Jumping Melons Bus Co. Ch. 03


Richie watched ‘his’ breasts jiggle excitedly. The chocolate ones were gone, the girl probably out relieving herself. But the pink, bloated ones were still there and jumped around. It was obvious that the girl was trapped for good. She wouldn’t get out without help. Without his help. But not yet. He slapped the bouncing melons lightly and laughed, “Just rip them out, girl! Nothing is holding you back!”

Lily tried. She really did. Her arms ached and the bases of her tits were rubbed raw, but she still couldn’t get out.

Meanwhile, the other girls stood outside and chatted.

“Just look at those marks!” a tall, blonde girl complained, “I have no idea what that guy was doing, but it really felt weird!”

“I have a red welt around the bases, wonder what did this…”

“Mine is just chewing my nipples off! They’re so, so sore!”

“The worst part are those bumps! My head is banging against the floor and it feels like my boobs will rip. Thank god we got that cushion!”

“How long until we’re there?”

“The temples? 10 hours at least.”

“Fuck. My boobs hurt so much already! Never been groped like that before! I just hope that guy is sleeping by now!”

“Guy? I think you got a girl, just like me!”


“Yep. They can be quite a challenge. Want to try out how big boobies feel like.”

The bus honked.

“We need to get back in.”


“Yep, back to get your fun-bags groped, pulled and punched!”

Lily was freaking out. She just couldn’t free her tits, and now the girls were returning already! She saw everybody searching for their spot, helpful hands grabbing their jiggling flesh and pulling them in place again. But the girls weren’t as vocal anymore. They knew what to expect by now.

Her bladder was about to burst.

“Next stop in 3 hours. Please, everybody in position!”

3 hours? How would she be able to get through this without accident? She banged against the floor, “I really need to go to the toilet, dammit!”

“Would you like your White Russian now?”

“Yes, please!”

Richie was handed a large glass with a bit of vodka.

“Just milk missing! Enjoy!”

He smiled, “Thank you!”

The next few hours were pretty uneventful, except for the yelling and banging from above. It really seemed the girl was desperate. Richie smiled. He would let her out at the next stop. But now it was time to play with those milkers.

He opened his suitcase and searched through its contents. Rubberbands. Those should work wonders! Time to add some milk to his vodka! He grabbed a handful of the bands and started to push them over the chocolate-colored breast.

May sensed that something was different. It had been such a nice, quiet ride today! The only reason to complain had been that her breasts desperately needed a good milking. They were way too full, and the pain was increasing by the minute. Usually, the excess milk would simply leak out and soil her shirt, but today was different. Something was not working properly. And judging by the weird bite on her nipples, they probably clamped them shut with something.

But now, somebody opened at least one side. She immediately felt the relief. There was also something else though, some additional pressure. She had that before, during her last ride when that guy wound rubber bands around her breasts. It hurt a bit, but that was OK.

The tit was spraying like crazy! Richie had troubles collecting all the milk with his glass. He chuckled happily. Time to taste this exquisite White Russian!

The lucky man had plenty of fun milking the bloated tit. He was determined to empty only one side, so he could later find out just how different they would feel. First, he tried to express as much milk as possible just using the rubber bands. Then, he moved on to manual stimulation and finally to good old sucking.

He was occupied for almost an hour until the breast finally dried up. Excited like a kid on christmas eve, he took each of the globes in one of his hands and slowly pressed down. Yes, it definitely felt different. One side was hard and bloated, the other was softer, almost like a cushion. He giggled. So exciting!

Suddenly, the driver honked and yelled, “Only 30 minutes to Ma Kan! The ride will get a bit rough, so please fasten your seatbelts. We will need to open your curtains for security reasons.”

The road to Ma Kan. Richie grinned, time to get his camera out. A uniformed girl approached him, “Mr. Sowee? May I open the curtains for you?”

“Certainly! I can’t wait to see all those boobs fly!” he laughed.

The beautiful girl smiled, “It will be a good show. We have plenty of large ladies today!”

And the show was good indeed. The screams from above were out of this world. And so was the sight. All those luscious pillows flying around, banging against the ceiling, vigorously smacking into each other! Incredible. And the driver gave everything indeed. Richie could see him holding on to one of his own tits to steady himself while accelerating the vehicle further and further.

The kütahya escort bus skidded, jumped and roared, and the girls frantically tried to hold on to something, anything. Most passengers grabbed the tits above them to stabilize themselves as much as possible, and Lily feared for her life as the vehicle raced downhill, metal creaking around her. It was a freaking disaster. And her bladder was about to burst.

But judging from the movements of the other girls, her absurdly stuck tits were a positive this time around. She seemed to have much less troubles than the others to stay in place. There was simply no way for her to skid around, except that the lower part of her body sometimes tried to get away.

The silent, native girl next to her, however, kept banging into her and screamed like a banshee.

Thankfully, the downhill road finally ended, and the drive got more relaxed again.

The entire compartment sighed relieved, idle chatter filled the stuffy air as the girls described to each other in vivid colors how they felt.

“Fuck, that was incredible!” laughed Erin, “I’m so happy I’m still in one piece! I feared my boobs would be ripped off any moment!”

“Yeah, the driver is a real jerk! I just hope the next break is close! It’s getting urgent!”

“Shouldn’t be too long. The break for the guests should be only minutes away, and then it’s us again.”

Lily pounded on the hot floor and yelled, “Please let me out next time, OK? I need to pee!”

Richie grinned. Yes, he should help the girl out. Time for a test. He reached into his suitcase and produced a number of compression bandages. He had fantasized using such bandages on some big, bouncy breasts for quite some time but never gotten around to actually do it. Today was the day, today he would finally try them. And he would even help the girl out by binding her bloated assets as tight as he could!

He rolled off a bit of bandage and pulled it taut. The force he had to apply to stretch the material was significant, and the pullback was so strong that he had trouble keeping the band stretched for long. He was truly satisfied with his choice, the strongest, most powerful type of compression bandage he could find. It had been expensive, but if it held up to his expectations, it would be worth it. Richie reached out to one of the bulging globes and pulled on the hard nipple.

“Time to get you prepared, girl! You want to get out at the next stop, don’t you?”

“Hell yes! Just get me out of those fucking holes, please!” it yelled from above.

He quickly tied a noose into the end of the bandage and pushed it over the bloated melon until it was neatly sitting right at the rim of the hole, where the ballooning breasts stuck out of the ceiling. Then, he grabbed the loose piece of tape and pulled it taut.

Lily whimpered nervously as she felt something squeeze the base of her trapped breast. It felt different. Kind of soft, but also quite relentless. Something was slowly encircling her buzzing appendage and made her feel even more bloated than before.

Richie carefully pulled the strong bandage tight while he proceeded to cover the bloated boob with the elastic material, making it squeeze the trapped flesh into a weird, new form.

Satisfied, he marvelled at his workmanship, caressing the strange object with his rough hands. The previously almost ball-shaped, springy object had been transformed into a more elongated, cylindrical shape, tightly embraced by the dark-blue compression bandage that forced it into this new form.

Only the tip of the girl’s breast was still uncovered, and the small globe of tit-flesh that sat on the blue stem glowed in an angry red. Now, the girl should be able to move at least until the remaining little ball got stuck again. Time to proceed to the other side.

Soon, both of the beautiful breasts were transformed and now resembled an excotic mushroom, sporting a tight, blue stem and a red-hot, globular cap. It looked beautiful.

“Can you get out?” Richie asked the unfortunate owner, who had complained vocally since the very start of the transformation procedure.

Lily groaned, “I sure hope so! What the hell did you do to me?”

She tried to lift her upper body, pushed her hands down like before. And lo and behold, it actually worked! She could pull her breasts up! Even the loops of steel wire were loose now!

Lily was weirded out by the dark-blue material painfully wrapping her treasures, but at the same time she was ecstatic that she finally could get out!

Well, almost. To her dismay, Lily soon faced another stumbling block as she tried to remove her breasts from the holes. She was still stuck! Just that she was now able to pull herself out a few inches. But she couldn’t actually pull herself free!

Richie grinned as he watched the deformed breasts raise up and then get stuck again. The smallish globes on their tips were still a bit too big for the holes, and the girl above him just found out that she wasn’t really done yet.

“Break for guests in 3 minutes. lara escort Break for entertainers in about 20 minutes!” the driver yelled. Time for Richie to hit the bathroom.

After relieving himself, Richie joined the small group of guests stretching their limbs.

“A fantastic ride, isn’t it?”

It was one of the women sitting two rows in front of him, “By the way, I’m Linda. Nice to meet you.”

“I’m Richie. Yes, a spectacular ride. The service is great! Have you been using this company before?”

“No, it’s my first trip with Jumping Melons. A friend of mine recommended the company so I convinced Betty to try it out together. And I must say it had been a blast so far. The girls we got are absolutely spectacular! So soft and squishy! I’m getting really jealous!”

Linda looked up to the window of the bus, “Are those yours?”

“Yes, yes that’s my seat.”

The woman looked at the strange, blueish objects behind the window and giggled, “Wow, those look weird. What did you do to them?”

“Just helping the girl out,” Richie chuckled, “She is too big for the holes she got, and apparently she needs to go to the bathroom urgently. So she keeps harassing me about helping her to get out.”

“What’s that blue stuff?”

“Compression bandage. It helps thinning her boobs so she can remove them from those holes.”

“But it doesn’t look very comfortable, does it?” Linda giggled, “Do you have some of those bandages left? I would love to try this on my pair.”

“Your pair?”

“The one at my seat. Not my own of course. They are too small anyway. But Betty might be interested. Hey, Betty, you have to see this!”

Her friend, a tall, blonde woman with an almost hour-glass figure approached them, “What’s up?”

“Here, look through the window. Can you see those strange blue mushrooms hanging from the ceiling?”

“Te-he what the hell? Are those yours?”

“Yep,” grinned Richie, “Compression bandages. Great fun to play with.”

Wow, looks spectacular! Wonder how that feels! Poor thing must be screaming her head off! Sorry girls, I think we have to get back inside, the driver is already looking for us.”

When Richie was back in his seat, he heard the above girl pounding against the ceiling.

“Hey, whatever you did, I’m still stuck! Please, please, let me out at the next stop, OK?”

“What do I get in return if I help you?” chuckled Richie while he pinched the almost invisible nipples on the red and raw globes jumping in front of him.

“What? Ermmm…”

Lily wasn’t prepared for that question at all. What could she offer that guy? She didn’t have anything of value, and he already could play with her tits as much as he liked to… So what was she supposed to do?

“What about… I’ll let you suck on my tits as long as you want?”

“I can already do that now…”

She felt a sharp sting in her left boob.

“Ouch, what was that?”

“Just a little encouraging slap. So what else?”

“I can… Fuck, I don’t know! I’m stuck up here, you can only see my tits anyway and you can do to them already whatever you fancy to, so what on earth can I offer?”

“Well… you know, this ride ends at some point…”

“I see, so you want … an encore?”

“That would at least pique my interest.”

“OK then, I’ll let you play with my boobies for another hour or so?”

“Another hour? Come on! What about this: After this trip you’ll convince your lactating friend to apply together for a follow-up job at my place. I’ll offer you a few options and both of you decide which one to take. You can tell her I pay at least what she earns on this trip. And depending on your choices, she might end up earning much more!”

Lily thought about it for a moment, but given that she really had to hit the restroom there wasn’t so much to choose from.

“So if I agree to this you’ll help me out of here, right?”

“Well, there’s one more thing…”

Lily groaned.

“First, once you get out you’ll remove all of that nice tape around your boobs. Those beauties need some break too, understood?”

Lily laughed, “Can’t wait for that!”

“But of course there’s a problem: We need to get you in those holes again. So when you return to the bus, I expect you to bring some surprise with you. Something that helps us to get your boobs through again. Just be creative, OK?”

Of course he was right. The fitting procedure had been such a nightmare! How on earth would she get her melons through those tiny openings again? She had to find some tools or something!

While Lily pondered about the fitting problem, Richie turned his attention to the luscious, dark, milk-laden pair next to her. One of those fat udders was still brimming with milk, and the old man couldn’t wait to play with it. Then it dawned on him. He had to plan carefully! The muesli in the morning would need some milk, too! He idly flicked the clamp that adorned the fat nub and held the white fluid inside. Well, then the other side would need to do!

His strong fingers lara eve gelen escort pulled at the leaky little nub, circled the puffy nipple. He sank his fingers into the warm flesh, squeezed and pulled at the chocolate orb. A tiny rivulet of white fluid leaked from the rubbery tip. Richie giggled, the girl already refilled! How would that other side feel to her owner? She must be in a terrible pain, bursting with milk? Maybe he should relieve her after all. The breakfast was still a few hours away, plenty of time for the owner of those wondrous orbs to stock up again.

“Mr. Sowee?”


“Would you like your pot of tea now? It’s served in a self-heating teapot so it will stay nice and hot through the night!”

Tea with milk. A perfect combo. He nodded, “Sure! Please affix it to this side. The chocolate one with the bare nipple. Oh, and can you clamp that one shut, too?”

“Certainly Sir. Break for performers will be in a moment. I’ll bring the tea as soon as your breasts are in place again.”

“Very well,” smiled Richie and pulled sharply at one of the bandage-covered mushrooms in front of him, “Heard that, girl? Bathroom break in a moment!” He cupped the taught, red globe at the tip of the blue stem and marvelled at the sheer cuteness this odd ball. His mouth caressed the little nipple as he mumbled, “Time to get you out of there…”

Lily was so happy! Finally, she would be able to relieve herself! Her whole body fidgeted in anticipation.

“Entertainers, prepare yourselves! We’ll stop in about 2 minutes for a 45 minute dinner break. Make sure to eat and drink plenty. No further stops until morning,” the P.A. crackled, “I’ll open the wire loops around your breasts now! Please be careful as we are still driving.”

Girls groaned with relief as the tight loops relaxed. Lily, too, felt a slight change around her boobs. Now was the time for her to get out of this mess. But what was she supposed to do? Pull herself free? She pushed her hands down as hard as she could. She could see the bright, blue band shimmer in the dark as she pulled her chest upwards, but again the ends of her tits got stuck.

“Help me, please?” she wailed pleadingly.

Richie pushed his fist against one of the titballs that was now squarely sitting in the small hole of the ceiling. He slowly increased the pressure.

“Ow, ow, ow!” the girl complained.

Fuck, this just had to work!

“Please, push harder!” Lily screeched.

Richie pushed harder. But the bloated balls still resisted. Richie shook his head and said, “Your tits are just too fat for this, honey. But I have an idea. Brace yourself!”

Lily really tried to prepare for whatever that guy planned to do, but when the fist from below hit her tit squarely in the center, she almost fainted.

Richie punched the odd balls as hard as he could, his fists landed on the springy surface with audible smacks, causing those bloated globes to slowly retreat through the openings. Lily screamed relieved as finally the first one popped through. She tore at the remaining, stuck balloon with all her might until a nasty blow from below made that one pop out, too.

“Th…thanks! Thanks so much!” groaned Lily, her hands wrapped around the hurting balls as she crawled towards the exit, the other girls staring at her deformed assets in disbelief.

“What the hell did that guy to you?” chuckled Erin as she saw her tightly bound boobs.

“Unbelievable! Boobs can actually look like that?”

“Does it hurt? Can I touch them?”

Even the calm local girl next to her, May, looked at her weird pair with gaping mouth.

“Ouch?” she asked.

“Yes,” groaned Lily, “Ouch! By the way, we need to talk! Will you go out, too?”

May nodded as she slowly pulled herself free.

“Good, let’s chat outside. And Erin, believe it or not, that guy actually tried to help me. I was so stuck in those freaking holes… Anyway, need to run. It’s really urgent!”

And with that, Lily made her way through the squirming, panting crowd until she finally climbed out of the bus and ran towards the restrooms.

Everybody’s eyes were glued to her nearly naked body. Guests and entertainers cheered openly as the only girl without the signature protective shirt made her way to the restrooms. And those weirdly deformed tits towering above her slim body! Everyone wanted to know what’s up with them!

Richie grinned amused as he listened to all kinds of theories on why those boobs looked like odd mushrooms. After a while, when Lily had entered the shabby building, Richie finally lifted the secret by declaring “Compression bandages! Blue compression bandages! I have some spare ones if you want to try it on your pair!”

Thank god! She had made it! Damn, it took forever for her bladder to empty. A few minutes more and she would have exploded for sure!

As soon as the pain in Lily’s groin subsided, other parts of her body demanded attention. Her strangled tits screamed bloody murder, and the small parts that were visible beneath all that blue stuff looked decidedly unhealthy. Time to remove those awfully tight bandages!

Lily left the restroom, fingers searching the blue prison for a way to escape. There, there was the end of the band! Sighing relieved, she slowly unwrapped her tortured boobs and removed the awful bandage from her body.

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