Subject: Rooming with my Best Friend–Junior 1 ROOMING WITH MY BEST FRIEND � JUNIOR 1 ****************** Warning: The usual disclaimers apply here. If you don’t like any of the following, leave now: gay sex, vulgar or harsh language or underage wherever you are reading this. Please leave now!! This is pure fiction. No one in this story is a real person, living or deceased. Please do not copy without my consent. Action will be taken against those you do copy my story! If you wanna write me, please do so at: hoo. ***************** With sweat running down my body and off my hair, I opened the door to my house here on Tuesday after my weekend back. My long run was quite therapeutic and cleared my head for what need to be done. Mom smiled at me sitting in her chair. After grabbing a towel to wipe the sweat from my body, I sat on the couch near her. I cleared my throat, “Ummm… Mom I was wondering if perhaps… you won’t mind if I left this Friday instead of the following Friday.” “Matt, I don’t see a problem there, but why the change?” “Oh, they sorta need me you might say.” Mom smiled again, “No, I think someone is more than ready to go back.” “Well… if you don’t want me too…” “You’re 20 years old now and can decide those things on your own, son. I think maybe I’m the only reason you even came home this summer.” “You are,” I said and smiled at her. “I guess we’re both ready. Vince is dropping hints like crazy for us to get married but I keep making excuses.” “Good then, using me as an excuse is now gone.” “Son, you may or may not realize the commitment involved in getting married. I don’t want to marry the wrong person because I’m lonely or something. I want to make sure I remarry because I love him, and for the right reasons.” “I realize the commitment is huge. Far too many take it too lightly these days.” “Exactly,” Mom said. “Matt, I’m so proud of you though. You’re now a man with a great head on your shoulders. I know changes are coming for us with you turning that magical age of 21, but I know you’ve experienced what it’s like on your trip and your days in college. I want you to remember I will always be here for you. You’ll always be first in my life, especially now your dad is gone.” “Thanks Mom,” I said. “So you don’t mind?” “Of course not. You have your life at school with all those friends, and especially with that handsome boyfriend of yours. Here I worried you might struggle socially your first year.” I laughed, “Yeah, me too, but I owe a big thanks to Kris.” I stood and hugged her. Breaking the hug, Mom had tears rolling down her cheek, “You’re no longer my little boy.” “I’ll always be your little boy no matter what,” I said. ***************** Friday, the sense of urgency wasn’t there while driving back to school. Now it would be for good, with my car full of the last things I’d need for the year. Mom treated me so well the last few days. We had a very nice dinner date Thursday night alone. Getting closer to campus was different than the previous two years especially the first one. Now my friends would be there waiting my arrival and I wanted to see if Corey, Colt and Kris had managed to keep the apartment clean and tidy, or if anything was different after Kris and Corey had their encounter yesterday. While unpacking, I felt a strong hold around my body by someone. I wheeled around to see Scott smiling and looking great as ever. He was in his shorts and showing off his great body. Not an ounce of fat was to be found on him but who was I to talk? He was dark as ever with his hair cut normal length. One thing I admired about Scott was his deep Adonis cuts at his waist though mine were improving. “Man, it is so good to see ya again,” Scott said. “It’s great to see you too. How was your summer?” “Nothing compared to yours, but it was great. Since I’m here I might as well chip in and get your stuff, huh?” “Either that or watch me,” I said. “Too damn hot for that shit. Can you believe how hot it’s been all summer?” “No,” I replied. “We’ve had days that were so unbelievable.” “Tell me about it,” Scott said and did grab two arms full of my stuff. Entering the apartment was always an adventure and sometimes like opening Pandora’s Box for I never knew what to expect. I did a double take seeing how clean and picked up it was with Kris sitting on the couch. He jumped up and came to our aide. “Let a real man help you little skinny fucks,” Kris joked. “Oh please… but the help would be great. I’m about to drop…” Scott said with some clothes hitting the floor. Kris scurried and grabbed the clothes while taking some of my things as well. He helped us carry them into my bedroom and threw them on our made bed. It was a clear sign they knew I was returning. I went back out to my car and gathered the last of my things with Scott. Upon putting down my things I reached in to pull out his souvenir shirt. It was an Adidas shirt but with a marijuana symbol. “Fucking sweet!” Scott yelled and grabbed me. “How on earth did you ever pick this out for me?” Kris laughed, “Bro, your shit was the easiest. Finding something without a weed symbol was hard.” “I was so fucking jealous when I heard, but so happy for you. I saw the pictures and it made me even more jealous of y’all. Seriously, you four amateurs,” Scott laughed. “Bro, the shit was fucking fire,” Kris said. “Did they tell ya about the gay life there?” I asked. “I heard. Damn, you got Kris and Colt to fuck each other in public,” Scott said. “Hey, not too loud there, bro. That’s some private shit,” Kris said. “Scott, not only was it a place for weed and good beer but the gay shit was off the charts,” I said. “When’s the next flight leave?” Scott asked. “I’m glad you had a good time, you lucky ass dude.” “Thanks,” I said. “So how’s Jess? Is he ready to be an RA this year?” “Jess is great,” Scott replied. “He’s nervous about being an RA since he’s not sure how Chase, Reese and Tabor will handle him being in authority. You know since he’s friends with their brothers and uncle.” “Tell Jess if Chase and Tabor cause one lick of a problem to send them our way. We’ll deal with them,” Kris said. “Okay,” Scott said. “Bro, I’m dead serious. Chase and Tabor aren’t going to run over Jess just because they think they can. Matter gaziantep travesti of fact, they’ll probably suffer bigger consequences here than they ever will with Jess or the school,” Kris said while we sat on my bed. “I think Reese won’t be a problem,” I said. “It will give Trevor an extra eye,” Scott said. “He is a really good guy, maybe too good for my brother. He’s just so sweet and has Trevor wrapped around his little finger like someone else I know.” “I doubt that strong,” Kris said. “Matt has Corey wrapped around his big dick would be more like it.” We laughed and heard the front door open. Colt yelled that he was home. Kris yelled back where we were. Colt came in with his new haircut that was fairly short, in line with the football players. Colt suggested we move to the living room, which we did. About an hour later, Corey came home from working at the Rec Center and was all smiles. “Good news everyone, I got a promotion!” “Sweet,” I said. “Why?” Kris asked. “I guess since I’ve been there for a while,” Corey replied and sat next to me. “Bro, that’s fucking awesome. Just tell me you aren’t my boss,” Kris said. “Nah, but I’m over the front desk and have the same hours,” Corey stated. We talked until Scott spoke up. “Kris, have you met everyone here yet at the apartments like you did at the dorms?” Colt laughed, “He’s getting around to it.” “Hell, y’all tell me what’s wrong with that,” Kris said. “There’s nothing wrong with being the `Welcome Wagon’,” Corey joked. “No, are there any qualifiers for our group?” Scott asked. “I’m just scouting `em out now,” Kris replied. “Most are pretty cool but a few I can tell wanna do their own thing.” About nine, I was feeling the urge to hit the streets and go for a short run to incorporate that part when the urge wasn’t there to drive to the Rec Center. I asked around the room for any volunteers to join me. Corey said he was exhausted, as did Colt. Kris piped up and said he’d be happy to run with me. I headed off to dress with Corey following me into the room. “Please don’t tell me you are pissed at me,” Corey said. I kissed him, “Not in the least. Not for anything. I saw you looked tired and don’t want you to feel obligated. Stay here and relax.” Corey smiled, “Thanks. Have a good time.” “I will,” I said and finished putting on my running shorts and found my earphones for my music. I came out to find Kris eager to go. “Put away the earphones, bro,” Kris said. “Why?” “I can’t say a word to you with those things in,” Kris replied. I threw down my iPhone and earphones. “Don’t call us if you pass out,” Colt said while we headed to the door. Once outside, Kris and I stretched a little before starting off on a nice leisurely pace. “Thanks for coming with me,” I said. “No problem. We can chat and make this go by so quickly.” It struck me then that running together could be an alternative way of continuing our chats. I kind of wanted to ask him for his side of what happened with Corey, but since we were out in public I decided it could wait. As we ran Kris talked about what he had been doing since I was last there. It wasn’t much other than working and hanging out, besides what we couldn’t talk about. “Kris just keep in mind the reason we are all here…” “I know, and you don’t have to remind me,” Kris said while we were running. “Bro, I’ll say it again. It feels so right with you here. It’d be like me, Corey and Colt taking a little trip without you. There would be something missing.” “I felt like I was missing something too. More than ever, I was ready to come back.” “Damn, are we growing up or what? Here none of us like being at home with our parents,” Kris stated with sweat starting to appear on his shirtless frame. “I guess we are, but I think we enjoy our friendship more.” “We are pretty fucking tight, especially after yesterday,” Kris laughed. We continued to run with sweat coming all over our bodies. We turned around and began retracing our steps back towards our apartment. “Kris, has Corey been smoking any stuff?” Kris almost stopped and jerked his head around, “Not for a while. How did you know?” “I found his pipe,” I replied. “That explains everything and why he said he didn’t have any more when Colt asked him.” “I wanted to head it off before things got way too serious.” “Bro, I’m glad you did, he’s fine now but we don’t want him ending up like Garrett was. See, we do need your ass to keep us on track and moving forward,” Kris said and reached to slap my wet back. “Somebody has to,” I said. “Bro, don’t expect it to stop completely. A good toke every now and then is nice,” Kris laughed. “I know it is but just not every night. I enjoy a good smoke when the time is right. Corey is like the rest of us with addictions,” I said. “The skoal one is just about over with too. Colt’s done really well and so have I. Just like a little smoke, every once in while will be great,” Kris stated. After a sweaty run, Kris and I entered our apartment. Jordy and Scott were sitting with Corey and Colt. They turned and watched Kris pull off his wet shorts and jock and fling them across the room. The shorts ended up right on top of Scott’s head. He laughed and grabbed them to take a quick smell. Jordy snatched them and signed to Scott how great they smelled. Kris continued on like nothing happened. I headed to my room to shower as well. Returning to join them, Kris and Colt were positioned in front of our nice TV and engaged in a game of football. Corey commented how this was their form of entertainment with his arm around my bare shoulder. After just a few moments, it was easily noticeable how at ease Scott was at signing with Jordy. His studies over the summer had paid off nicely, plus he enjoyed this form of communicating. Jordy told us that his summer was spent at home and was boring. I could see he had spent a lot of time by or in the pool by his deep dark tan. He and Scott were just about even, whereas I was behind them with my tan. We turned our attention to the game they were playing once we heard the screaming from Kris. “Take that fucker!” Kris yelled and taunted Colt. “Sit your ass down and watch. There’s time on the clock,” Colt calmly said. We watched until the last play. Colt scored gaziantep masaj salonları on a long pass. Kris threw down his controller in disgust. “Now what, fucker?” Colt said. “Fuck this fake ass video shit!” Kris yelled and was stomping around naked. “Hey, Kris is cute when he’s mad,” Scott said. “Not really,” Corey said. Kris headed out on the patio and returned after only a few minutes. “Did ya know it’s still hot out there?” “Of course we did. That’s why we’re in here,” Corey said and laughed. About 11 or so, Corey took me by the hand and stood. We said good night after a rather uneventful evening. As had been the case most of the evening Corey’s hands were all over me once the door shut behind us. “Damn tiger,” I commented with his hands running down my shorts. “I want my hot boyfriend. Is that a problem?” I smiled, “Of course not. You were very playful tonight.” “I know. Being with Kris showed me just how much I love you and what being with you really means to me. I’m so glad you’re here.” “I was wondering if you felt left out on my run.” He stepped back. “I didn’t feel left out. I was given the opportunity to go but chose not to. You and Kris need your time together. He lamented the fact that y’all won’t have your chats like in the past. He knows and can tell we’re becoming stronger as a couple each day, which, by the way, I fucking love. I have someone who loves me as much as I love them for the first time ever in my life. It feels so fucking good too.” I pulled him on the bed with him letting me. We proceeded to roll around together while kissing and petting. I was prepared for the night and ready to take his thick six and half inch cock inside of me when the moment arrived after long pleasing oral sex. It was sweet as hell we were versatile, even though I did enjoying bottoming maybe more for Corey. Something about submitting to him and feeling his thick cock rubbing inside of me made things that much better. He would probably say he loves bottoming for me more as well. This night, once he was inside of me, I began moaning and letting out a few high pitched squeals. It was great feeling Corey’s thick cock going deep in me. His face showed so much love and compassion when he began fucking me while I was on my back. Soon I was drowning in a sea of such passion and enjoyment. My body surrendered to him for our sexual pleasure. He was saying sweet things but I was so lost in taking his cock and pushing back that most of them didn’t register. My moans grew louder with each push but I didn’t give a fuck who heard us. His thick cock left my ass and left a void in me. The air hit my open hole while he moved to my side. I reached back and pushed his hard cock back in me while now on my side with one leg over his. Our breathing intensified while racing towards our explosion. The sound of skin slapping together and loud ragged breathing filled our new bedroom. Without touching myself, cum raced from my heavy balls and exploded up my body. I grabbed him by the neck and kissed him while pumping out my load. While doing so, his cock pulsated in me. He pulled me in tight and filled me up. Our lips stayed locked while swimming in our sexual bliss. Corey released me and moved out of me. “Whew, was that ever fucking intense.” “I fucking loved it, babe.” “You were so on fire for me.” “Like always,” I said. “I love you.” “I love you so much! Now let’s clean up this mess,” Corey said. “I wanna just lie and let my cum dry on me and let your cum stay in me.” “No arguments here,” Corey stated. Before falling asleep, I snuggled up tight against his hard body. He delighted me by kissing my neck and ears before finding my mouth. While trying to fall asleep, I could hear doors slamming and cars outside our room. Sometime during our sleep, we did part with Corey moving over and sleeping with just a little sheet over his naked body. The feeling of lips on my cheek woke me up on Saturday. I opened my eyes with the sun shining brightly to see Corey standing there in front of me naked. “Babe, I have a surprise for you.” I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and crawled out of bed with a stiff, hard cock. “I hope it is a good one.” He grabbed my hand and smiled at me. We walked out with the smell of fried eggs and bacon hitting my nose. “See I did watch and learn. It took me forever to learn, but I did,” he said. I kissed his lips. “Thank you.” We moved to sit at the table and enjoy our freshly cooked breakfast with juice. “Do we have anything going today?” he asked. “Nothing that I know of,” I said. “I take it Kris and Colt are off working?” “They are, so it’s just us. We do need to run to the store as this is the last of everything you see.” “That’s fine,” I said and continued to eat. I finished and kissed him again. We rose from the table and deposited our plates and cups in the trash since there were still so many to use. Corey had waited for me so we hit the shower together. It was smaller than our suite shower but we managed to enjoy it still the same. We did our thing, with me leaving a little hair on my chin before we dressed in our shorts, shirts and flip flops for the day. I found a necklace to put on and finished messing with my hair. It wasn’t that long ago I was so particular about it, now it was Corey who was picky about his hair. Walking to the door, a thought hit me. “Hey, do you mind if we run by the cemetery to see Dad’s headstone?” “No, but we should go first so our food doesn’t get warm sitting in the car,” he replied. “Great idea,” I said while we locked up and headed off in my car. It was a short drive but not in the direction of the store. I parked and saw another service going on in the distance. Corey took my hand and we headed out. It took me a minute to get my bearings but I did find his spot. There was one major problem. There was no headstone. Nothing. I stood and stared at the ground. “Matt, it may take a while to make them,” Corey said. “I guess you’re right,” I said. We walked away and went back to the car in the bright sun with the promise of another hot, humid day in store. Getting in the car I grabbed my phone and called Gloria. There was no answer but I left a brief message to call me when she could. At the gaziantep escort bayan store, Corey knew what was needed and did most of the gathering. While there, I grabbed a few extras I saw Corey and I could use, plus a few extra things. We returned just after two and had all the groceries put away. I stuck the dry erase board to the fridge and wrote the total down for the groceries since we had them rung up separately from my other buys. It was a good way for us to divide up the expense of our food. Corey and I donned our suits but I couldn’t talk him into his bikini. I now enjoyed wearing one and didn’t care what others thought. We grabbed our towels and headed to the pool. Scott and Jordy were there when we arrived and looked stunning in their Speedos. “Wassup?” Corey asked. “Just soaking in the rays,” Scott replied. “Like you and Jordy really need them,” I joked. “What else is there to do?” Scott asked. “He’s right there,” Corey stated. We sat and did see others at the pool, including Madison and the other guy that was with him last weekend. I did see another really hot guy in the corner with a killer bod, but he had a girl attached to his side. Eventually it was too hot so we dove in the pool to cool off and splash around. The pool was large enough to accommodate quite a few people at our new complex. We swam a little and got out. Corey and I withstood the heat as long as possible before saying goodbye and returning to our apartment. We were barely in the door when Kris came walking in from his day at work. “How were things today?” Corey asked. “Boring as Hell. I hate to say this but I’m ready for some people to start coming and giving me something to do, half of those we signed up on Monday and Tuesday haven’t been back since,” Kris replied. “Other than go to the pool, what did y’all do?” “Oh we went and bought more groceries…” I said. “Thank goodness for that. Please tell me you didn’t buy junk either,” Kris interrupted me. “No, we bought good stuff like fruit, more water and juice,” Corey said. “Bro, it is good you’re here,” Kris said to me. “Hey, thank Corey. He did most of the shopping,” I said. “Then thank you Corey,” Kris said and stripped out of his clothes. “So what are we doing tonight?” “Nothing that I’m aware of,” Corey replied. “You know Matt, maybe you and I could catch a movie or something.” “I’d enjoy that,” I said. “I guess I’ll just hang here then while you two go on a date,” Kris said with Colt coming in the door. Colt threw down his wallet and keys on the kitchen bar and opened the fridge. “Hey, what’s this shit on the fridge?” “It’s the total for groceries,” Corey replied. “Total?” Kris asked. “You went and bought them?” “We did, but it’s for all of us,” I said. “Fuck that,” Colt said. “You did it on your own freewill.” “Yeah, no one told you to” Kris added. “Come on guys, we’ll all eat it,” Corey said. “Maybe,” Colt said. “If Corey and I are made to pay for it then I guess I’ll go mark everything we bought then,” I said. “Have it, bro,” Kris said. “Colt and I will go buy our own shit.” “Fine then, go buy your own shit,” I said and was frustrated with them. “Stop it!” Corey yelled. “Guys, this is fucking stupid. We’re arguing over dumb shit!” “No we’re not!” Kris said loudly. “Yes we are!” I said and was trying to keep cool. “I’m not paying for it,” Colt said and walked away. Corey grabbed him by the arm. “Come on. We’re sitting down and talking this over.” “What’s to talk about?” Kris asked. “You bought food and now you expect Colt and me to pay for it.” “I agree with Corey. Let’s sit and discuss this,” I said. We took a seat around the table. “First off, tell me y’all won’t eat the food,” Corey said. “We will, but we didn’t ask you to go buy it,” Kris said. “We ain’t done this before, so why now?” “You haven’t?” I asked. “No, one of us would just go and buy stuff,” Colt replied. “Since you’re here, I don’t see why it should be different.” “Well, it is different now. I can see what would happen say I went one time and then Corey. We’d starve before you and Colt ever went,” I said looking at Kris. “Besides, we’ve split the rent and utilities so I assumed we’d split the food cost as well.” “I didn’t overspend either. I only bought stuff we’d all eat,” Corey added. “Bro, I hate to say this but Matt’s right,” Kris said to Colt. “Fuck!” Colt yelled. “I hate it when he is. I guess we’ll have to split the cost with the food. Actually it never crossed my mind we would.” “Mine either, but we need to buy our own booze though,” Kris said. “I agree there since you two drink more than Matt or me,” Corey said. “Some nights,” Colt laughed. “So we all agree?” I asked and wanted their agreement. “We do,” Colt replied. “Matt, I’m glad you’re back.” “I keep saying the same shit,” Kris joked. “So what’s going on tonight?” Colt asked. “Matt and Corey are going out, so I guess you and I will kick it here,” Kris replied. “We do need to get out and about to start meeting some of our new neighbors.” “Yeah, you need to do that and meet that guy and girl next to us,” Corey said. “She’s got some big ole tits on her,” Colt said. “I noticed,” Kris said. “We’ll have to get out and meet some people. Next weekend everyone should fill this place.” “Say Colt, how’s practice going?” I asked. “Good I guess,” Colt said. “I don’t envy them in this heat. We have to be on our toes to keep them hydrated.” “So you’re a water boy?” Kris laughed. “Fuck off!” Colt replied. “I just help out, but my title is not the water boy.” “Whatever you say,” Kris said. Colt reached over and hit Kris in the arm. Kris took the light hit and laughed. TO BE CONTINUED… As you can see the story is continuing with the first chapter of “Junior”. I hope you enjoyed it. There is another story posted on my website that will help make some parts make sense. Please check out `Summer at the Apartment’, especially Chapter 4. Please sign up for the emails on my website, www.wasputzgaystories, if you don’t want to miss it plus read other hot stories about `Rooming’ and its many characters written by various fans/authors. You are always welcome to write me at: hoo. I sincerely appreciate it each email and will respond to each one. I realize this has been one very long series but your interest has kept it going today and beyond. I’m still getting emails from new readers and old readers alike. All your great emails fuel me to continue. I love getting them especially from everyone around the world. Please if you could I know NIFTY would really appreciate your donations. It would help keep this wonderful site alive and going.

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