June 5, 2011


So I wake up the next morning to my friends daughter coming into her own room. I didn’t realize the kids would be back today. It’s about 11am so it’s late to be sleeping in. I panic. I can’t remember if I’ve got pants on. I do, good. I roll out of bed and start to gather my stuff together. Before bed I just dragged all my stuff into the room.

I take it out to my car and I have a facebook request on my phone. From Pen. She added me and sent me a message I wish i remembered what it said it was a general greeting message with just a little bit of flirt. So I texted back and gave her my cell phone number.

I go into the kitchen and Rita is there and tells me Pen wants my cell number. This has only been about a min since I sent the message. I tell her “She’s got it.”

About that time I get a text from Pen. “I’ve talked to Rita and I know you wouldn’t think less of me I want to talk to you about something when I get there.”

So she gets there and sends texts back and forth a while increasingly flirty and telling me she has a Dom. She asks if I’d like to go for a walk I say “Sure.” She wants to see what all is in my trunk. All my bags and stuff and she wants me to make a paddle for her Daddy and her and wants to see the one I’ve got. I show her and the items I’ve got and we talk a little more. She seems a little shy by voice. But get a text and she’s willing to talk. Its getting along on time and I have to get ready to go to my moms and she says “:( My Daddy wanted you to spank my ass for him with your paddle.”

This surprises me because the thing is scary to people that Antalya Escort are used to paddles and she’s not been paddled. I make sure she’s sure and tell her to meet me in the basement in a bit. Her kids are with her and the entrance to the basement is through a door in the bathroom so it’s not too difficult. I wait for her deciding placement and decide the stairs are best.

She comes down and we’re whispering. “Half strength weakens the knees of most masochists in one swing. I’m going to do like 10%. It should be just enough to make the BDSM mark on your ass. She says ok. I warn her it’s notorious for breaking the skin and shouldn’t but might. I let her know she has to be quiet because the sound will travel upstairs. She nods, drops her pants and bends over.

I notice the perfect shape of her ass for paddling wishing I had a chance to do more to it and build up to this thing. I see her pussy lips puffing out the back, “yum” I think to myself.

I tell her I’m ready. I pull back and with one swing and one whack she’s done. I didn’t tell her then or since but since she’s reading this now I saw some juices come out of her pussy right after. I so wanted to bend down and lick it but she wasn’t my property. I took a pic for her Daddy.

She’s bleeding and pulls up her pants sure enough no panties so little blood droplets on her ass. We go up and exit the bathroom and sit for a bit. After a while she wants a another pic because it’ll show better.

We went to the bathroom and she bent over the tub and I took it noticing her pussy lips a little more. The Antalya Escort Bayan urge to just shove my fingers inside was so overwhelming. I controlled myself.

After that I sat and chatted for a bit with Rita, Pen, and Roger and then said my goodbyes.

Went to my moms to visit. She getting older and goes to bed early so then I went to my night time appointment.

Went to George’s and Jackie was already there. I had her come out to the car so I could apologize face to face.

As we sat there I kids her neck and damn near ripped her shirt off. I rubbed her pussy and made her cum right there in my car. There were people in the parking lot and she wanted to make me cum so we straightened ourselves and walked around to the side of George’s trailer.

She dropped her pants and bent over with her hands on the wall. I fucked her nice and deep at that angle it was great with her height and being bent over. As we were building up we thought we heard George’s roommate’s car pulling up so a couple of hard thrusts we both came. She soaked the ground under her squirting. We were wrong about the roommate but it made it so hot and made us cum so fast. We pulled up her pants and went inside to relax for an hour or so.

After a while we decided to go to her place. I walk in with my bag and drop it on the floor.

I kiss her passionately then I push her onto the couch I just about tear her pants off her while sucking her neck. Then I drop to my knees and start to eat her pussy.

She’s already soaked and since I don’t like going straight for the Escort Antalya clit she was writhing for a couple minutes before I’d even get close to her cumming. I look up and she’s stripped her top. She’s right on the urge of cumming and I put my mouth there to receive. She squirts full blast into my mouth down the front of my face and shirt. She’s soaked the blanked on her couch in the first squirt. “Do you know you’re the only guy I’ve ever squirted with. No one else can do it.” I find that odd because she’s squirted every time we’ve had sex.

I undo my pants and she sucks my cock for a moment to maximize hardness. Then lays back and I thrust into her. I can’t count the number of times she came before I did but I can tell you that I’m sure a week later the floor was still wet, it was still just as wet the next morning.

I’m drenched and sweat dripping from my head in her mouth as I fuck her. She licks her lips of it. A moment later the growling starts. It starts with a snarl and builds up. Until I sound like I’m turning into a wolf. I cum hard and collapse.

After a rest we go to her room where she puts on a show of dancing sexy in different outfits for me. I call her over and we do a 69 and it seems like she has an unending flow of fluid. She soaks me almost instantly and then gets up. She swings around for a nice ride and lines herself up to have my cock in her ass.

It takes her a moment to adjust to the size but she slides it in slowly and then starts to ride. I reach up and pinch her tits and she rides faster. After a few minutes I feel the familiar feeling she’s soaking me. She ends up having 2 orgasms back to back and hits me on the chin with her squirting. This sends me over the edge and I cum deep in her ass.

I take a few minutes rest then take a shower to clean off and to bed with both of us.

This is a diary and will continue.

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