out for me to wear. Amy wasn’t wearing a bra, her camisole was cropped short, just covering her breasts then continuing down another few inches. Reduced to her underwear, Amy began to undress Julie, starting by undoing the dresses satin tie at Julies slender waist, then slipping her dress from her shoulders, ayaş escort exposing the straps and the cups of Julies incredible pink satin and lace bra. Amy slid the silky dress down to Julies slender waist, over her hips and let it fall to the ground. Julie was wearing a beautiful pink Barbizon half-slip, so, except for slight panty lines, I had no idea of what she had on beneath the slip. Because Julies dress reached to mid-calf, her slip fell to below her knees, with a scalloped lace hem line that transitioned in to two walking slits. I was in heat; my cock had reached full mast, but I resisted touching it. I didn’t know how long I had to wait for Julie’s signal, but I had suspected that it was going to be a while.

Julie resumed kissing Amy, now also reaching up to cup both of Amy’s firm breasts, gently squeezing them through the silky fabric, lightly pinching her erect nipples. Amy closed her beautiful blue eyes, lost in the stimulation that Julie was providing, let out a long sigh then pressed her breasts tightly against Julies hands.

Oh, My God, this was really happening, my girlfriend was making out with another woman, right in front of my eyes, both of them completely aware of my presence. In fact, as Amy was removing Julie’s dress, Amy had looked my way, assuring herself that I saw what was happening. These two had planned and likely choreographed this whole scene. Knowing Julies attention to detail, I was willing to bet that it was she who bought the matching panties. Still unseen were Julie’s panties, but I was also willing to bet that they would match the ones that Amy and I were wearing. Needless to say, I had become completely turned on, but I was willing to comply with our agreement and wait for Julies signal that I could join in.

Preliminaries out of the way, the two girls resumed their embrace, kissing, touching, caressing, rubbing each other’s delicate curves, now with even more passion, seemingly lost in the moment. I sat back, watching the show, trying to control my erection, still not knowing how long Julie would keep me waiting.

Amy took Julie’s hand and led her to the bed, Julie laid back as Amy grasped Julies slip by the waist band, slid it down her thighs, then her slender calves, lifting each foot to remove the delicate garment. She turned toward me and tossed it in my direction, gave me a nod of approval, then parted Julies legs, giving me a perfect view of Julies panty crotch. As expected, they were a perfect pink copy of Amy’s and my panties. Amy began kissing Julies stocking clad thighs, slowly moving up past her stocking tops, along her garters, up her flat tummy, reaching her bra and breasts. Amy cupped both of Julie’s breasts in her hands, gently rolling her pouty nipples through the lace of her bra. Next, Amy took one of Julies nipples into her mouth sucked it and its lace adornment into her red lips, causing my Julie to gasp in pleasure. Holy fuck, this was getting hot! So far, Amy was making love to Julie exactly as I had done so many times during our relationship. It was like I could almost predict what was going to happen and even if I was sitting several feet away, I could almost feel the warmth and softness of Julies breasts. I could taste her pouty nipples; I could feel her response. Amy had Julie on her back, head resting on pillows, Amy’s dirty blond hair falling over Julie’s face as they writhed about in the bed. Amy was humping Julie’s thigh, grinding her own thigh into Julie. Amy reached down and pulled Julie’s thigh upwards, spread her legs and then pressed her crotch into Julies, scissoring their satin panties into each other’s genitals. This started in slow motion and gradually the pace increased until they were furiously humping each other, and I could hear their wet pussies squishing against each other and I could smell the sex in the air.

From my chair I had a perfect view of them, Julie sprawled out on the bottom, Amy, her golden panties still covering her ass, her black satin camisole rippling in the soft light, scissoring her hot panty covered vagina into Julies. As Amy fucked Julie, she also was pawing Julies breasts, pulling one bra strap down, exposing one of Julies tits. These girls were out of control, still grinding their panties together. Amy began kissing Julies breasts, sucking on her nipples, kissing, and licking her navel, then her tummy, then her inner thighs and finally, the silky crotch of Julies pink satin panties.

Julie spread her legs wide open, giving me an incredible view of her soaked panty crotch and giving Amy unrestricted access to her pussy. Amy was now between Julies legs, her perfect ass wrapped in those yellow panties, the silky satin fabric rippling over her ass, the delicate, string waistband followed the curve of her hips, diving down towards the front panel. I became fixated on Amy’s panties, drinking up the sight of her firm ass filling out the satin fabric, getting brief rear view glimpses of the crotch panel as she kneeled on aydınlıkevler escort the bed between Julies legs, her face now buried in Julie’s crotch. Amy placed the flat of her tongue onto Julie’s panties, licking them, and then sucking her juices from the fabric. Next, Amy pushed the panties aside, spread her lips apart and licked Julie’s vagina, making her to arch upwards into Amy’s face, rubbing her vagina into her nose.

No matter how much that I wanted to watch every second that Amy spent going down on Julie, I kept getting distracted by Amy’s panties, God, how they turned me on. I wanted to touch them, I wanted to smell them, I wanted to lick them, I wanted to wrap them around my cock and jerk off into them. I had to have those panties! I was yanked back to reality by Julies cries of passion as Amy stuck her tongue deep into Julies soaking pussy, slurping up her juices. Julie lost control, gasping, and moaning through her orgasm. After Julie came, Amy moved up to resume kissing Julie, the two of them lost in each other.

Next, it was Julies turn, she rose from the bed, crawled downward, kneeling between Amy’s legs, reached under the waist band of those golden yellow panties, gently slipped them from her hips, pulling them downward, the silky fabric briefly remaining in contact with Amy’s wet vagina until she spread her legs, allowing them to slip down her thighs, then down her long legs. Julie turned, looked directly into my eyes, then tossed them over to me.

I caught Amy’s panties and held them to my face, rubbing the silky fabric on my cheeks, my mouth, my nose. I inhaled their odor, for the first time experiencing the scent of a different woman. I licked the wet crotch, for the first time experiencing the taste of a woman other than Julie. I feasted my eyes on the silky fabric, felt the satin wrapped elastic leg openings. I ran the waistband through my fingertips. I held them at arm’s length, just plain in awe of their delicate, feminine shape, the silky fabric shimmering in the firelight. I held them back up to my face, smelling and tasting them once again. I wrapped Julies slip around my cock, gently stroking myself with the silky garment. I returned my attention to Amy’s golden yellow panties, absolutely mesmerized with them. Julie owned dozens of panties that were nearly identical to these, and Julie’s panties were incredibly sexy and erotic to me. The only thing that differed was that these panties belonged to Amy, and Amy was the new and forbidden fruit. Amy smelled different than Julie, Amy tasted different than Julie. Up until now, I had been forbidden to experience Amy or her panties. In fact, up until now, I had been forbidden to experience any other woman or her panties. Tonight, I was going to do both forbidden actions.

Once again, while I was lost in the new sensations of Amy’s panties, Julie been going down on Amy. While I had missed the beginning, Julie was now kneeling between Amy’s legs, offering me the same view of her pink panties that Amy had given me a few minutes before. Holt shit, I’m licking and smelling Amy’s yellow panties and I’m starting at Julies ass in her pink panties. Julies beautiful face was now buried in Amy’s sopping pussy, licking her vagina, licking her clitoris, gently at first then more passionately as Amy began grinding her crotch into Julie’s face. I watched as Julie inserted a finger into Amy, then a second one, Amy now thrusting her hips to meet Julie’s fingers, gasping in sheer ecstasy. Amy was going nuts, fucking Julies fingers. Julie went nuts, licking Amy’s clitoris.

Amy opened her eyes, looked over at me, I locked eyes with her, put her panties up to my face and took a long breath, inhaling Amy’s musky scent, then made an exaggerated show of licking the soggy crotch, sucking out her juices. Amy’s pouty red lips mouthed the forbidden two words “fuck me”, then with a shudder and a loud moan, she came.

This whole thing was surreal, I could not have imagined how erotic that it had become, sitting in a chair, sniffing a hot pair of panties, watching my girlfriend and another girl have sex. My heart was beating a mile a minute, I so wanted to join them, eat their pussies, fuck Amy’s red lips, and fuck Julie’s juicy pussy! Yes, even though it was forbidden, I wanted to fuck Amy.

As Amy recovered from her from her orgasm, Julie looked over towards me, beckoning with her finger. This was the signal that I had been longing for. I was to join these two beautiful women in bed.

I stood up, dropped my robe, not knowing what to do with Julies slip and Amy’s panties, I brought them with me, placing them on the pillows as I climbed in between the two girls in my King-sized bed. As I rolled over onto my back, Amy reached down, stroking my rapidly growing erection inside my panties.

“Well now, she began, Hey Julie, did you see that your boyfriend is wearing women’s panties? Did you also notice that they match both of our panties? Julie, did you see what he was doing to my panties? I swear that he was making love to them.” Amy continued rubbing my hard cock, the satin giving me an incredibly dirty thrill. Amy then asked, “Has someone been raiding Julie’s panty drawers? I know that she has drawers full of panties, but what do you think made him choose these?”

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